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Nigeria pledges support to Cameroon over secession threat

24.com [AFP] | Lagos – Nigeria on Monday assured Cameroon that it is determined to deal with secessionist forces attempting to use its territory to destabilise its West African neighbour.

Last week, Nigeria extradited Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, leader of a Cameroonian anglophone separatist movement, and 46 of his supporters at Yaounde’s request, sparking condemnation from the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

But Nigeria’s National Security Adviser Mohammed Monguno said at a trans-border security meeting in Abuja that extradition was ordered to preserve Cameroon’s unity and sovereignty.

“President Muhammadu Buhari assures you that we will take all the necessary measures, within the ambit of the law, to ensure that Nigeria’s territory is not used as a staging area to destabilise another friendly sovereign country,” Monguno told the meeting.

He said both President Paul Biya and the entire people of Cameroon have the backing of Buhari in finding solution to the country’s internal crisis.

Monguno urged the Cameroonian authorities to engage in constructive dialogue to de-escalate tensions in the anglophone regions and facilitate the return of Cameroonian refugees who have crossed the border into Nigeria.

At least 30 000 Cameroonian refugees are said to have fled to Nigeria following the crisis.

The UNHCR has accused Nigeria of breaching international agreements over the extradition of the separatist agitators who were arrested in Abuja on January 5.

The UNHCR said most of the 47 sent back to Cameroon had submitted asylum claims in Nigeria.

Cameroon has called the 47 “terrorists” and said they will “answer for their crimes”, as tensions mount in the Southwest and Northwest Regions, home to most of the country’s English-speakers.

The anglophones have complained about decades of economic inequality and social injustice at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

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  1. Bwam, God is great. Stop the violence Amba or your days to meet Satan are numbered.

    • How Can à normal human with à thinking brain believe that satan exist ?when all evidences is againts?

      • You are just one of the agents of Satan but I pray for your deliverance. If I knew your real name then I would’ve included you in my prayers.

        • it was practically impossible for our continent to kick start the process of rapid economic growth through industrialization.A process demanding extreme intelligence,flexibility and precesion.with university graduates believing in myths like satan,god,deliverance and prayers.evrything was lost in advance because of the intellectual inferiority of our aleads all caged by christian and islamic lies.to make a small demonstration,not the least evidences exist that the act of covering ones eyes,and saying empty words in the air called prayers can move one stone two meters away from where it was.impossible,so prayers is nothing but an advance form of ignorance.

      • Thanks to Buhari, Nigerians in the SE, SW, SS and Middle-belt have become very aware with the Southern Cameroons problem. I guarantee this will cost you next year’s election. Levelheaded Nigerians are embarrassed and cannot stand this blatant fraud. Anyone who doubts me should check the Nigerian press especially in Lagos state.

        • @ .

          kept dreaming. no way to hiding yourself ambasonia a terrorist organization

  2. It was so clear from the get go the ambazombians delusional leadership was stupid enough to use Nigeria as a linchpin to attack Cameroon.
    What a blunder. What were they thinking.
    And they would like to carve Camerooon with that.
    I could have done better.
    Anyhow, this bulshit will over soon.
    There will some skirmishes here and there but nothing substantial.
    Give up bunch of amateurs.

    • Épée Dipanda

      TOC toc tic TOC.
      I assure you if the Anglophone problem is not solved in 2021 body bags of gendarmes WiLL still be heading eastward from Ambazonia.
      Only an ignorant fellow will think that they can bludgeon an entire people into silence.
      It’s been two years …let’s see the end of the fight with the arrest of the IP.

      • You guys are going from one delusion to the next without even taking a minute to think.

        From the AMBAZOMBIAN viewpoint, the choice of Nigeria as the secured position from which to attack Cameroon were a logical choice because of your claims of “shared English” culture. Just like all other countries around the world, including all African countries, Britain, USA, etc.

        Nigeria has now made it clear they do not belong to any special “Anglophone” group and they do not recognize you as specifically connected to them through some magical shared “Anglophone” culture.

        The world has made it clear, that “Anglophoness” of yours is all on you. You are alone and you will be crushed alone! Nobody wants to be with you!

