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Nigerian govt detains more Southern Cameroonian separatists

PREMIUM TIMES | Five alleged members of the Ambazonia separatist movement, a Cameroonian group seeking independence from the Francophone country, are currently being detained at an Abuja Police station.

A PREMIUM TIMES reporter was on Wednesday not allowed to speak with the detainees when he visited the Asokoro Police station where they are being held.

According to Abdul Oroh, who has been providing legal support for the detainees, ”two out of the five in custody are among the 12 leaders of the group the Nigerian government arrested last month.”

Leader of the separatists, Julius Ayuk Tabe and 11 others who reportedly gathered at Nera Hotels Abuja on January 6 to discuss the influx of thousands of Cameroonian asylum seekers to Nigeria following protests in October were arrested and detained by Nigerian security for about a month. About 39 other Ambasonian separatist leaders were detained in Taraba.

Dozens of those arrested were handed over to Cameroon authorities by the Nigerian government.

Cameroonian authorities confirmed they received some of the activists and vowed to prosecute them.

According to Mr. Abdul, there was uncertainty over the number of the separatists deported and the ones still in custody because the Nigerian government failed to announce the deportation which is being celebrated by Cameroonian authorities as a major victory in a clampdown on Mr. Tabe and other leaders of the self-proclaimed Ambasonia state in English-speaking parts of Cameroon.

“Only 10 out of the 12 arrested on January 6 were deported. The remaining two resisted the deportation insisting that they are of Nigerian nationality. They are John Ojong Okongho and Nsoh Nabowah Bih and they are among the five people currently being detained,” Mr. Oroh said.

He said the other three, Winifred Augustine, ThankGod Genesis and Nasiru Bah, ”were picked up randomly.”

“The five of them were brought to the police headquarters yesterday in a military vehicle with handcuffs and leg chains before they were later taken to the Asokoro Police station.

“They granted us access to them, we interrogated them. The interesting thing they said is that they are convinced that they were arrested by Cameroonian soldiers”, Mr. Abdul said.

“There is need to know whether Cameroonians can come to Nigeria, arrest people and keep them at the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) custody only to later pick them in a Cameroonian military air craft and take them to Cameroon.

“I don’t know the agreement we had with them (Cameroon) but I don’t think this is reasonable. This issue should be investigated thoroughly. The SSS are not involved, (for) the police, this is the first time they are hearing about the case.

“If this people have a problem with their government and they came to Nigeria to take refuge, we should protect them or hand them over to the UN high commission on refugee”, he added.

Jimoh Moshood, police spokesperson, did not answer or return text messages sent to his phone on Wednesday.

The unrest in Cameroon began in November 2016, when English-speaking teachers and lawyers in the North-west and South-west regions took to the streets, calling for reforms and greater autonomy.

They said they were ‘frustrated’ with the dominance of the French language in official matters and ‘marginalisation’ of Cameroon’s Anglophone population.

The protests were followed by a harsh government crackdown, as well as internet shut-downs and arrests.

In October 2017, the secessionist group declared the independence of the so-called Anglophone “state” of Ambazonia. International rights groups say that between 20 and 40 people were killed in clashes since late September.

According to Amnesty International, at least 500 people were detained in the aftermath of the announcement.

The UNHCR, the UN refugee agency reported that it has registered over 7,000 Cameroonians from the Anglophone regions, who have fled the unrest in the country to Nigeria.

Nigerian activists and lawyers such as Femi Falana and Jiti Ogunye have condemned the treatment by Nigerian government of the Cameroonian separatists.

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  1. What is the meaning of ALL? LRC was in celebration that all the those arrested in Nigeria had been handed to Cameroon, LRC and FARANCOPHONE WILL always speak before thinking , So Issa T Bakary lied.

  2. Minister Barrister Bih and Minister Dr. Ojong who were abducted with Ayuk Tabe will tell the whole wide world the truth of what happened on the 5th of January 2018.
    One thing is crystal clear: at least two SC Ministers who were arrested with Ayuk Tabe were NEVER extradited to LRC. The putschist Issa Tchiroma lied to his LRC citizens.

