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Prosecution requests death sentence for Mancho Bibixy, others

Journal du Cameroun | The audience at the Yaounde military court was shell-shocked on Friday when the prosecuting magistrate requested the court to slam a death sentence on Mancho Bibixy and seven other anglophones in the case between them and the State.

For over three hours, a team of close to ten lawyers of the civil party- three anglophones included- for three-and-a-half hours tore into the anglophone detainees with their various « evidences » to prove their case.

Mancho Bibixy
Barrister Achu Julius who dismissed the notion of Anglophone or Francophone, stressing all are Cameroonians. He buttressed his point from a history by tracing the Cameroons as far back as 1884 before telling the accused they were ignorant of what they are fighting for.

« Most of you were not even born when the plebiscite took place (in 1961) apart from my learned colleague on the other side (Barrister Ben Muna, lead counsel of the defence team), so stop all this your Ambazonia nonsense, » he defiantly told the accused before warning them to leave politics to politicians.

« I hate to hear the word Anglophone or Francophone, this is not a historical nor political matter,» he said while telling the detainees that a country is constructed by the will of the people and not the constitution.

Quoting section 237 of the Cameroon Penal code which provides a ten to 20 years imprisonment for depradation by band, and which could even extend to a death sentence, Barrister Achu Julius prayed the court to apply the law because the facts, according to him are there for all to see.

Facts which he took time to outline as he pointed that the accused have messed up themselves by inciting the crowd to revolt against the State. The Government Delegate of the Bamenda City Council would have been dead by now if security forces did not intervene to rescue him from the crowd incited by Mancho Bibixy, Barrister Achu said.

On each count, he quoted the punishment set aside by the law which he prayed the court to strictly apply so as to serve a lesson to others.

He told the court to pass a judgement equal to the damage their acts have inflicted on the population of the two affetected regions and this can only be done through a heavy sentence.

After the three-hour presentation from the civil party, the case was adjourned to April 24 at the request of the defence counsel who asked for more time to prepare their case.

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  1. Serbia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Indonesia killed freedom fighters in Kosovo, Eritrea, S. Sudan and East Timor respectively to “set examples”. however, the liberation struggle did not stop.

    The momentum for the liberation of SC is UNSTOPPABLE.


    • Barrister Achu received dead threat when he drag Anglophone bishops to court, Since then he has never set his feet in Bamenda. Of course, he has made his situation worse by betraying the face of the revolution in exchange of marginal and ephemeral favours from LRC.

      • …when he dragged…

      • …in exchange for…..

      • “He buttressed his point from a history by tracing the Cameroons as far back as 1884”

        Barrister Achu is “pants on fire” ignorant of history.

        The truth of the matter is that German Cameroon (German: Kamerun)
        was the African colony of the German Empire from 1884 to 1916 in the region of today’s :

        1. LRC,
        2. Southern Cameroons
        3. the northern part of Gabon
        4. the northern part of the Congo
        5. the western parts of the Central African Republic,
        6. the southwestern parts of Chad and
        7. the far eastern parts of Nigeria.

        Simply put, German Kamerun was NOT the same entity as the present day LRC.

        It is no secret that much of the “distortion ” of the history of the Southern Cameroons has been done by the Biya’s government itself to serve one or several short and/or long-term agendas.

  2. These traitors from within must now realize dead threats don’t scare Ambalanders anymore. The war continues until the house is completely cleaned from within.

    • Where are you at war front? You hide from your bush hole and make noise. By all means, a Guerilla war is a sign of failure. No hope.

  3. Thank you barrister Achu , I have been saying the same thing , hang that thug wannabe by the balls and let other candidates to take note . Mancho is a hateful individual playing the martyrs . Like Ken saro he should be killed .

    • @pinguiss

      Hahahahaha I like your point of view

      • @Pinguiss & Fake Bamendaboy,

        Mancho has what many of you can only read and admire in history…now happening before your very eyes.
        Don’t worry, your children and grand children will read about a certain Mancho B. many years to come…when you will have died and long been forgotten even by your very grand children as you live a life so empty and full of hatred…even to those who are struggling to rescue you very own existence. Shame on you.

        • @Nosabi

          you can call me whatever you wants , the point is MANCHO B is an opportunist . if you dont like what i said you can go protest

  4. Converting a presidential pardon into a death sentence is quite a feat that deserves a medal of valor indeed.

  5. Like I said at the beginning please let them be radicalized and smoking that banga “ banga gives me power “

    We need to implement Muslim law by beheaded him period.
    I call those type of people mr opportunist .

  6. Manchu is a hero weather dead o alive we shall never forget him we shall fight till the last man standing lrp we a gone we shall meet at un genearal asemble u a crying bc ur milking cow is gone

  7. Two kinds of justices, hold. That of the court and that of the people. If we
    happen to know this, the Barrister, should also be given the people`s verdict.
    The law, doesn`t belong to himself or a few of them. He is too excited in this
    matter. This is his clever way of seeking for notice as he too has seen in BBx,
    and nothing else like he thinks about the other person should follow him too.
    He is struggling hard on the other hand, to set a presidence against all the
    Ambalanders. He has no pity for our suffering etc, and if we should suffer much
    more than this, his mind will be at peace. I guess, he goes to church, just to be
    seen. Cameroon, is where being on the side of gov`t means personal satisfaction,
    but what will Achu gain, when his own is suffering, like the biblical Lazarus?

  8. This is where stupidity becomes a crime..
    If a cameroonian says we should hang a young man for protesting against the sytem, then where are we heading to..
    The question we should as ourselves is:
    – is it wrong to protest against such a roten government
    -is it really wrong to say what is wrong?
    -Is it wrong to open the eyes of the sleeping and inactive majority?

    If these young man should ne hang, then what should we do with people like:
    – Atanga Nji?..
    -The thieves in Kondengui who were ministers?
    – Biya himself
    and a hand full of directors and ministers?

    Again this is when stupidity and primitivity becomes a crime..
    before even opening a dirty mouth to say a bad word about this young man, think, rethink and think again..
    You will see he is the real patriot..

  9. Barrister Achu,well u have chose a part of life will follow u and ur family till Jesus shall come. watch out U are chosen the a wrong side of history.

  10. Barrister so called Achu,all of us are legal minds but history should not sold for money.I personally disagree with u concerning ur submissions regarding the case against BCC m & others.I will pray for u to die first and not the young man fighting for the truth.If he is convicted as per ur submissions, u will meet ur dead on the way.watch out, the whole anglophone community will go into prayers for this. I personally promise u.idoits.

  11. Barrister so called Achu,your family need to be banished.