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Nord-Ouest : trois gendarmes tués dont une femme

Pressafrik | ls ont été tués jeudi dans le nord-ouest anglophone du Cameroun.

Deux des trois soldats ont été tués sur leur poste de travail à Mbingo, localité située à environ 20 kilomètres de la ville anglophone de Bamenda. Parmi eux, une femme.

Le troisième soldat a trouvé la mort alors qu’il assurait la sécurité d’une station-service à Nkwen, un quartier du centre-ville de Bamenda.

Une autre attaque des présumés séparatistes anglophones a eu lieu à Pinyin, un village à l’entrée nord de la région du nord-ouest.

Suit à cette attaque, plusieurs civils blessés par balles ont été conduits à l’hôpital régional de Bamenda.

En rapport avec ce regain de tension, les autorités ont interdit toute vente d’armes à feu, et ordonnent la fermeture de toutes les armureries.

Les personnes détentrices d’une arme à feu doivent impérativement les remettre aux autorités.

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  1. Biya’s BLITZKRIEG has now become his Vietnam


    • Never has there been such a positive reckoning to what may otherwise have been deplored as negative behavior. May the soul of this brave martyr rest in eternal peace and that of the accursed cowardly threesome be incinerated in the hottest part of hell.
      The make believe that the sissies called BIR are some how invincible is just that, a laughable fantasy. Here, just one brave sister armed with only a machete is able to bring down three of these cowardly dust mites who were apparently armed to the teeth.
      This is easily the biggest mockery made against any defense unit ever, and a vindication of my claim not that long ago that had it not been for the timely intervention of the Chadians, the flag of BH will be waving ever so proudly in Mvomeka and the rest of the rogue state of La Republic.

    • Sauvages! Violence is never the answer.

      • That’s a good advice if only you will direct it at the savages who brought you to this world.

  2. @ MVOMEKA

    wow pls goes with your empty brain , you re making to much noise .

    you was the one told us here , you will quiet if ” your stupid leader get arresting ” what are you still here big fat liar ?

    no UN
    NO USA
    NO EU

    DONT WORRIED God will coming bla bla bla bla bla bla

    • “Pourquoi il cache encore à la nation que :
      BIYA est MORT
      Un point c’est tout “

      • Man where you get that info from. if that’s true it will be sad for cameroon.

      • In the Anglophone culture, it is said that the fon / chief has disappeared.
        Whether it be true or not, one day, the fon of fons, will disappear. But that
        will stop him from seeing the end game. All that, will be the good side for
        him and a disservice to all and sundry. And i wonder where ngole ngole,
        tchiroma, atanga nji et al, would hide their ugly heads. As for the paramount
        chief, he is never going to leave. The river goes, and leaves the stones.
        Achidi, skipped the other time, but landed on the same spot. He couldn`t runaway. Mafany, will have no place for his bilingualism.
        Poor management of the human resource in the hands of the biya clique, is
        going to leave Cameroon to sleep no more.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Joshua the delusional ambazombie terorist,

          You keep demonstrating how dumb and stupid ambazombie terrorists and sympathisers are!

          Do you know anyone that will live forever? Your comment above is very dumb!
          You must be stupid to think The Republic of Cameroon has no structure or system like your delusional republic of ambazombies. When Biya dies he will be replaced and The Republic of Cameroon will continue to function seamlessly.
          The Republic of Cameroon is not Paul Biya! One Cameroon forever and ever!

        • ‘In the Anglophone culture, it is said that the fon / chief has disappeared’

          Rasclaaat JOSHUA, the ‘ANGLOPHONE CULTURE’ has neither FON nor CHIEF. Your insanity bespeaks the extent of confusion that the brainwashing process has on you. Man, you done!

          Where have you kept your NGRAFFI CULTURE? You are robbing your NGRAFFI CULTURE of its principal symbol, the FON… and selling it to the jamdong queen of England… and all you get in return is enslavement, domestication, and destruction. Pitiful people!

        • Ras Tuge
          Your Mami Pima


    bla bla bla bla

    fake propaganda

  4. I hope he does and while at it please take mbappe with you let him be your b*tch to be sodomized in hell.

  5. This shows the folly of treating a multi-factorial problem as if it was caused by a single isolated entity! Clearly some of those responsible for the present acts do not even know Julius Ayuk Tabe nor are they answerable to him.
    Cameroonians need to humble themselves and pray to God for deliverance. Hating each other does not even come close to solving the problem. The silence of traditional rulers points to their relative helplessness from the lives of the ordinary citizens.

