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Militants abduct two Tunisians in Cameroon

Kuwait News Agency | TUNIS, March 19 (KUNA) — The Tunisian Foreign Ministry announced Monday that two of its nationals were kidnapped by militants in Cameroon’s southwest region on March 15.

In a press statement, the ministry said the abductees were two staff members of a Tunisian public works company in the area.

It added that a crisis unit was set up to follow up the related developments.

Furthermore, the ministry was coordinating with Cameroonian authorities to free the Tunisian hostages as soon as possible, it noted.

No group has claimed responsibility for the abduction so far. (end) ksj.ibi

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  1. Mabanda Boy don buy case

    Thanks to Biya’s refusal to dialogue we are in a full blown confusion. He started by coordinating the abductuion of the IG using the help of Nji Atanga and Buhari. No Afcon or elections in Ambaland. Traitors shall pay the price. The UN, France, Britain, Germany, USA can support him all they want but this tiny nation Ambazonia shall break the yoke of French hegemony on a free people and Africa at large. Kidnapping the including Dr Ayaba will not slow the momentum because this is the peoples’ fight. Ambaland forever..

    • Dreamer. There is and there will be no Nation call Ambazonia. When are you going to realise that your so called movement is now a Group of thieves? Your Actions are hurting anglophones and not Biya and very soon anglophones will turn against you. It will not be Long.

      • In any war, collateral damage is the price to pay. We know there’ll be casualties that’s why we are seeking to minimize them. You on the other hand have your head deep inside your French master’s ass and are doing everything to protect the smelly French fart you are inhaling. Stockholm syndrome is your disease. The docile stupid idiotic 80% frog majority is validating the expired mandate of an 86 years old fool to lord over you. Never in Ambaland anymore.

        • which collateral damages are you paying from the safety of your basement in The west ? All you do is barking online so give us a break , collateral damages my foot , damages you are not willing nor ready to pay ? Move here and fight if you dare . Clown

      • Dominique Weber

        slave for life

      • @ James: You are wrong. I am a moderate Anglophone, but i will never turn against the “Restoration Movement”. The faster your Francophone Gov’t starts frank dialogue the better. We all know you are not fighting to unite Cameroonians but for the riches (mostly Oil, Gas & Fertile soil) found in Southern Cameroons. You do not care about us!
        I bet you: If a Referendum is held today, 90% of Anglophones will rather vote for Seperation.

  2. Identity, that nuclear bomb which destroys all when poorly managed.

    • Whiteman’s identity is a nuclear bomb only for the android suckling… what a pity.

  3. Herbs4nationHealing.

    Before the Aryans came, we had our history but today , some fight a war that should not have been thought of in the first place…if only they look back beyond colonialism . We are now looking at the root of all evil and allowing our youths to fight a war that was never theirs. What a shame.

  4. Whatever their leaning, the abductors must have one important thing to consider: There are Cameroonians in other countries earning their keep like these ordinary Tunisian employees of the Kumba- Ekondo- Titi road project. The Golden Rule calls for doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

  5. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    French nationals are considered as MVH ( Most Valuable Hostages ).

    Dictator Biya can NEVER EVER refuse to exchange Ayuk Tabe et al. for french hostages.

    LRC started the abduction of Southern Cameroonians from SC to LRC.
    Now the Restoration Forces have abducted the tactic of abduction.


    It is easy to start a war but extremely difficult to stop it. Biya SINGLEHANDEDLY started the war. However, Biya cannot singlehandedly stop the war without the acceptance of the Anglophones


  6. Why have you not kid napped Atanga nji?He was in Namenda didn’t you guys see him?

    • Correction;he was in Bamenda

    • In a world where connection trumps merit in everything, Atanga being such a close approximation of Atangana, was deemed good enough, n’est-ce pas?

  7. This is what happens what a hate-driven criminal syndicate hijacks the fight against a tyranny. This is the lawlessness that the tropical anglo-saxons and equatorial gaulists want to inflate their diabolical egos.

    The African people of Cameroon reject your criminality like we reject the criminality of the regime in ongola. period.

    • At least we Ambalanders are ready to live for something or die trying to attain it. What do you live for? Eat, drink, moan and sleep?

      “We conduct ourselves with honour and dignity. Compare me with lucifer all you may. We have our minds made up. They are going out by force….”.

      Ayaba Cho Lucas

      • Thumbs up to you my friend. You echoe our justified sense of aggrievement with the bulldog tenacity of a pure bred patriot.

      • Lol! Patriot of a WhatsApp Republic. The things Heineken has done to some of you. Dull ting dem.

        The equatorial gaulist will show you pepper on the ground. You want to diversify into the business of hostage-taking when you don’t have territory of your own. Let’s see how long they hold these hostages. Start counting…disgruntled hateful failures…

        No one owes you shit in this life. If you are tired of living go to Kwakwa or Batibo if you have balls.

        • Says the idiot that is benefiting in America from the toils of slaves and freed men. You owe the opportunity you have today to the negroes who knows assed trough the same crucible for 450 years. Lunatic. Oppression and colonialism must be abolished by all means everywhere in this world.

        • …passed through…

        • .
          I owe the opportunity to descendants of Africans who did not advocate for the killing of other descendants of Africans who did not agree with their methods.

          You are barking on the wrong tree. Try as you want, your diabolic intentions will never have the higher moral ground your echo chambers have indoctrinated you to think of your so-called “struggle.”

          Yet you wonder why no self-respecting country in Africa or beyond has any sympathy for your tropical anglo-saxon behinds.

          My struggle is against the French dominated tyranny in Cameroon. I will achieve that means through the same means Dr. MLK Jr. used to fight against oppression. In fact, that fight is on-going. What role are you playing? Bum.

          Why don’t you take your ass back to Cameroon and liberate your Ambazonians? Coward.

      • “At least we Ambalanders are ready to live for something or die trying to attain it. What do you live for? Eat, drink, moan and sleep?”

        You are as dishonest as the leaders of crime syndicate passing for a WhatsApp Republic. You are somewhere in the west making share-holders of Heineken’s parent company rich, and running your mouth on the internet. You are coward or else you’ll be in kwakwa or batibo leading the young men you’ve brainwashed to die in your name.

        I ear, drink, moan, f****, moan, sleep, work, think critically and have taken a vow to fight tropical anglo-saxons and equatorial gaulists trying to please their demonic spirits with the blood of the innocent.