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Visit to Cameroon of the Right Honourable Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth

Paul Biya vows to unite Cameroon, punish secessionists

APAnews | Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has vowed to maintain peace, security and unity in Cameroon and sanction supporters of the secessionists group, Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC), reports said on Wednesday.

“Guarantor of institutions and national unity, according to our Constitution, it is my duty to restore order and punish the guilty of these murders,” he said.

The President’s statements come in a context of violence in the English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West of the country, where the armed wing of the secessionists have intensified their attacks and assassinations against army forces.

In the space of a month, about fifteen Cameroonian soldiers were murdered by militiamen who often take refuge in neighboring Nigeria.

In addition, dozens of public buildings, including schools, hospitals, town halls, courts … were vandalized and burned.

However, to provide answers to what appeared a year ago at the beginning of the dispute as corporatist demands of lawyers and teachers, the government has, among other solutions, created a “Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism.”

Its missions include “proposing solutions to maintain peace, consolidating national unity and strengthening the will and daily practice of living together.”

Despite this rise in violence, Paul Biya said he was open to dialogue because “I am none the less determined to give all chances to the aforementioned commission.”

The president was also speaking in the presence of the visiting Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland on an official visit

In her speech, Patricia Scotland said that “the Commonwealth does not agree with the partition of Cameroon,” before calling on all to work for peace, unity and stability in the country.

Biya recalled that bilingualism and multiculturalism are “exceptional assets for our country, for they allow us to have access to two great cultures and open to many countries, especially in Africa.”

Also, “I am convinced that the vast majority of Cameroonians share this point of view. That is why I will persist in seeking solutions that will strengthen our national unity.”

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  1. He is talking of bilingualism and multiculturalism. ..yet he had never address the nation in English. Just got his 2 kids into enam when the most qualified are pushing wilbarrow at mokolo market

    • Do not forget that in taking the oath of office under S. T. Muna’s presidency of the National Assembly, he did utter ” I should doo shwear” to much acclaim.

      Lady Patricia Scotland might have followed in Prince Charles’s footsteps and gone to inspect the hanging bridge of the Korup. Prince Charles preferred to socialize with everything from the tall vegetation of evergreen trees right down to the weeping Mimosa of the forest floor, passing the human inhabitants by.

  2. The picture above says it all.you two are a failure to mankind.winning and dinning over innocent peoples blood.

    The UNSG came and collected his golden statue and now this ….. has collected hers,now go home.shame on you woman.

    If some body will be punished,it is you biya and your generation that will be punished.

    • By the way,by vowing to unite the country means you have publicly accepted the fact that Ambazonia is no longer a part of lrc.bye bye lrc.

  3. The current stalemate is a classic example of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory. It is a glaring testimony of misplaced priorities, of political amateurishness and of the confusion that besets us as anglophones. People howl here “Biya must go, Biya must go”. And in the very next sentence the same people want secession. Question is, which is which? Biya’s ejection or secession? These are two different paths which require different approaches. “Biya must go, we want secession” is an oxymoron. That people mix-up the two is a glaring sign of the confusion occasioned by a lack of strategic thinking. As I have said before, pick a fight, weigh your odds and decide if you can win. Absent this, prepare to fail.

    • Eh,eh,eh!Hear man wey di tok!…the confusion that besets us anglophones. You and who? You are a French slave and your status of a hardened refugee does not mysteriously transform you into an anglophone. A piece of wood in a river cannot suddenly become a crocodile. The confusion you are harping about exist only inside your exilee’s head. You told AG that last time you came out strong against Biya, but when the same man’s soldiers arrived the SW, you were falling over yourself here in celebration. So who is the confused lot? Against Biya or for the soldiers Biya sent out after declaring war? Dull French slave trying his hand at weighty issues that are clearly above his head. You picked a fight long agao,by calling anglophones terrorists and cowards, and welcoming war.Stick to promoting it!

      • You missed again…moron. Quit making a fool of yourself. You are hallucinating. Spewing your tribal idiocy over and over again is a definite sign of psychological breakdown. The buffoon who went from depimento to firefighter is accusing others of changing screen names. Talk about self-projection. You are an intellectual lightweight, a weak-kneed bigot incapable of debating me with ideas. All you have left is paranoid tribal vomit. I don’t respond to paranoia.

