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Nigeria ‘ll not be used to destabilise Cameroon – Buhari

Vanguard | President Muhammadu Buhari has reassured Cameroonian Authority that Nigeria territory would not be used as a staging area to destabilise Cameroon. Buhari was quoted as making the pledge in a communiqué issued at the end of 6th session of the Cameroon-Nigeria Trans-Border Security Committee held in Abuja.

The communiqué was signed by the Nigerian Head of Delegation, Brig.-Gen Emmanuel Ndagi, Director Defence Affairs, Office of the NSA and Cameroonian Head of Delegation, Mr Rene Sadi, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation. The communiqué explained that the president gave the assurance in a message sent to the Cameroonian delegation at the session, through the National Security Adviser (NSA), Maj.-Gen. Babagana Monguno (Rtd).

Buhari “Series of political events in the two countries have led to new security challenges threatening the peaceful co-existence along the common borders.

“Nigeria will take necessary measures within the ambit of the law to ensure that her territory is not used as a staging area to destabilise another friendly sovereign country,” it quoted President Buhari as saying. The communiqué stated that both countries agreed to collaborate through their respective agencies for combating money laundering and financing of terrorism.

It stated that the two countries should continue to explore other sources of funding for the Multinational Joint Task Force. The two countries signed an agreement on Non-proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons. The two countries agreed to collaborate in sensitising Nigerians living in Bakassi area to live in peace and to abide by the laws and regulations of their host country. On Border Control Operations, the committee recommended that the security agencies of the two countries should strengthen the fight against ‘crimes along the land and maritime borders’.

“That Nigeria and Cameroon should ensure the provision of infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, boreholes among others to bring a sense of belonging to the border Communities. “That the Immigration and other security services of the two countries should meet regularly in order to exchange information and create security awareness,” it stated.

The communiqué directed that a Joint Committee be established to harmonise regulations on illegal fishing and poaching activities on the existing dams between the two countries. It stated that on Lagdo dam in Cameroon, the two governments should work on the implementation of the agreement on water management on the Benue River Basin signed in Abuja on the May 3, 2016.

It stated that a Joint assessment committee be set-up by the two governments to assess the environmental impact and propose solutions on the Kachimbula Dam. According to the communiqué, an alert system should be put in place to fore-warn the population of any impending danger on the two dams.

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  1. Web master this is old news

    Admin: Not quite. Please check the Africa category on this website – Same statement, different personalities. Thanks for visiting

    • As though we care about what this illiterate cattle rustler says.
      Easily the most incoherent and inarticulate buffoon to be called president. What an embarrassment for Nigeria with an infinite number of intellectuals that span the globe to elect a decrepit hoodlum as its leader.
      Come what may, we shall over come this tripartite of co-equals in the realm of evil comprising Buhari, Derby, and the thieving Beti imbecile Biya.

      • @ Manyaka76

        I think you don’t know the history. southern cameroon was sold to France by British for 20,000000 pounds and this was reinvested by French to create The cameroon development cooperation cdc
        so you have no right to claim it as your land?

        • Are your parents aware that all the energy spent during copulation has resulted to a complete fool?
          I bet they’re now wishing that they had reared pigs instead.

  2. Sounds Good on paper just like it sounded since the International Court of Justice Handed over Bakasi to Cameroon more than 10 Years ago .Up till now all they do is meet , Drink, Eat and Talk , No Implementation, Zero work Done

  3. This is going to be a long struggle. No doubt about it. War is a marathon, not a sprint . How an SC self sustain, being cornered by Nigeria and Cameroon?? How many more years of children not getting education? I hope the Amba leaders can start answering these questions. At the end of the day, the real losers in all this madness are children and mothers.
    This is exactly how this will end: Amba civilians will soon get tired of the YouTube speeches and empty promises of the so xakked leaders, and will start boycotting ghost towns. Mother would want their children back to school. Farmers would want to return to their activities, merchant would want their shop open and everything woukd go back to normal. But for Christ sake it is better to end it now. People are dying!

    • @J T. Rosh

      I think you don’t know the history. southern cameroon was sold to France by British for 20,000000 pounds and this was reinvested by French to create The cameroon development cooperation cdc
      so you have no right to claim it as your land?

  4. Regarding Nigeria, Kamerun should have the policy of:
    Trust with checks.
    No empty words as we need to bring the Nigerian government in account.
    How come these “walking dead” ambazombians can go in and out to Cameroon with the help of biafras across the border at will and Nigeria doing nothing?
    The GOC should enforce intelligence to make sure Nigeria is not a double agent in this matter.
    If they are playing games, we have an answer for them.

