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Ministerial Appointment: Nalova Lyonga vows to make MINSEC corrupt-free

Journal du Cameroun | The newly appointed Minister of Secondary Education (MINSEC), Dr. Pauline Nalova Lyonga Egbe, says how greatest wish is to make MINSEC a corrupt-free Ministry in the country.
The erstwhile Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea was speaking to reporters in her Buea residence, 48 hours after her appointment as the first Anglophone to head the Ministry of Secondary Education.

The erudite Nalova said she was aware of the daunting challenges that await her in her new function, but intimated that she is not afraid of challenges.

“With the experience I have gnarled at the Ministry of Higher Education, you cannot be talking about being afraid of challenges,” Dr. Nalova said.

The new Secondary Education boss urged her new collaborators to work in synergy with her in a bid to help President Paul Biya achieve his vision for the country.

“I want everybody to know the difference between being strict and being wicket. Anything I want it to done should be done. Our forward looking President has given us his vision on what he wants us to do and that we must do to help him achieve his development agenda.”

To the learned academia, the Ministry of Secondary Education owes it responsibility to the children and that she is resolute to make the Ministry to be able to meet the needs and aspirations of young Cameroon.

On how she intends to fight corruption that has become endemic in MINSEC, Dr. Nalova said she is going to put in place a strong team on the ground that will work for the greater good of the nation.

She also sees her appointment as a massive opportunity and a privilege to the people of the South West Region, especially those of Fako Division.

Dr. Nalova Lyonga was one of the Ministers appointed by President Paul Biya on March 2, 2018, following the cabinet shakeup. The Head of State decided to inject new verve into his regime that was fast becoming moribund.

Despite being a stern administrator, many people in the South West Region think that the former UB VC is a square peg in a square hole

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  1. Good luck with that lady! Quite a task!

  2. “Corruption-free” !

    • 🙂 That is why we need a better education system right? It’s going to take some elbow grease though…

      • @ Confucius

        You would notice that I merely picked a drop from the ocean: 1) corrupt-free 2) how greatest wish 3) experience I have gnarled at the 4) difference between being strict and being wicket 5) Anything I want it to be done should be done 6) To the learned academia… 7) The head of state decided to inject new verve into his regime… 8) Despite being a stern administrator,….the former UB VC is a square peg in a square hole.

        As you can see, here is journalism that does not know or care about the notion of each letter earning its place in a word or each word earning its place in a sentence. Not that the nation lacks talents!!! Paying attention to details is for another time, another place.

        • My comrade, I notice the poor choice of words littering the article. It shows how in Cameroon we don’t pay attention to details

  3. corrupt-free ????
    Empty promise nothing more nothing less

    This same Nalova PhD masterminded, aided and abetted the desecration of UNIBU by Mayor Patrick Ekema.
    Ekema was admitted into UB with 1 (ONE ) A’ Level.

  4. Corruption, can not be wiped out by the same people supporting it in one way or the other.

    • Wipe out corruption in a country where even to go to jail you need to bribe. Anyway you got till 2035 to meet your goals, good luck Ma.

  5. Start with your Boss Bita to wip out corruption with you mouth like your mbumbum.God punish u

  6. Was she not in charge before at the UB? did she leave because that became corruption-free?

  7. The same kind of corruption free way she admitted Mayor Ekema with one advanced level. Corruption free indeed. You cannot make any ministry in Cameroon corruption free because they are being appointed by a corrupt government and they have been part of those promoting it. The only way we can have corruption free anywhere is to take out the government of Biya and all his all crooks. Well, she can run her mouth but let’s watch and see

    • Country Man: A goat must always give birth to a goat, watching and waiting for Nalova to deliver anything positive is like expecting pleasant smell from a typical pit toilet.To my fallow Ambazonians we got only one option left which is self defense and self defense only no distraction, only self defense shall see us to Buea.

  8. Corruption is like a cancer. It begins somewhere and then spreads. Once you allow the very first stage unchecked (admission with a fake document), the process grows bigger ( flooding the city with taxis of dubious origin) and bigger (flooding the city with march past persons of dubious origin) and bigger still (receiving funds from suspect sources such as Douala City Council).
    And the same cancer spreads to nearby structures ( GCE Board headed by namesake).

  9. Fellows,
    Actually corruption is something that has to be tackle and we have to encourage the lady for taking that challenge.
    It is a difficult battle in the Cameroonian context starting with most of you guys on this forum.
    I bet most of you guys here are still receiving a salary from the GOC while working on other jobs in a foreign land.
    The funny thing is those who are corrupts are the ones trashing the country with no positive input on how to make things better.
    I really wonder even with all the hate for biya and his regime, you guys can claim to be Cameroonian.
    Shame on all of you guys.
    Give a the lady a chance and maybe her eventual success could be emulated elsewhere.

