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Panic at Fecafoot as Fifa starts auditing mission

Journal du Cameroun | It could be the start of a long drama unfolding at the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot after experts from an international firm began auditing the body’s finances.

The firm, hired by the World’s football governing body FIFA, started its work at Fecafoot on Monday and is set to audit the records between 2013-2017.

Thus they are set to audit how Joseph Owona’s normalisation committee managed affairs at the helmn of Fecafoot as well as the Tombi A Roko Sidiki regime.

The auditors coincidentally started work on Monday, the same date a delegation from FIFA arrived Cameroon to discuss the situation of the Dieudonné Happi-led normalisation committee.

The delegation is composed of Veron McLellen, Director of Fifa’s Development, Africa and the Carribeans as well as Mr. Luca NICOLA, Manager FIFA Member Associations.

The delegation will meet with the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt on Tuesday to discuss and assess the normalization committee’s work so far and avenues of a possible extension.

To that effect, a press conference is scheduled to hold after the meeting in Yaoundé where the mission is set to announce the fate of the Normalization committee whose mandate is expected to end on Wednesday February 28.

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  1. English speaking journalists, can only talk to people on less important issues
    – sports. When their siblings are dying in mass numbers from lrc forces and the
    bruteness of Mr. Biya and co, they run underground. Tomorrow, it will be that
    the english journalists, are not allowed same opportunities like their french
    counterparts. They sell their rights to fear and put the blame on others.
    We are seeing you.

    • @ Joshua
      No, you are not quite right. The Post newspaper as well as The Rambler, both based in Buea, have been doing a wonderful job with the happenings in Cameroon. So also has The Star newspaper. All of this in spite of the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

  2. I want to see Owona and Tobi arrested and locked up!

  3. Only a blind person would fail to see that the showdown between Eto’o, the gov’t and Tombi is playing its last half. Now that Hayatou’s roots were completely off rooted both at FIFA and CAF, those who were riding high and playing the star at Fecafoot can now understand why pride goes before a fall or as we say in Africa , the gods always strike you mad before you meet your doom. Eto’o helped put the new FIFA President in place, how does that taste in Tombi and his handler the minister’s mouths? Btw, weti be my own for we neighbor yi business? Eto’o yi sef sef na nigish!

  4. Lets hope they did the audit in front of everyone,the ones who released the money and the ones who spent it .In the same room and dont walk out until both parites are satisfied .Everyone seems pretty irrisponsable to be leaving this unaudited until now !