    • The simple answer to your similarly simple but stupid question is that, what they parade as an army, is just a crowd of lilly livered cowards as everyone who is of Beti extraction is born to be a sissy.
      Hope I answered your dumb question.

      • It seems like all you know is insults and no wonder no one will ever negotiate with you.
        We are aims Ng for total obliteration of the Ambazozos.
        Listen man with no substance. You will never have that dream of yours realized.
        Listen if was a beti as you seem to claim I am, I will be saying “ we have own your ass and will continue to own it as long as there is cameroon”. Kapish.
        You will always be beti laquets as you have been for the last 60 something years.
        Do you know most servants in the centre and south are bamenda people as the are they are known for their submissiveness.
        Have you seen a beti being a servant in a bemenda household?
        Think about that!

        • Look at this pathetic loon. Romantic ineptitude and social isolation has greatly contributed to the worsening of your clinical depression. So where is the substance in all the crap you have been spewing out on this forum? .F.Y.I, there’s way too much dignity in a Bamenda household which precludes them from hiring such miserable human pukes like the Betis as servants. Who wants to hire established thieves as servants in the first place?
          Go jerk off some where else before you die from an excess accumulation of sperms. Lonely idiot

        • Off topic,

          Mola, I hear the DO kidnapped in a far away cousin to H. Monono ?…

  5. Two senior terrorists Biya and fulani Buhari are still struggling with Boko Haram, yet they think defeating Ambazonians will be a cake walk. Bring it on. Remember Boko Haram a terrorist organization with no local support is still kicking their asses. On the contrary Southern Cameroon Separatists command total support from the people.
    The terrorist tag-team of Biya and Buhari shall be humiliated and completely annihilated. You can take that to bank.

    • @ Banko

      ambasonia had been team up with Biafra. hahahahahahah

      the president of Nigeria had been sending the military to his border between Cameroon and Nigeria, therefore nothing is coming in and out kikikikikik .

  6. Oh! February 14 is upon us! How many times are we going to be told that this Fulani pidgin machine has promised his Cameroonian lover a St. Valentine’s Day kiss? Had he been beating his chest in this way about Boko Haram’s Cody stay at the Sambisa forest, wouldn’t the terror groupie history? His pulling something mind games from Pakistan’s playbook, where they used to collect 2 billion a year from the USA, but would send out security forces to go open fire in empty bushes pretending to look for Ben Laden, while rotten politicians broke up the money and took it back to foreign banks. History is repeating itself, as Buhari is desperate for funds for his re-election and naturally leaving Boko Haram alone. He even kicked against fighting the thugs during Jonathan’s time. Incoherent fool!

  7. Pompidou Mensah

    Buhari is playing a game with biya, he needs buluman to spend money fighting Boko Haram while buhari pockets stolen defence money, his people are being killed like rats, young girls abducted by the thousands, he is powerless, clueless, sick and senile. We will fight from all over with all means folks, time is on our side, young Africa, new generation stepping up, don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks

    • @Pompidou Mensah

      I think you don’t know the history. southern cameroon was sold to France by British for 20,000000 pounds and this was reinvested by French to create The cameroon development cooperation cdc
      so you have no right to claim it as your land?

  8. Instead of coming in like a big brother would do to calm down tension, Buhari
    will be siding with Biya to kill his people. They are really a duo of clueless leaders.
    Can they imagine that at some point in time, that whole region can become a
    battle field between FRN / LRC and Ambalandas, Biafra and the Ogonis? Is this
    new to their hearing or understanding?
    It is certain, that this will not touch them, but certainly, they will be affected in
    some way or is FRN capitalizing on Ecomog while LRC is thinking of France?
    When it started in Syria, no one imagined it will last this long and with other
    players in the game.
    A big shame on to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They saw corrupt Biya come
    knocking and like birds of the same plumage do {corrupt individuals} refused to

    • Rubish.
      Will never happen in Kamerun.
      You guys have no guts unlike arabs.
      Prove of that is you are still in the west instead on leading the charge.
      Only the banga smokers with the little e-transfers you guys are making will go and die.
      It could take time but you will be defeated,”. Be reassured

    • @joshua

      You need to show some respect to Nigeria people .

      • A country that openingly violet international law deserves no respect men. Such a country is considered a banana Republic.

