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Nigerian woman detained for housing Ambazonians in Nigeria

Journal du Cameroun | The Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria is set to hear a suit on March 2, filed by Mrs Augustine Winifred, challenging her arrest and detention by authorities.

Winifred, a Taraba State indigene was arrested for allegedly accomodating Cameroonian refugees, her lawyer Femi Falana says.

Falana hopes the court declares her detention at the police head quarters in Abuja illegal and free her immediately.

The human rights lawyer will also be seeking to an order to force the Nigerian police to release four Naturalised Nigerias from Cameroon who are Dr John Ojong Okongho, Nsoh Nabowah Bih, ThankGod Genesis and Nasiru Bah.

The four were transferred to the police while 47 other persons arrested were handed over to Cameroonian authorities where they have been held incommunicado.

The court will also be hearing same day another suit filed by Falana challenging the deportation of the 47 Cameroonian accused of secession.

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  1. this is the reason why we can conclude that african brains are not diffrent of the one of monkey.there is nothing to negotiate.even though they are naturalised nigerians they are still guilty for destabilising Cameroon.As a citizens of Nigeria they suppose to live peacefuly in Nigeriaand not to attack a sovereign country.So mister barrister stop bringing yourself down.

  2. At least, Falana a Nigerian, is fighting for us. Where are our 33 export barristers?
    Isn`t there a lawyer or Barrister in the Nera Hotel abducted group? Did the loud
    speaker, not tell us they are in their keeping? What else do you want for a case,
    noise makers of society?

    • @Joshua
      Falana is simply working his Money. This Deportation was supported by the international communittee. You know what i mean. That is why non of the big guys said anything against. Falani has no case to present anywhere.

  3. Not even one person alive with a cell phone camera recorded this arrest.

  4. When they arrested Ambazonian leaders and did their trade by barter, they did not want to inform anyone, now they are strangely trigger-happy to announce the detention of three more women for over staying their visas, why? How many Nigerians live in Southern Cameroons without visas, and when has Nigeria sought for their arrest and forceful return?

    • Stop bleating slow learner no serious country can offer shelter to terrorists nowadays.

      • France is offering shelter to Ambassa Zang and also did same to Essimi Menye. Remember they have international arrest warrants on their heads. Desert rat!

        • the President of Sudan has an international arrest warrant but was not arrested in South Africa. Are you Aware about this?

    • @ Firefighter

      we all know you re a terrorist ” Firefighter”

  5. What a comedy! How can a lawyer defend criminals who think there are negroe Anglo Saxons? The Nigeria n authorities did the right thing. As a sovereign country, they will not let Nigeria become the backyard of intellectual terrorists. Believe me or not. It will never happen.

    • Na o so so,

      abeg gee me some Etub-Anyang yi “Snow country” mutumbu witi da ya guitar.

      Lef da Britons dem…

      • Fools, did your godfather mighty Nigeria, not shelter
        Charles Tylor from Liberia, little tchiroma and pa maigari from LRC?.
        Remember who they are?

        • @Joshua
          What do you mean by shelter? Where is he today? You still need to understand how the world operates today.
          It was a deal and when the time came, he was asked to escape to Cameroon knowing that he will not succeed.

  6. Nigeria surely has her internal squabbles to cope with – tribalism, regionalism, illiteracy etc. Only in Nigeria can a president’s hands be tied in matters involving the repeated abductions of schools girls by Boko Haram, the open daylight slaughter of southern Christians in the Moslem north, the congestion of highway traffic and airport landing strips by cattle breeders and their cattle, etc.

    But should that give us the right to turn a blind eye to our own internal mess? Does traditional lore not remind us of the three fingers pointing back at us each time the index juts impetuously forward? Does Arab wisdom not caution against a camel making fun of the humpback of another of its kind?