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Paul Biya officiellement candidat à la présidentielle

Jeune Afrique | Le président camerounais Paul Biya, 85 ans dont trente-cinq au pouvoir, a annoncé vendredi sa candidature à un septième mandat pour la présidentielle du 7 octobre prochain.

« Conscient des défis que nous devons, ensemble, relever pour un Cameroun encore plus uni, stable et prospère, j’accepte de répondre favorablement à vos appels pressants.

Je serai votre candidat à la prochaine élection présidentielle ». Ce message, posté le 13 juillet sur le compte Twitter du président camerounais, est venu mettre fin au suspense.

Paul Biya briguera bien un nouveau mandat lors de la présidentielle du 7 octobre prochain. Depuis plusieurs mois, des soutiens du président le présentaient comme le « candidat naturel » de la majorité.

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  1. Wooohooo, we love you Presi! God bless you – death to Ambazonia. Wata na wata.

  2. Non of our business.but keep your balot boxes far from Ambazonia.lrc should respect the sovereignty of another state,and let them take that as a warning.


    That is foreign news. Nothing more nothing less

    With or without Dictator Biya, the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE, the war WINNABLE.

    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)????



      ……, the war WINNABLE for SC
      ……, the war UNWINNABLE for LRC

  4. @Palapala

    water na water “I am not like him but I will vote for him ” kikikikikikiiki

    kill all the ambasonias members and Nigeria descends especially Igbo people “SISIKU”

  5. @bamenda wannabe I can see you have still not taken your medications fils de pute please do

    • Cavani

      I don’t need no medication from you bastard; you re the one who needs psych evaluation nyamfuka son of a bitch .

      An Igbo man scrub up your mother and we have “SISIKU”

  6. Instead of running for office because the people want him to, how about running because he is able and willing to do so? Why hide behind the people? What is the candidate hiding????

    • Good question! Politicians speak with two mouths.

    • Cameroonians are id iots. With a great guy like Biya who can’t help but succumb to popular demand the fools in LRC continue asking him to run for re-election instead of focusing on basics like pipe water and electricity. Just ask and Biya will provide time and again but these fools just don’t want water. How about that?

  7. Hehehehe.
    Very funny. Let’s hope those who die for you receive a just reward.
    Ambazonia for life

  8. It does not make any difference anyway. Vote or no vote he shall remain in Power. The message of the cry of the people of NW AND SW has not reached Yaounde. This is sad. Biya will not have a happy ending.

    2018 is his last year in office. My wish.

    We shall one day live as a happy people.

  9. This is no news to Ambazonians. Everyone knows that he has been rooted on that presidential seat at Etoudi so that is no news to us. But we dont want to see any ballot box stationed on our land come October 7. That is when the ADF would unleash the terror in them. Ambazonians should be warned of the dangers of participating in that elections,ie those who are yet to believe that Ambaland has come to stay. Long live Ambaland

  10. Can Paul Biya go Campaign in kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Banso, Bello , Nkambew etc .I want to see him travelling across AmbaLand Campaigning if he really believe Cameroon is one and Indivisible!

  11. Ras Tuge must be beaming with joy right now.

  12. I am not surprised at all.

    Cabral Libii and Mme Walla did their best for the youths to register, and let us see how Biya would be more than CMR. It would have been easier that way. He could not have postponed parliamentary elections or now declare himself a candidate so easily. We would have collectively challenged him and if necessary, the Burkina Faso way would have been sufficient.

    He has the green light now, and more soldiers/children are going to be sacrificed.

    I even suspect now that Biya maneuvered us with the help of Ayuk/Atanga Nji.

    How was Ayuk so easily arrested after making so much noise? Why did Ayuk and his group distract Ball-a during initial negotiations? Why is Mancho still in prison? Why are so-called Ambas not in the bushes? Wata na wata, s***

    Me ah dong tire me…

  13. Chien Bulu

  14. witchcraft