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Nnamdi Kanu to ecape through Cameroon

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who is hiding, was alleged to have been planning to escape from Nigeria through the Cameroonian border. This was according to Arewa Youths Consultative Forum.

The organisation said intelligence reports at its disposal had revealed that the pro-Biafran activist was on his way to the Cameroon borders where he could easily escape from Nigeria.

Kanu and top leaders of IPOB were said to have gone into hiding following the declaration on Friday by the Nigerian Army that IPOB and other pro-Biafran groups were terrorist organisations.

The President of AYCF, Mallam Shettima Yerima, in an interview with Punch, Hon Sunday in Jos, said, “We are aware that he is scheming to find a way of escape through Cameroonian borders, which is easier for him to move and run back to where he belongs.

“He is on his way looking for how to run to Cameroon and that we are aware from our intelligence reports.”

Fellow Press (press release)

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  1. Hmm, why is he running?

    It is just not possible to cut a country into 2 in modern time—our land belongs to multi-nationals. Only them can help you cut a country into 2. Their investment before all…

    • Zam Zam,
      In our exchange last week, you claimed some are you are the wise ones of this forum who want unity. Question, does your wisdom begin and end where people should not have a say about their country because it belongs to multinationals? Why have you been preaching unity between Francophones and anglophones knowing fully well the country doesn’t even belong to them? Over to you!

      • @

        when I spend time taking to you about a system and not a people that is against you, what do you understand by that?…

        • Yeah, you talk to me about a system that is against us and this system is run by multinationals as you claim. My simple question to you is knowing how impossible is it for us to do anything and how helpless we are in front of multinationals why do you preach unity against such omniscient forces? Why are you proudly reminding us that we shouldn’t talk because our country belong to multinationals? Do you mean that if we join multinationals, then you will no longer have a problem with the country being divided into two?

        • @

          you have fashioned your brain to believing that your number one enemy is your Franco brother, that is why anything pertaining to unity makes you go gaga.

          I can see how you’re struggling to force words out of my mouth, but know that this thing can never be won through violence.

          Those propping the status quo are a 100000 X more violent than you.

          A legit struggle would soon be termed as a terrorist organisation in CMR too, cos you guys are not prepared to listen. This clearly proves that you are not out there to free our pple. We all know what you’re all after tho.

          Why is Nnamdi Kanu running? I thought Biafra belonged to his ancestors?…

        • Zammy,

          We preach civil disobedience and not violence. We ask people to stay home and facilitate school boycotts and ghost towns. How is that violence? Ever heard of giving a dog a bad name to kill it? That’s what LRC has been struggling to do till this day but their biggest disappointment is still that we have no arms. Tell me how Sacred Heart could be torched while 300 BIRs parade the campus? They even have a dormitory there. LRC has planted fake bombs, amputated arms and torched schools to get the green light in committing another lake Nyos. And you as someone who have lived in Abakwa unlike the weed popping junkie @ Ras Tuge who have never set foot on that soil know all this yet the hypocrisy in you will deny it. They will fail because the people have decided enough is enough.

      • @Fire,

        don’t let that word multinational scare you—the queen you went to meet the other day is another name for multinational. Talk less of UN.

        I also told you elsewhere that if you have the fire power to fight the said system with violence, don’t start that war without me.

        All what I am summarizing is what many including Ras and Bikutsi have been struggling to make you guys understand how it works. But can you listen? You’ll rather prefer to engage in tribe-based innuendos and suspect pple speaking out the truth than reading and understanding what is being said.

        Do you believe somebody who belongs to the CPDM can hide in this forum I know?…

        • Zam Zam,
          You are getting unnecessarily emotional. There’s nothing mentioned about francophone brother above. You yourself say there’s just no way a country can be broken up because it belongs to multinationals and you even defined these
          Multinationals. The question remains, has the relationship between anglophones and francophones be held together by multinationals and if so, what suddenly happened that the two groups are at each other’s throat without the permission of the said multinationals? When I went to see the Queen as you claim, to help me break up the country, you were mad at me, today you are telling me only the Queen or UN can break up the country. See how the rambling you excel in has completely caught up with you! This unforced error shows your true colors!

