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No court can solve Anglophone crisis-Mancho Bibixy

Journal du Cameroun | In one of his last statements before he is sentenced, the coffin revolution leader stressed that the solution to the Anglophone crisis is political that judicial and no court can solve problem.

Mancho Bibixy told the court on Thursday after the judge Col. Abega Mbezoa Eko Eko adjourned the case to Friday August 25 at 4pm for sentencing.

This decision was arrived at after the defense counsel pleaded for the court to mitigate their clients’ sentences after they were found guilty of various charges.

However, Mancho Bibixy told the court it won’t make any difference sentencing them because the situation on the ground will either remain the same or escalate.

They have been behind bars for over a year but it has stopped people protesting nor has it stopped the continuous arrest of anglophones and all the other incidents that have been taking place in the two English-speaking regions, Mancho Bibixy told the court.

He therefore called on the judge to use her conscience before passing any judgement to avoid escalting the already dire situation on the ground.

Mancho Bibixy was adding weight to what the other accused had previously told the court as they followed the footsteps of their lawyers to plead with the judge to tamper justice with mercy.

That was the case with Tsi Conrad, who pleaded for a lesser sentence as he told the court he has never been a terrorist as it is accusing him to be. His love for Cameroon can be demonstrated through his organisation which has trained many young Cameroonians have have integrated into the society.

Their lawyers also pleaded on a human and criminal stance for mitigating circumstances as they prayed the court to take into consideration the social status of the accused as well as their past criminal records before passing any judgement.

According to Maitre Claude Assira, the accused have a clean criminal record and have never been previously convicted for any such crimes thus their fines and sentence need to be lenient. The defense counsel also prayed the court to take into consideration their various social standings with some of them having families while others are still students. Any harsh decision might compromise their future for years to come, the defense counsel said.

It is now left to see if the judge will give an ear to such arguments come Friday at 4.00pm.

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  1. Epée Dipanda

    I don’t expect much from this court.
    The court is unjust. They are alleged to have committed crimes in Anglophone Cameroon and their trial is hundreds of kilometers away from the scene of the alleged crime. This cannot be right. These men are prisoners of conscience. Jailing them will make them heroes and elevate their cult status even more. Larepublique appears to be cursed. They never get anything right….to the glory of God who appears himself to be bent on the freedom of Ambazonia

    • International law prohibits trying civilians in military courts when civil courts are still functional. The government of Cameroon is in gross violation of this law. Therefore the legal validity of these cases are worth less than dust.

  2. Political scapegoats. The several adjournments, tell it all: `my hands are tied behind`, please.

  3. It won’t come as a surprise if Mancho’s case ends like Justice Ayah Paul Abine’s – a presidential decree halting it all and sending him home. I am almost always wrong. I may be wrong here as well.
    Such an end will be good and bad at the same time. Considering the drop in barometric reading this will cause, one can rejoice about it. But then again, it makes a mockery of courts and judges as play things in the hands of the human elevated to deity in Cameroon.

  4. When you threaten a US ambassador you need a bigger nuclear bomb that works. When you have the state department against you and an ambassador is recalled it is just a matter of time. Biya has been publicly accused of targeted killings. Stupid ministers go to make it worse. I never advocate for US medeling but at this point it is either Biya steps down or gets dragged to the Hague. You do no threaten a US ambassador in a Trump Era.

  5. These guys has not committed any crime the one who embezzled public funs are still in the are still in the street of Yaounde these are inocent nation builder’s who are jail for no reason but one thing is sure truth is truth there is nothing you can do with truth.
    Yes the situation has not change Cameroon has not remained the so called one and INDIVISABLE the different is clear even the blind can see the entire world know now that there are two Cameroons
    God punish the regime in LRC

  6. Big heart Mancho, the situation has gotten worst. You won’t believe the situation in your hometown when you come back. As I write, the terrorists just torched the Fon Palace in Oshie, have burnt Njikwa, Ngie and on their way to Widikum. We will resist till the last man standing. We live free or we all die.

  7. The history of SC will be considered as incomplete if the pivotal role of Mancho in this GENUINE struggle was omitted.
    Mancho is a hero and role model


  8. Dear Col. Abega Mbezoa Eko Eko… Only is Cameroon can there be injustice. A young man got up and staged a protest against the corrupt Bamenda Government Delegate who is doing a terrible and he is arrested and charged with crime of insurrections.

  9. Dear Col. Abega Mbezoa Eko Eko… Only in Cameroon can there be injustice. A young man got up and staged a protest against the corrupt Bamenda Government Delegate who is doing a terrible job and he is arrested and charged with crime of insurrections. Where is the justice here? I know in LRC Justice is dictated by the CPDM Baron and we expect nothing short of you obeying your master (that is not the Law) but bear in mind that your children would grow up to judge you by what you are about to do to an innocent SC Citizen

  10. who cares about the usa , they had been lost the credibility since 911 .

    just the small North Korea makes them swallow hahahahahahha

  11. All what I have in min regarding this matter is that, God gives justice to all the orphans and innocent persons that justice have been denied to them. Anyone who is conniving to pass wrong judgment will eventually be judge by God in the lake of fire in hell. I understand that the hands of the judges are tight but that is no excuse in the eyes of God. I hope people look at things mostly in the spiritual sight. I earlier said in one of my comments that. In every jubilee which is 50, slave masters must free their slave which is in the Bible, so the crisis in Sn cameroon is natural. No one can help it. I wish the useless gov’t should read their Bibles if only they have one. Pharaoh proof touch but finally freed the Israelis. This is my point of view. Many people will go to hell for selling their conscience to the devil based on this crisis of which tchiroma , bilaih, Biya,fame ndongo are sure fact candidates.

  12. Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose this Political Crisis and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that they have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR (Public Relations) Campaign to clean up their Failures!

  13. @Barefoot Mancho if the court have solved your case what can stop it stupid donkey !!

  14. The role of the court is to enforce justice, and justice is made based on the law of the land. Of course you Mancho BBC could a wholy stupid if you thought you were being judged and jailed to solve the crisis that you started. Like you may have found out, starting a war is so easy. But ending one is no piece of cake. That said, you are being jailed for your struggles with the law. I hope you see it that way too. There is no positive consequences of any war, because no man’s life has a price, and many are diying.