      • @Épée Dipanda

        I thought ambasonia was free already, nyamfuka

  3. Paul Biya toujours” chaud- gars” kikiki !!!!

    • Anything the dictator does they clap. He fakes his death they clap, he kills his wife they clap, he forces his children into Enam, they clap, he appoints his niece and nephews to run state parastatals they clap. He jails political reformers, they clap, he releases them, they clap, he silence opposition in the parliament they clap, he bribes boko haram they clap, he sends the entire cabinet to Kodengui they clap, he uses treasury money to fund his expensive vacation they clap, he dashes to switzerland and stay on life support for 2 weeks changing his cancerous blood they clap, he rigs another election at the age of 85 they clap, he chases refugees into their safety killing them and abusing international law they clap. The only common thing amongst them is that they clap at his every move.

      • Anything terrorists does you clap.They Bomb schools, markets, households, you clap. They cut off students arms to deny them education and inoculate idiocy you clap.They extort money to their traditional rulers you clap.That carry big titles Pr,Barrister,Doctor with empty coconut head unable to provide a single constructive opinion to change their community you clap.They use a Neighbouring country to kill those who can oppose any intellectual resistance to them you clap.The worse is Their brain is working only in the left side like yours.

        • And that’s what I’m talking about. The French slaves are either clapping for the dictator or attacking his critics. Let us go. Married no be by force. You cannot force us into your fake union. We will kill all your terorist soldiers on our land. Go back to your French plantation.

        • Africans For Donald trump

          The Ambazombies are not critics of Paul Biya. they are secessionist terrorists!
          The critics of Paul Biya are engaged in the Politicalprocess in Cameroon. They critics of Paul Biya are the opposition parties in Cameroon. If you want to criticise Paul Biya you should either form a political party or join one.

          You ambazombies terrorist are delusional, dumb and confused. You are a member of the delusional republic of ambazombies and not a member of The republic of Cameroon. we will not tolerate criticism of the government of the TRC from the DRA terrorists! TRC will smoke you terrorist out of your holes and annihilate yo all.

          Shumbus! sick siku tabe go see pepper!

  4. It was so clear from the get go the ambazombians delusional leadership was stupid enough to use Nigeria as a linchpin to attack Cameroon.
    What a blunder. What were they thinking.
    And they would like to carve Camerooon with that.
    I could have done better.
    Anyhow, this bul&$t will over soon.
    There will some skirmishes here and there but nothing substantial.
    Give up bunch of amateurs.

    • Once again the prophetic analysis of the great Manyaka76 bears out. Not long ago, I correctly intimated that if not for the timely intervention of the Chadians, Boko Haram would have re-constituted itself into an Islamic Caliphate within the boundaries of that ‘triangle of evil,’ (La Republic) courtesy her army of sissies, invincible only against unarmed civilians.
      Last week, a brave sister, armed with just a machete, disarmed before proceeding to decapitate three of the cowardly clowns.
      In corroboration with my thesis, LR has once again solicited the intervention of the Chadians in conjunction with the aid of the Boko Haram chaperon in Nigeria turn president.
      Needless to say, our intrepid and valorous foot soldiers, even in training, are proving to be a formidable force of reckoning.

      • @Manyaka76
        We know you are winning except this desparate cry means something different.
        You know what i always say? ” You can’t build on lies and false prolaganda” You decided to ignore the reality and up to date you are still getting it wrong. Only idiots decieve themselves. Don’t be one. We don’t need any armed conflict in our country and those who started must fight it to the end. All this blablabla through social media pulls deeper and deeper into sheet. If you thought separating a Country was as easy as drinking a free bottle of 33, then sir, you were sorry, it’s more than you and the rest of the Ambazonians.

        • Ambazonia Amba

          It is not because of the it is easy that that we are embarking on the restoring restoring our state of mind,, it is because it is hard. Over the past year we have shown our resolve and it is unshakeable. Ambazonia has risen to fall no whether buhari likes it it or not. This fight did not start today. Gorji dinka started a whisper it is now a crescendo. Meaning if all of us are killed our grand children will fight even harder. But we do not intend to leave it to them.