    The hereinabove SC Ministers will soon be released in NIGERIA. They will act as catalyst on the liberation movement. The momentum will be intensified. Many more LRC terrorists will return to their countries in body bags.


    • … to their country…..

    • @Mvomeka
      Winners don’t lament. Let the fight continue but the unfortunately you can never take active part. They will Keep on photo shoping Pictures to convince idiots to continue contributing Money for them to fill their pockets. What about the flag that was hoisted? bla bla bla .Ambzonia my head.

  3. I will advise the two SC Ministers to write a book about what really happened on that faithful day. This will help expose the lawlessness of Nigeria and LRC to world and help increase the momentum of the struggle.

    Biya recently claimed that “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;”. Today, we know that he was simply day dreaming because the situation has moved from bad to worse.


    Biya has created a so-called military region in Bamenda.
    If the situation had “stabilized” he would have sent his Commission on bilingualism to SC to teach french so that the people could understand the language on the monolingual currency

    • Everyone in the world knows what happened, BUT NO ONE GIVES A _____. Writing books wouldn’t change anything. US gov’t already spoke about it, and they only asked for Cameroon gov’t to treat the prisoners well.

      Again, you fools are so naive to think that world politics is about right and wrong. It is ALL ABOUT INTEREST, and for the moment the world has interest dealing with Cameroon. Cameroon stability is important for peace and security in the whole subregion do you UNDERSTAND? No one gives a fuck if Cameroon govt kill u all. You don’t count in there eyes, just like Tutsi is Rwanda didn’t count to them.
      With all the PHDs that Ambazozo gov’t officials had, once would think they would know about this. I’m starting to think you deserves the name BAMENDA, which means DUMB.

  4. CAN any one help me with the meaning of ALL? I also learn there was an American Citizen with Ayuk T what has become of him?
    Watch out for LRC expert (Francophones) for their know all analysis . THE PROPAGANDA machine will be on air very soon all over LRC WITH lies lies lies

    the only way BIYA, LRC & France can stop AMBAZONIANS is to kill all AMBA-LANDERS on earth or assigned an officer to every Single Ambaozonian on ground ZERO to monitor them.

  5. I have said it.And i am still going to say it.All those twelve Ambasonian gov’t authorities kidnapped are still in Nigeria, under some kind of house arrest impose on them by the Nigerian gov’t by Biya’s dictatorship.
    Issa Tchoronko lied to the LRC citizens who have been celebrating their fake extradition.

  6. Let the struggle intensify. LRC, has once again been caught pants down.
    All factions to this struggle, should unite like never before. There is green
    light around the corner. Let`s fund this struggle like never before and fight
    like Spartans.
    I used to blame my people for not using their God given powers in this struggle.
    Now, is the good time to show your worth, my people. Sweep all those election
    mongers with thunder and lightning. As for the decreed military base, this should
    be their waterloo. LRC, thinks that it has succeeded since it stationed troops in
    Mamfe. Whether it is Anglos or whoever that is sent there, as long as the mission
    is to kill Ambalanders, we welcome that move. Seeing they say, is believing.
    My only regret, is that biya will not see the end game.

  7. bla bla bla monkeys

    • Do you feel disappointed? Since you are much younger, you will see
      the end game to tell biya no more.

  8. HAs it changed anything?
    It is kind of naiv to think that Nigeria can help LRC ..Its an internal problem that need internal solutions..
    Its about marginalisation..Its about Segregation..Its about inequality and injustice..
    These main issues have opened the eyes of many people and today we want long lasting solutions..
    Gone are the days when BAMENDA was a synonym of Primitive and backwardness..
    Gone are the days when people from the NWP and SWP were called Anglos and seen as backward..
    Today we see that these people have taken to the streets, have decided to fight for these vices and bring big changes in the country..
    I am proud of the youths of the NWP and SWP…You have shown us we need resistance to achieve your objectives…..

    • Biko,
      Your awakening is recommendable! I’m glad you have now come to terms with the fact that nothing is given, but taken. I did not want to insist on reminding you of this fact in the past, because I did not want to whip up strong emotions in you.

    • “Gone are the days when Bamenda …backwardness” @Biko people like you are the one who fueled this mindset.

