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National Assembly: SDF MPs block session, call for talks on Anglophone crisis [+video]

Journal du Cameroun | Reports coming from Cameroon’s National Assembly states that there is massive disorder going on now.

Going by the reports, Lawmakers of Cameroon’s leading opposition party, SDF have blocked the plenary session, demanding the inclusion of the Anglophone crisis in the November session discussions.

The SDF MPs could be heard in a CRTV radio report, singing about the country not moving well while the House speaker reacted, chanting that the country is well.

It should be noted the SDF lawmakers had boycotted the opening session which started November 14. The lawmakers had said the November session, normally assigned to fixing the country’s budget, cannot be business as usual, given the ongoing crisis which has grounded activities in English speaking Cameroon for more than a year now.

Last week boycott, the MPs state, was aimed at showing their disapproval over government’s management of the escalating crisis in the country’s two English speaking regions.

Speaking in a press conference at the party’s Yaounde headquarters, one of the SDF MPs, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam explains the reason for the boycott. “We had enumerated a list of grievances particularly the violence that is being meted out in the North West and South West regions. We had warned that violence begets violence that the forces of law and order are now involved.

“As representatives of the people, we condemn these spiral of violence and our absence today, is to alert people that we disapprove of the policies that are being taken to handle the crisis and we are rebelling against government’s inertia in resolving the Anglophone crisis.

Asked if the boycott will be indefinite, the MP said the party’s executive board dubbed NEC had asked them to participate in the deliberations.

“We will take part in the deliberations. NEC ask us to attend and gave us directives on what to do. We will be fulfilling NEC resolutions”.

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  1. The smoke from that fire is not helping… 🙂

  2. If this persist, there will send BIR from NW/SW back to Yaounde to kill the parliamentarians…and my people can at least have the chance to go and fetch water in the nearby streams.
    When it starts raining, it pours.
    No ending until these problems are addressed in a mature way once and for all.

  3. Good move…we need such rigorous actions to stir the lousy government to wakeup from slumber and inertia which their Boss mentioned some years back.

  4. Ambazonia Amba

    La republic will crumble in its own hubris. What I do know is that TASSANG WILFRED has got a great vision. It was him who altered this immortal words on Sunday night the 8 of January 2017 that ” tomorrow we will know who control West Cameroon, Yaounde or us”. Time has proven him right. The other observation he made was that it would be the anglophone problem that would crumble the government. Today in Parliament people are singing without fear that “how many people paul Biya go kill”. These are evidence of end times for the regime and with international focus on sit tight dictators, events is at the mercy of the unknown.
    One thing that I have no doubt about is that the events of the 22 of September effectively ended la republic hold on Ambazonia. From that day Ambazonia rose never to fall.

  5. This type of non-violent but effective move to push the monarch of Mvomeka to open a national debate on the Anglo issue is certainly not to the good taste of pple like Firefighter and his mentors. Such a move could prompt a dialogue that could be for the ben*efits of millions of Anglos. But are those scavengers in USA, Belgium, NGR, South Africa…ever going to let it be? They just want to kill—bunch of killers.

    Bravo SDF MPs, I am going to reconsider some of my positions on Ni. Just cos of this ur move…

    • Chameleon alias Nana Sagang,
      French slaves would talk themselves
      Into beer bottles and kondrei and it has been like that for 60 years. Even a single express way you don’t have in your country, so it’s only normal to crave for more empty talking from house slaves like Fru Ndi. Ambazonia is too far ahead to worry about the petty politics of your country. Try to share a bed with Fru Ndi! No problem with you for playing politics, but you know the red line!

      • Attorney,

        abeg cam sécou dis ya man, all man for yi na ZZ jes non.

        Humm, dameanseh ifi Amba no happen na so some of ma kombi dem go end?

        Na so amnesia turn-turn bad?…

  6. Makweley Lysongo

    They should go to Buea and establish a parliament. Why should they ask for a solution in a country when they are not citizens of. I mean all the Southern Cameroonian parliamentarians. Can all of them be arrested and tortured? These people are all irrelevant and caring for their own financial interests.
    The correct solution is to the problem is compliance with United Nation General Assembly Resolution 1608(XV) on the condition that La Republique terminates its illegal occupation of Southern Cameroons. There is no union treaty or bilateral agreement authorizing them to be there and kill our people.
    Don’t worry, the court case in Britain will give us a solution by June next year, when the UN, International Court of Justice and Britain will force them out in shame. Makweley +447958283540

    • Forget that court case in Britain my man. Nothing fruitful will come out of it. U need to understand the British legal system properly to see my point. Spoke with a legal mind based in London and his knowledge and experience in the laws of that land will never favour that case in question.
      Let’s just observe what the SDF are doing. It’s a well thought plan. It’s easy to say “go and create a parliament in Buea”. The reality on the ground is not as we think.Cheers!