  5. FF,

    it’s a matter of financial interest and gratitude….without Biya, Boko would have been occupying Northern NGR by now. And any sane NGR president cannot let CMR down when it is our own turn to deal with fanatics that want to take “con short” to get to Buea. We’ll get to Buea on the table, not on the streets.

    Where else are u going to hide when you hit and run? Malabo?

    Try that ur nonsense in NGR territory again and c how swift u’ll be suffocated with dry chilli.

    Thanks Baba Buhuri, we’re looking forward 4 uniting NGR and CMR/Africa…

    Ba-lla is our hope, he needs to form a new team to lay down our claim for federation on the table. Biya cannot escape that one.

    However, Sisi should get live imprisonment, others can be set free on condition they keep their butts off our matters…

    • —2 uniting—

    • Remember you have the blood of a maquisard, that’s why you almost always want to hang yourself when people tell you the truth. Just several months ago, you wished Buhari had died when he was down, now kissing his ass. This is who you are and you will never own up to it. Fortunately that I called you out at that time and told you to be ashamed of yourself. The present revolution did not start in Nigeria, and by Nigerians. It will not be resolved in Nigeria and by Nigerians! Remind yourself of these words everyday! At the beginning you called Anglophones and applauded when they were picked up and thrown into jail. Balla was amongst them. When Balla went in you rejoiced, when he came out you rejoiced. That is why people call you coni man!

      • ..you called Anglophones terrorists…

        • Amba are terroists. Who in their right mind will be advocating for people to go juju houses in order to kill and bring death in their communities. You people think God is with you but your power is from the devil. Let these leaders be disgraced in public my humble prayers.

        • Our brothers from the NW and SW are not terrorists.
          The ambazombians are terrorists.
          Do not attempt to twist it.

        • Mbappe,

          Sure, not all anglophones are amba. I am 100% Anglo but I won’t wash my hands in blood. None of my family works for the government. You can imagine the stress on me but these guys are agents of Satan. I remember once a man from NW cut his brothers neck and people wanted to burn him alive, my dad said no, he will not participate in any killing and banish the guy and handed him to the police. I love my brothers Franco, we just need to fix our internal strife. Long live 10 states federal or decentralized system

        • @Firefighter

          please stop liar people one here

          no one call people who speaks English are terrorist here .

          But anyone who re member of ambasonia are terrorists , they should be killed or arrested.

          thank you Nigeria

        • Piggy bank,
          You have been in Ireland for an eternity, learn some English!

    • @zam-zam
      Absolut right. I don’t know when your brothers will get this correct. Nigeria did just what i was expecting with all the reasons you have given above. I don’t know how guys could Claim to be leaders and they don’t know simple understanding between states and above all neighbouring states.

      • Swedish buyam sellam,
        This crisis did not start in Nigeria, by Nigerians and it will not be resolved in Nigeria by Nigerians!

    • Hey bros, CMR bros, forget abt FF. His hate for his own kinds is going to do the work, he’ll slice his own throat with his own hands. That’s what hate does. Although I feel sorry 4 him, there’s nothing one can do to rescue his A.
      @FF, Baba Buhari has come down to his senses, and that is only possible when hate is not concerned, and yes I was angry with him when he was not able to see the apparent mess he was abt to embark upon. Only fools don’t step backward and think, and Baba took a step backward and thought twice.

      Maintain ur hate until it suffocates u, but think at least awhile who’ll take care of ur Chinko kiddies when you’ll slice ur own throat due to ur hate. Step over that amnesic ego for once and shine ur eyes. Once that it done, welcome to the WISDOM CLUB. The choice is yours…

      • Great, when I nail you, you will start harping going off the rails. Hate has not choked you who was happy when the Bird arrived the SW to kill the same Anglophones who took you in, how would it kill me? You openly wished for Buhari’s death and now he has come to his senses! Which man openly wishes for another’s death and accuses others of hate? I told you that as long as you want to brawl with me, I will defang you, you thought I was kidding.