  9. an ambazonien who has become Nigerian, how cowardly and to say that many of the so-called Ambazonians will not appreciate this remark, I simply say that he lacks conviction and if they suffer martyrs like our nationalists

  10. Buhari , the Fulani pidgin machine has completely smired himself and his already not very reputable country in feaces. His behavior now is that of insurmountable guilt. After completely making a fool of himself, he went after three women few days ago. Their hands and feet were chained and taken to the Police station for being in Nigeria without visas. These are the people he is desperately struggling to present to the world as terrorists. His interior minister was secretly in Cameroon, so something had to be done to show that He Buhari merits the bags of money he badly needs for his reelection. Blatant human trafficking for financial gains!

    • Does President Buhari want to run for office? To prove what?

    • So Buhari is now the one going after women?

      How different are you?

      You were told here that NGR cannot sacrifice her relationship with LRC. Besides, your leader was sold by one of you. NGR secret service agents are no magicians to have known about that meeting in Abuja.

      You’ll kill your diabolic mov’t with ur own hands due to greed, tribalism, money-eye, selling out…

      • When somebody mockingly asked you to look for a pays ngo for me, did I complain whether she was a woman or not? Why are you weeping uncontrollably when she’s put in her place? Learn to give blows and receive some in return. Who sold the three women Buhari arrested two days ago? You killed Cameroon with greed and people like Yves Michel Fotso are living proofs of your legendary greed and thievery. How did Boko Haram move from Nigeria to Amadou Ali’s house , since you French slaves are not sell outs? Senior military officers were dismissed from the army for selling food and embezzling money that was contributed for the upkeep of soldiers. Are some money eyes better than others? I told you that I walk all over you anytime, any day! Weti you fit do empty head small maquisard?

        • Why is ur mov’t losing momentum? Simple! Ur fight is not 4 Anglos but 4 ur own greedy selves. Ur internal battles have just begun, and they’ll supersede intestinal ones soon cos of tribalism and wickedness. Are ur leaders different from the Alis & the Mvondos?

          Anyway, it is good that way cos Anglos back home are starting 2 c clearly the trap that ur mov’t has set. Namely, sell Anglos illusions that u’re messiahs, meanwhile u cannot prove 2 any dog that u’re no different from what u preach. U’re even worse than Etoudi.

          Instead of looking at the mirror, u want 2 shift the blame elsewhere. As usual.

          Eske na Buhari send wuna mek wuna go chakara wuna kontri 4 no nating? Then hide wuna own pickin dem 4 upside?

          Ma fight witi Bikutsi yi own na 4 BLACK RACE. We go defend even u 4 wa fight…

        • You’re begging for debate with me, and you think you can come in through other people? It won’t work! When it was your time against La Republique you scampered to Bamenda like the bring dog you are. Why didn’t you apply those great ideas at that time? You ran and expect us today to take advice and ideas from you? You are insignificant and keep in mind you are a product of our largesse. We were there in you moment need, during your tribulations, but do you know how you paid us back? You were one of the first to be ecstatic about soldiers arriving the SW to kill your benefactors. You are naturally a shameless man and it is your guilt that pushes you into uncontrolled tantrums and mudslinging. What has you spying brought you that you are out in Germany since the 90s? Small maquisards!

        • …like the ngong dog you are…

        • See dis one !

          I refused to endorse ur mov’t from day one, not cos I am not Anglo but simply cos I have got pan-Africanism in me ever since my college days. Although I understand where u’re coming from, however, I cannot take sides in a thing that I know very well that it would benefit no BLACK MAN but OYIBO. This is the same reason why you hate Bikutsi. Despite the fact that she has proven to u beyond every doubt that she’s for the BLACK RACE, you still try ur best to tag her as Bulu, by implication Beti, cos u’re afraid 2 use that word. As if she’s isn’t a proud one.

          Don’t take it personal pls, NO pan-Africanist can support the division of any African country through violence. Not even Dr Fomunyoh.

          Count US out in ur folly cos we know exactly how it is going to END.

