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Nigerian Government Disobeys Court Order To Take Southern Cameroon Crisis Before UN

Sahara Reporters | A leader of the Ambazonia Separatist Movement, who preferred not to be named, has accused the Federal Government of Nigeria of disobeying the order of the Federal High Court in Abuja, directing it to institute a case for the Southern Cameroon, before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

According to the terms of the agreement entered by the Federal Government of Nigeria and some citizens of Southern Cameroon on behalf of the region, Nigeria’s government agreed to table before ICJ the issue of self-determination of the Anglophone region.

leader of the Ambazonia Separatist Movement, who preferred not to be named, has accused the Federal Government of Nigeria of disobeying the order of the Federal High Court in Abuja, directing it to institute a case for the Southern Cameroon, before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

According to the terms of the agreement entered by the Federal Government of Nigeria and some citizens of Southern Cameroon on behalf of the region, Nigeria’s government agreed to table before ICJ the issue of self-determination of the Anglophone region.

The agreement which was signed on March 5, 2002, stated that the “Federal Republic of Nigeria shall institute a case before the International Court of Justice concerning the following;

“Whether the union envisaged under the Southern Cameroon Plebiscite 1961 between La Republique Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroon legally took effect as contemplated by the relevant United Nations Resolutions, particularly United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1352 (XIV) of 16th October 1959 and United Nations Trusteeship Council Resolution 2013 (XXVIV) of 31st May 1960.

“Whether the termination by the government of the United Kingdom of its trusteeship over the southern Cameroon on 30th September 1961 without ensuring prior implementation of the Constitutional arrangement under which Southern Cameroon and La Republique Du Cameroon were to unite as one Federal State was not a breach of Articles 3 and 6 of the Trusteeship Agreement for the Territory of Cameroon under British Administration approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations 1th December 1946,

“Whether the people of Southern Cameroon are not entitled to self-determination within clearly defined territory from La Republique Du Cameroun

“Whether it is the Southern Cameroon and not Le Republique Du Cameroun that shares a maritime boundary with the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

The Separatist leader, reacting to the recent arrest of some Ambazonia leaders in Abuja also accused Nigeria’s government of being in complicity with Mr. Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon.

The Department of State Security (DSS) arrested ten separatist leaders from Southern Cameroon, on Friday, January 5, 2018.

The detained persons are executives of the interim government of Ambazonia- the name of a sovereign Southern Cameroon.

They were reportedly arrested at about 7:30 PM, from Nera Hotels, (Ekwueme Road), in Abuja Nigeria.

The separatist officials were meeting to galvanize support for Southern Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria but shortly after the meeting had started, officials of DSS barged into the hotel and whisked them away.

Mr. Wilfred Tassang, one of the men arrested by DSS operatives, was at the vanguard of early negotiations between the Southern Cameroon and the French government.

In an interview with SahaReporters in December of last year, he said the Biya government tried to assassinate him, at the peak of the dialogue with the trade union consortium.

“In the course of the strike action, the government created some ad-hoc committees to look into the grievances that had been tabled by the teachers union and the lawyers association. The work of the teachers’ union committee ended on January 13, 2018.

“Prior to that committee meeting, word leaked out to our communities that I had been targeted for elimination by the government. On the night of the 12th, bike riders in Bamenda- where I reside, came up to the governor’s office and escorted me home.

“The meeting on the 13th ended on a good note even though we had misgivings. The bike riders and some vehicles formed a convoy again to escort me home but they preceded me.

“Unknowing to them, an ambush had been laid on my path. And so the soldiers opened fire and killed three bike riders on the spot.”

Mr. John Mbah Akuroh- an exiled journalist and trade union leader, said internal sources within the Nigeria military rank say the leaders were picked up for carrying expired papers and not for political reasons.

He said; “The DSS was trying to find out if there is a link between the boys who were training and the interim government.”

However, the exiled journalist revealed that he was shocked by the claim of expired papers.

“There are three refugees among them that I know are registered and have Identity cards as refugees: Mr. Tassang Wilfred, Eyambe Elias and Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor. The others are permanent Nigerian residents working in some universities: ABU Zaria, AUN Yola and a university in Canaan land. “So, I am surprised to hear of expired papers.”

The other five detained Southern Cameroon leaders are; Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Prof. Awasum, Dr. Cornelius Kwanga and the separatist government’s president- Sisiku Ayuk Tabe.

Since nationalist leaders and the interim government called for Southern Cameroon to pour out into the streets in a declaration of the independence of Ambazonia from French Cameroon on the first of October 2017, over 20,000 people have fled into Nigeria to escape an unrelenting brutal crackdown on protesters and sympathizers.

Most of the fleeing families have crossed the border into Cross River state. Pockets of refugees have also fled into Akwa Ibom, Benue and Taraba states. The Director of the State Emergency Management Agency in Cross River, Mr. John Inaku said the state is overwhelmed by the refugees and a resolution needs to be reached soon.

