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Paul Biya vows to rid Cameroon of secessionists

APAnews | Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has told the state broadcaster (CRTV) that all appropriate measures had been taken to defeat the English-speaking secessionists of the Southern Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF) who have killed ten regular troops in less than a month.

The president made the remarks just after returning from Cote d’Ivoire, where he participated on Thursday in the 5th African Union-European Union Summit.

“I think things are now perfectly clear for everyone: Cameroon is the victim of repeated attacks by terrorist gangs claiming to be a secessionist movement.

In the face of these acts of aggression, I wish to reassure the Cameroonian people that all steps are being taken to neutralize those criminals and ensure that peace and security are safeguarded throughout the national territory,” President Biya said.

Before promising to fight with these outlaws, Paul Biya first offered his condolences to the families whose relatives fell for the defense of the motherland.

“I learned with emotion the assassination of four soldiers and two policemen in the south-west of our country.

Following the death of these six brave military and police officers, I would like to offer my condolences to the bereaved families and to our valiant Defense and Security Forces.”

For the past year, the English-speaking North West and South West regions, whose nationals accuse the country’s French-speaking majority of trying to “colonize” them, have been rocked by social protests following a lawyers and teachers’ strike, which quickly turned into political demands.

In recent days, armed gangs claiming to be a separatist group, have intensified the destruction of public buildings, while police are regularly attacked, ten of them having been murdered in less than a month.

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  1. We all love Cameroon but i love the people of Southern Cameroons most. Biya had the opportunity to stop what has now become a dangerous phase of the Southern Cameroons demands for separation. It started with Boko Haram the same way in Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria refused any meeting with the BH, any meeting with Delta people or Igbos asking for separation. Look at where Nigeria is today including LR of Cameroon-Northern Part.
    Dialogue Now and NOW. No one wins if this matter escalates. The LR army can never ever win a war with people who you don’t know but you call them terrorists!

  2. First there is ACTION that leads to a REACTION. Or, alternatively, CAUSE leads to EFFECT. In popular parlance, FIRE leads to SMOKE. Each of these is a sequence in which the first leads to the second. All the Sherlock Holmeses of the world know so and this makes their investigations easy.

    The worst thing that should happen to investigation is to dwell on the second and make as if the first is/was nonexistent!!!!! Smoke is almost always associated with/preceded by fires. Murders, whether of Bishops, ordinary citizens or military personnel are preceded by something. Let Cameroon’s Sherlock Holmeses proceed to look for that “something”. The nation will be for ever grateful to them.

  3. Mr. Biya, your weak and reactive tendency in the handling of this issue is totally unacceptable! The state could have adopted an offensive strategy long ago but your government has been playing cat and mouse with vandals that have been overtly provoking the wrath of the nation. Be proactive with this issue!

    • The weakness from your apologetic voice is perceptible! Are you not the same political man who marshaled orders for the state to kill sometime ago? So it was just hot air? Today you are still weeping for Biya to do something. Stop costing up to your Swedish wife and accompanying your four children and put on the boots ! Didn’t you say the strike would not reach the SW? Where are you with that? Didn’t you say Biya would stop the French empire in Africa? Wasn’t he the one who left his home to go and prostrate in front of Macron. Old drug addict, pick up a gun and do the job with the speed of light!

      • Fruitcake, you are insane! Struggling too hard for I-Man to notice you… When I am in charge you don’t stand a chance.

        • You are in charge of nothing Raasclaat COON (whatever that noise stands for). You will only be good at rolling joints little junky Rasta impostor.

        • “ I political weed man calls on the state to declare marshal law” Then few days after:” Mr. Biya, your weak and reactive tentendy in the handling of this issue is totally unacceptable!” Yep, totally unacceptable political man! Why not jump on a plane early morning bound for Mamfe to play your magic! A drug addict at 44 years is a drug addict for ever. Take charge and I will knock you cold as usual!