  9. BH, just released some lecturers and wives that were kidnapped. Where is the strenght of
    Buhari and his mighty military and ecomog forces? They saw free money, that in Naija, is
    called 1mobilization money` and so refugees and documented individuals, were hurriedly
    ferried to lrc overnight.
    That is the giant of Africa in action.

  10. Nigeria launched Boko Haram to the north of Cameroon.
    Nigeria is already a destabilizing ground for Cameroon
    Buhari will have credibility if shekau and the underage sex slaves he abducted from Schools were free.
    Who can trust Buhari when he can’t control Fulani herds men butchering ordinary Nigerians daily.
    His powers are identical to Biya’s
    Buhari is only powerful against Biafrans but very weak against terrorist northerners supporting Boko Haram.
    Biya is only powerful against minority Anglophones but very weak against Boko Haram terrorist in the north of Cameroon
    Cooperation to attack Anglophones is low hanging fruit, the real problem is the north and they are both losers to Boko Haram.
    One is deaf the other half dead, who believes any good can come from this 2

  11. Nigeria is more of a banana Republic. Let APC FINISHED IT USELESS REGIME AND GIVE POWER BACK TO PDP, which is capable of bringing meaningful democracy to the people.Any country ruled by a Muslim is same as a country ruled by a french man.

  12. @Mbappe Why are u crying like a baby? I thought Nigeria is on your side and it is game over,since they helped u kidnapped HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and co?U complained the last time how your DO from Oveng extraction have been kidnapped.Are we the ones that are suppose to take care of the DO’s security?
    Buhari must continue to assure u,since he needs more money from Y’de to take care of his re-election.Do u really know this world u are living in? Buhari have alot to worry about in his country than to pay more attention to help Y’de fight anglophones.farmers and herders conflict in Benue state and Boko Haram is giving Buhari headache.I bet u,Buhari will dry off your coffers before u know it.Am sure Biya have started withdrawing money from his personnal account to fund Buhari’s re-election.

    • Kongosa,

      when NGR is going to hand in Cho, you’ll start crying again.

      blada killing blada, what a world of mad people!…

  13. Useless illiterate and uncivilized president.

  14. @Zam-Zam ”when NGR is going to hand in Cho, you’ll start crying again” ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.Point of correction,Nigeria have not handed anybody to LRC. Disprove us by showing us videos of the people u claim Nigeria have handed to u without due process of extradition,and stop this empty propaganda…Bbla bla bla…We have shown u people your D.O, to tell u that he is in our custody.I expect u people to do same and stop this empty noise on the media without proof that HE Sisiku and co are in Y’de..
    We are going to judge that your D.O,member of a genocidal organisation according to the Ambasonian law.He will be judged for his crimes.

    • Kongosa,

      Ayuk go tok yi last bellé b4 any man go know place weh dem dey, yi get plenti info for yi bellé…..DO na Bakweri man, Monono—you fit keep yi…

  15. This same FRN, supported Charles Taylor againgst Samuel Doe, while Ecomog forces,
    went to that small country pretending to bring about peace during their civil war.
    As reported at the time, Doe had taken refuge behind the counter and Econog forces
    were guarding the building. Suddenly, Charles came with his boys and without a fight,
    entered and grabbed Doe. Carried him on his shoulders to the boot of his car and locked
    him in. He was crying in there. Doe was taken to the bush and killed by Charles Taylor.
    Lateron, Charles Taylor became a hunted man by the ICJ. It was this same Naija, that
    gave him cover in Calabar. Long story there.
    But where, is their friend today one is asking? Did someone, tell a lie that he is serving
    a big 50 years jail time in the Queens land? Grow up Naija.

  16. Mr President.

    Boko Haram is using Nigeria to disturbilise Cameroon. This Buhari thing is dreaming or what.

    Weeeh, 90% of African leaders are thinking with this thing between their legs.

    I left

  17. This is the man who said “a woman’s place is in the kitchen and bedroom.” I won’t go further about him.

  18. Amour Afrika

    Aboki Buhari go locotte ur Cow for Bush.don’t forget you are breeding Boko Haram

  19. Nigeria under Buhari has zero credibility. Love Nigeria but with this Hausa man, the country is pitiful. One can now understand Late Ojukwu’s position very well for those who followed the Biafra war, the course and causes. That Nigeria would take more than 52 people and sent to be killed is still beyond any human imagination. Hopefully they have not been slaughtered as it is feared. War always has an avenue for peace so if these people are killed without due process then Cameroon is “finito”.