“I intend to tell the world that the problem there in Cameroon has not subsided. Right away we have over 22,000 migrants from Cameroon that are in Nigeria. In other to curb a situation where we don’t allow it spill over to the issues of Yemen and all of that, I feel that the communities involved should move in internationally and regionally and see how they can solve the problem.”

In December 2017, Nigeria’s Vice President, Mr. Yemi Osinbajo received envoys from the Cameroonian government led by the country’s Minister for Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Mr. Rene Sadithe.

The Nigerian government at the time said the objective of the meeting was to boost diplomatic ties between the two nations.

However, reports have it that the meeting had a second agenda. The Biya regime needed Nigeria’s security forces to arrest 15 wanted trade union leaders. The French dominated government also sought to get Nigeria’s partnership in curtailing the activities of exiled Southern Cameroonian activists.

On the 2nd of the same month, Mr. Akuroh obtained intelligence from the Cameroonian government, alleging that the Nigerian government had given Biya’s forces the pass to chase refugees right into Nigeria.

The exact details of that permit occurred three days later. On December 5, 2017, a combined force of gendarmes and soldiers chased fleeing Anglophone Cameroonians across the Ekang border in Akampa local government area of Cross River state.

On December 14th, 2017, Nigeria’s ambassador to Cameroon, Mr. Lawan Abba Gashagar met with President Biya.

He said Nigeria was not in support of the secessionists but advocated for a speedy return to peace.

Recall that the violence began in December of 2016, when the Cameroonian government responded to protests against the imposition of French in schools and courts, with detentions, beatings and killings.

Trade union leaders in the English speaking regions of Southern Cameroon had halted the Northwest and Southwest regions of the country with sit-at-home strikes to press home their demands.

The Biya regime proscribed the consortium and declared all its leaders wanted. Several were arrested and many were forced into exile.

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  1. **** THE TRUTH IS BITTER ****

    “Atangana Nsoé, homme politique: «ces arrestations ne sont pas une solution aux revendications anglophones. Le mouvement va se poursuivre»”

    • The arrest of the IP and company is a blessing in disguise.

      The Government of Nigeria will be compelled to honour the 2002 ruling of Justice Roseline Ukeje of the Abuja Federal High Court. This suit pitted SCAPO and SCNC against the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      The High Court of Abuja ruled that the Nigerian government should honour its treaty obligations under the African Chatter on Human and People’s Rights, by taking up the case of the Southern Cameroons with the UN, ICJ and other relevant international agencies.

      Lawyers for the SC will remind the Government of Nigeria to respect the ruling of the Federal High be la Court of Abuja or be labelled a lawless country like LRC..


        Simply put, arresting any person or group of persons is immaterial to the sustainability of the legitimate revolution.

        Dr Balla and company were arrested by LRC. The revolution did NOT die but was intensified. New leaders appeared and the rest is history.

        The arrest of the IP et al. will NEVER EVER stop the momentum. New leaders will be chosen from the 8 million Southern Cameroonians and the struggle will be intensified. The new leaders might even be more radical than the IP.

        ” Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know pro”

        Dr Balla was arrested and a radical leader replaced him.

        The IP has now been arrested. A more radical leader might appear.

        LRC should therefore stop chasing shadows.

        • It’s Monday, don’t you have a job? Do something with your life rather than commenting nonsense, abeg. Scnc will soon be declared terrorist organization by the US and UN and that will be the end of it. Please don’t waste your time here waiting for article to comment.

        • Take it easy Sir !!!

          I will soon beg Dictator Paul Adolf Hitler Biya to sign a decree and give me a job at his so-called Commission on Bilingualism

        • Vaoicomputers

          “Southern Cameroonians FOLLOW THE REVOLUTION AND NOT PERSONS”
          Unfortunately,the thugs in Yaounde are still to get it right.The arrest may slow down the momentum for re-evaluation and selection of a new leader only to pick up steam like a truck going up hill.

        • While detractors celebrate interference on Ambazonia’s journey to freedom they fail to see that these obstacles highlight the plight of a people under oppression and invites positive attention required to achieve sovereignty.

          Today, neither the LRC nor the Nigerian government accepts esponsibility for the “arrests” of IG officials because there is no justification under law. However,naysayers and LRCers remain blind to this obvious fact.

          The bottom line is that we are dealing with an explosive scandal of international proportions whose blast radius and accompanying impact will contribute to Ambazonia’s liberation. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Lumumba, and others did not live to see their objectives achieved; Ambazonia’s freedom fighters will not be spared from this fate. Freedom!

        • You are very correct. The citizens of LRC and Biya seem not to understand that arresting the leaders will NEVER resolve the Anglophone Question. They are instead making the arrested leaders more popular and opening the window of opportunity to radicals.
          Dr. Balla is a moderate. He was arrested thereby opening the door to radicals. Now that these radicals have been arrested, SUPER radicals , such as Dr. Akwanga and Dr. Ayaba might take over. They will build a giant wall along the mungo to separate SC from LRC. ZERO ACCESS to Ndian oil.
          This is no science fiction but the reality.
          The citizens of LRC should continue to thank Biya for masterminding, aiding and abetting the arrest of the IP. The next leader might be a SUPER RADICA because Southern Cameroonians are now very wounded


  2. Augustine Agbor

    This is absolutely a waste of ink and time in writing this nonsense. Sovereign States do not enter into agreement with individuals regarding issues bordering on national integrity and sovereignty. Hence, the government of Nigeria cannot enter into any agreement with the so-called Virtual Republic of Ambazonia.