    So the ball is in the court of those who still enjoy some legitimacy – President of the Senate, National Assembly, the Clergy and the heavyweights of the military. How great it would be to rise above petty issues and save the nation at this time of need! And citizens should put down guns and take up the Bible/Quran.

    • “…Clearly some of those responsible for the present acts do not even know Julius Ayuk Tabe nor are they answerable to him…”

      First of all you don’t know for a fact Ayuk Tabe have nothing to do with this.

      Second, in criminal law, the right hand does not need to know what the left hand is doing, meaning individuals who have never met can actually be charged for the same conspiracy…

      You claim to be highly educated, look it up in US jurisprudence, especially in the fight against criminal organizations such as the Mafia and such…

      Its known as the RICO act in the US.
      Individuals acting independently to further the same criminal organization can be charged with conspiracy even though in reality they have probably never met.

      You are an idiot and a supporter of terrorism!

      • @USA that so called @John Dinga is THE MOST CONTROVERSAL /CUNNING MAN in this forum. As @ Mvomeka aka Anglophone (the lieutenant of the earlier), he let people know that francophones are the problem but now that we have all of them through Sissi boy & co’s laptops, he want to let us believe that THE DEAD OF BIYA WILL SET THEM FREE. WE’LL STILL HUNT YOU ALL EVEN IF THE NEXT PRESIDENT IS AKERE MUNA. MARK MY WORDS. NO DORMANT CELL OF SCNC THIS TIME. You kill women or children gendarmes, it’s war & so far Kamerun is still controlling its territory entirely, I would say that ” the arm forces are doing their job very well.” @Mvomeka. even if Biya is dead, history will remember that HE LEFT ONE KAMERUN AS HE ALWAYS SAY. YOU’LL SURELY DIE ONE DAY (LIKE ALL OF US) BUT WILL NEVER WITNESS A COUNTRY CALLED AMBAZONIA CAEVED OUT OF THE PRESENT OR THE OLD KAMERUN.

        • Your rebuttal is right on point.
          No zigzagging, no bushing around
          You should be the defense lawyer in the following case:
          Citizens of Cameroon vs ambazombians.
          Cameroonians as the victims in this case of course.

        • I have said it here ,Dinga is what he is.

      • Your rebuttal is right on point.
        No zigzagging, no attempt to confuse the jury.
        You should be the Defense lawyer in the following case:
        Citizens of Cameroon vs ambazombians.
        Cameroonians as the victims in this case of course.

      • Thanks bro.
        Educate that self anointed professor with nothing to show.

        • @Mbappe, Mbamois, Colby, United States of America

          If in your world it is forbidden to correct someone’s mistake and improve what is written, take note that there is a much bigger world out there. It is your liberty to demean and pour aspersions on the qualifications of others because they do not fit into the pattern you adore – politicized diplomas – GCE, PhDs and professorships – festooned with presidential decrees, etc.

          Not everybody enjoys making fun of the mistakes of others and if this is your working style, no one envies you. However, you are better off practicing yours without besmirching others. Frankly you you should consider constructively criticizing internal lapses to make them better, especially the ambivalence which consists of downplaying the achievements of citizens

        • over those of foreigners. Ndedi Eyango was sidelined as head of SOCAM ostensibly because of his foreign nationality, yet Hugo Broos was preferred over nationals as national coach, both being money-making ventures. Of all the doctors in Cameroon (public, private, industry, academia) authorities went out of their way to choose two Germans – Prof. Michael Tsokos, Dr. Mark Mulder) to carry out the post mortem of late Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Bala, to conclude that he died of drowning. US-based Prof. Patrice Nganang was pulled out of a plane about to take off and escorted to Kondengui prison, yet Messrs Pierre Mahe and Pascal Rebillard served for a number of years in BICEC, left and only belatedly the judiciary is sending out arrest warrants for them for embezzlement of 50 billion CFA franc

        • Last but certainly not the least, Chinese citizens are edging out Cameroonian nationals at construction sites as well as roasting corn by the road side. Patriots like you ought to spend your time and energy drawing attention to these than wasting away in your perceived frivolities of others.

