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Nine parties to fight for 70 Senatorial seats

Journal du Cameroun | Nine political parties in Cameroon have indicated their interest in running the race for the Senatorial elections, slated for March 25.

The nine parties which include; the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP), Social Democratic Front (SDF), Cameroon Democratic Union (CDU), Union of the Socialist Movement (UMS), National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ANDP), National Salvation Front of Cameroon (NSFC), Union for Democracy and Progress (UDP), and Union of the People’s of Cameroon (UPC), all submitted their lists to Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), beating the body’s February 22 deadline.

According to Elections Cameroon, only the CPDM and the UNDP are eligible to contest in the ten regions of the country. Meanwhile, the SDF will contest in six regions which are the Adamawa, Centre, East, West, North West and South West regions. UPC submitted nomination papers for five regions; Adamawa, Centre, Littoral, North and South West regions. The ANDP selected four regions to run the Senatorial race come March 25, 2018 which include, Littoral, Far North, South and South West.

UDC decided to battle in two regions; Littoral and West. The UDP submitted a list for the North West region alone and UMS will vie only in the West region. NSFC on her part submitted a single list for the North region.

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  2. This is a reflection of how the presidentials will be. You can see the njangi parties,
    that will ally with the chop people dem money party already.
    Osih, just wants to be seen and that is not good for anybody, just himself. And
    like others before him, he will later be bundled and kept aside to become a noice
    maker and singer who will continue the part played by Mr. Ndi – ie. promoting
    Mr. biya`s fame and blocking the progress of others and the country.
    Well, he too will become a business man like his mentor, who will to some
    extent, use him as middleman to biya.

    • Fru Ndi is gone can’t you control your graffi hate for him and concentrate on your Ndian brother inside the pot soup smal quack ? Fcuk you

      • is this forum to be abusing people? The administrator should do his job. People should make comments and observations and abuse others. When would Cameroonians–west/east learn not to be considered _______?

      • Sad, you think Fru Ndi is gone. For your info, he is still sdf.

  3. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    The Nigerian government has released two Southern Cameroonian Ministers, Dr. Ojong and Barrister Nalova Bih. These two were amongst the 12 Ambazonian leaders abducted in Nera Hotel on January 5th, 2018.

    I will be contacting them soonest to propose the writing of a buch abut what happened to them on that faithful day. I have already found a publisher in Germany who is prepared to publish the work pro bono.


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