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Paul Biya to visit restive Far-North region of Cameroon

APA-Douala (Cameroon) Cameroonian head of state Paul Biya is scheduled to visit the Far North region in the coming days, against the backdrop of intensified attacks by the Nigeria-based terrorist group Boko Haram, sources have announced.

The trip by President Paul Biya is meant to “boost” the spirits of the Cameroonian forces fighting Boko Haram, believed to be on its last legs.

The Far Northern region of Cameroonian has witnessed renewed spate of deadly attacks by Boko Haram members who sneak into the country.

The quarterly magazine “L’œil du Sahel” reported that Paul Biya who declared war on Boko Haram in May 2014 in France, has been the target of criticism for failing set foot in the restive region to encourage the soldiers and show solidary with the population there.

In a report released on Monday, Amnesty International said within five months Boko Haram had killed 381 people, and forced thousands to flee their homes and seek refuge in Niger.


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  1. When the trigger-happy forces of repression that raped girls and are now shooting old people to force their children to school in Southern Cameroons will be on their last legs after suffering a humiliating stare down from the great people of those regions, the representative of the French neocolonial political set up in Yaoundé will surely eat his cowardice and take a pleasure trip to Bamenda or Buea. By then he will surely need to apply for a visa, which of course will be refused! When his La Republique’s compatriots have already forgotten about Boko Haram the Lion woman lives her den in a hotel in Switzerland to come pretend as if he cared!


    • @ Mbappe. Grow up man. I didn’t know you were that primitive. ” ME VOICI DONC A DOUALA”. Do you really think that’s great coming out of the mouth of a president of a country? ( WOW! DONALD TRUMP, I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE WORST). My friend mbappe, we are in the 21st century and those days are far gone. It looks like you need to take some civilization lessons. Why are you hiding under a Sawa name when you don’t like them? Your statement has betrayed you. We now know who you are. Your real name is nothing close to a Sawa name. Are you an uncle, brother, causin, inlaw, or family friend of Biya’ a bi Mvondo? Please let us know as soon as possible for I knew from your write-ups you were never a Sawa boy.

  3. Let`s wait and see what next after the far north expedition.

  4. We all believe in the mantra of leaving the world a better place than we met it. We all believe in advice given by those close at heart to us.

    Putting these two together, won’t it be nice for those close to His Excellency Mr. President to remind him of some home truth, that his “illustrious predecessor” Ahmadou Ahidjo had a commitment in words and deeds to implement the wonderful policies and practices in West Cameroon throughout the entire Federal Republic of Cameroon. The transfer of students and civil servants from East to West across the Mungo River divide had a noble goal.

    • It seemed a “nobel goal” but was the beginning of the end of our federation which was seriously stabbed on 20 May 1972. What happened then was an election in which Francophones had the numbers to win without Anglophones, merited a unilateral declaration of independence by Anglophones. They had to wait for 45years or 33 years after LRC quit the federation in 1984.

  5. Paul Biya is unfit to be president.

  6. Another example to show that Anglofools, don`t matter.

  7. @ Joshua. Tu t‘attends à quoi? Biya va à l‘extreme nord après 3 ANS DE CONFLITS d‘où ses soldats comme BELTUS KWENE & plus de 2000 KAMERUNAIS SONT MORTS. Tu le compares avec la mort de moins de dix TERRORISTES BIAFRAIS EN 10 MOIS SEULEMENT? Prenez les armes & tuez ceux que vous appelez les “francophones“ ou les Kmers et vous le verrez après le GENOCIDE qui suivra les représailles.
    @ Admin. Où sont les articles qui parlent de l‘exode des élèves du NW & SW à l‘ouest, centre & littoral? Tant pis pour ceux qui pensent que le KAMERUN se limite à leur région/village.

    • Your MoMA!!! Bush man primitive cave baboon. Biafra 4 – Cameroun – O
      LRC dan la sauce!!!!
      Your Mami Pima

      • Your goal should be to soar to lofty heights, not descend to the lowly level you despise.

        • Principle versus Privilege
          As citizens Cameroonians have the challenge to choose one or the other of the above, but not both! Regrettably the lure of current privilege is so powerful that principle is almost invariably not considered at all.