    • Vaiocomputers

      If u r calling some people vandals,then what will u call urself? I am not sure u have any idea because ur mindset is very shallow

  4. Biya has made it clear, that in order to maintain peace in SC,he has to declare and fight war against SCnians, and after the war,there will be peace.I hope the International Community is taking note.Everybody saw it on television.When the war comes,SCnians have no other choice but to defend themselves.We are not asking for war,but if Biya brings one,we will not run away from it.History will tells us that,most wars comes as a result of injustice.When a group of people feel that they are not treated well,the first thing they will normally do is to complain,and when they complain and the authorities continues to give a deaf ear,the end result is war.

  5. Once upon a time, Biya swore to crush Boko Haram. Four years and counting he is yet to fulfil his promise.

    Today, the same Biya has declared war on a peaceful people. Biya and his LRC will surely encounter their waterloo in SC. This is so because Southern Cameroons belongs to Southern Cameroonians and not to citizens of LRC. ALUTA CONTINUA

  6. Mr Biya, you are wrong! Has your Francophone dominated government attempted to culturally integrate Anglophones into the Francophonie without any public debate? Yes or No. What happened to English language texts in the national currency FCFA? Wiped off overnight, eh?

    Now you have 7 million terrorists to deal with! They do not take bribes. They are everywhere, including at the presidency of LRC and in the army. Behind every Anglophone is a Separatist. They detest the Francophone way of doing things – subservience to France.

    Why not conduct a REFERENDUM in Ambazonia and see for yourself. What are you and France scared of? Longlive Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) and Sanagia (faithfully decolonized Cameroun) when Francophones are ready to stand on their own feet.

  7. Clear signs of dementia! This is a client for group Home, his speech is that short because it is time for diaper change and medication! Just take a trip here and I’ll pick you up from BWI and drive you straight to where you belong and pick up my cool $500!


    where its the UN, EU, USA OR queen Elizabeth.

    what we will see in southern Cameroon is not war my friend, we call that civil disobedience.

    the fact its those people who are here comment negative about Cameroon are not more Cameroonian so sad.

    since the beginning of January 2017 in Nigeria ” Biafra ” fight for secessionist, have you hear them kill any law enforcement no no no.

    DALIDALI @ you re the type of people who send others to fight and sit to watching, I am sure the fact its you re not leave in Cameroon.

    • It is war, my friend! That’s how the state must treat this issue henceforth. You have been minimizing the insanity whilst soldiers and police officers are getting ambushed, alongside misled civilians.

  9. @Ras Tuge Those soldiers have seen nothing yet.Let them come.We are waiting for them.We will slaughter them.I would love to see u jump in the next flight to Cameroon and come and help them do the job.

    • Be careful what you wish for….. and keep talking tough!

      You have just slaughtered 2 so-called Anglophone police officers!!! One from the Northwest, and the other from the Southwest. The death of my tribesman, Nkwelle Derrick Halle will certainly be avenged.

      • You promised you would do everything to help Balla. What have you done? Now you want to avenge the death of your fellow villager in Sweden! You like talking tough and inserting yourself into every explosive situation. The mirage you see so often after weed use is getting the better of your judgement!

        • @ Firefighter
          I admire your commitment/steadfastness. But remember: If you try to cleanse others, like soap, you will waste away in the process.

        • You might have noticed subtle changes, but keep in mind all dynamics have changed. These are the people , who through share bigotry are at the origin of the loss of lives we deploy. Don’t forget the daily doses of demeaning effrontery against your own person. When someone shows you their true colors, you have to meet them down there in the mud. This is not time for love poems.There’s no reputation to protect when your people are being besieged.

        • Vaiocomputers

          @firefighter…nevermind.He lives in Sweden but his soul lives in a nganja farm..u know what i mean.

  10. @nonono ”since the beginning of January 2017 in Nigeria ” Biafra ” fight for secessionist, have you hear them kill any law enforcement no no no”. We saw how catalans declared independence.But was any catalonian killed?no…But in SC what did we see? massacre of SCnians.As we speak,we have thousands that have fled their homes to neighbouring Nigeria becos of your brutal military.In such a circumstance,what where u expecting in responds?peace,right? We are waiting for those soldiers.Let them come.We will slaughter them like mallam and use them for soya.

