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Paul Biya ordonne la reprise des compétitions du football professionnel

APAnews | Le chef de l’État camerounais, Paul Biya et son Premier ministre, Philémon Yang ont prescrit «la reprise immédiate des compétitions de football professionnel», dont la suspension avait été annoncée jeudi soir par la Ligue de football professionnel du Cameroun (LFPC) «pour défaut de moyens financiers».

Dans un communiqué reçu samedi à APA, la LFPC précise que ce retour à la normale intervient à la suite d’une avance de 45 millions FCFA de la Fédération camerounaise de football (FECAFOOT), dont 15 en espèces et le reste par virement bancaire.

Ainsi, les 30ème et 25ème journées de D1 et D2, initialement prévues le 10 juillet 2018 respectivement, sont reprogrammées aux mêmes dates et lieux.

Toutefois, des sources proches du dossier ont confié à APA que derrière la brève suspension desdites compétitions, se cache une crise entre la LFPC et la FECAFOOT, suite à la rétention par la seconde institution citée, et sans explication, d’une bonne partie de la subvention fédérale au fonctionnement des championnats nationaux, soit 255 millions FCFA sur une enveloppe totale de 410 millions.

Pour la saison 2018-2019, la Ligue a annoncé un budget de 2,230 milliards FCFA dont 910 millions au titre de la dotation de l’État et autant du sponsor, l’opérateur Mobile Telecommunication Networks (MTN).

En fin avril dernier, ledit sponsor avait annoncé la révision, dès la saison 2019, de son apport de 610 à 210 millions FCFA, précisant par ailleurs qu’il se retirera dudit sponsoring au terme de la saison 2018-2019 après avoir investi, selon ses services, un total de 1,430 milliard FCFA dans l’organisation par la LFPC des championnats de D1 et D2 et mis plus de 7 milliards FCFA dans l’organisation des compétitions nationales entre 2002 et 2013.

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    The public relations disaster cannot be overemphasized.


      General Semengue is considered as an untouchable in LRC. The military still respects and supports him
      That is the reason Tchiroma et al. are afraid to accuse him of trying to destabilize Dictator Biya’s so-called “ISLAND OF PEACE”.


      **** PROPHECIES ****

      1. “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

      2. “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

  2. This is so embarrassing, it’s funny. waah

  3. Paul BIYA,king Biya,you are the Head master of everything.everything in Cameroon at all Level is decided by King Biya

  4. Chai this papa don old see yeh face like juju

  5. 11 months to kick off for the AFCON and cmr is suspending local championships lmao. Isn’t it government interference when they pay for the champion ? Will fifa intervene and punish cmr? I remember during its inception, Milla clearly said cmr was not ready for a championship and that it will be a flop. How accurate he was. Last year, cmr went for months without no games played. Always one and the same problem; money issues. Why is a former general the head of the LFPC? What level of expertise does he have in this field or football as a whole? Really shameful.

    • Lol. Why are u coming and be asking difficult questions? Don’t u see that a General can be a football professional in Cameroun?

  6. Rule by presidential decree is quite a Cameroonian innovation. Decrees appoint parliamentarians and keep them subservient to the president. Decrees appoint court judges and direct which ways they decide cases. Now a presidential decree is proceeding amoeba-like into the nation’s king sport – football.

    • Epée Dipanda

      John Dinga you nogo broke me Mbanja you hear? LMFAO!
      Ordonne this ordonne that and the other. SMFH. What a country! What’s next? Paul Biya ordonne l’arrêt des combat en Ambazonie?
      What a failed state!

    • The King forgot to sign the presidential decree in the first place, that’s why it got suspended, (dementia is taking a toll). So the general, after waiting for too long couldn’t bear the shame and went ahead declared no more D1 and D2 for the rest of the season. Then the King awoke from slumber and reignited the game, yikes. What a country, no shame, no remorse, no explanations, just wasting time and dragging the country into mud. Well, your time is short, needless to worry more.

  7. “The last kick of a dying horse.”

  8. If Francophones want to fight corruption in L,a republque de corruption and improve their Standard of Living,jobs,water,roads,electricity.the youths in LRC should start by killing all those CPDM Senators,Parliamentarians,president of Senate and National Assembly.All Ministers and directors of the corrupt Regime.This are the People that have destroyed their future and Destiny.Ambazonians will not come and do it for you.Money no di work all time Baboon di cam chop,

  9. you have to understand the simple dynamics- Our brothers in East Cameroon, the so call Francophones are not used to fighting..They have their beer, women, music and football..All the changes in this sick country came from southern cameroon..The Francophones just wait for us to fight and they come in and enjoy the country..
    They cant even understand the revolution going on in the NWP and SWP..All they say is the army will kill you..You cannot fight Biya…and bla bla bla..They are schocked there is resistance now for 2 years..Instead of them joining the revolution to make cameroon a clean place, they are only talking,making noise and allowing the KING BIYA to treat them like slaves..Biya is the king and decides even for sports to take place..Shameful country with a shameful culture..

  10. Chien Bulu

  11. Presidential decree appoints a General to be incharge of the football federation.
    Where is the captain incharge of referees!
    The Sargent incharge of linesmen!
    What happened to the people who actually played football and who may have something to contribute.
    Tomorrow some will ask why African teams did not do well at the World Cup …. here is your answer!
    Why appoint a machanic to become a ballet dancer and then a ballet dancer appointed to become a surgeon?
    Fish out of water!
    For those asking why Anglophones fight this is just a sample of the incompetence we are running away from.
    Others are overcome by inertia singing only one and invisible German Cameroon Kumbaya.
    The president has decreed the arrival of the messiah in 2035!
    They are waiting patiently!

    • Epée Dipanda

      Very apty Lum, very apt. It is why we must do all we can to leave these nation wreckers. If east Cameroon wants to stay that way, God bless them, we have left.

    • Still waiting “Health for all by the year 2000”. Did anyone forgot that slogan, yikes. Maybe we will arrive there in 2035.

  12. Wow! At last the famous presidential decree this 9th day of July fixes the presidential election on October 7, 2018 between 8:00 a. m. and 6:00 p.m.

  13. Let’s make the whole Cameroon an English speaking country following the steps of Rwanda. Our close proximity with Nigeria, the biggest English speaking country in Africa will make this to be be even more beneficial to all of us. In addition the country would be more united.

  14. Futurist, I am not sure who you are talking to.
    If you are honest you will come to the conclusion that we were not brought here by linguistic differences alone.