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Nigerian man Killed by wife and her apprentice boyfriend in Cameroon

The Nigerian Voice | Cameroon-based Nigerian man identified as Ugochukwu Okeke a.k.a Alino, has allegedly been killed by his wife, Chinenye Adaeze Okeke, and her apprentice boyfriend in the African country.

Multiple online reports reveal that the deceased met his untimely death during an argument with his wife over her sexual affairs with one of his apprentices under his roof. Late Alino hailed from Ndimgbu while the wife is from Mbanagu, both in Anambra State.

It was gathered that Chinenye and the said boyfriend joined hands to beat Alino to death. They then wrapped his body and put it in a car trunk for disposal, but luck ran against them and they were apprehended.

The suspects are now cooling their feet in a police station in Yaunde.

Alino was the only son of his mother popularly known as Madam Holy Holy. The couple had 5 children together.

On Saturday, Nnewi Youth in their numbers stormed the home of the wife in Mabanagu, to burn down her father’s house. The angry youths ransacked the house and took the pictures of Chinenye and mourn her alive around the town. ( Tori )

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  1. the wife must be a christian!this is what happens when people drop their tradition for alien idiologies to the point of believing in fictive words like love.marraige in africa has always been a union between two families or villages.so much so that when there is a problem,both families sit dawn to settle the issue without ever thinking about divorce.not to talk of killing?today in many african cities invaded by christianity preaching ignorance.we see families tearing apart because the wife in most casses,has been brainwashed by idiots called pastors to the point their husbands become the immaginary devil planted in their minds.if the husband does not want to submit to (wereh ngang),jesus, in oder to escape hell fire now closer to three coner ntarikon.the wife must escape marraige quick.

    • Point of correction young man, Christianity is not an Ideology but a reality and true Christians are not Murderers, hope you take that seriously

      • Thanks sir, for a very timely reminder to a person so absorbed in peroration as to lose touch with reality. Africa, like the rest of humanity, must move forward rather than backward in time. And it is disingenuous to cherry pick which aspects of Western culture to condemn and which to shamelessly embrace in silence.

        • John what’s wrong with choosing the good and leaving the rest out? it’s all or nothing ,something that most people may not agree with.

      • if we allow facts to speak,then we can say that the reality of christianity is slavery,loothing,muder and cannibalism.at least those who made you the object called christian,commited this crimes and assumed all ,in the name of christianity.if your ancestor was not assulted and his arms choped off for refusing christianity.you would never know anything like that.just like the young MASSAI BOY born and brought up SIRINGETTI where reverence to ancestors is natural spirituality.or if your ancestors arms were choped off by labou muslims for refusing (wereh ngang meh labou),mohamed,then islam will be your reality today.just like christianity.just like an animal born in captivity is sure that it is not in captivity because it is the only thing it knows.so is an african christian or muslim.

    • Mbanga Achu ,God is never mocked and what you are sowing by defaming the name of the most high God you shall reap it in this life unless you repent.

    • You’re a big hypocrite Bah Acho. I say no more.

  2. forget about children,after all if wereh ngang can turn one loaf of bred to one million bowls of EH-NANG TARI feeding millions.why can he not take care of children from marraige with an un biliver like (bereh wereh neng) ,followers of lies called god say?today,it is almost impossible for an african who succeeded in escape christian and islamic ignorance to find a compatible partner because of the extreme contamination and transformation of our masses to unthinking humans by islamic and christian poison.i advice those who listern to me to put their future partner to serious reading to help them liberate their minds before marraige.if its not possible,forget.

    • Hahahaha! Bah! You go kill here!! But I deny that part say woman no dey! I believe say any woman fit change if you work her waist well. Just saying…

  3. you are absolutely that women can change,but men also.in this case, the dosage of medecine in terms of books to be red is immense.

    • That is true! But it is best to marry a girl that value herself than those whom open up faster than peanuts. Who knows how many farmers have already worked on the plot.

  4. Oh my God, not ALINO not him my God. I have tears in my eyes and I am speechless. Alino you were yet a man full of life oh my God I remember that I was your tenant for 2 years in yaounde and we became more than brothers why it is to him that this happened lord? my pain is immensely my wife whom you called very often (little lady) and I am speechless. rest in peace Alino

  5. THIERS THIERRY,,,,with all the power, the so called lord has, even seeing into the future.he did absolutely nothing to stop this tragedy.either he is inexistent or his followers are suffering from hallucination?

    • No one can help your case. If you think Africa had no such beliefs prior to this form of religion then you are totally lost in delusion and ignorance

    • @Bah Acho
      You miss the point or you lack a fundamental understanding of the bible. God gave man a mind so man should be the master of himself and author of his decisions. If God was to babysit men through their existence man would not have been equipped with the greatest symbolic processor; the mind. Your state now, is the output of your past processes.