  11. How can a sane president declare war on his own people using an army that has the same people he wants to crush? We will end like Congo because revange will always be. I pity any one supporting this stupid leader of lrc. We are in a crisis. French musicians have been singing all along about the marginalisation of English people. Where did they end??jail! Where have all the top government officials ended?? Jail! Sorry to say this any one blind to what is doing on deserves his head cut off. We need a change for the system you are in doesn’t care about u!!!

  12. Comparing the case of Biafra with that of SC is imbecile nonsense.

    The reason is simple: both struggles are different in international law.
    The liberation struggle of Southern Cameroonians is considered as a SEPARATION while that of Biafra is considered as a SECESSION.
    Biafra was part of Nigeria before the latter had her independence in 1960. Biafra is therefore considered as an integral part of Nigeria as per the UN charter. If Biafra wants to leave Nigeria, she can only do that by SECESSION.

    Southern Cameroons was NOT part of LRC before the latter had her independence in 1960. Southern Cameroons can therefore only be considered as an integral part of LRC, if and only if, LRC and SC have respected Article 102 of the UN charter.

    • LRC became a member state of the UN on 20th September, 1960. From that date LRC became bound by the provisions contained in the Charter of the United Nations. Consequently, for LRC to claim SC as part of her territory to be legal, LRC had to conform to the statutory provisions of Article 102 of the Charter.. Failure to comply with the provisions in Article 102(1) attracts the penalty in Article 102(2) which renders such alleged joining unconstitutional. Simply put, the union between SC and LRC is considered by the UN as INFORMAL and therefore non binding in international law. SC therefore has the right to leave LRC. She can do that by SEPARATION since it was an “Njumba” marriage between SC and LRC.

      • Southern Cameroonians are therefore considered in international law and per the UN Charter as SEPARATISTS while Biafrans are considered as SECESSIONISTS.
        It is therefore an example of distortion and manipulation of the truth for LRC to refer to SC activists as SECESSIONISTS.

      • *****The DANGERS OF FIGHTING A TWO- FRONT- WAR******

        During World War II, Hitler’s Nazi Germany had to deal with the Western Allies on the west and the Soviet Union to the east. The Germans were unable to repel either of the two front’s advances and eventually lost the war.
        Today, Paul Biya is repeating the same mistakes like Adolf Hitler. Biya is attempting to fight Southern Cameroonians to the West and Boko Haram to the north.
        It is impossible for Biya and his LRC to win a two-front war. If both fronts are simultaneously advancing in rapid fashion, well, that’s trouble. By marching more LRC troops deeper into SC, redeployment to the northern front will become more difficult for LRC.

        • A two front war is worse than a one front war because it indicates you’re at war with an extra enemy. Even if Biya assumes the other enemies ( Southern Cameroonians) are perhaps weaker, two front wars are ALWAYS a bad thing to do. It is common knowledge that David defeated the mighty Goliath.
          Its therefore bad and foolish for Biya and his LRC to have more enemies than they can chew. LRC will encounter her own waterloo in SC. ALUTA CONTINUA

        • As a corollary, today ( 01.12.2017) many BIR of LRC were killed by Boko Haram in Mayo Muskuta. The reason was simple: Biya has withdrawn most of the BIR from the Northern Region and sent to fight in SC . Boko Haram seized that golden opportunity to kill many BIR. That was just the beginning.


  14. @Ras Tuge There were somany bakossi’s killed by Biya’s army during the 22nd september and 1st October Manifestation.Have u revenged their deaths?u francophone from mbo plain be careful…..I thought u were going to have your way so easilly,did’nt u?

  15. Biya Mvondo,Thanks for declaring war, for long will you live on earth again to fight this war?b God has a plan for you, and u can not succeed in this war.The God of our land will defend us, even with bees,thunder storm and calamity that will befall on your forces of occupation in our land-Ambazonia.
    We are already in bush waiting for u.

  16. You all should have a look on the facebook page name “Visionaries of cameroon”. They talk about interesting stuff that could help put an end to all of this.