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Morocco supports Cameroon to host 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

RABAT, March 6 Xinhua | — Morocco vowed on Tuesday its full support to Cameroon to successfully host the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019.

The backing was pledged by the president of the royal Moroccan football federation (FRMF) Fouzi Lekjaa during a joint press conference with his Cameroonian peer, Dieudonne Happi in Marrakech.

The North African kingdom had been regarded as a back-up venue for the African Cup of Nations after doubts arose about Cameroon’s ability to host the tournament.

“We wanted to talk to you to put an end to rumors making rounds in the media for a while. I reiterate the position of the FRMF and the Kingdom of Morocco. The kingdom is alongside our Cameroonian friends,” Lekjaa said.

“The FRMR is at the disposal of the Cameroonian Federation to make the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon an African football festival,” he said. “So the rumors are over.”

The 2019 finals will be the first in Nations Cup history to feature 24 teams, after the tournament was expanded last year.

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    Believe me or not, “one and indivisible” LRC will NOT be ready to host AFCON!).

    It is not only about stadia.

    The country leaves much to be deserved: low standard Airports, Child malnutrition, frequent power outages, insecurity, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals, refuse-infested beaches, etc.

    If something is more than you accept it and move on with your life.

    AFCON19 is not a priority for the people of LRC. The UNWINNABLE war should be the priority

  2. Cameroon is at war declared by French Cameroon lrc biya with his lawless arm forces, a unsafe, unwelcoming bunch of bribe taking colonial mentality people unfit to host the African cup, the lawless colonial country has no human rights Law in place, poverty, youths unemployment has created mass exodus into an already poor lrc regions causing insecurity,arm robbers,corruption, the arm forces are bribe enforcement officers, the sanitation is appalling with pest infestation, no clean drinkable water,constant electricity blackouts, very poor/ no healthcare, visitors will not be safe in a country where you will be ripped off as soon as you touch down on the rotten dirty airports with beggars, thieves, no clean toilets and dishonest, unkind, unprofessional airport staff who demand tips/ bribery

  3. It would be nice if the nation’s leaders put aside politics for once and examine the economics of hosting the African Nations’ Cup competition. Undertaking this project just for prestige purposes is ridiculous. A very simple question to ask and answer is this:

    Will the income generated offset the expenditure incurred?

    • Imagine Cameroon pooling her limited financial resources with whatever fellow members states of the Lake Chad Basin can come up with, taking a supplementary IMF loan and injecting all of this into a project that can pump water from River Congo to replenish the lake.
      Lake Chad, as of this moment, is only 10% of its former size. What does this mean? Fishing, hunting, farming and all sorts of economic activities have come to a grinding halt, driving the youthful, dynamic forces into the invitingly waiting hands of Boko Haram.

      Is this beyond our capacity to conceptualize, carry out? Imagine the fallout in terms of regional stability and progress.