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Nalova Lyonga (R)

Nalova Lyonga: From University Chancellor to hospital board chair

Journal du Cameroun | Dr Nalova Lyonga Pauline, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea has been appointed Board Chair of the Douala General Hospital.

The former VC was appointed by Cameroon’s President Paul Biya on November 13.

Dr Nalova had just ended her term as fourth Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, where she had also served as Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Teaching, Professionalisation, and Development of ICTs.

The Head of State’s decree also appointed two other new Board Chairs to some government-funded institutions of Cameroon: the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and the Yaounde General Hospital. Mohamadou Bilitte Haman-Djoda was appointed Board Chair of CNPS. She takes over from Ousmane Mey who died in January 2016.

While Auguste Asse Essomba was appointed Board Chair of the Yaounde General Hospital to replace Atangana Ignace who was Board Chair since 2015.

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  1. The youths have no opportunities in Biya’s so-called “Island of Peace”. Old people are recycled from one job to another while the youths flee the country because of no job opportunities. Very sad indeed.

    • Will Cameroon still emerge by 2035 ???.My question is credible and compelling because the CPDM no longer sings their emergence 2035 song.

  2. Next appointment is general manager of pamol…..

  3. Original Black Bantu

    I have done a quick search on Lyonga (google and google scolar) academic work.
    Sadly I found only two publications: the first published in 1980 is probably a conference paper or a journal article titled CAMEROON LITERATURE IN ENGLISH. And the second is her Ph.D dissertation (1985) from Michigan university titled UHAMIRI OR A FEMINIST APPROACH TO AFRICAN LITERATURE. That is all unless others are packed somewhere in traditional hard copies.

    The basic principle is that you cannot give what you don’t have. She was Vice-Chancellor of the UB and now Hospital board chair. For those who do not understand, high-level (strategic) decisions, strategic plannings, high-level objectives, etc. regarding healthcare are part of her responsibilities.

    We must stop dreaming and start facing the reality.

    • Vaiocomputers

      Appointments from the Biyas regime is not based on your relevant academic credentials connected to the post of responsibility to manage.It is based on clientelism.

      • Yes sir, in Democracie avancee (Advanced Democracy or AK-47 Democracy, if you wish) it is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that matters. That should partly explain why the nation is drifting along like a rudderless dhow on a dangerous sea!

      • And you still have many who see nothing going wrong, what a manifestation of the docility of a people

      • Original Black Bantu

        LoL we are expecting big-bang type of miracle a l’horizon 2035.


    Socrates in Cameroon. the Life and Works of Bernard Nsokika Fonlon
    by Nalova Lyonga

    Critical Perspectives on Cameroon Writing
    by Nalova Lyonga and Albert Azeyeh

    • Original Black Bantu

      Thanks @Livet:
      1) Socrates in Cameroon (2010), a 190 pages book avail on Amazon. Sentence from the abstract:
      This book describes briefly the life and times of a man whose story incorporates the history of a young nation and whose autobiography, The Pathfinder, has all the excitement of an adventure novel.

      2) Critical Perspectives on Cameroon Writing (July 2013), avail on Amazon. A 568 pages conference proceedings edited by: Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh, Albert Azeyeh and Nalova Lyonga.

      Introductory paragraph: This landmark volume brings together a very rich harvest of forty critical essays on Cameroon literature by Cameroon literary scholars. The book is the result of the Second Conference on Cameroon Literature which took place at the University of of Buea in 1994.

      Meaning there are 40 authors

      • Why didnt they choose a medical doctor its a pretty basic requirment in this case ?

  5. Hello folks,
    Move to where the action is. Move to ENAM and then to the Ministry of the Public Service to see how too many cooks affect the broth. The ENAM director released the results of candidates admitted to his prestigious school where the famous “Chefs de Terre” are trained. A few hours later the titular minister has CRTV read the cancellation of those results.

    As usual when two elephants fight it is the grass under their feet that suffers. Well, this time some of the grass are two of His Excellency Paul Biya’s children – Junior and the California returned!

    Professor Lambi, former UB Vice Chancellor must be anxiously awaiting the outcome of such sabre-rattling, so reminiscent of what he himself went through with Monsieur le Ministre Jacques Fame Ndongo.

    • @Original b.b pulled out Lyonga’s dissertations,still the hypocrite, dishonest Dinga don’t want to acknowledge what this lady is worth .He kept creating confusion by introducing ENAM recent results. It’s decent to say I have never enter her wikipedia full stop. Good luck by the way Mrs Lyonga.

      • Acyually, if somebody is leaving a principle and upright life he or she would never have anything to fear.

  6. Cameroon, has never had a gov`t.
    Call what you see { CNU / CPDM} as the consortium of friends, who have managed the country
    for 57 years.
    Time, that a gov`t should be put in place, to emerge come whenever.