    • Épée Dipanda

      You apparently do not understand our history Zam-Zam.
      We walked out of Enugu in the 1950s . It is possible you might be an Anglophone of la Republique extraction so you don’t understand these things. We cannot unite with Nigeria. We walked out peacefully almost 70 years ago.
      Now if you think Because Buhari has talked nonsense the struggle will stop you are a joker.
      Our marginalisation has not ended and therefore the battle or struggle too cannot end.
      As for marching to Buea on the negotiating table you make me laugh! Isn’t it your friend Biya who said la nature de l’État n’est pas a débattre? So which negotiation again?

      • What history? Do you mean colonial boundries or what? People are progressing through aliances and building bridges you are here talking about history. If history has to Play a role in your Argument, then an honest mind will talk about Cameroon before the coming of the coming of the French and British.
        Cameroon will never separate. Note that the majority of anglophones don’t share this stupid idea. Time will come when you will stop burning Schools , businesses and other institutions. Time will come when no weak minded anglophone will yield to your crude methods of intimidations. That will be the time that you the Ambazonians will know that you got it flat wrong and you can only success on reality and not fake.

      • My pal Épée,

        the latest rumour has it that Ayuk T has asked to meet Biya for dialogue. U’re making this stuff look as if we’re no longer CMRs, it is so weird the way you have forced your psychic to accept a virtual reality. Even assuming you use force to march to Buea, we’ll still have to sit down on the table to talk.

        The history you’re talking abt is what I told u the last time. Walking away from Enugu and joining East CMR was the best option, lest we’ll have all become 100% NGR, with no remnant of anything SC, nothing. SC would have been swallowed by NGR, and end of the STORY. This is the TRUTH. Stop behaving as if our forebears were fools?

        The only prob is simply that the terms of the Union was later truncated. Majority of Francos want to right that wrong.

        Where’s the wahala?…

        • Épée Dipanda

          There is neither Wahala no Garagara. I agree with you perfectly that our forebears were wise to march out of Enugu. However they were unwise to not resist La Republique’s I siduous attempts at frenchification. As soon as they detected the attempts in the 70s they should have resisted it with all the energy at their disposal including martial action if necessary. Now their descendants are having to bite that bullet.
          You will certainly agree with me that the way forward cannot be charted without recourse to Post 1914 history. This should serve as education for James on the matter of a German Cameroon to the exclusion of a British or French one, how ironic isn’t it?
          Anyway no one can truthfully say that Ambazonina interests would have been heard without Ayuk Tabe’s recent effort

  6. I only see two living corpses…not sure if they are fantomes but for sure they will be judged by God very soon.

  7. “Monguno urged the Cameroonian authorities to engage in constructive dialogue to de-escalate tensions in the anglophone regions ..”

    He did NOT advise Biya to

    1. sign a decree creating the Commission on Bilingualism
    2. to crush Southern Cameroonians on the battlefield

    He is aware that without an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue the Anglophone Question can NEVER be resolved.

    Since Biya does not want dialogue, he will be forced to resolve the Anglophone Question with the help of the military. Biya has the herculean task to crush 8 million Southern Cameroonians on the battlefield in order to force them to accept the Commission on Bilingualism as the solution to the Anglophone Question.

    J’aimerais vraiment pas être à sa place

    • @MVOMEKA

      we re not negotiate with terrorist

      thank you Nigeria

      • SC belongs to Southern Cameroonians. It is simply a question of time that all terrorists from LRC will be kicked out of SC.

        Biya has declared war. The war will resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all.

        Eritrea, South Sudan, East Timor succeeded. SC will also succeed.

        • SW belongs to SW and Cameroon not otherwise. The oil for all. Let the NW keep fighting, we are not part of them and SW will remain as it is.

        • Bakossi,

          don’t mind those selfish folks.

          What is imperative for CMR is to drive away the current system and rebuild a totally new CMR, and that totally new CMR would have no match in BLACK AFRICA. Our generation has been sacrificed, but no wahala, our children won’t be sacrificed.