    • Its very naiv to think that this lady can fight corruption..
      Why do I say so:
      – she was not able to stop corruption at the university of Buea..(UB)..
      – people came in there with Fake degrees and she could hide them..
      She could not even control her university as it went out of control..
      She has been known for wrong practices in the area of administation and today you people think she can control a ministry?..I wished she could ..But the simple truth is that she is not capable at all..
      She is just as corrupt as the many thieves we have leading us today…

  10. 2 promotions in 1 year right after retirement. Are there any youths capable of being employed in this country? This time you no go piss for your skin when Amba warriors surround you but you go motorh na motorhh.

  11. 1. « Si aujourd’hui, on prend Nalova PhD, on la place dans une rue à Buea, je vous assure que s’elle est seul et qu’elle n’est pas gardé, les nouvelles qui nous reviendront à Yaoundé ne seront pas bonnes et positives »

    2. « Si aujourd’hui, on prend Monsieur Paul Atanga Nji, on le place dans une rue à Bamenda, je vous assure que s’il est seul et qu’il n’est pas gardé, les nouvelles qui nous reviendront à Yaoundé ne seront pas bonnes et positives »

    • Some shrewd observer had actually rechristened the Cameroonian PhD as “Pull him/her Down”.

  12. She must be a security agent and not a minister, according to her interview.
    Instead of telling us something about the much talk about harmonization or
    equating the two systems or certificates, i only hear about `corrupt free`.
    One thing that i learnt in the bible, is that one can commit or do evil, confess
    or repent in the last hour and go to heaven. The thief on the cross, is one big
    example. So let`s give her a chance. You are welcome.

  13. Dear Madame Minister,
    Your appointment is a corrupt appointment.
    It is not based on merit or past performance.
    Under your supervision, students at the university of Buea were brutalized, raped, killed, maimed etc
    In any other normal country you would’ve resigned to safe face and never to comeback in public domain to talk about corruption in Education.
    Have you ever made a statement to the parents whose children under your care were brutalized?
    You are a mother, Sister, Aunt, daughter, we hope you muster the courage to apologize to the parents of all the students at UB tortured under your supervision.
    You are beginning to look like a drunk woman in public and there is nothing more ugly than that.

  14. For ever young

    Thank u @lum any person of dignity in their character will not even dream of holding any office of responsibility after everything that transpire last year in U.B under her guidance & was one of the administrator who call the police& army on campus to brutalized, rape, killed students , a look at dis woman only reminded me of the picture of those young students girls& boysbehind the military trucks with blood & tears running on the wound from the snake beaten administer by the police, unfortunately dis the kind of folks the evil despotic leadership prefer

  15. for a start , this English speaking slave, traitor women is a retired civil servant who implemented marginalisation at a English region university,she corrupted a educational establishment for allowing people with fake entry level to obtain degrees, she stood by,allowing lawless arm forces whom she called to maintain order, raped her young female students, killed,brutalise many,she doesn’t represent the values of SCs, she is another weak, voiceless slave lrc puppet who will do anything for his master,the regime is using and manipulation her, kondenge will be her final retirement home.God punish her whole colonial slave family to hell!!

  16. It is just her turn.We heard this before.Enrich urself and give way.

  17. Courage mde la ministre. Vos intentions sont bonnes et vous avez un poste d’une énorme responsabilité. Même comme la corruption est une noix difficile à casser dans notre beau pays le Cameroun, vous ferrez de votre mieux.
    L’enseignement secodaire est vaste avec plusieur établissements dans tout le territoire Camerounais.
    De Garoua à Ebolowa en passant part Maroua, Ngaoundere, Yaounde, Douala, Bertoua, Bafoussam, Sangmelima etc….
    Le Cameroun ne commence ni ne s’arrete qu’à Buea.
    Vous n’êtes pas ministre des “Anglophones “, Vous êtes ministre de tous les Camerounais.

  18. Who, in the name of God wrote this article? That so-called writer and editor should go back and take some English refresher courses. So many silly mistakes.

    As for Nalova, I don’t care what Biya and his gov’t do. “THERE IS NOTHING WHITE IN CHARCOAL”. The country couldn’t be any worse.

  19. Épée Dipanda

    He can appoint my grandmother from the village for all I care. We are marching to Buea, Minalmi