    • @ Agbor. Thank you sir. Teach them. These people don’t understand international law and world order. Let them keep on dreaming about their Ambazonia republic.

  3. Vaoicomputers

    This is a movie script that will not end well with the gansters and thugs in Yaounde

  4. @Augustine Agbor U are very naive.Logic should tell u that SC is still a quasi federal autonomous region under Nigeria,since,there is no act of Union between LRC and SC.The SC pre-reunification gov’t have been restored.So,Nigeria as a state, has an obligation to take the SC case to the ICJ.Or,they will not be able to control the refugee crisis in Nigeria.As we will be staging our attacks from Nigeria.

    • Sorry SC ceased being a quasi autonomous region under Nigeria the day they voted to join LRC. That’s the bitter truth. I would love an independent SC but truth and facts must not be confused with logic and emotions.

  5. Korup forest

    You better let the big guys fight this war. I warned the family of my wife NOT to participate in anything concerning this Ambazonia. But as usual they think they are more clever and don’t listen. Result, my brother in law has been arrested in Kumba and is in jail now. What will he gain from it? Nothing, he is not a politician. All those big guys push people to participate while themselves are not in Cameroon. But I know how those things go. People go to drink something in a bar and start feeling big men. When one says he will participate at a manifestation the rest just follows like sheep. People should learn to use their brains. But no, they put the rest of the family in problems with their behavior.

    • How did you get a brother in law when you were beating your chest on this forum you will never marry your girlfriend? Your quacking noise is a typical confession of the Franco-Belgian clandestine thieves exploiting Africa. No doubt the Germans ran over your BENELUX enclave in just 2 weeks and you fold your arms and wait for the Americans to come and liberate your sorry arses and restore Belgium. What a pity Europe’s weeping boy people who have never fought a war trying to lecture brave Ambazonians.

      • Korup Forest

        Why are crying for help from the United Nations and other organisations you idiot? Your brave Ambazonians can not win without the help of others? So first look at yourself before you judge others. Are you fighting an army as the one the Germans had in the WW? I don’t think so. Don’t compare things that are not comparable. And who told you I will never marry? I will never pay a bride price that’s for sure as I don’t buy my wife. Humans are not for sale. You sell goods and animals, not a family member. We are 2018!

  6. Some day, God willing, Cameroonians will learn to ask the right questions and seek correct answers instead of pouring out their half-baked ideas to the reading public. The country deserves better than simple platitudes at these difficult times.
    #1. President Biya’s end of year speech amply regretted the loss of life of compatriots (defense and security forces) in violence perpetrated by secessionists. Nothing was mentioned about the widely publicized rape, torture, maiming, killing of unarmed civilians by the very forces as seen all over the world on social media! Why would the president take sides with one category of citizens against another in his “one and indivisible” nirvana?

    #2. Instead of a presidential decree, why not teach bilingualism by example in making the end of year speech?

  7. @Sawapikin I pity u.Voted to join LRC or not,LRC has no legaL claims on the Ambasonian territory.Put that into your head.

  8. Words have their meaning and stand for something. Is Biya a president or a dictator?
    The Nigerian gov`t, must keep a cool head and handle this with maturity.
    To allow it`s self to be influenced or pushed around by yaounde or whoever is not
    the right thing to happen at this time and stage.
    Ambazonians, are merely protesting and not fighting anyone. Period. This in it`s self,
    doesn`t guarantee or merit what has happened so far from lrc or Nigeria.
    We are watching keenly and thinking too.
    Nigeria, do not add insult to the already mess we are passing through.
    Is this the fallout from the commonwealth`s Patricia Scotland`s visit? Gutteres, is yet
    to hear about it. How our leaders do their thing.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Joshua the terrorist who called for Atanga Nji’s house to be set on fire!

      You called for war!
      You have repeatedly stated on this forum that this is a war!
      You cannot claim that “ambazombis are merely protesting and not fighting anyone” now.
      Ayaba cho of the ambazombi defense forces is not protesting, he is fighting the republic of Cameroon.
      ambazombis have been killing police and gendarmes in cameroon and calling it asymetrical warfare.
      So when did the fighitng stop and the protesting begin? ambazombis celebrate when police are killed, when schools are burnt down and when they amputate the arms of young girls!

      You can watch think all you want. The unknown gunmen who abducted sickseku the coward terrorist conman and his cohorts do not care whether you watch or think.

  9. Nigeria better be warned of the ramifications/consequences given that Southern Cameroons has more than 4 million Nigerian citizens in its territory doing profitable businesses and sending profits to Nigeria–Enugu, Calabar, Abakilika etc