        • Fire,

          you still do not see the irony in going to meet someone, who is part of our problem to solve our problem? You can even go and meet France, and think they are different from your much cherished queen.

          Our problem can only be solved in CMR, AFR, and nowhere else. Pple like Ayah and Co, are better placed to assess the situation on the ground and negotiate. Unlike some of us, who’ve been out for many years.

          The earlier you guys crawl out of your holes and come to light, none is ever going to take you serious…

        • Zam Zam was Madiba not branded a terrorist? and did he not succeed?
          Who else engages in tribe-based innuendos than Ras Tuge?

        • @New Day,

          was Madiba fighting to exterminate his own blk pple, or even SA-Indians?

          Do you know that Indians were even fiercer than some of our own blk bros in that fight for liberation?

          Tribe-based overtones would bring us nowhere, some of us have made it very clear here, more than 5 yrs ago…

        • Zam Zam,
          You are clearly confused! You don’t want us to go meet some one who is part of our problem, but you the same man tells us we can’t do anything without that person. At least listen to yourself before rambling endlessly. Our problem can only be solved in Cameroon! That is completely different from what you said that our fate is in the hands of multinationals! You are out of touch and that is clear for everyone to see. We cannot keep quiet because you and your friends have resources to exploit!

        • @Fire,

          I am following Ayah Paul on YT, there’s a new interview there…go learn some wise man stuff there and spare us your Bamilike/Franco phobia.

          You said the other day that I was Dschang, I named you a Dschang man who erected a statue of Foncha under the heat in D’la. Were he like you he would be erecting statues of heroes from the Western Region. But no, he went in for Foncha.

          I know you would soon be reminding me that Foncha was a Ntongtou man. As if André Blaise Essama is still at that your petty tribe level…

    • Just because one funny written article said he has s running does not mean that he is actually running. Videos on Facebook actually shows him wth his entourage going through Nigerian armies untouched.

    • @Attorney,

      has Ras Tuge not been crying here every single day that little traps are being set by system, yet we’ll keep on falling into them?

      Why are those bombs not exploding in SW?

      We all saw that video here in Limbe, where a child of abt 14 was being molested simply cos he had had enough of staying at home. Those who were molesting that little boy bore no resemblance to LRC.

      I am glad some of you’re now seeing the negatives some of us have been trying all this while to print in our dark rooms so you can see them on photo-paper.

      The next plan is to tag a whole legit fight as a terrorist fight. And you guys have fed Etoudi with the necessary ingredients it takes to do so…

      • Respect, Lion… and keep up the good work! It is so easy to deal with folks that are so predictable like these elements from the NW. In the past, they had the luxury of numbers and they lorded over people that had no sound leadership. In this era, the SW has been blessed to have folks like me.

        Munzu has spoken… the SW people know what direction to take… even Ayah Paul has openly declared his vision which falls in line with the vision of the SW.

        • AG 1 min ago at 22:33
          Bakossi Youths Forms Defence Force, Promise to use Bakossi Mystics.

          A new Defense Force has Emerged, Kupe Muanenguba Defense Force (KMDF) headed by one General Ekane Njume of the Bakossi Land from the twin Lakes of Kipe-M’guba county. General Ekane Njume recently issued a communique warning all SDOs, DOs in Bakossi Land to leave immediately or get it hot from the Bakossi mystics, He also warned all Bakossi sons and daughters serving in La République military to leave immediately.

          We the Bakossi youths are calling on our brothers in LA Republique military to be ready to come back home by all means after we will declare Bakossi war against LA Republique. As for the SDO and DO and LA Republique solders in our land, Kupe Muanenguba will soon be too hot for you. The earl

  2. Who are you trying to please here with information whose source is from the Muslim extremists Arewa Youth? Hahaha, just wondering aloud.

