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Peter Henry BALERIN regagne le Cameroun en peur?

237online | De retour au Cameroun depuis ce 09 juin, l’ambassadeur des Etats-Unis d’Amérique au Cameroun se fait remarquer par une gardera rapprochée à plus grand effectif.

Après quelque huit jours passés hors du Cameroun en raison de congés, l’ambassadeur américain a rejoint le Cameroun ce 09 juin avec de nouvelles habitudes.

Tel qu’on l’a vu entouré ces jours à l’hôtel Hilton de Yaoundé, ce n’est pas d’accoutumée qu’autant de dispositions sécuritaires avaient été prises pour l’ambassadeur depuis juillet 2017 qu’il est au Cameroun, explique la source de 237online. A l’évidence, l’expédition au pays natal n’aura pas été de tout repos ; le cadre américain en revient certainement avec quelques recommandations.

Ce d’autant qu’il est parti en restant à la une de la presse camerounaise pendant une bonne période, du fait de ses déclarations jugées inappropriées, voire infantilisantes, « de l’ingérence », à l’égard du Cameroun, par des apparatchiks de Paul BIYA et autres leaders d’opinion. Au fil d’une sortie médiatique le 18 mai, Peter Henry BALERIN avait accusé l’armée camerounaise de perpétrer des assassinats ciblés dans

le cadre de la guerre dans les régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, après avoir suggéré un jour avant à Paul BIYA de ne plus se représenter à la présidentielle de 2018. Les vacances terminées, le réglage dans la garde rapprochée du diplomate américain augure certainement d’un autre changement ; une retenue dans les envolées quant aux sujets qui fâchent

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  1. Over to the morons who said he could never come back to LRC. Let’s see how you will spin this one.

    • Forget about that CPDM sycophant.

      A copy of his threat sent to the tweeter accounts of US senators, congressmen and the US executive.

      he thought that the US was SC. If anything happens to the Ambassador, Dictator Biya will be held accountable. His government did not charge that man before a military court for terrorism.

  2. This news organization appears biased. They are talking of the Ambassador being fearful for his life, but why don’t they tell viewers/readers that a certain Cameroun politician threatened his life on prime time TV? How can we take such journalists and news companies serious?

  3. Japanese Monkey is back!! see me his ugly face! why can he not give advice to his dictator Donald trump? or ask the french to get out of the CFA francs etc…is Biya the most pressing isseu for cameroonians? what about all the Americans corporations taking all resources in cameroon and africa huh? you like us too much hein? why not make sure they pay their taxes and use same best practices like in the US? Monkey go away ugly man

  4. search a raccoon why he comes back again kikikikikikikikikikiki “mvomeka” ” kongosa” i will send your families back in the bushes again kikikikikikikikikikikik

  5. The good thing that Etoudi can attempt to do now, is ask that he leaves. Let`s see,
    the strength of the saying:`impossibility is not cameroonian`.
    For all that Ras Tuge and `grand penguiss` know, he will serve his term without
    interuption. Sure.
    While growing up, i suppose that these two great childish boys, heard us many many
    times say: `Man pass man`.
    @Bamendaboy, don`t ask them what that means. Ask @john Dinga the teacher. He
    will ask Oga Pharoah, to give them two `cracks` for `finding palava every time wen
    Bah Achu Karl Marks or grand seur Lum, talk.
    All that the wise one Joshua can say, is that Biya and LRC, have entered the black book
    of grand frere DJT. Only time will tell.

  6. Its kind of funny..When Southern cameroonians are against a system, they talk, try to negociate and then fight for their rights..That idiot or retarded LRC fake politician who promised death to the US ambassador , will definately be the first to board a flight to paris and run if the USA attacks ..
    We know that most of the politicians of LRC are just stupid noise makers ..
    You go begging for helicopters , want to get training from the USA but when your devilish and corrupt system is criticize, you turn to shout and make noise..
    How on earth can a man at over 86, half death, running around with diapers and no brain still want to run in a country where over 60% are a youthful population?..Its not normal..And when you are a begger, be ready to accept criticism too

  7. @Biko

    its beggar not begger .”terrorist”

    • It’s funny to see you trying to be condescending by correcting someone’s grammar whereas your statements are usually riddled with faults. It’s laughable actually. In my experience that’s usually a sign of the losing side of an argument.

    • Thanks ….
      I thought we will flush you in a public Toilette when freedom is restored..
      But it seems we can still wash you, clean you up with some DEO to bring you back to the community..
      You are the most disgusting human being i ever read something from..
      Seems like u dont have a functioning brain..

  8. where is Dinga the teacher, please comes here to correct some of your peoples English ” biko” kikikikikikik

    • Why should Dinga correct? Your grand professeur Owona Nguini is alleged to have said all Anglophones speak is pidgin not English so why worry? Allow us to speak our pidgin in our country. Stay in Larepublique.