      • @USA,
        I have no shroud of doubt that any such abstract interpretative analysis of law is highly impressive in the midst of block-headed dummies like we have here.
        Applauding this idiot @USA on what he demonstrably has no clue about equates to a baboon congratulating its mate for farting”. Scating around flamboyant terminologies like “jurisprudence,” “criminal law,” “the RICO act,” without creating a clear construct and correlation to the topic of contention, amounts to nothing more than a shameless festering of wilful ignorance.
        You are a bold face impostor in your self elevating adventure from garbage collector to professor at law.

    • No JD, not the time to look for solution yet. The Ambaforce, is on the ground and
      until they too do their damage, it is not time yet to call it quit.
      Jonhny, you give the cash support so they intensify their actions to let the other side also
      feel the pinch before it can end.
      When injustice …………. resistance becomes the solution.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        for every gendarme/police officer killed 500 ambazombie terrorists will be killed. We know that you are too dumb to do the math to realize that you already lost the battle. Bring it on! TRC is ready for you. There is enough land in TRC to bury the delusional republic of ambazombie terrorists or burn them to ashes.

        Your manyu tigers are starving in the forest in manyu I will see how you will get potable water and medicinie to them. TRC is impatiently waiting for you madmen to name your new cabinet so that they can be abducted, kidnapped or arrested and shipped to yaounde like nkunyams to be slaughtered!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @John Dinga the delusional supporter of sick seku ayuk tabe!

      Your idol Sick seku ayuk tabe Julius will have three of his toes chopped off for the deaths of those gendarmes today. The reest of the ambazombie terrorist leaders will have three toenails and one toe chopped off today for the deaths of those members of the forces of law and order!
      Sick seku and his band of coward terrorist conmen are directly responsible for the deaths of every single police/gendarme officer killed in Cameroon.
      Thank goodness these terrorist cowards are in the hands of the police and gendarmes in Cameroon and the gendarmes and police can revenge the deaths of their colleagues by slowly torturing sick seku and co to death.
      They will put pepper on his njang bin, eyes and wounds!

  6. This is why I say the AMBAZOMIANS are retarded.

    Mr. Biya, like him or not is the current Cameroonian commander in chief and as such his most sacred duty is the defense of the nation and its citizen.

    Mr. Biya did not fight Boko Haram because he was bored and wanted something to do.
    Mr. Biya is not fighting the terrorists of AMBAZOMBIA because he has nothing better to do.

    Mr. Biya has fought each time, stood his grounds and defended the nation and our territorial integrity. This is because it is his SACRED DUTY to do so, it is not an option, but AN OBLIGATION for him to defend the country.

    • And this is what you lunatics do not understand, as you are wishing him death, the next president will be a Cameroonian and will have the exact same SACRED OBLIGATION and will defend the country with the exact same energy.

      The point I’m making is this…Biya or no Biya, AMBAZOMBIA will NEVER EXIST. No Cameroonian president will let it happen. You are not at war against Mr. Biya, you are at war against Cameroon and as such you will always be on the losing end.

      Cameroon yesterday!
      Cameroon today
      Cameroon tomorrow
      Cameroon forever!

      • @UnitedStatesOfCameroon
        Young man i thought u promised getting a job rather than wasting time writing all these essays to convince urself. The only SACRED OBLIGATION ur dad has done to perfrction is to empty the country of all its resources sacrificing its children every day, i could see how he carried out his obligations with esseka where hundreds lost their lives, thousands killed in the nord, people dying at the front of hospitals thousands are refugee. Young man your schools are no good, your roads are pits, your hospitals are graveyards your economy is broken, social moral is negative, you got no jobs. what is there to loss so he can die and we will deal with the other. To you i will say you have a false sense of security including ur dady

        • @chris,

          You are a perfect AMBAZOMBIAN. you ignore what you don’t want to hear and amplify what you like.

          Once again, any Cameroonian is entitled to make any judgment they want on Mr. Biya’s leadership and tenure in office. Knock yourself out.
          You have your opinion and so does everyone else.
          However, you are entitle to your opinion but not entitled to your own set of facts.

          when it comes down to fighting terrorism and defending the country, my bet is no level-headed Cameroonian will deny Mr. Biya has done a very good job. And this is not only me talking, all across Africa and the world his handling of the Boko Haram situation made an impression particularly in light of the failures of the much larger and more resourceful Nigeria under the leadership of Badluck Johnathan

        • This is such an obvious fact even you can’t deny it. Those who deny this fact are those who wanted Cameroon to crumble so they can pick their own piece of it. This will never happen. I urge Mr. Biya to keep his ground and fight even harder and exterminate all the cockroaches!