    • @EPI
      Do you think it is easy to fight a government? All governments in the world are using the word “Terrorist” to fight anything that is against their will. The same word is currently being used by the government of Myanmar to trash the Rohingya resistance moevement. Villages burnt, more than a thousand death, hundreds of thoousand on the run. Do you know what the un said ? Human right abuse. Bro it’s not easy to fight a government. Nnamdi Kanu and his Group can’t withstand the force of the Nigerian government. Fighting for deprived is legitimate but the path or Approach must be carefully identified. Hope you don’t have plans? Saying this because you consider the source not credible.

      • @ James, I don’t know whose comment you read before replying under my post. My comment was about the source of this news.
        I was wondering how can someone consider the Arewa youths to be a reliable source of information about Igbo people in Nigeria? When just recently the Arewa youths have shown it openly to the world how much they hate the Igbo people by issuing quit notice for all Igbo in the Northern part of Nigeria to leave.

  3. What is the essence of this article on here if not to poke the eyes of Ambazonians? Let me remind all the enemies of political advancement that Biafra case is nothing compared to West Cameroon. They have never been a country with a legitimate prime minister, house of Assembly, House of Chiefs and did hit join Nigeria by a plebiscite whose terms have been obfuscated. I dare anyone to prove the contrary against West Cameroon in a legitimate court of law.

  4. Don’t mind all this franco supremacists [email protected] Zam,@Ras Tuge and the rest to think that they can use this article to manipulate SCnians.May be i should remind them that CMR was not created by Cameroonians but by Europeans.When SC wants to talk about their nationalists,they talk of Foncha,Endeley e.t.c,while LRC’s nationalists are UM Nyobe,Ernest Ouandjie,Ahidjo e.t.c. So,how can this franco supremacists claim that we are one country when we have different nationalists who were fighting almost at the same time to govern their respective territories?SC have been a state before, with a legitimate PM and gov’t.All Nigerians will tell u today of same nationalists,like Nnamdi Azikiwe .Though indigenous people have a right to self determination,Biafra has never been a state before.

    • Kongosa,

      Ras has killed his time here explaining to you that if you try war you would be exterminated like rats, why?

      Is it cos he hates you?

      Do you know how much our same France has invested in Biafra region?…

      • Your people the Bamilekes knew war was so bad, why did they try it against the same people and lessons do you want to give us about war? Why did your people not exhibit the knowledge you now pretend to possess?

        • Yeah, Fire…once something is being said, rather than reflecting on it you at once make recourse to your normal tribe-based innuendos.

          This no matter of NASA-knowledge, but strategy ! And you have none, just empty noise here and there.

          Even assuming those multinationals want to be with you there is just no way they can do so. With whom are they going to strike deals when all of you are behind curtains while enjoying the warmth of family life?

          You scare even all those who’ll want to be with you.

          Thank Chineke that all those back home now know you guys…

        • The son and grandson of Bamilekes, whose kin and kith rose up against the French is allowing hypocrisy to get the better of him! Who would have thought!

        • @Fire,

          let us assume that I am the grandson of Bamilekes ! How does that help you in your genocide quest?

          You’re simply confirming what all CMRs, home and abroad, are now thinking about you guys in the WEST that are sponsoring arm-amputations in NW—you’re in for a covert genocide. Nothing to do with a genuine Anglo struggle.

          The longing for mass graves, filled with Francos, happens to be your be-all and end-all.

          But no panic, such a scenario would only happen in your virtual world…

        • Zam Zam,
          The fact that you are a grandson of Bamilekes helps in exposing your hypocrisy. It is your kin and kith who were victims of genocide. The last time I checked we did not take part in this genocide. Genocide is never covert hypocritical one! You are used to being an emotional wreck, calling your compatriots cowards, so you can throw around the word genocide all you like! You are a victim of genocide, but not in our hands. You want to whip empty rhetoric about anglophones killing francophones, but everyone here knows who you are. How many francophones have lost their lives so far in this 12 months time span? You see how we completely expose who you are? You think some one like you who has been hiding amongst us can scare us?

