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Prof Leke Tambo released from captivity

[UPDATED] CRTV The Chairman of the GCE Board has been released after more 48 hours of Captivity. He was released in Lebialem, his native land where he was kidnapped on Saturday, 17th March 2018.

The news of his release was made public by the Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai.

He said Prof Leke Tambo was released this Monday, 19th March 2018 in Lebialem. “We have organised, according to high instructions, his trip to Yaoundé where he is expected to be presented to senior state officials,” the Governor added.

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai expressed thanks to the traditional rulers, the elite and notables of Lebialem Division who stood like one man to fight for the release of the Professor.

The Governor added that Prof Leke Tambo is a son of Lebialem and it was not acceptable that he should disappear in such circumstances in his own village.

The Governor also expressed gratitude to other actors who contributed to the release. He also expressed the wish that such an incident will not occur again in the region.

The chairman of the GCE board was abducted in his village while a trip to organise a support match to thank the Head of State for appointing a son of the division as Minister.

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  1. Foolish Ambazonians who don’t use their brain. You cursed JD when he told you the truth. Kidnapping this guy was like shooting yourself on the foot. The international community was going to confirm you were a terrorist organization and Biya was not going to give you even 0ne kobo for kidnapping an anglophone.

  2. This is a clear proof that the so-called defense force or whatever is having nothing under control.
    Thugs are now seizing their own oppotunity to make it too, as the saying goes.

    Who’s going to pay the bill for such thugs?…

    • What bill are you alluding to? You sound like recuperating drunkard.

      • @borat no worry zam Zam dey man putam for body well well yesterday probably free beer from one of those fat Aryan ladies for Munich hahahaha

        • Crish pipi dem so….anything wey wuna no understand, some man must die.

          Foolish pipi…

    • @Zam-Zam

      haahhahah nice one who is going to pay that bill.

    • @ZAMZAM: this is prove that there is just chaos and anarchy in that country..How can thugs as you say team up and capture people for money..How are we even sure that these are not troops sent to enforce law and order?..What are many of the troops doing in these regions?..Stealing, breaking into peoples houses, raping women and bringing a reign of terror to innocent civilians..
      If you see the way people at the top, those at the middle steal, then dont be surprise that once given a chance, the military will also try to steal..At the climax of coupe de la route, it turn out that many gendarmes and Police were involved..They gave guns to Thugs, and in return were given huge sums of money .Our country is sick..

  3. We need to be smart out here and go after Ayaba, that fool called Boh Herbert, Ivo and the rest. Those whose family members have suffered fron the devilish acts in Cameroon oganised by these idiots out here have all the moral responsibility to target then on the streets of Europe and America. I know there is a unit under creation to take care of these idiots. They have made so much Money from ignorant contributors and their victims are the majority of uneducated anglophone women doing very odd Jobs here in the Diaspora. This is the unfortunate aspect of being uneducated. Those exploiting them will pay the Price with time.

  4. If by now you have not understood that anglophones mean business then I pity you and your LaRepublique friends.

  5. ‘Prof Tambo was paraded almost half naked by gun men’. This is a ludicrous statement from the winsome android. Suckling, put it this way: Prof Tambo was paraded almost naked… Prof Tambo was paraded half naked.

    ‘Wi dang neket yi’ rasclaaat maggadog chant about his own father… and there sat the poor old man in utter disbelief… with a cutlass beside him. Well, Prof Leke Tambo’s humiliation was a travesty… a curse!

    Now, let me send you this message, Akwanga Ebenezer, if I ever meet you face to face, I will remind you of Pa Leke Tambo before I do what I have to do.

  6. What bill are you alluding to? You sound like recuperating drunkard.

  7. Africans For Donald Trump

    Anyone who imagined that the government of Cameroon will pay a ransom for the release of a native of Lebialem is a fool!