        • Zam Zam,alias Nana Sangang, tell me where I missed! First, you are a French slave.secondly, you told firebrand AG that you came out forcefully against Biya. Now tell me! Don’t you oppose Biya and later start celebrating soldiers sent out by him to go kill Anglophones? Small carnival barker, I will keep putting you in your place! I never complained about changing names, my bone of contention is writing with a thousand screen names. You do that because you were raised to be a ghost and dishonest entity. We have completely eliminated your rambling on this forum! When you branded Anglophones terrorists and cowards, you never knew you were projecting your colors of a factional leader. You showed your colors and I accept who you are. Mourning about being called Bami refugee is laughable.

        • Nyamfuka,

          no mind the mbarga….man weh yi no fit differentiate between write-ups, poh-poh you you di mimba seh na some man dat?

          Abeg lep dang man mek yi di expose yi self, daso yi sef-sef !

          Some Ugandan langua tok sey:

          “The higher a baboon climbs a tree, the more undesirable are the parts exposed. “…

        • You want me to tell you where you missed? Are you brain-dead? Here’s a little assignment: figure it out for yourself. Buffoon! You are so consumed with discussing identities instead of ideas that you are now incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction. Deal with it yourself…Like I said, I don’t respond to paranoia.

        • Zam Zam, alias Nana Sangang Brido nyamfuka,
          Hahahahaha, my name no bi Mbarga bro!I no comot for Gabon like Pinguiss your smaller master. And na Pinguiss be baboon wey like climb tree,so dat you fit see yi nyass.Buffoon na man wey di celebrate sey soldiers dn kam for kill anglophones, then at the same time di pretend sey yi dey against the Biya wey yi send dem. I don hook you fr kanass for dat one massa,wey no dey for dodge!Meik i remind you how you good at write ups. I don write with you here for years,I be ever discuss identities? Remember you bi sey I bi sponsor for Boko Haram, wey dem kill 4 soldiers you run out na with my name. Massa I fit go on and on, but you see how na you be angel noo? Na me be bad man wey di discuss identities,even as you di call anglophones terrorists!

        • I don beat you for your game Zam Zam, na yi wey you di cry about identities. But I ku nack you stick even harder ,then you ku regret dat tactics wey you like trying. Trust me for dat one,I no dey for hurry, but I ku zoom in on you like eagle at a time of my choosing. I ku see how dat bullying wey you want trying towards me ku work. And I want you for show me sey you be heavyweight intellectually,as you di claim. All dat kosh dem wey you don lobam for dis forum,you receivam back.you fit pull off bullying only with your refugee self, not dis me!You be touch bitterleaf,and you ku feel yi taste!

    • Summary is people are frustrated with the system, it’s not rocket science. However I agree with u that one path would lay a better plan, unfortunately a country of more than 24 million people means tons of different views.

      • @Sawa, people are frustrated past boiling-point, and for very good reason. The task at hand is harnessing this frustration, giving it momentum and channeling it in a direction that brings positive changes for people. We may be 24 million, but three major trends have emerged: Federalism or some version of it, Secession and Biya’s ousting. It is imperative first, to decide which of these three options are realistically plausible and give it the momentum that will ultimately lead to change. Achieving this is going to require level-headed political engagement which explains to the population, why and most importantly HOW any chosen course of action will be achieved. This has unfortunately not been done, hence the confusion.


    • @ Ewondo, For your information Paul Biya is not an Ewondo, he is a Bulu. Most people think that Paul Biya is Ewondo which he is not. The Ewondos are the Yaounde people from the Central province and the Bulus are from the South. The Yaounde people are tired of you guys blaming them for crimes committed by a president who is not an Ewondo but a Bulu man from the South.

      • Bulu commander, Ewondo, Eton, Bafia lieutenants in a Beti-Pahuin sinking ship on a self distruct looting mission so what difference does it make? The yaounde people can go to hell with their biggest criminal Semengue.

        • IDIOT.
          You need to be civilized

        • This moron of a gorilla has come out of the incubator after getting burnt and toasted on the other article. Did you hear @bobjazz calling you a villager? Huh?! You still think civilization is about eating bread and beans in the middle of the street with your pants pulled down below your waistline. Your breed are the worst villageoise in LRC little Beti primate. See how you criminals have converted a once prosperous economy to a pittance refuse infested giant scrapyard! looters borrowing unendingly and spending with no checks and balances. You are going to hell without us this time. Idiot

        • @ AG Semengue is also a Bulu from the South and not an Ewondo. Study your history and stop this hate and separatist nonsense which will never happen.