  5. …… can we also be informed on what is happening in Togo? a member of Francafrique. Are we afraid to transmit a coffee disease to cocoa? Time will tell.

  6. @Zam-Zam U have no lessons to give us about the white man and their united nations. And don’t waste your time threatening us about war,becos as far as i am concern,that threat is not working.Advicing us to abandon our struggle becos our country is owned by ”multinationals” is also not working.We are in the 11th month of this crisis,and your Yaounde regime have still not been able to come out with solution and the matter has reached the table of the united nations.If i where u,i would channel my energy more,on advicing the regime how to come out of the crisis,instead of advicing SCnians to leave their struggle becos their country is owned by ”multinationals”.11 months and still counting,the cup is either half full or half empty.Over to u Mr lecturer of white man and their UN.

    • i tell u what is zam zam trying to say it makes no scense

    • Zam-Zam can teach you how to write in English! You are a mess that will never learn… and here you are struggling to discuss politics with a brother that is clearly more educated than you! Zam-Zam is definitely not on your level, my friend.

      ‘ADVISING US…’; your Yaounde regime HAS stil not…’; ‘ADVISING the regime’; ‘ADVISING SCians’… Boy, get yourself together and learn. Your head is so strong, as we used to say. Leave politics and mingle with primary school pupils!

  7. @Zam- Zam..Trying to discredit our leaders is also not working.Biya,who is also your leader is enjoying family life.It is other children’s parents in the name of military that are dying in SW and NW,struggling to defend his regime.If u have never known about conflicts,let me school u.Leaders always enjoy family life while their supporters are the ones who pay the heavy prices.When Gbagbo and Alasane Quatarra were fighting in 2010,it was Gbagbo and Alasane Quatarra’s supporters that died not them.HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe has the right to enjoy family life same as Biya is enjoying while their supporters pay the price.It is not new.So,trying to discredit our leaders in order to shy away from giving a lasting solution to the anglophone problem is not working.11 months and counting.We need solution

  8. Zam Zam,

    We need to number these things for u to understand them.
    1. As a son of Bamilekes who took up arms against French neocolonialism, you have no lessons to give us about unity.
    2. You were telling Ras Tuge that you would have loved to see him tone down his ngraffiland stale singsong but that you are for it because they are stubborn. This is not how you pay back people who took you in when the French raped you and your ancestors.
    3. It’s just because you are neck deep in the statuesquo , you whose ancestors fought against the French and their derivatives wouldn’t be trigger-happy to inform those who are continuing the same fight that Cameroon belongs to multinationals.
    4. Were your ancestors fighting the wrong fight against the French?

  9. The paradox of political transposition! Yesterday, the Biafra fled to Cameroon for sanctuary… and recently, the Ambazombies fled to Nigeria for refuge… and then again, the Biafra are about to start fleeing to Cameroon for refuge! I wonder what the Nigerian brother who claimed that Nigeria is God’s chosen land would say about this miracle!

    • Bakossi Youths Forms Defence Force, Promise to use Bakossi Mystics.

      A new Defense Force has Emerged, Kupe Muanenguba Defense Force (KMDF) headed by one General Ekane Njume of the Bakossi Land from the twin Lakes of Kipe-M’guba county. General Ekane Njume recently issued a communique warning all SDOs, DOs in Bakossi Land to leave immediately or get it hot from the Bakossi mystics, He also warned all Bakossi sons and daughters serving in La République military to leave immediately.

      We the Bakossi youths are calling on our brothers in LA Republique military to be ready to come back home by all means after we will declare Bakossi war against LA Republique. As for the SDO and DO and LA Republique solders in our land, Kupe Muanenguba will soon be too hot for you. The earlier you leave the

      • O yea, we are mystic people, and that’s why we are the warriors of the nation. As for the content of your message… total nonsense!

  10. @Ras Tuge Ha ha ha ha…I thought u can debate politics? it is clear that what u now want to debate on is english language,not politics…..ha ha ha..U can no longer debate politics with me..U have seen nothing yet…11 months and counting.We need a lasting solution. Over to u Mr. English language teacher.

