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Miss Cameroun 2018 : une candidate conteste le résultat de la finale

Journal du Cameroun | Elle accuse le comité d’organisation du concours Miss Cameroun, d’avoir falsifié les résultats de la finale, et réclame 30 millions de dédommagement.
Moins d’une semaine après l’élection de Caroline Aimée Nseke comme Miss Cameroun 2018, une candidate à ce concours vient de s’insurger contre le processus de désignation de cette reine de beauté. La candidate N20, Biloa Kounou Caroline, vient en effet de déposer une plainte contre le comité d’organisation miss Cameroun (Comica), pour « falsification des résultats ».

Les faits remontent au 30 décembre 2017, jour de la finale dudit concours. Lors de la désignation du Top 12, c’est-à-dire des dernières candidates retenues pour la dernière étape de cette compétition, la candidate numéro 20, appelée en 11eme position par le président du jury, ne s’est jamais présentée sur le podium.

Quelques heures après la finale, la jeune femme a expliqué ce qui s’était produit en coulisses, dans une publication sur les réseaux sociaux. « Merci à tous de m’avoir soutenu bien. Evidemment mon numéro 20 a été appelé pour le Top 12 à l’élection Miss Cameroun, mais les membres du comité d’organisation m’ont empêché de sortir des backstages », explique-t-elle.

Sur les vidéos de la cérémonie, on remarque que le numéro 20 a bel et bien été appelé en 11eme position par Daniel Claude Abate, président du jury. Cependant, c’est plutôt la candidate numéro 19 qui s’est présentée à l’estrade. Des faits que Biloa Kounou Caroline juge accablant, ce qui motive sa plainte.

Elle estime avoir subi un préjudice car, elle « aurait pu être élue Miss Cameroun 2018, si elle avait présenté son projet au même titre que les autres candidates, dans les mêmes conditions du direct. » De ce fait, elle réclame la somme de 30 millions de francs Cfa à titre d’indemnisation.

La plainte aurait été déposé au Tribunal de 1ere instance du Mfoundi. Pour l’heure, le Comica n’a pas encore officiellement réagi à cette affaire.

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  1. The notion of a level playing field for anything is for another time in Cameroon – education, commerce, elections, Miss Cameroon contest, everything!

    It makes a mockery of the cry about sending children to school. What good is schooling that produces liars, cheats, dishonest individuals prepared to turn things upside down, all because of a feeling of entitlement and a false sense of belonging?

    • No merit, no progress!!!!!!

    • You make a false equivalency between education and morality. Being educated does not make one a morally upright. Illiteracy is not synonymous to dishonesty. There are honest illiterates and there are very unscrupulous PhD holders. So your premise is unfounded.

      That said, this young lady bringing legal charges must have solid reasons for doing so. Her case needs to be heard. It could also be a case of a sour loser.

  2. She is claiming wrongdoing, and maybe she is right. However, any sane person will at least take the time to investigate and hear the other side of the story before blaming Cameroon. Rush to judgment tells us who they really are. AmbaZombians rats that we are in the process of exterminating.

    What good is school when old, wrinkled, senile and degenerated fools are lecturing people on a daily basis when they are completely incapable of a minimum sense of critical thinking, such as holding their fire and get both sides of a story before running their homosexual mouth?

    One and indivisible, there is nothing you can do about it. Anyone not happy can go hang himself!

    Cameroon oye!
    Cameroon oye!
    Cameroon oye!

    • @USA..Scroll back to the hole you come from. No time for such hateful comment in 2018. Time is on reconciliation, positive thinking and constructive criticism.

      • Do you want to reconcile because the war on s lost?
        We true Cameroonians do not need reconciliation, as there was never a rift between us. But we will not reconcile with biafrais

    • You put where it should be.
      We all know who the target is.
      What a “dushbag”

      • Read : you put it where it should be…

        • mbappe i need to know you physically,and this will better let me assess you, there is time to cry, there is time for everything even revenge,lets wait and see,you can only hide here and voice hatred.do you think u are more cameroonian than others? even so let me tell you i m more a cameroonian than any person in that damn country i have blood from the north south west and north west flowing in me,but i there not say foolish words like you,i thought you were fighting for a just cameroon,….,everybody knows how he or she eats in his home,the pain i m feeling is not same to yours,so mind your business and leave Anglos or southeern cameroonian alone.you dont buy their idea doesnt mean you should kill them just as you guys destroyed cameroon.

