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Nigeria releases Cameroon separatists who were previously reported ‘extradited’

africanews | Nigerian authorities have released two Cameroonian separatists who were detained by the police last week.

Five members of the Ambazonia separatist movement, a Cameroonian group seeking independence from the Francophone country, were detained at an Abuja police station last Wednesday.

Before then, they had been detained at a secret facility by Nigeria’s intelligence agencies.

The two that were released are among the 12 leaders of the group the Nigerian government arrested last month.They are John Ojong Okongho and Nsoh Nabowah Bih.

Local media reported that the separatists’ lawyer said they were granted bail on Monday on medical grounds.

“They were released on bail because they have medical challenges. According to the police, investigations have been concluded and handed over to the Inspector General’s office.

Abdul Oroh, who has been providing legal support for the detainees, also confirmed that three separatists are still in detention without trial.

“The two that were released are among the 12 leaders of the group the Nigerian government arrested last month.They are John Ojong Okongho and Nsoh Nabowah Bih,” Oroh said.

In January, Nigerian authorities detained and later extradited members of the separatist movement including their leader Julius Ayuk Tabe.

Cameroon receives separatist leader, 46 others deported from Nigeria
While the government of Cameroon proudly announced that it had received the deported separatists, Ayub’s lawyer has complained that he has not been able to see his client or any of the other people arrested and extradited with him.

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  1. So Issa Tchiroma was lying. What a country unbelievable.

  2. This answers one important question but raises another; if the arrests were based on a joint venture criminal activity, why separate the suspects into two groups?

    • And if leadership were really answerable to the people, how would such arrests, made under a dubious climate and maintained in absolute silence be explained, given its distressing consequences in recriminations, vengeful killings and so much else?

  3. Now it is evident LRC is a state ruled by lies, deceit and terror.

    Tchiroma claimed that all the SC Ministers arrested were repatriated. Today, we know that he lied.

    Dr. Ojong and Barrister Bih will expose more lies disseminated by the Junta.
    No wonder, LRC does not have the courage to show evidence of the presence of H.E: Ayuk Tabe and company in LRC. They might all still be in Nigeria

    “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.” Luke 8:17

    HBD Minister Barrister Bih

    • Thank God, I ignored all those apologists of the junta begging me to keep my promise to no longer contribute on this forum if all the leaders were repatriated to LRC.

      I have now been vindicated 100%.

      • Stay true to yourself! You are foresighted and a hero!

      • @MVOMEKA

        they are Nigerian citizen “Local media reported that the separatists’ lawyer said they were granted bail on Monday on medical grounds”.

        • How can New Geri’s grant bail to two people who were amongst the 47 extradited to Cameroon, maqui?

  4. Look at that ambazombian face.
    She belongs in knodengui

    • @Mbappe
      That face, as unappealing as it may be to you, is of God’s creation. As a matter of fact her freedom after all the darkness is the work of God.

      • @John Dinga

        GOD has nothing to do with her she s a terrorist , therefore no bail for her .

        no wander soon she will be married an Igbo man

      • @John
        Which God my brother? We believe so much in God but we have the greatest Problems on earth. It’s time to start thinking different. If there is God, then it means we have for decades worshipped him in the wrong way.

    • That is you dying to have that. Can’t get in her pants and she is too smart for yo ass…

      • @Ruicosta

        first you sounds so stupid , no one wants to get her pant only ” ambasonia member”

        she is been label terrorist ,such as she cant traveled out the country.

    • how does an AMBAZONIAN FACE LOOK LIKE?..
      Any smart, intelligent and peace loving cameroonian should aviod such comments..We should think well before making such comments..This lady did nothing wrong- she protested against a system, protested against inequality,marginalisation, rape, torture and brutality which is very common in our country today..To call her a terrorist is just stupid..Tchiroma said she had been deliverered to cameroon by Nigeria, but we see she is home- we should be ashame and dont instead insult her..We claim to have BIR, trained soldiers but you see untrained boys with slippers beating and killing them..Cameroon so call army has not been able to bring peace for over a year now- Take note and be realistic..Stop fooling yourself..

    • Épée Dipanda

      Jealousy go pay!
      See better Ambazonian Sisi.
      Chai God dey do better!

  5. Is that all you got Rdpc troll this gorgeous lady is more beautiful than your mom douche bag.please take your psychotic medications and get some rest piece of sh*t.

  6. Barrister Nalowa and Dr. Ojong,
    Please leave this Gulf of Guinea full of lawless African dictators.
    Go to Europe Meaning Germany, Norway, Finland, USA, South Africa etc
    Please tell us the truth of what really happened.
    We have governments who can’t for years now arrest Shekua Boko Haram operating freely in their territory but can arrest peacefully citizens who share a different political point of view.
    The waves of change are here, those without any progressive ideas are left offering only force, militarization, brutalization and torture!
    The people in West Cameroon know now more than ever that the government in Yaoundé has nothing progressive to offer them.