          David Maraga and four of his colleagues of the Kenyan Supreme Court just went into world fame by invalidating a murky presidential election that would have placed Uhuru Kenyatta at the helm again. Compare this glory with Cameroon’s own Dipanda Mouelle whose hands were tied to declare the real winner of 1992 the winner.
          Barack Obama walks around as a free man and a hero after relinquishing power as US president; some cannot imagine life outside of power.
          Supporting falsehood in order to avail oneself of temporary trappings of power is sad! is it not

        • strange that people make so much fuss of President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s decree that split former West Cameroon into NW and SW at the time he created 8 provinces in his East Cameroon? Was there any NW/SW divide before that? How much ridicule can people invite on themselves?

          When Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho, Mancho Bibixy and Dr Fontem Neba sought a quick hearing to their case, prevaricators obdurately delayed and worked overtime to amalgamate them with 25 others from different arrests. Amalgamation seemed perfect at the time; now the very persons have been released to go, for lack of evidence, yet those other 25 are not included. Amalgamation is no longer relevant.
          How low down should the nation’s image and credibility go in order to preserve individual privileges?

    • Mbamois,
      Bamilekes are francophones who took up arms against other francophones and suffered genocide. Anglophones are not Bamilekes! We are schooling you without firing a shot. No one can take up arms against people who have religiously been raped by Biya and his French masters for 35 years without raising their effeminate voices. You are at the verge of death and you are praying for us to finish you off. Hundreds of francophone soldiers are in the anglophone zone looking for genocide, but just wait and see how we will call their bluff! Our students are moving to your areas and you are happy about it, while at the same time weeping for schools to open in the north and Southwest regions. Lack of strategic thinking is why you are French slaves!

      • So-called cameroon “anglophones” are actually separate entities.
        In one part we have grassfielders who are brothers of bamilekes mostly in the NW.
        On the other hand we have bakweris in the SW who are sawa and. Have nothing in common with the NW grassfielders.
        You guys are attempting to blindside some folks here by thinking “Anglos” are an homogeneous groups. NIET and NADA. NW and SW are incompatible and keep dreaming about your “ambazonistan”

        • Vaiocomputers

          Compartible or incompartible is not a measuring rod or necessary ingredient to nation building you this retard.

        • Look at this very dull Beti monkey @Mbappe hiding behind a Sawa name to spit hate. Let me teach you this manjunga drinking baboon a little. Modern day France are descendants of Celts (Scottish/Irish), Iberians (Spanish and Portuguese ie Pires, Barthez), Ligurians (Greeks), Germanic(Wenger, Griezman), Italic (Flamini, Platini). Do u monkey know that Corsica was once a Spanish territory? Do you village baboon know why Britanny is referred to as little Britain? They have blinded you with a hate for anything not French and you refuse to learn. And for the records, NW are not Bamileke! We don’t dig up our ancestors skulls to worship it later. There are Yorubas in Nigeria/Togo/Benin, Bakongo in Gabon and CAR so u have no voice! A nation is not tribal union but people of common purpose. Sumbo.

        • ***yorubas in Nigeria, Togo, Benin***

        • Mbappe,
          Yep, the so called francophones are also separate entities. We have the greater Betis, from the Centre, to the South, and right across to the East. Add the Bamilekes and northerners who are completely different in culture from the Betis and you discover that you are trying to pick a peck in another person’s eye, whereas a big one is logged in yours. Try hard anyway, divide and rule is the only tool left at your disposal now that yr asses are being kicked. When it comes to anglophones, you want to break it down to tribes, but when it has to do with people east of the Mungo, you use a blanket term ” francophone”. We understand your hurt and helplessness, but try something new! Why were your soldiers raping girls in Buea if those two regions are not homogeneous?

        • Mbappe, can you name one African country that does not fit that describtion? Your franco brother from Garoua identifies himself more with the Housa in Nigeria than with the Cameroon southerners but and sowhat. Neither Bakweri nor Bamenda needs you to define thier identities. I am sure or rather I assume you have better things to do with your time

    • Merci Mbamois. Some of my anglophone brothers are too foolish.