          Kigali no more…

        • This is really shameful! What has Bikutsi got to do with you and me? First, you are a French slave and no one asked for your opinion about the date of southern Cameroonians. Why are you giving unsolicited opinions. Who asked you where you stood or who you supported? Why are you telling me your history, i’m Neither Bami nor French slave? A beg grab dey! You will sleep well today, because you have used Bikutsi’s name to have an exchange with me! Who solicited an endorsement from you and why can a refugee think any one would have his time? You want to pretend to be fighting in order to keep signing off our tax payers’ money. When nobody engages you, you are mad because you’re under pressure to show results. Spy my foot! Poor ting dey out for 20 years. Na which Cameroon you di tok about?

        • That ur old trick of tagging pple who beat some sense in ur oblong heads as being hired is obsolete. Try something else.

          All pple who had some sympathy for ur mov’t have deserted you cos they never knew you were all murderers, who’re ready to use any means possible to get closer to the cake.

          Wuna go for see queen, yi drive wuna liké market dog. Wuna try Etas, dem so-so drive wuna liké dorti birds. Common wealth, no way. UN, mbrrrr. Common wealth try sorry wuna small, but dem send cherie for CMR for go see wehti di happen on the spot. Sef yi c sey wuna be just frustrated BUSH pipol wey dem just want spoil their Kontri 4 no nating.

          As 4 Buhari, yi no be Oyibo wey black man di cry then fool yi. Yi kick wuna trong nyash out, quick-quick.

          Lick ya wounds, sofri-sofri, massa…

        • Zam-Zam
          I beg you spare us the pretence. Which part of panafricanism says you should exploit resources from a location and leave the place under developed?
          Which part of panafrican values says you should destroy powercam for Sonel and end up with load shedding all over Ambazonia?
          The union with la Republique has failed. It was a disaster and Endeleys warned us but we did not listen.
          I curse the day we joined these people.
          Stop trying to confuse people it will not work. You and Bikutsi don’t know the first thing about Panafricanism.

        • Name refugee,
          Nobody takes you for anything on this forum. You and your people were whipped by La Republique and you ran like a dog. When you will finish explaining what happened and why you ended up being a refugee, then people will listen to you. A maquisard has no lessons to give anyone! You are an embodiment of terror, keep that in mind!

        • Bami refugee

  11. “Wuna go for see queen, yi drive wuna liké market dog. Wuna try Etas, dem so-so drive wuna liké dorti birds. Common wealth, no way. UN, mbrrrr. Common wealth try sorry wuna small, but dem send cherie for CMR for go see wehti di happen on the spot. Sef yi c sey wuna be just frustrated BUSH pipol wey dem just want spoil their Kontri 4 no nating.

    As 4 Buhari, yi no be Oyibo wey black man di cry then fool yi. Yi kick wuna trong nyash out, quick-quick.”


    • So after your jokes and laughter the Anglophone problem is solved? Or are we still standing on la nature de l’état n’est pas a débattre?
      We mus learn that our writings may be available for the education of our contemporaries and posterity.
      Would your children be proud of you as a parent reading what you have written? How does that help your community?
      Dignity, integrity…words which have become a pale shadow of themselves in la Republique

      • Épée,

        when all those diatribes about Bami, Beti, Buyam Sellam, pig, French slaves, maquizards…are scattered all over the place like snow flakes, I guess that must be a good subject matter for children’s education…

        • Zam-Zam
          If you haven’t noticed yet let me say this for posterity I do not approve of insults as they do not take us to Buea any faster. Besides why condemn a man for something he can do nothing about? You do not determine the country or tribe you are born in but you certainly can choose to become a Swiss Citizen or Resident and still have the temerity to try to rule over land you stole.
          At the end of the day truth reigns, supreme.
          History will record that when and women were asked to stand and be counted many were called to the table of men, some gave their lives others their sweat and others still their time behind keyboards.
          Ambazonia will be free

        • Zam-Zam
          If you haven’t noticed yet let me say this for posterity I do not approve of insults as they do not take us to Buea any faster.
          When people jump into the gutter I may chose to follow them for the purpose of sarcasm.
          In any case why condemn a man for something he can do nothing about? You do not determine the country or tribe you are born in but you certainly can choose to become a Swiss Citizen or Resident and still have the temerity to try to rule over land you stole.
          At the end of the day truth reigns, supreme.
          History will record that when and women were asked to stand and be counted many were called to the table of men, some gave their lives others their sweat and others still their time behind keyboards.
          Ambazonia will be free

      • @ ED

        Spare us the self-righteousness. I am an Afrikan. I will never be part of anything that promotes hatred.