  7. We now understand one of the reasons why Issa t Bakary is sick, I invite every one to go back and watch the press conference given by Bakary on the transfer of Ayuk Tabe & co to LRC , he did not sound confident . The French man and their francophones offsprings were born liers and corrupt, watch them on Sunday debate in LRC telling lies and playing politics of the stomach . Abalanders rose never to fall

  8. Does this means that it is LRC that have been taking care of their feeding and changing of clothing while in the secret location in Naija? ha ha ha ha….And Issa Tchoronko proudly said they are in Yaounde…No doubt he has developed hipertension.How is he going to face the media and LRC’s citizens LIKE @Zam Zam,USA and Agbor Pinguiss,who believed in what their gov’t to them? what a shame and disgrace..This release is a hard punch that the Ambasobnians have just given them.No doubt all those LRC song birds in this forum have hibernated..ha ha ha ha..I understand.The puch is hard to take…

  9. Happy birth day Nalova.We miss u

    • Humm Kongosa, I love that smile—wouldn’t mind joining her in Manyu forest to fish her out tho.

      Too cute to die cos of some frustrated extremists…

      • @Zam-Zam

        no wander you wants her , sorry for her she s not an Nigeria citizen , she is a terrorist

  10. Nigeria should go ahead and do the right thing by releasing all the others. Enough damage has been done already and only such a prompt release can stem the bloodletting and reduce the toxic atmosphere that surrounds this meaningless kidnap.

    • Épée Dipanda

      These people must leave Nigeria and West Africa in General.
      Europe USA or RSA is safer because the judiciary would never allow what la Republique and Nigeria connived to do in complete violation of international law.
      And these same people are inviting foreign investors to come and invest in their countries?
      You don’t respect international law but you want international money to be brought to your country for investment?
      Who does that if they are not completely crazy?

      • @Epee
        Who respects international law? None of the above mentioned countries respects international law and what is important to them is their interest. They have much to gain from the Cameroon government than with a virtual Ambazonia State.
        They invest where they have something to gain and not for your interest or that of any stupid black African.

      • Épée Dipanda

        And what has South Africa gained from la Republique?
        In the past 30 years?
        Go find out the number of Anglophones who have contributed to develop these countries.
        This is a battle la Republique cannot win and the videos and pictures of the human rights violations are being processed. ICC awaits your God Biya and his stooges.

    • you re so stupid you need to read the article again before come here open your big mouth

  11. I feel proud of a woman standing up to fight inequality in Cameroon..What about TCHIROMA?..I thought he said all of them are in Yaounde?.To those of you abusing this woman- she is an intellectual- worked hard to achieve a good certificate- She is not like those fake people like ATANGA NJI, real thieves and most of the ministers and professors with bought and fake certificates..Did you hear how a professor explained to future youths the performance of the computer the NR 1 Thief MAn Biya borrowed money and bought?..With such explainations, he deserved KONDENGUI but again in such a lawless , mafia state like camroon where the yaounde GANGSTERS understand brutality as the only means of governing, thoise thieves and fake politicians are KINGS..

  12. Cameroon Government Better Hury to the Negotiation Table about Federalism and A Treaty of Union between French Cameroon and British Cameroon because no Marriage can last without a Marriage agreement ( Licence) !

  13. The lawyer said in an earlier post that they are Nigerians and that could be the reason why they were not sent to Cameroon. If they have been release then it should be on a deal. Let’s wait and see what role they will Play in the days ahead. Why were the idiots first of all Ministers in the virtual Ambazonia state despite the fact that they were Nigerians? Ambazonians Claim to be fighting for freedom but at the same making foreigners their Ministers. All goat heads.

  14. Gosh some of these guys are so stupid and need to go back to school that is if they ever attended school. Reading outrageous, ignorant and rather mundane comments from people like @bamendaboy and @mbappe, one is bound to wonder if they ever get to look at themselves before omitting trash from their mouths. Pathetic.

    • @Massa tori. You can only see and accept what @Ambablood is writing. He is a camel fker so far he knows their pima.
      Those Nigerians could not be rapatriated but there must be a reason for their release. If ambassissi boys can recruit Nigerians as ministers & fighters, why are they complaining that the GOC brought Chadian & French ( if true). I don’t know why Biya doesn’t deploy army there but gendarmes. Put me there & give me just one month & those terrorists will be history. Just to give US, France & China some some oil wells (for them to close their eyes) before bringing Israeli marcenaries alongside with @ least 10000 men without camera phones for cleansing. Biya knows nothing about war. There is a ticker & larger forest in centre south east, they are not the only ones knowing forest. Magic pass magic. that’s why the aryans could dominate us upon our so called ”odeshy”

      • I can see you have lost your cool in recent weeks as reality starts dawning on you! Did anyone stop you from bringing in Chadians to cut necks? You seem to be so proud of that, while at the same time crying rivers when gendarmes are killed. Because you are an African poor copy of a French man, you brag and want to have things both ways. If there’s a larger forest in the center, south and east regions, shouldn’t that be where you should be training to carry out another genocide on Bamilekes? Ask Chadians to meet you there, porcupine head!

        • You are so stupid for not having realized that when a gendarme is killed, I always say ”it’s war” & I pity you people when you jubilate without knowing how many terrorists have being killed so far. This crisis is also a blessing so far it helps in training our men. Whenever a terrorist is declared dead, you claim here that he was an inocent civilian or refugee.

        • You are so stupid for not having realized that when a gendarme is killed, I always say ”it’s war” & I pity you people when you jubilate without knowing how many terrorists have being killed so far. This crisis is also a blessing so far it helps in training our men. Whenever a terrorist is declared dead, you claim here that he was an inocent civilian or refugee.

  15. This further exposes the dark and wicked occultic kingdom ruling Cameroun.