  8. I can really appreciate why nature made it difficult for humans to see their rear ends. Since the Anglophones started agitation for better treatment, most Francophones interpreted it to be a sign of hatred towards them. Let the record that no Anglophones have gone out of their way to harm francophones living with them or otherwise.
    Francophones whom have never been outside of Cameroon believe they are better than Anglophones. Anglophones are fighting an institution. A flawed institution. Cameroon has ben governed from indepence till date by two Francos. This country has been a major producer of bauxite for alluminium production, crude oil, rubber, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, tea, timber, bananas, and now, there is iron in the pipe-line. We are still poor.This is Franco-failure at its best.

  9. Well, well, well. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown indeed. For pardoning the “flag- burning Anglophone terrorists”, Onambele Zibi the head of Mfoundi patriachs wants President Paul Biya to also liberate all the imprisoned Beti embezzlers too.

    Welcome to Absurdistan!!
    Yesterday, an armed gendarme took to his heels after “accidentally” shooting a 16-year-old Kifem boy in self defence. For fear of the unknown – the unarmed citizens of Kifem -, he ran for dear life. Several moons ago, men ran for dear life upon hearing of the announcement of Ahidjo’s resignation. They ran on foot, leaving behind their vehicles, symbols of their identity and affluence. Did SW governor not abandon his luxury state car to bad roads and jumped on a bendskin to go install Lebialem’s SDO ?

  10. @AG
    You found a way to claim asylum using the fake news of your so/called “ambazonistan”.
    We know what is going on; a bunch of “you” are illegals in the west and now have found a way to claim asylum for this fantasy called southern cameroon.
    The majority of inhabitants of those areas of real patriots and only want to leave in peace within Camerooon.

    • They want to live in peace in Cameroon, yet you were calling on the police to go out and shoot them! At times it’s better to shut it , than open your fangs and prove to the world how foolish you can be! Why have you not been kind to ” real patriots”?

    • @Mbappe Monkey Baboon

      I’m surprised your retort this time is not to distort my facts. Keep singing the Cpdm sing song of a majority while ur stinky country sinks further. Before u continue tell us why your absentee thieving landlord has abandoned Europe for Saudi Arabia thee days? Manjunga golping baboons. LRC can be the Property of the Mvondos but never Ambazonia. Mekoulou Mvondo is tearing up CNPS funds while Antoine Samba is crumbling the budget coming from the treasury at an alarming rate yet all you monkeys see is Ambazonians burning flags up to the point where the patriarchs of Mfoundi are asking king Biya to free embezzlers because he has released anglophones your gendarme thugs abducted! Nothing harder than sharing a space with village HIV monkey eating gorillas.

      • Isn’t it funny that when you lack arguments, you resort to childish insults. Talking about “civilized people” in Cameroon if I may borrow your words, there is no context in that areas who is behind and we all know that. I will not go that route as it will be bringing myself to your level.
        Now going back to “separation”, rest reassured; it was up to me f***k, you go your way as I still do no see what the NW brings to the fold.
        Whining all day long and being a burden to the rest of the country, I would let the NW “separate” without regret and your brothers the bamilekes should join you guys.
        Anyway enjoy your new MOTTO for your asylum

        • Look at this monkey talking about civilization! By the time Brenda Eyanga Biya who did not complete high school passes 2 years in Enam and graduate as a magistrate, she will probably be enforcing baboon laws of equatorial Eastern forest for HiV monkeys.

        • The NW brings nothing? Tell us what the center, east and South bring! All we know is that they are swindling all what others bring. You know who collect taxes from the NW, so to turn and accuse the same region of bringing nothing proves why you and your ilk have been u able to do anything with all the taxes and resources left in your hands. You get our taxes for your Gandia belly and you open your cheating mouth accuse we for bringing nothing, koni tif man! The SW brings 65% , yet you still go rape girls for Buea, bad heart pipo!

  11. Maria, Anglos might be foolish but they think and act dependently
    Onlike the Francophone who will understand nothing order than the whip of the Frenchman
    Haha… the liberty to think, the freedom to act. Do the Francofools have that?