    Anyone who thinks that the ambazombie forces are winning the fight to secede from Cameroon is a bigger fool!
    Anyone from the NW/SW of Cameroon who thinks that the terrorist delusional republic of ambazombie leaders are fighting for a better future for him/her is the biggest fool!
    How do you claim to be fighting for the very people you are terrorizing?
    Every Cameroonian from the NW and SW has a right to their political opinion. Every Cameroonian from the NW/SW province has the right to belong to any political party of their choice. When you threaten people of the NW/SW with death if they do not agree with your political agenda then you are a terrorist!

  8. People Run from Yaounde to hide in the village not vise versa!

  9. @ Africa for Donald Triumph
    And any one who think Cameroon is one and indivisible like u is goat.

    • @Good man

      anyone who thinks will win this civil disobedience has” Igbo blood Nigeria ” and will never win

  10. Where is the Governor of Batibo?
    Where is the social delegate who made a plea for his release.
    The arrest and release of this professor seems very staged.
    It begs the question why arrest the others and detain if it is the same people and release some.
    What is happening in West Cameroon is from the playbook of 1958 French Cameroon.
    The treacherous Africans who are perpetual collaborators with France are doing their best to label the people as terrorist so that like the Bamilekes or Bassas they can continue their genocide of West Cameroonians.
    2016 started with simple demands for English in classrooms and Courtrooms by the people in a supposed bilingual country Why?
    Treacherous Africans Abducted Balla, Ayuk etc and labeled them terrorist.
    France collaborators at Work!

  11. SC is a warzone. Terrorists from LRC are causing havoc on the people of SC. It is a patriotic obligation for homeland to be defended.
    Any Southern Cameroonian coming to SC to organise a CPDM rally or motion of support rally will be considered as an enemy of the people and dealt with accordingly.
    The release of Prof. Leke is a one time humanitarian gesture and should be considered as such.
    Anglophone CPDM sycophants should therefore hold their Biya rallies in LRC.

    • If history is any guide, Anglophone CPDM sycophants who come to SC to organize rallies will be considered as de facto citizens of LRC and therefore enemy combattants.

      1. The ANC killed South Africans who collaborated with the Apatheid regime,
      2. Frelimo and Renamo killed Mozambicans who collaborazed with the Portuguese ,
      3. SWAPO killed Namibians who collaborated with the Apartheid regime of South Africa,
      4. MPLA and UNITA killed Angolans who collaborated with the portuguese,
      5. The Mau Mau killed Kenyans who collaborated with the British.
      6. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) killed South Sudanese who collaborated with the Government in Kartoum
      7. The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) killed Eritrans who collaborated with Ethiopia

      • 8. The FALINTIL National Armed Forces for the Liberation of East Timor killed traitors
        9. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA),killed Kosovars who betrayed the struggle
        10. Etc.

        Our Restoration Forces have the right and mandate to abduct or even kill Southern Cameroonian traitors and self-seekers.


    • @ Mvomeka. That is not true. I just spoke to people who just came back from the SW and NW provinces and they say everything is just fine in Buea, Limbe and Bamenda. People are going about their business and don’t give a damn about Ambazonians. Your propaganda is not working.

      • I feel your pain. I really do.

        Things are moving in your country from bad to worse

        Cycling race “annulée”
        Economic forum “annulée”
        Soon it will be AFCON “annulée”
        The telling signs are there for doubting Thomases to see: LRC is in dire straight of liquid cash.
        The UNWINNABLE is already taking its toll.
        Fighting a war is very expensive. The US has budget deficits because of wars.
        The Highly Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC ) will sooner than later realize that wars cost money. Creditors will soon refuse to lend money because of the danger of bad debts. Mercenaries from Chad will soon be asking for their dues.
        Atangana Kouna has escaped to Canada with the money he stole.
        Bokam has asked for political asylum in France.
        Soon your Biya will remain only with ex-convict and murderer AtangaNA

        • @ Mvomeka. I don’t feel any pain. My family and myself both in Cameroon and in Canada are living very very well despite your petty terrorist activities. You are the ones feeling the pain hiding in bushes. If you have any balls why don’t you go to the big cities and try your foolishness there? The Arabs will soon teach you and your Ayaba Cho a lesson for killing one of them. For your information Arabs never forgive and never forget.