      • Nothing to add.
        What a bunch of savages and inept intellectually these ambazombians

  7. Because of those idiots who kill police innocent people will be killed by the police now.

    la republique is preparing another deception to cover up what happened to our leaders. They are about to announce that there was a prison break and some prisoners with the help of some armed men tried to escape and to stop them, the prison guards were forced to shoot. according to la republique, this should account for the dead of some prisoners including our leaders.

    We will not be deceived by such manipulation.
    la republique must produce our leaders or suffer the consequence

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      Unfortunately for you The Republic of Cameroon has more than 10 million ways to kill these terrorist and more than 10 million ways to explain their disappearance to the world. They will never use such a dumb strategy like the one you mentioned. The Republic of Cameroon is very sophisticated that is why they could pick up your delusional and dumb terrorist leaders and transport them to Yaounde for torture, intelligence gathering and eventual annihilation with such ease.

      Your dumb ambazombie terrorist leaders will definitely be killed because their crimes deserve the death penalty! However the methods and strategies of The Republic of Cameroon are too sophisticated for you stupid ambazombies to comprehend or predict.

  9. Guiltiness (talking about guiltiness)
    Pressed on their conscience, oh yeah
    Oh yeah
    And they live their lives (they live live)
    On false pretense everyday
    Each and everyday yeah
    These are the big fish (these are the big fish)
    Who always try to eat down the small fish
    And just the small fish
    I tell you what, they would do anything
    To materialize their every wish
    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
    But they woe to the down pressers
    They’ll eat the bread of sorrow
    Woe to the down pressers
    They’ll eat the bread of sad tomorrow
    Woe to the down pressers
    They’ll eat the bread of sorrow
    Oh, yeah yeah! Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Guiltiness (talking about guiltiness)
    Pressed on their conscience, oh yeah, oh yeah
    These are the big fish (these are the big fish)
    Who always…

  10. To those Cameroon haters. Cameroon is ONE and will remain ONE. You are free to fight till the last man is killed, CMR Armforces will stand tall. I don’t get it at all. Why terrorize the population. The military is in Bangem and AMBA boys are those doing the killing. They killing civilians. Why alll these non sense? No trials for terrorists,…… Kill them in public. Where are the wise elders who could talk sense to youths? Believing in “odey shi” . The military even has more powerful odey shi. People are really tired of this fighting for no good reason. We want a happy and peaceful cameroon.

  11. Some big mouths on this forum have vanished or the STOCKHOLM syndrome spreading within the ambazombian government under duress in Yaoundé is having an effect.
    As we know laptops were captured during the raid in Nigeria with names of all the financial contributors outside Cameroon.
    We can guess some of them are being arrested as we speak or some are in hiding or going into his hibernation until the dust settles.
    The names are now known.

    • Don’t worry! Some of us cracked our voices here warning them on the potential dangers in foolishly participating in such campaigns that would soon be tagged as a genocide. But, can they listen? Too much unfounded hatred has blocked the brain, and greed has blindfold the eyes.

      Forget about the fake Anglo patriotism you see here, most of such folks are calculating how rich they’ll personally become in Amba. That is what is gratifying their egos. Anglo/CMR means nothing to them. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

      When the time comes, the names of all those PhDs hiding in the WEST and financing genocide in their country would be forwarded to various countries for extradition. We saw it in Rwanda—nothing new.

      So, sponsors of genocide, get ready to rumble soon…

      • —blindfolded—

      • Zam-Zam,

        CHRISTOPHER ANU has declared that the Ambazombi termites will go on a genocidal rampage from the 5th of February…. and that their genocide will make Rwanda look like a joke!

        So, I-MAN put yet another cross on the head of CHRISTOPHER ANU. That is the same criminal who sounded the hostilities in their jamdong ‘4th Conclave’!

        Just like the poor Tassang Wilfred who lost his way and will now face death, CHRISTOPHER ANU must be arrested by any means possible. He will be arrested for his evil utterances that have all been documented.

        They claimed that they will never be arrested… and then claimed that they will never be extradited… and they are claiming that they will never face justice in the MOTHERLAND! The government must take very swift measures to put these criminals away.