          CMR is boon with both human and natural resources. Tomorrow that oil might be discovered elsewhere, NW/ WEST/EAST/SOUTH, all over. Not just oil, many other stuffs. Our soil is rich from Mora to Eyoumojock.

          Let us not be selfish, and think our current resources are finite.

          Once we’ll send this system to rest, CMR will stand back on its feet, and all hard-working regions shall enjoy the fruits of their labour. And richer regions would assist poorer region, and we shall move forward…

  8. It is always a joy when leaders of two countries toast and drink to each other’s negotiation, savvy and apparent success. But often that is just the beginning of unforeseen trouble and concerned citizens owe a duty to remember and alert them.
    George W. Bush and Co. invaded Afghanistan for the simple reason of destroying Osama Bin Laden the mastermind o the attack of NYC’s WTC. Sixteen years later Afghanistan war is still consuming American lives.

    After the USSR fell, America and Russia got Ukraine to give up nuclear arsenals – warheads and missiles. It was jubilation all over in 1994. But nobody gave a thought to all the employees of those facilities or the dismantled debris and leftovers. They found their way to and are today happily serving Kim Jong UN’s North Korea. Let us reflect

  9. Where is my comment?

    • Don’t worry; like my own posting, yours is probably undergoing 24 hours of incubation/moderation.

  10. Terrorists have no place in modern world no serious government can support terrorists. Anyone using bomb,burning schools,vandalising state symbols and stop others to perform their daily duty is a terrorist put it in the Amplitude you want.Foolish so called Anglo… lobbyists created the ongoing climate in Bda/Buea,thinking it was a joke nobody knew this will fuel sympathy of strong haters of the ruling party these towns are the hell for both communities today.

    • Pompidou Mensah

      You are a terrorist yourself because you one when you see one. French will never triumph over English Napoleon. Two bororomen got together and shot themselves in the foot. Two old, senile, sick and dying shithole under developers from primitive tribes, supported by foreign entities with their peoples national resources. How many PhDs from bororoland/Hausa/ bulu village/ewondo/bassa/ nordist. Igbo Ambazonia the best in Africa.

      • @Mensah You mean the Best Donkeys in Africa? when I said here that you were suffering from inferiority complex some here denied but the truth is there.You know how many Doctors, PR,Engineers, Barristers bla bla bla terrorists comprise “your Sect” still nothing good is coming from their communities how can you explain it ????

  11. Dead men in dead caves! These two terrorists are under the control of terminal diseases and their successors are all praying novenas so that they can make a quick exit into the scourge of belzebub! Soon sissiku will be free and Ambazonia will be made great again!

  12. Pompidou Mensah

    Jungle dogs responding against Ambazonia on this forum, that’s why they call you shitholes. If you think this is the end, you as dumb as they come. These two clowns are underdevelopers, they spend half their lives in foreign countries and hospitals, from inferior primitive tribes and supported by foreign powers to marginalise the intelligent tribes. IGBO and Ambazonians very intelligent, count their PhDs. Boroman of Nigeria and larepublique got together to produce a stupid plan, will backfire. Garang if S. Sudan fought for years, French will never conquer English. We will triumph, these two sick dogs will die soon. The world is with us. Bororoman tchiroma had to ask Boko Haram of Chad for help is sad and shows defeat.

  13. As a Nigerian lemme be candid. I saw several videos of your BIR on YouTube. I gotta say respect ! You do have a very formidable military. Make no mistake, Nigeria still has by far a larger military and better weapons..but the professionalism I see in your BIR really surprised me. Cameroon is a powerful state, get ride of your 82 year old leader so you can advance economically.

    • The BIRs are no match for our Amba Tigers, ADF and SoCaDeF. You traitor Nigerians can beef up the BIR like Chad is doing but we will liberate ourselves. Ambazonia is here to stay.