  12. @Africans For Donald Trump You sound stupid to tell people that everybody has a right to his political opinion.If so,why then has the CPDM been treating the SCNC as criminals over the years?Why could the CPDM not understand that the SCNC people should have their own political opinion? Most SCNC people have suffered jailed sentences of 20 years and above under this CPDM mafia regime.Let me tell u,that is why this Professor who is a CPDM supporter is also treated as a criminal by the SCNC people. He should count himself lucky that they did not keep him the way the CPDM have kept Sisiku Ayuk and Co.It is vey unpatriotic to hide the history of Cameroon,the way this CPDM gov’t have been struggling to hide,for the past 56 years.And u are supporting them to continue like that.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa man

      If you are right that “most SCNC people have suffered jailed sentences of over 20 years” then the SCNC must be a very very small group of people.
      The government of Cameroon does not have enough prisons to keep tens of thousands of SCNC people in jail for over 20 years. You are either lying as usual or confirming the fact that the SCNC population in the NW and SW is miniscule.

      You are so delusional not to realise that your comments above merely confirm your status as a terrorist! Every person from the NW and SW of Cameroon has a right to their political opinion. You have a right to be a terrorist and the government of Cameroon has the right to annihilate all terrorists in Cameroon with the full backing of the international community!

      You all will be annihilated by TRC!

  13. @Africans For Donald Trump ”Anyone who imagined that the government of Cameroon will pay a ransom for the release of a native of Lebialem is a fool” There u go again..Why would the gov’t not pay a ransom for the release of a native of Lebialem? Is the said native of Lebialem not a ”Cameroonian”? Is the said native of Lebialem not a CPDM member?..Of what use is the said native of Lebialem to the Lebialem people? If u pretend not to know,all this political elites have been rejected in their communities. They are political eleies from west Cameroon,fabricated by Biya and the people from East Cameroon.They are serving East Cameroon.Hence,the gov’t from East Cameroon must,and should pay a ransom for his release.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa man

      Unfortunately the government of Cameroon does not rely on you for counsel.
      Your thinking is extremely flawed and that’s the foundation of your actions. I repeat anyone who thinks the government of Cameroon will pay a ransom to the delusional ambazombie terrorists for the release of a native of Lebialem is an absolute fool!

      You can go ahead and kidnap all members of the CPDM who hail from the NW and SW and see if the government will pay a dime to you. You can try this dumb tactic and watch the govt of Cameroon seat back and observe the backlash from the citizens of the NW/SW on you dra terrorists.
      Unlike you dumb ambazombie terrorists the govt is smart and very strategic in their actions and that’s why they were able to seize 47 of your leaders from Nigeria with ease.

  14. @bobjazz
    ”The international community was going to confirm you were a terrorist organization and Biya was not going to give you even 0ne kobo for kidnapping an anglophone”.Since i started reading from this forum,i have never seen a bamilleke who is dull like u.U are talking about International Community?I thought u have always claimed that Ambasonians are terrorist.Why are u now saying that International community will confirm that Ambasonians are terrorist? Two states,Nigeria and LRC have perpetrated kidnap.Two months gone, and the whereabout of Sisiku and Co is not known till date.No international organisation have come out on the media to say anything.Not UN,AU,CEMAC.And u think we should be afraid to pepertrate kidnap and ask for ransom? That Prof should count himself lucky.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa man

      You shameless terrorist cowards can not go after Mayor Ekema because you know he is armed to the teeth and will destroy you.

      You preyed on this innocent Pa who is carrying out his civic duties as a responsible citizen because you know he can not defend himself. Shame on you cowards! Chraze Anuus the spokesperson for the delusional republic of ambazombies recently labeled you guys terrorist cowards!
      Sick seku ayuk tabe and his band of terrorist conmen were swept from Nigeria and transported to Kondengui like nkunyams(pigs). Your response is to go kidnap innocent old men from the NW and SW who are carrying out their civic duties in peace. Wuna no di shame?
      You delusional ambazombie terrorist cowards!
      Wuna no di shame?