  3. Wise John,
    You hit the nail on the head and as usual those who perrenise these kinds of things can only babble like old gorillas, struggling too hard to drown out your voice. Remember the computer saga? The distribution of those computers was supposed to begin somewhere in the university of Ngaoundere, but you know who insisted it must begin at Yaounde 1 and 11? That is what that defrauded young woman is complaining about. Hardened longhands and drunks will always tell you to wait for an investigation. What thugs!

    • It is also a learning process for me and tallies with quite some unrelated observations of mine. I sat in on quite a number of village development fora and noticed that those on the high table who prescribe everything from compound hygiene to generous contributions were the worst examples in such matters.
      USA, the paragon of all virtues and know-how on this forum is at ease dispensing what could better serve his tribesmen caught in the web of their contradictions and subservient sycophancy – Jacques Fame Ndongo and the rest. Cameroon has earned the less than glamorous title “enzyme glutton” based on breath-taking embezzlements made at CRTV. That is where sanitation lessons are in high demand but….

      • “…USA, the paragon of all virtues and know-how on this forum is at ease dispensing what could better serve his tribesmen…”

        Exactly my point, dementia is taking over your mind, the end is near for you pa Johnny. The lights are going off. 90 years suffering on this earth hasn’t been easy for you.

        You claim to be so enlightened, so educated, so smart….

        Yet, you are 100% incapable to understand the very basic notion of hearing both sides of an argument before casting a judgment.

        The lady made claims of wrongdoings, because you hate Cameroon, you immediately jumped like the baboon you are, making conclusions and not taking into account the very simple fact there could be other versions of the same story.

        • You got schooled by @Nyamfuka, the “educated” idiot you are can’t even understand the difference between education and morality.

          I called you out and as usual and forever, I stood up for my country, the great and only Cameroon.

          Because of this, according to you, I can ONLY be a beti defending my tribesmen…lol

          And you people are claiming you can run a country? What a joke!

          Cameroon is the best thing that ever happened to monkeys like you.

          You will run a country in which no one who ever consider an alternative version of anything

          You will run a country in which someone tribal heritage can be inferred from him having a different opinion…baboons!

        • Cameroon is good for the dust bin. Southern Cameroon is gone. You simply have to brace yourself for the inevitable and move on. Doing what your are best at, throwing insults, would not change anything. The best for you now is the lesson to be learnt if at at all you could be that consequential and care

        • I lectured your degenerated, senile and old foolish friend. Even you could not defend him since I clearly exposed his lack of understanding…

          I just checked and turned out; there is one and still one Cameroon, stronger than ever, more beautiful than ever…

          In your deranged mind, you can create as many Cameroon as you wish, you can come here every day telling us how “gone” you are yet we still see you every day and unfortunately for us we can still smell you…

          Cameroon is and remains one…there is not a damn thing you can do about it, my side won!

          Go Cameroon,
          The Promised Land, the shiny city on the hill. God’s greatest gift to mankind. We stand firm and will forever defend you. Thank you lord for making me Cameroonian.

        • You can be that emotionally attached to your cocoon(tribal, religious, political etc or what ever it might be) and declare the virtual victory while the invaders are there experiencing their Stalingrad in Mamfe. No one will stop you from doing that. The path forward for Southern Cameroon has been defined, it’s like a continental drift, you might be aware of it but you cannot influence it, you simply have to adjust to the new reality whether you like it or not. Congratulations to Southern Cameroon and good-luck to LRC

        • Talk is cheap.

          If Southern Cameroon was as gone as you claimed, why are you wasting your time on a Cameroon site saying goodbye to us every morning…lol

          How many goodbyes will it takes for you to be ACTUALLY gone?
          Cameroon is standing, stronger, beautiful, majestic, and confident. This is the reality and nothing you can do about it!

        • Talk is cheap and insulting is expensive

          I talk more because that is what I can effort, to insult? Probably I missed something in my education, I did not take that course, however I applaud you for your ability and creativity at that, I think 2035 will for sure be realised

          Else there is a common adage that, there can be no stupid questions, there could only be stupid answers, True, but there is also another platitude that says to every rule there is and exception, hence

          I will not assert any attributes to your questions, you can do that yourself if at all even you yourself do take your own self serious