  14. Épée Dipanda

    Am a blood I think they know that Anglophones will not accept the nonsense any longer. As they say they are playing shakers before negotiation. Nfortunately the innocents are being sacrificed on the altar of strategy and Ego.
    Cameroon will never be the same and the clown who says he is called Oje is part of the Bulu/Beti clan pretending to be a Nigerian.
    No professional force burns old women alive in their house.
    We will never forget and justice must and will be served.
    Mark my words

    • @Épée idiocies as usual what were you thinking when you started bombing schools, markets and inoculate idiocy ? that the government will be looking passively without reacting ?we will kill all terrorists till they give up no serious government can stand by terrorists for one soldier murdered hundreds will be slaughtered use civilians as human shade it doesnt matter to show you that idiocy can be contagious.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Hahaha Colby, changing your screen name will not change anything. Tickle yourself and laugh, glorify your soldiers who are dying on the battlefield. Remember the battle is about hearts and minds not just bullets.
        When you would have brought the Tchadiens to kill Anglophones, we will see how you will collect the land. Forest dweller.

  15. SC belongs to SCnians.Let Buhari support Biya.That will still not help Biya to permanently silence SCnians.We will triumph.The land is ours.

  16. Like an old battery recharged, Cameroon’s once forgotten intellectuals are hard at work, brainstorming and expounding on international arrest warrants, their mechanisms of execution, the network of willing actors and more, leaving room for speculations that the cases of former Finance guy, Essimi Menye, now in the US and Dieudonne Ambassador Zang, formerly of Agriculture and Rural Development now in France, are still on course! Wow!!!!

    Meanwhile one cannot help wondering how the neat and well groomed Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and his equally neat compatriots are coping with daily routines of hygiene, shaving, ablution, change of clothing and more, given their relative isolation from family, friends, defence counsels, well wishers and others.

  17. First of all,by breaking international law and being an acomplice to the kidnap of our leaders,Buhari have directly dragged Nigeria into this conflict.He has the right to take his side,but being an acomplice to the kidnap of our leaders means Buhari has also drawn the battle line between Ambasonia and Nigeria.We will deal with both LRC and Nigeria.The details of that so called ”green tree accord” will be exposed.Time will tell.We must get rid of the occcupying force in our territory.

    • @ kongossa I really like your stubbornness real enemies of Cameroon are you people who have decided to deny education to the poor, farming to farmers, peace to communities that once were running their peaceful life,leaving them with nothing.Thank God many today acknowledged they were sleeping till terrorists meddled in their daily duty,that they were cheated and wish for their former life.

      • Épée Dipanda

        The real enemies are apologists of la Republique like you who were given a foothold in our country and now you want an embrace. You want to impose your music, your language, your legal system, your educational system, if we allow you to continue you will soon impose Mintumba and Bobolo upon us and God knows what else.
        Enough, we don’t like you again….leave our territory. Is that too much to ask?
        Remain with your “nice” culture in la Republique and be happy there. We will educate our own children

        • Really dull !!!

        • Africans For Donald trump

          Epee D..The delusional ambazombie terrorist

          There are no Cameroonians in your delusional republic of ambazombies. Cameroonians do not live in places that do not exist.
          So enjoy your delusional land with your fellow ambazombies.


  18. @Colby Ambasonia is our country.We call the shots.We decides how things should function in our country,including schools,farming e.t.c.

  19. From the beginning

    There hve bin people callx 4 separation way long be4 now & rightly so due to the stagnation politically economically and rampant open corruption perpetrated and applauded by the French dominated government. An Anglo-phone needs to fly to where a francophone walks to.The movement for separation gained grounds when an old technique of French police brutality ws perpetrated in 21st century and captured on camera & every English Cameroonian related to it coz ey bin Mal handled by the French in uniforms at least once in their life time, their acts ranged 4rm raping students, beating them with sticks breaking legs , cutting ears , rubbing them in mud & it was bizz as usual. I dnt c terrorist i c people who wnt liberty , freedom, true democracy and not gerontocracy , corruption and dictatorship

    • Épée Dipanda

      @From the beginning all this your accusations are happening in your head according to Colby and ZamZam.
      They didn’t really happen, you are just dreaming just like Ambazonia. In fact you are not a true Cameroonian (as if there was something to be gained from being Cameroonian).
      This is how sick they sound. I hope they see themselves in the picture I have painted for them.