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President Paul Biya reshuffles and six Ministers dismissed

CRTV The series of decrees signed by President Paul Biya this 2nd March 2018 brings in new officials while others change portfolio and six quit the government.

1. Sacked from government.

  • Mebe’e Ngo Edgard Alain, former Minister of Transport
  • Michel Ange Angouin former Minister of  the Public Service and Administrative Reforms
  • Atangana Kouna Basile former Minister of Water Resources and Energy
  • Ngole Ngwese Philip, former Minister of Forestry and wildlife
  • Bokam Jean Baptist former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence incharge of the Gendarmerie.
  • Belinga Eboutou former Minister, Director of the Civil cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic

2. Those who changed portfolio;

  • Eloung Paul Che goes to the Presidency as Assistant Secretary General
  • Jules Doret Ndongo leaves the Territorial Administration as Minister Delegate to become the Forest and Wildlife Boss
  • Alamine Ousmane Mey leaves the Finance Ministry to become Minister of the Economy Planning and Regional Development.
  • Motaze Louis Paul takes over the Ministry of Finances
  • Ngale Masina Bibehe Jean Ernest leaves the Ministry of Secondary Education to Transport.
  • Atanga Nji Paul who was National Security Permenent Secretary is now incharge of Territorial Administration
  • Sadi Rene who was Minister of Territorial Administration goes to the Presidency as Minister incharge of Special Duties
  • Dion Ngute leaves the Ministry of External Relations incharge of cooperation with the Commonwealth to become Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic.
  • Yaouba Abdoulaye leaves the Ministry incharge of the Economy to the Ministry of Finance as Minister Delegate .

3.The new comers;

  • Elanga Obam George heads the newly created Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development.
  • Gaston Eloundou Minister of Water Resources and Energy
  • Nalova Lyonga Minister of Secondary Education
  • Joseph Le, Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms
  • Mvondo Ayolo Directeur of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic
  • Etoga Yves Landry, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence incharge of the Gendarmerie
  • Felix Mbayou Secretary Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations incharge of cooperation with the Commonwealth
  • Armand Claude  Njoudom, Secretary of State for Public Works
  • Tasong Paul is Minister Delegate at the Ministry of the Economy Planning and Regional Development incharge of Plannification.

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  1. The man surely likes signing decrees!

    • Épée Dipanda

      Dear John,
      These francophones will not kill me before my time. What is a secretary minister? What is a minister delegate? Are those supposed to be Chief Director and Deputy Ministers?
      I am not surprised that these people often do not know what to do. The titles themselves require a password to be unlocked how much more their job descriptions?
      A sad and sorry country indeed, la Republique. The sooner we depart, the better

  2. Old wine and new wine equals to failure or how many decrees and minister,
    can bring about emergance?

    • Épée Dipanda

      What is emergence?
      La Republique people should stick with French and stop confusing Anglophones. What is emergence? Is that supposed to be a middle income country?
      What a sad and sorry country from which Ambazonia must “carry her kako ” ASAP.

  3. Nalova? Chai, thieris god ooh

  4. @ John Dinga ,joshua

    we have a lot of enemies of progress here.

    • Progress made by biya:
      a. no electricity in even parts of Douala
      b. teachers jailed for asking unpaid salaries
      c. refugees
      d. wantom killings of people etc etc etc and you name it, in the name
      of protecting the whiteman`s agenda
      Why many cameroonians like you can not see a wrong, is because
      of the background you hail from. It puts your minds in a box or tight
      corners and keeps you wondering, why others can be like you or why
      things should change. Narrow mindedness, is just as bad.

    • @joshua

      no government is perfect

  5. the more a village has ministers,governors,etc,the poorer it becomes because no village can be developed by people with a pure salaried psychology.we need more agronomist,industrialist,not products of occupation called ministers.

  6. Did lawyers and teachers get brutalized, youths jailed, maimed and killed in their numbers, refugees piled up in Nigeria as houses raised with people inside for their blood to water the the promotion of those like Atanga Nji Paul who refused there was no problem? This is punitive appointment by all means.

  7. Il sait que le changement est important mais est pret ä bruler tout le pays pour se maintenir. Terrible!!

  8. Ali Baba: ” Sesame, ouvre-toi!”
    40 Voleurs: “Hurrah !”
    Atanga Nji Paul: “Ambazonia, get lost !”
    Anglophones: “Kumbaya !”
    Nalova : “UB is the place to be”
    Students: “Tata Coco na bguea na eh!”

  9. why didn’t they change name of the country to bulu betti republic … because all state ministries are in their hands wonder when Cameroonians are going to realize what the Betti’s are planning to do in secrets

  10. The minister of territorial Administration under Mr. Paul Atanga Nji is Bamenda man’s own vomit. Bamenda people like to write confidential reports even about their own parents. Biya has given back to Bamenda Mankon people what they deserved. But one bad thing is that in order not to make those who support LRC too happy he split the ministry into two (rubbishing its importance) which does not make any sense at all. Minister of Decentralization and Local development means what? Decentralization should be a one action development project and why a minister to head it Once Decentralization of LRC is complete then that is it.

  11. It will take a complete Master degree program to scrutinize how the CameroUn government functions. It is a convoluted, mystical and a well-mechanized system of government that is paralleled to none the world over. Judas Iscariot Atanga’na Nji is compensated with the ministry of Terrorizing Administering, but, decapitated of the spicy portion of Deception and Concentration Camping, which is created and given to a francophone. This leaves the semi-illiterate psychopathic Atanga’na, a jobless, impotent stooge. The Bamba harlot will be warbling in one of the redundant and suffocating ministries of education. I’m sure after a master’s program, one will need to proceed with a Ph.D., to fully understand the system.
    The two most hated SCians are rewarded for escalating a crisis. I don’t get it.