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Diane Shima Rwigara

Nude photos of Rwandese presidential aspirant leak

Rwandese Presidential aspirant Diane Shima Rwigara is breaking the internet with something that has instantly put off her political torch and all the hopes Rwanda had of having a first female president.

Nude pictures from her past have surfaced the internet and they are spreading like wild fire through Instant messages and social media.

The photos, which have since been a topic of discussion, are said to have originated via email from a journalist by the name Twahira Emmy who insisted that Diane is not fit to run a country.

Diane 35, has since not been available for comment on the scandal since the photos surfaced. All efforts to reach her have been futile.

Diane Shima Rwigara

The general elections in Rwanda are supposed to take place in August this year. So far there are only 3 other contestants running against Paul Kagame with Diane being the only female Presidential aspirant in Rwanda this year.

She is daughter to renowned Rwandese tycoon Assinapol Rwigara who passed on two years ago.

Speaking at her press conference, she mentioned that her reasons for running for president are so that she can give the people of Rwanda freedom of speech, Improve the state of security, equality among others.

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  1. Most unfortunate yet a fantastic lesson for many others enamored of the Internet. Exhibitionism has become a real fad and nude photos an important part of it.

    But this comes with a heavy price to pay. Many have lost a job opportunity when such long-forgotten dirty pictures are unearthed from Facebook or other social media and thrown for all – including prospective employers and husbands – to see.

    If it were possible to bring back the hand of the clock…

    • Palava no fine United States

      @John Dinga,
      U are right about what we put on the internet or the type of pics we take.
      That said, honestly, I look up the name, saw the images, there are pretty damaging for and aspiring person. If any boss sees that, u will loose your job, then for a presidential candidate, its diplorable.

      • Of course! And lots of young women have had their dreams cut short by such irresistible urge to mingle among the singles. Unfortunately there are almost always myopics and narcissistic individuals (read below)itching to nudge them along. As long as it is someone else wearing the shoes – goes the logic – how can it pinch?

  2. Our young girls will never learned.They want to please their exes or current boyfriends not knowing that pay day is coming.I forsee in years to come,there will be no need to cover the adam fruit anymore.

  3. In case they call it modern civilization, are they right or still guilty?

  4. And so what? He who has no sin should cast the first Stone.

    • Agree with Ted@ Theres more importent aspects of character to run a country ,did she ever accept a bribe?pay a bribe,put relatives on a public payroll to do nothing? Lie to the public? Abuse a public position ? Shes offering 3 qualities that are a minium basic request off any public figure and it would be better if the press concentrate on those .

      • Thank you Phyrne and Ted,
        Don’t mind Joe Dinga and Co,what has that got to do with her running a country?Is it because she is a woman that nude fotos give you the jitters?
        Come on guys,blood suckers,pedophiles,homos,lesbians,murderers are doing Africa no good,it’s time we tried some nude fotos too.Minalmi

        • True talk. Remember, she never put these pictures on the internet. these were apparently taken from her ex-friend’s phone. Some body should be persecuted for this act. She is such a beauty as the pictures can tell…and some may vote for her only because of these pictures as it know shows she has nothing more to hide. Naked pictures or not, her policies alone should decide. It’s a shame that Mr Paul K. and his agents are so afraid of this beautiful lady.

        • After domanique and bill taking complete advantage of office and percived privilage …i dont think any woman is going to surpass them on their score of twisted mind of entitlement/character failure.

  5. Where are the pictures let me evaluate.

  6. Your mama born you with clothes? Brainwashed humans going with the codes.