  5. And at what age is this faggot going to unite Cameroon. Stupid old faggot and murderer.

  6. Even those who seem to support him now, are merely counting his days and he doesn`t
    know it.
    As God, he still thinks, that he has another 85 years to stay in this life and position, to rule.
    How power, can fool a man.

  7. Vaiocomputers

    Seccessionists have given biya the additional license to update his twisted review of the entire anglophone saga.Is this problem a one of marginalisation or bilingualism/multiculturalism.The regime always have a solution to every problem and a solution to this one has been to look in the other direction.

    • Hmmmm, Vaiocomputers……newspaper for distribut’am for le sharp ova plenti today, bros?

      Some man suffer pass me for dis forum, ah die…

  8. Mr Biya,it is too late, can u be thinking of retirement now.Enough is enough slavery must end now.Send more foreign troops into our land, we are capable of handling them. Our Bees are ready.We are tired of the French colonization. Unite your francophones and not us.

  9. Grand Katika and e complise them think say we Country pipo them na mbutuku. We country pipo them di bolo esclavage for libya, mboko di turn upside down, we bush faller them di swa for go invest for mboko. Yet e check say for toss champaign with Ptricia and blow big big grammer about multiculturalism and billingualism go change country pipo their mind. Well, edey like say e nover still understand wetin di go on for mboko.

  10. biya’s 57 years dictatorship, oppression, brutality, killings, imprisonment, marginalisation, abduction, bad healthcare provisions, bad infrastructure, poverty, poor quality of citizens life, high youths and working age unemployment, censorship, systematic bribery, corruption, civil servants embezzlement is the only negative unity in his colonial mentality, biya feels he owns and can control the lives of all Cameroonians, he has succeeded in doing so with some minority weak arrogant fools, however Cameroon the slum, banana republic has never been united, there will never be unity till thy kingdom come, separation, resentment is deepening now, may SCs have been killed, become refugees, they will all come back eventually,the SCs struggle intensifies & will continue!!

  11. Biya u are a noise maker let wait and see who will run its same noise u make about Boko Haram to day how many thousand Cameroonians are killed by BH now u refused to dialogue with Southern Cameroonians let see if the so called unity will still exists God punish you and yr gang

    • @Amb(ridiota) is now calling Biya to dialogue with So called Anglophones what a joke! The same is been preaching hatred and all kinds of animosities here claiming he is from Southern Cameroons the colonial master buried 50 years ago by transferring its authority to the Republic of Cameroon who is fooling who ????

  12. This was more of a winning visit.
    A tyrant and murderer winning with a so called Commonwealth secretary general. She does not care about all those who have been killed and those in jail like Mancho BBC.
    Time will tell.

    • Alana,

      dan word na “wining”—for drink mimbo witi some man—daso witi one ‘n’. Dang you own na liké for win jambo.

      For Pa John dem kontri tok, dem tok sey:

      when some word like “win” get short vowel sound (the ‘i’ for w-i-n be short liké for the word “in”, then man fit double the consonant ‘n’ bifo man go add suffix (ing) eg. wi(nn)ing, bot, when word get long vowel liké wine (w-ai-n-e(the ‘e’- be silent, you fit even throweh dis silent e ifi you like, yi di hambok place for no nating sef, yi no get use) man no fit double the consonant: wine=wining.

      all the vowels dem ‘e’ witi ‘a’ dem short-short daso, so you get for double the consonants “gg and bb”
      ‘oo’ be liké ‘oou’-long vowel, so no 2x ‘k’ witi ‘p’.


  13. That is how they do it at the UN, AU, IMF etc and we are clapping they have us
    at heart. The deceit is clear.

    • @Tuberculosis Joshua you don’t even have your own family in heart otherwise you would have never support the attitude of terrorists but the best is yet to come because of you, the government have decided not to communicate you will hear.

  14. The only way to resolve the crisis is when LRC, the colonizer and occupier of Ambazonia withdraws to its internationally recognized boundaries. The Gorilla warfare continues and LRC will have no peace and sleep until they leave Ambazonia.

    • @kéngé John follower of looser so in your mind people are not sleeping in the other side bro military are on duty and I will hear you at time.

  15. This nonsense about multi what culturalism just pisses me off terribly. What concrete solutions have been put in action to resolve this wahala since it started last Oct? Only talk talk and continuous mention of the word dialogue, yet selective dialogue if I may call it so.