  12. Mbappe
    Morally loose gorilla thug, the former minister of public works lives in the West with billions of tax payrrs’ Money he absconded with. Those tax payers include Anglophones. Essimienye did same. Biya sent out about two delegations to bring back the funds stolen by nearly a hundred of his ministers now at Kondengui. Why have you not been making a song about this financial terrorism that has set the country back for 100 years? The answer is simple; the thieves are you, sound and look like you. When you finish looking at yourself in the mirror and doing something about it, then can you start harping about Sisiku’s computer and financial contributions from abroad. Minister Ayissi Egbe and Cavaye Djibril said there were Boko Haram sympathizers in the gov’t, did you out them?

    • @Firefighter the prototype of “left side brain” upon all these years spent in CHINA you kept the same foolishness Chinese are known for their Smartest thoughts stop downgrading yourself with bla bla bla Ayuk tablet is the most Foolish Anglophone of the year 2017. Arthur Zang is today the pride of Cameroon with the same certificate Ayuk tablet allegedly has you talk about Ayuk tablet contributions Abroad creating software is the “B,A” ba in networking if his alleged certificate was that much genuine he would have being a giant in Cisco group not into Cameroon’s prison Anyone who shows sympathy to Sick si fou Tablet is a moron cause he could do better.

      • Yup Chinese are smart and desert rats are smart too, that’s why you are digging the sand to find a PhD in the desert. Where did you see me praising Sisiku Ayuk’s credentials? A French slave like you would have gone to France to study, but you are in a desert!

  13. Biya is just the best president ever in Africa, as for the retarded AMBAZOOBIES THE KILLING ofgendarms gives us more credibility to deal with sick seku taboo and the friends.

  14. @Ras Tuge Are u afraid of genocide? I thought your gov’t in Y’de has balls to fight for the territory that is theirs.5th Feb is the deadline.

    • If you were that brave you would be in the bush like your termite Ambavumbi criminals. You won’t cry any more about genocide because you have invited it on yourselves. Sesekoko was collected like a blind little termite… and he will be disposed off very quickly. He is begging for his life… and his delusional wife is weeping over cyberspace! But you are comfortably hiding in a kitchen in Bamenda and talking tough… step outside on February 5th and show for once that you are a man!


  15. @Zam-Zam They have given u people deadline to show proof that HE Sisiku and co are alive.Y’de and Abuja have the chance to stop the genicide by showing video footages of those people and give them access to their lawyers and their families.Do u think u have the right to kidnap people and keep for eternity becos u are in power? bla bla bla. ”.When the time comes, the names of all those PhDs hiding in the WEST and financing genocide in their country would be forwarded to various countries for extradition. We saw it in Rwanda—nothing new”. Biya and acolytes have been walking away with impunity for their deeds,but not this one.5th Feb is the daedline.I endorse what Chris Anu said..Am sure Biya is sweating now like a baby….

    • Stop writing nonsense and ridicule yourself.
      February 5th will come and pass and nothing you will do from your hideout somewhere in the west.
      The only thing tu should focus on is how you will be able to evade justice.you infos are now knows as sisiku is giving you guys up like lollipops.

  16. Vraiment le ministre de la defense doit demissionner , comment ses generaux n arrivent pas ä trouver des moyens pour stopper ces petits bandits?

  17. @Ras Tuge U want to have peace without justice,right? I just feel pity for Nigeria that u people have tricked into this mess.5th Feb…..

  18. @Ras Tuge ”CHRISTOPHER ANU WILL BE ARRESTED AND PUT AWAY” ha ha ha ha,are u serious? Are u ashame to use the right word? The right word is kidnap,not arrest…Well,if u must know, Christ Anu was in Nigeria,after HE Sisiku and co’s abdustion,to ask the Nigerian gov’t to release HE Sisiku and co.He even organised a press conference,deep inside Nigeria,to explain SC’s political history to media men.He was also on the Nigerian channel,AITV to explain to the Nigerian public why we are in this conflict.Surprisingly,the Nigerian gov’t did not kidnap him like they did to the others.And he boarded his flight back to US.Like i said,I just feel pity for Nigeria that u people have tricked into this mess.They have now rub themselves in faeces and is difficult to wash away.5th Feb is the deadline.

    • @ Kongosa

      “…did not kidnap him like they did the others” ( leave out the preposition).