        I am sure your propagandist thought the people of the NW and SW were stupid to fall for their bombastic promises.

        Cameroon like any neo-colonial entity has a lot of problems. But you will not solve it with HATE.

        Africans have learned from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Biafra, Congo and Rwanda not to fall for the diatribes of your like.

        Your hatefulness will be downfall. You are no different from the mafia that is destroying that country.

        • @Brothajoe
          Your attempt to spell Africa with a “K” is so ignorant it is laughable. You apparently think a German spelling is better than an English one. So much for your Panafricanism.
          I have challenged you to add parts of Tchad and CAR to your grand Kamerun which you consistently try to imprison Ambazonia in…I surmise you will find that a hard nut to crack.

        • ED,

          I am an Afrikan. A proud Cameroonian of English expression. Tchad and CAR are independent states.

          Sorry bro, i do not enough enough hours in a day to waste my time on imaginary nations.

          There is no nut to crack. Your leaders are seeing hot pepper somewhere in the capital of Cameroon. They will pay a hefty price for encouraging terrorism.

          Your soldiers in the forests of kwakwa are waiting for you to join them. Bep..bep…bep…

          Popol go show wuna leader dem something.

    • Epic! @ Zam Zam is a real poete! Hihihi.

      ZZ, Faut arreter de dépenser ton energie pour expliquer et essayer de sortir certaines personnes de l’obscurité.
      A part le tribalisme et la haine, notre frere là n’a rien d’autre à contribuer.
      Je n’ai jamais rien lu de positiv venant de lui dans ce forum. Tellement il est amer.
      Ca prendra du temps, mais il nous donnera raison un jour.

      • Kikikiki, Bikut!

        Bi à yem ki ma! Ma yi woo mot nalà, lol.

        Noo, qd on les laisse ils croient tjrs kils ont raison sur tous.

        Au lieu de convaincre avk la force de l’argument, non. Ils préfèrent plutôt utiliser tous noms d’oiseux pr intimider les adultes.

        Et ils sont tellement convaincus kon est contre eux juska, alors kon essaie seulement d’élargir le débat afin kons puissent ensembles voir s’il n’y a pas des choses ou sujets ki nécessitent peut-être d’être revisiter, voir mm plusieurs fois avant de faire une transition vers l’extrémisme.

        On dirait kils ne savent que dalle sur les conséquences de l’extrémisme gratuit…

        • —kon puisse—

        • These are useful thoughts Zam-Zam
          Your friend Biku will be ignored for now. So let’s see the débat which you so want to élargir. Which one is it? The federation which your zombie president will not discuss? Or am I missing something?
          Personally I think West Cameroonians have lost decades of development in joining Larepublique and I think they gained nothing. Now any sane Southern Cameroonian would invest in getting their nation back, it’s common sense and if negotiations won’t work then it’s time for whatever works

  12. And you Epee, what is your contribution to your community? is to hide behind your computer and encourage the murder of teachers who advocate for the return of children to school? Biya kills those who oppose him, the Ambazombians do the same so what is the difference?? Et tu te prends pour un sage. Il y a que des petits villageois complexes qui prendrons ce blabla de langue au serieux, parce que tous les camerounais font face au meme dictateur. Un vrai africain optera pour l unite par pour une division que lui meme ne puisse expliquer. Les petits broussards qui traversent la mer et deviennent subito des savants, des experts. Massa moufff me there !!!Pima!!

    • Umm Pays,
      I am very satisfied with my contribution to the struggle. For example amongst other things:
      1-I advised young people to leave the country in protest several years ago. Those who followed my advice are alive today and are not caught up in the drama.
      2- I advised that all who could afford to boycott the illegitimate government of la Republique
      3- of course it would only be natural that other people accross the world choose to sanction the rulers of la Republique in every way possible including international travel bans etc. and that will soon happen if the dialogue is not initiated. It would be nice to see Biya deprived of his beloved Geneve for once.
      And quit asking me to disclose what I have done for my community, that question is meant for coU tries which protect their own