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Premier bilan de l’incendie ayant dévasté l’Assemblée nationale

237online | Un grave incendie s’est déclaré aux environs de 22h dans la nuit du 16 novembre 2017, ravageant totalement une partie des services administratifs de l’Assemblée nationale située au quartier Ngoa-Ekelle à Yaoundé.

Le feu s’est déclenché au 7e étage, le dernier, avant de se propager sur les autres jusqu’au 3e étage, ravageant tout sur son passage favorisé en cela par la légère brise qui soufflait sur la ville. L’intervention des équipes des sapeurs-pompiers de la ville de Yaoundé, épaulées par celles de l’aéroport international de Yaoundé-Nsimalen, a permis de circonscrire les flammes et empêcher qu’elles n’atteignent l’hémicycle, centre névralgique des travaux de la session en cours.

Selon un premier bilan non officiel, les 7e, 6e, 5e et 4e niveaux ont été complètement brûlés. Le 3e à moitié.

Ces étages abritent les cabinets des vice-présidents de l’Assemblée Nationale, des Secrétaire généraux adjoints, le groupe parlementaire SDF (Social Democratic Front, principal parti de l’opposition), la direction du budget et de la solde, la direction de l’administration générale, les salles des commissions et les bureaux de certains députés et des autres fonctionnaires de l’assemblée. Rien ne pourra être récupéré dans les différents bureaux des étages qui ont été consumés par les flammes.

On notait sur place la présence du général de brigade, commandant la première région de gendarmerie, Housseini Djibo, les responsables de l’institution, dont certains vice-présidents, des questeurs, le secrétaire général Victor Yene Ossomba et ses deux adjoints, les responsables administratifs de la région du Centre avec à leur tête le gouverneur Naseri Paul Bea et le préfet du Mfoundi, Jean Claude Tsila.

Le président de la chambre, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril est descendu sur les lieux plus tard en compagnie de son épouse pour constater les dégâts.

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  1. This incident, like the ones before it, will be investigated and, probably reported to the public. It will take some time since there are earlier ones waiting – the fire the engulfed Finance Minister Etienne Ntsama’s office, the Nsam Fire that took away many lives, and lots more. Reports of investigation will throw light on them.

    In the mean time, perhaps Cameroonians should seriously give thought to advice fortuitously offered by former US president, Barack Obama : Let the country be made of strong institutions instead of strong men in power.

    For indeed, what good is strong men in a disaster of this type if, like the House Speaker, they just fold their arms and look helplessly. Won’t a strong fire-fighting service do much more good than strong men decreed here and there? Is it not sad

    • that it took the fire services two hours to get to the scene of this fire right in the center of the nation’s capital?

      In matters like this the experts are usually very reluctant to provide answers, leaving room for speculation:
      how was the fire started? how did the arsonist carry the large quantity of fuel or other entity used to start the fire from the lower to the upper floor? Were there guards or not in the premises of the National Assembly? Simplistic minds are already citing Anglophone secessionists without asking the basic question: How will such an act benefit them?

      It would be wrong for any disgruntled Anglophone to have a hand in such a crude act. If the misappropriation of Cameroon Bank, PWD, Powercam etc was wrong, how can the burning down of this edifice be right?

      • “that it took the fire services two hours to get to the scene of this fire right in the center of the nation’s capital”Hahahah ,,,so if this happened in Akwaya,it will take two years for fire fighters to arrive.God have mercy on this country

  2. For ever young

    That building was guarded by more than 100 regime rapist army ,only CPDM parliamentarians terrorist should be investigated& torture by the rapist army until they provide evidence who’s behind dis fire those CPDM parliamentarian thieves /accomplices cause dis fire u don’t have be a rocket scientist to figure it out , CPDM crooks set the plan to cover their financial terrorists activities against the Cameroonian people I want to see them behind the military trucks with the military tortured them like they did with southern Cameroonian students in buea on terrorism orchestrated by them, rapist military should shoot them with live bullets& rape the female members like they’re doing in AMBAZONIA any action apart from the rapist military modus operandi be considered a covered up, den of thieves

  3. For ever young

    After setting ablaze our schools in Ambazonia federal republique & bitkusi green red yellow favorite sicam flag in Canada now they’re turning their terrorists activities among themselves “the chicken has finally come home to roost “, confused la republique CPDM terrorists should be touture & sent to kondengui prison prevent them from celebrating Christmas come December back home with their families everyone of them in the black list at etoudi arsonist moron CPDM thieves terrorists

    • Your close-to-accurate assessment of the Monsters could land you a top job at the helm of the mother of all spy agencies, the FBI

  4. God of Fire, unleash Thy Venom! Take possession of the National Hydrocarbon offices, the Central Post Office, the Treasurie Nationale, the Ministry of Finance…rein down inferno on that which is inherently evil for there is not one good man alive in that regime! Lord of the Flames, Chief Executor of Vengeance, Master of Everything Charred, Great Roaster! work further wonders, show us greater Signs! Burn! Burn! Burn! Dear Hot One, are you thinking of the Etoudi Palace? Ok Power is yours!

    • Épée Dipanda

      Senator you know your request is unholy for vengeance is the Lord’s .
      They have killed 300 innocent Ambazonian I know but surely many more innocent citizens of la Republique would lose their lives if the Great Loba were to answer your frantic prayers.
      We shall not have that.
      We wish peace and solace to our “enemies” on the other side of the Mungo river.
      We shall maintain the moral high ground and the.
      We shall March on to Buea where human rights will count for something.

  5. Épée Dipanda

    Bikutsi is nowhere to be found.
    She must come and tell us how Anglophones are brainless to seek to reinstate a constitution that was criminally sidestepped.
    Look at the legislative arm of government. Look at the faces of the leadership.
    Compare these faces to the faces of members of parliament in other African countries.
    How can old men like these from the Precambrian era continue to force themselves on 21st century Ambazonians?
    If francophones want these geological era freaks to continue to destroy their destiny, they can carry on.
    For us sons and daughters of Mandip and Verdzekov, you know what it is.
    We shall March to Buea
    Buea where our legislative leadership will not be as old as the folk you see in this picture.