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Paul Biya officially begin three-day state visit to china today

Journal du Cameroun | Paul Biya, Cameroon’s President will officially begin state visit to China today, March 22.

President Biya is expected to meet his Chinese colleague, Xi Jinping, where they will have a closed door session.

According to State broadcaster, CRTV, Biya arrived in Beijing at 12:00 pm (Chinese time). He is expected to take part in an official welcoming ceremony scheduled for 5 pm. It will be followed by a state dinner.

Biya is accompanied by Ministers in charge of the Economy, Public Works, Water and Energy; as well as officials at the Chamber of Commerce. China-Cameroon relations has been described as win-win by many given the tons of Chinese investments in the country. Chinese investments in Cameroon have exceeded F CFA 1 000 billion and Beijing is involved in many major projects in transport infrastructure and energy.

President Biya’s visit will end on March 24. Political pundits hold he might miss the country’s senatorial elections scheduled for March 25.

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  1. Paul Biya begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mais qui est Anglophone et qui est Francophone?

  2. @ John Dinga

    You are so funny “terrorist” , even is begin with s or without s at the end you are getting the message .

  3. ” President Biya’s visit will end on March 24. Political pundits hold he might miss the country’s senatorial elections scheduled for March 25″

    Of course, he WILL miss the phoney elections.

    On the 25th of March he will be in Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva.
    After all, the results of the phoney elections have already been fabricated in Etoudi, transmitted through the CPDM organ called ELECAM and will simply be validated by the kangaroo Constitutional Council.

  4. LRC is backward country they think with their bellies. Beti militia and beti person are the worst leaders any one can think of. They have brought la republic to its knees.

  5. Me voici donc en chine!
    La scène est à vous les anti-Biyaiste Chinois.
    Ne bavardez pas seulement sur le net.

    • @Bikutsi

      hahahhaha nice one , let them talk

    • Kikikikiki Bikut,

      Faut pas vite jubiler, FF n’a pas encore dit son dernier mot.
      Cela fait depuis 2 semaines qu’il n’a plus consumé le meilleur ami de l‘homme.
      Faut se méfier des méditations hein…

      • Hihihi ZZ
        Si Biya rentre de chine sans perdre un seul cheveu, je ne prendrais plus notre sapeur pompier Chinois là au sérieux.
        Il peut même faire comme l’autre du Code qui va souvent crier à l’hotel continental là non…hihihi..
        @FF, on attend ton action impatiement.
        Voilà Biya chez toi. C’est un défi.
        Pourquoi Biya là ne vient jamais à Stockholm? Ni meme en Skandinavie? Il fait trop froid?
        Le prochain gvt Cmrnais apres Biya devrait obligatoirement faire un stage d’un an dans les couloirs de l’assemblée gouvernementale Suédois pour apprendre comment on gère un pays, et rentrer appliquer ce qu’ils auront apris, et le mettre en oeuvre dans une perspective panafricaine.

        • Hahahaha Bikut !

          Le court chemin finit toujours par être très long.

          Est-ce alors une surprise que le moins cher finit toujours par être très-très cher?

          Y’dé-Buea est facile à attendre sur le goudron, mais alors fort périlleux de l’oser par les mapans et broussailles.

          N’est-ce pas?…

        • Haha Lady Bik,
          Voice les enemies dans la maison Biyaiste!

          Atangana Kouna, Essimi Menye, Mr. Emane, Ambassa Zang etc!

          Que’est ce que tu as en commun avec ceux ci? Repondra, qui pourra!

  6. biya the evil regressive colonial french Cameroon dictator,taking more loan to embezzle,use to fund the killings of SCs, thoughtless old man whose era of terrorism is nearly over, putting a burden on the younger generation he did nothing for to pay for his national debt,hope this visit is monitored by the developed international communities because biya might be buying weapons of mass destruction from China which has the worst human right violations to use against people in the Cameroons English speaking regions who are seeking their restoration, the wizard, his witch are desperate to control all it’s citizen as they feel he is a everlasting dog, no it is indispensable, his legacy will end up same faith as his previous colonial french puppet Ahidjo, worthless evils gone and forgotten.

  7. this again shows the unique place cameroon has in the world stage….a lot of peoples are cameroonians but don’t know anything about cameroon…remember just one this I will tell you of why china has a special bind with cameroon…cameroon was the only african country in the subsaharra Africa that voted to give china the veto right at the security council…france asked all the N!ggers to vote against that resolution even Nigeria followed the French order…I can spend days listing fools the stategic place cameroon has in the world..Donald Trump said santa was in cameroon this year…watch out…anglofools and francofools out fast!

    • Tu dis des vérités pertinentes mais dans un désordre organisé.
      Essaye de mettre un peu d’ordre dans tes idés.

      • je conduis en ecrivant tres souvent et mon telephone cherche les mots…mais bon je suis pas dans une salle d’examen tant que le message est passer je suis ok….je prends pas le.temps de reflechir ici j’ecrjs comme si je parlais a klk1

    • Go to China and tell the Chinese that you are from Cameroon,Africa and see how they will treat you as a dog.Africa is for Chinese and China is for Chinese.Win -win is a catch phrase to deceive the dull Africans.

      • it is not chinese peoples fault if you leave foreigners..french in particular to comme to your country a d be your boss…it is called natiinalism if u dont know..where i come from we treat french peoples like dogs …you u treat them like God and believe in their criminal jesus h ah ah ah

  8. The Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism is one year one week old, still at toddler stage with not much to show for progress. Sign boards and announcements by written or spoken press are still largely in French and it is commonplace to hear smug remarks like “Je ne comprends pas votre patoi-la” hurled at persons who address their concerns in English. The Bafia Dance is on indeed, as senatorial elections heat up and as firepower and fetish power try it out in the countryside.

  9. Cameroon is one of the most primitive nation on earth what is unique about LRC you praising with nothing to show @ Pharaon Biya has turn it in to his private farm and still seeking for another 7 years in office no LRC can challenge him.
    That is why Southern Cameroon Ambazonia cloud not bare the shit again and decided to separate it self from the shithole country Ambazonian ooooyii

  10. @John Dinga

    you are so disillusioned , you needs to start watching Germany news therefore ” AN ambazonia” front line activist who has been on the readers of the Yaounde regime is on the verge of being deported from Germany GWAN PHILIP Ngassa who is afronline activist .

    • BB,

      so there are Bamis fighting for Amba too?

      Bad news for my friend in China and/or Mola Omar…

      • Bamis are our brothers, but we have nothing to do with a particular Bami refugee and wannabe spy, who hasn’t stepped his feet on the land of his ancestors for the past 20 years. He’s a black leg extraordinaire. He recently bused some children from his Dschang hometown to the SW to taunt Anglophones just as he has been doing here. He’s the effeminate rambler that was trigger-happy when soldiers arrived the SW. 20 years is a long time, the Cameroon he talks about is the virtual one he sees in images on this forum. What a wretch!