  7. This is the part of the SDF that we want stressed and executed more often. Dont just sit there and listen to budget and the amount stolen by thieving La Republique thugs, continue the work of our Father Wirba. In fact each each member should take a turn and denounce the regime emphatically. There must be continues disruption of parliament like this. You must all know that your voices have not been strong enough in the face of the evil levied upon our people. The SDF should sponsor a private inquiry into the deaths, arrests, and detentions of our compatriots. Send delegations to Nigeria to listen to the people and let them tell their stories so you can go to the so called parliament and table a bill of inquiry into all these atrocities. It is time for the SDF to be more proactive!

  8. @Zam-Zam Why are u forcing this sterile opposition party to us? That film they are acting there is a non-event to us.They are acting that film in order to take their usual pardiem home.We have gone past that stage of cinema shows from politicians.HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe is the person that is taking the fight to Biya in the right place.No opposition party can defeat Biya in that kangaroo parliament.No matter how much noise they make.We are behind our president,HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe….

    • KONGOSA,

      are we disputing presidents? Ayuk is a wanted thug.

      Were this ever to happen in Amba parliament that puppy dictator would surely ask Amba-BIR to teach those MPs how to sing louder.

      Anyway, allow me to discuss my country politics…

      • Zz, I think @Firefighter d ask some legit questions. Btw SDF na Amba distraction for now. Ni don see how yi Canoe want capsize yi come up with this small deception. If not ask your self why the architect of this parliamentary bruhahaha Hon Wirba be absent.

        • Hahahaha, Attorney !

          Man gee wuna right hand, wuna chapear. Left hand, same. Man supporté wuna, na problem. Man no supporté, same. Me ah dong tire me wuna.

          Poh-poh Pa Mugabe wey we bin all di mimba seh Zims dem go ntemé ana yi, Zims dem so-so sorry yi daso. Sep yi cherie, dem go so-so sorry yi daso.

          All man dan mek’am clear seh na wa system be di wahala for wa ya bad, bot still, wuna want daso for chakara place.

          For fix kontri back after chakara no be na play oh, especially for dis new era weh no man no di respect darkie.

          Abeg mek wuna lukot…

  9. If the SDF is really serious, they should withdraw from that God-forsaken parliament. That will be more effective than singing in parliament. Disrupting parliamentary sessions is childish and will not force LRC to convene a GENUINE dialogue.

  10. Ambazonians must stay away from this LRC distraction. Time for partisan politics is long gone. Yesterday’s solutions will not solve today’s problems. Te struggle continues…

  11. The main functions of an effective parliament are to:

    1. Check and challenge the work of the Government (scrutiny).
    2. Make and change laws (legislation).
    3. Debate the important issues of the day (debating)
    4. Check and approve Government spending (budget/taxes)

    Unfortunately, our NIAHC (National Institute of Aging Hand Clappers), cannot assert performing any of the above. They have once more shown to the world that the problem in Cameroon is the institution. It defies any sort of logic that in a country that claims to have “an Advanced Democracy”, the super-majority party stages a workout to avoid debating the important issue of the day. I’m appalled and dumbfounded.

    • Two categories of parliamentarians sit in the Cameroonian National Assembly – the true elected representatives of the people and those appointed by presidential decree. Naturally this event illustrates the loyalties involved.

  12. Good move. Keep up the protest until the government addresses the plight of English-speaking Cameroonians and finds lasting solutions to these injustices. We also need an AAC 3. To brainstorm and put forth a set of action-points to the government.

  13. Biya like Mugabe has a degree in perpetuating violence and causing deaths. LR has no republican army except the hyenas they have so called army. Imagine today Biya is called to rest and imagine Cameroon without a successor…. Rwanda Hutus vs Tutsi would be a small price to pay for most Cameroonians

  14. Je vois bien et jai bien dis ca depuis que que le maire de bagangte a cmcer ses projects avec les ONG francaises que la france cherche klk chose dans ouest et prepare deja opinion contre le deuxieme homme fort du cameroun just au cas ou! le negre pense que avec son ventre les blancs reflechissent 20 ansen avance et c donne le moyen ..kan le negre reflechi comme je fais ont dit kil es paranoid chez nous or c que je dis c exactment c que les dirigeants blancs passent leur temps a faire…” comment alons nous barrer ces gens la et kel strategy” apres ils prennent des gens avec egos et prepare le terrain petit incident le negre tombe comme mouton et s’entre tue…le blanc ne donne rien cadeau faut dire xa au maire de bagangte..ils ont deja strategiquement identifuier bagangte comme la porte d

  15. Better late than never. But how serious are they?

  16. Reasonable act and far better than depriving Kids from going to School and also the burning of schools

  17. Waste of Tax Money. Cameroon is Ruled by Presidential Degrees. What Good is a Parliament when The Executive Branch of Goverment ” Return the right to overule all decissions with Zero reprecusions?

  18. If they are serious and manage it well, then biya should be counting his days

  19. GUYS like OSih and wirba have collected more than 150Millions each for the stay in the National Assembly, in fact SDF Mps have collected more than 3billions . Yet no one can point to me a single public toilet wirba or osih have built in their constituency. From the last 2 decades 2000-2017 it is only now that they know there is an anglophone problem ..ah ah clowns