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Nigeria intercepted contraband rice worth about CFA100 million coming from Cameroon

Business in Cameroon | On June 24, 2018, the Nigerian Navy ship Victory intercepted 3,434 bags of rice estimated at NGN61 million (about CFA100 million) in Calabar, Cross River state. According to The Punch which revealed the info, the rice was coming from Cameroon.

“We are going to start massive investigations into the main actors in this smuggling of rice into the country, especially from Cameroon into the Calabar area. We are going beyond these boys who ride the boats. I warn the main culprits behind these smugglings that we are compiling their reports and we would come for them”, warned Julius Nwagu, commander of the NNS Victory.

Let’s remind that Cameroon and Nigeria share a 1,500 km of border from the north to the south. For years, intense contraband activities developed along that border, impacting the two countries’ treasuries negatively.

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  1. rice from MAMFE to calabar is illigal,but that coming from asia is certainly not.we must find more effective strategies in future to divert the obstacles posed by the current system with an occupation foundation deligently put in place to creat and maintain poverty using mechanisms like ,nigeria,cameroon,congo,sudan,zimbabwe,benin,etc.but all this names mean absolutely nothing from a goegraphiv view point.it is when we look at it from a strategic angle that we realise this countries are control mechanisms.but solutions exist to break free,it all depends on our capacity to craft a strategy and intergrate in peoples everyday behavior.

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      Prolonged exposure to such mumbo-jumbo has a negative effect on one’s communication.

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        can our own generation do better?like we say in SWAHILI,wale wanaoishi wataona.but one thing we are certain of is,africa will gain a lot by getting rid of all alien languages,cutting the influence,be it spiritual,linguistic or economic.can the church be killed in africa?

    • I hail you Bah Acho. Coming in from Asia and the USA is Legal, but coming in from a neighboring country separated by 1500 Km is illicit. Those in power have agreed to foster the mechanism for making Africans and Africa poor. We are gradually rising up against them.

  2. And when the opposite goes, in all other goods, it raises no dust.
    Just what passes as raw cash during Christmas, is too big for Ras / Pinguiss
    etc, to carry or push on a truck.
    Give him some under the table, and it will be alright.

  3. This is the evil deal from LPC, to give aid of poison to kill all ambazonian refugees living in Nigeria. Take the rice and feed your military and cpdm militants so they can live long and keep Evil Biya in power.

    • Quite an idea, boy.
      Biya and co, are bent on destroying the `dogs` as much as possible, by using all
      crooked methods as are available. The man we anglos, supported over the years.