    • I can’t debate politics with you. I am your teacher. Thus, engaging in any type of debate with you will be a total abomination.

      • Ras Tuge,
        You grew up wearing Nigerian diapers, slippers, and you name them. Why? Because there’s nobody in your hometown who can make a single toothpick. You were giving an example of Late BB as one of the great sons of the SW, but you would not be proud of him if Nigeria did not mould him. In the 70s, 80s, Cameroonian sex workers from the N and SW set up shop in Nigeria and sent remittances to prop up families back home. Man ,don’t disgrace yourself with childish comparisons! Those who asked Chad to deliver them from Boko Haram should not go on a patriotic rant! If you want to cherry pick what you like about Nigeria, it’s up to you, but at least I will keep knocking the facts into your clouded brains!

        • @Fire,

          do you know how many times CMR has given a helping hand to Chad to help her solve her own military probs?

          I know you’ll never forgive Chad for helping us in averting the massacring of CMRs/NGRs by some fanatics, who share many in common with you.

          You thought Boko would do your job, but no way.

          I now know who you’re. You think China is very far, no be so?

          Even in anonymity you still don’t have the guts to stick to a screen name, and with that you wonder why some pple can never take your branch of SCNC serious…

        • Zam Zam,
          How does the number of times Cameroon gave help to Chad cancel the fact that Chad saved Cameroon against Boko Haram? You and your parents who hid amongst us like chicken will not be allowed to infest us from within. It’s good you acknowledge Chad’s help, The Nigerians you have been ridiculing can now know you are not always strong as you want to claim. Chad helped Cameroon, Cameroon helped Nigeria, and Nigeria has been helping Cameroon for decades as I pointed out. Anglophones are doing their job, so feel free to stand on our way and see! We are not you Bamilekes, who were raped aller retour, you know it. You are hard placed to insert yourself between us and those who raped you and are raping our girls on our streets.

        • I give you the allowance to ascribe any moves and identity to me. I don’t represent any country on the internet, so feel free to cast your net as wide as possible. My screen name, place of dwelling, have no impact on the asskicking I’m giving you.

        • Hey Fruitcake,

          Which comment are you responding to? Why are you seeking for notice and making a fool of yourself? Stop torturing yourself! You despise your own blood lineage, the Bamileke… and then you keep on fantasizing about some fictional ties with people of the SW! No, tribal-hating criminal, we don’t want to see you in our midst… Go and make peace with your own bloodline!

        • Hey weed puffer, you see, that small refugee should be embarrassed because as expected you want to use divide and conquer to extract political capital from his barking at us. He’ wants to play the francophone game because we took him and his parents in, but we are smarter than he thinks and will put him in his place. The great NW that makes sure you have food to eat in your backyard can stand on its own. I told you that already! How is that Bakossi alliance with the Doualas going druggy friend? Any French slaves who want to infest us from within will be dealt with head on!

        • @Fire,

          you can run but you cannot hide. Your plumage can never change its colour—even if you apply paint on it—you’ll still be fished out.

          I was hoping by now that the excessive consumption of Tofu and/or canine flesh in China would have healed and killed that Bami/Franco phobia in you—once and for all. Alas, the spirit of those be*asts must take their toll on you.

          Pimento has now become tomato—we’ll soon turn fire into ashes, and fighter into road runner.

          @Ras, I have got his medicine—will never fall short of administering him a well-dosed shot of his own medicine too, tho.

          Give him to me, pls…

        • Zam Zam,
          All you scare tactics have fallen flat. You are noted for self-congratulation and futile attempts to shame others, but you hate being pick on. I know you are mad as hell, so rant about tofu and animals all you want, but you know the red line. When you try to get nasty with me, you always know the punch that awaits you. People of your ilk can never influence some of us with words. I’d advise you stand on your own like a man, instead of hanging onto Ras Tuge every time or quoting him. That Bami cowardice is becoming unbearable now! If we arebterrorists, you are a small Bami chicken and we can easily withdraw your refugee status!