    • @ Kongosa. You just proofed Africans for Donald Trump right. Any sensible anglophone who does not support your foolishness is either associated with the Biya regime or called Bamileke or Francophone. All what your terrorist organisation has achieved is destroy some few anglophone villages close to Nigeria and sending the inhabitants to Nigeria as refugees. Do you really think Biya cares? The land is still under Cameroon control and Biya is still the commander in chief. Use your f’cking brains. The great MLK used intelligence not violence to liberate the African Americans without any U.N or outside intervention. Right now it looks like Biya is by far the more wise and intelligent one and not you guys.

  15. @KONGOSA

    hahahahahhaha nonsense talk, rubbish at all level go and kidnapped ” terrorist organization “.

    you will never come back to Cameroon, you need to find your way to Biafra state.

  16. where are all those thugs in this forum who came out supporting war against terrorism, claiming the troops were going to clean , wipe out the terrorist and bring back peace and order ?..Its easy to dream and assume how easy things can be..
    If we have a look where we are today , we will conclude the following:
    – force is never a solution..
    – u cant fool the people all the time..
    – the people who give you their votes should be respected..
    – Marginalization is a crime against humanity..
    – A country is not built by a few but by its people..
    – Dialogue is the key to long lasting peace…
    If your people have a problem, listen to them, ask questions and look for a solution. if you think sendinging troops is the answer, watch cameroon today…

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      There will be nod dialogue with terrorists!
      There is ongoing dialogue with the legitimate leaders of the NW/SW province.

      The delusional republic of ambazombie terrorist leaders will only dialogue with the guards of Kondengui and the judge of the military court.

  17. @Africans For Donald Trump Ha ha ha..That Professor that was arrested is a criminal,perpetrating a criminal act in a foreign country.The professor have come out to say that he and his families have learnt their lessons.Political activities of the CPDM and SDF have been banned in Ambasonia.Respect that or pay the price if u are caught.I just hope all the families of those CPDM politicians in Ambasonia have saved enough to pay if they are caught.They have worked enough money over the years to be able to pay the price if they are caught. LRC gov’t will not come to their aide.It is their families that will bear the pain.The D.O for Batibo,the Delegate of Social Affairs have learnt their lessons.This Professor should count himself lucky that his family can afford the money for his freedom.

    • @ Kongosa. Which foreign country are you talking about? I have checked the African maps from 1900 till today and there was never a country in Africa called Ambazonia or Southern Cameroon. Maybe the colonial masters left some of you confused. Ambazonia sounds like an Eastern European name. You guys should check there and see if it exists as there is no name like that in Africa.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa man

      Your comments continue to reveal the delusional coward terrorist you are!

      There are SDF meetings and CPDM meetings taking place in the NW/SW of Cameroon everyday. The SDF secretariat in Bamenda is open for business everyday and you can not do anything to stop that.

      Not even CFA 5 frs was paid to secure the release of this Pa. Check out the posting from the ambazombie terrorist cowards on Baretta News to get the facts. You should be ashamed of yourself that you have to create such fake stories in your mind to pretend to be happy. What a sad coward terrorist!

      He was released by the coward terrorists after they realized how dumb it was to kidnap this Pa as part of their fight for secession.
      I dare you to go host an ambazombie flag in Bamenda.

  18. @KONGOSA

    fake fake fake news , dont worry we will hunt you even after one billion years

  19. @bobjazz I also cheked before 2010 there no country like South Sudan. If we are not a country,then what is UN and AU waiting? to declare Ambasonians a terrorist organisation? rESPECT OUR LAWS OR U PAY THE PRICE.

    • @ Kongosa. You are so dumb. I said from 1900 till today and not before 2010. You claim you are taking your country back when there was never ever any country called Ambazonia or South Cameroon in Africa. The NW and SW provinces will for ever be Cameroon territories even though the colonial masters tried to separate and use various parts for their national interest during colonization.

  20. @ Mvomeka. let me input the No 10 for you.
    @ Kongosa. Every political party must be LEGALIZED. if Your SCNC was legalized, they would’ve have the right for their political views. Else HOW LONG DID IT TAKE USA & OTHERS TO LABEL BOKO HARAM TERRORISTS ?