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Questions autour de l’arrestation de leader séparatiste [+vidéo]

Cameroun anglophone: questions autour de l’arrestation de Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, président du mouvement séparatiste anglophone au Cameroun.

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  1. News started as a reporting of things that had actually taken place in the past, recent as well as distant. Trained and accredited professionals reported dutifully, bringing home to the people the happenings around them. Gradually the appetite for news increased and news men became impatient in their search for it from all nooks and crannies of society.

    And so came the concept of Breaking News and professionals went crazy in their mad rush to be the first to deliver. The craze went further as some began to preempt events or predict them as their fantasies carried them. Consumers of news found themselves in a quandary: the gullible ones took in everything they read while the skeptics hesitated or cross-checked alternative sources to satisfy their tastes and cravings.

    It is the right thing

  2. to check and cross check news items before consuming them or passing them to others. Bad news can cause unease and plenty of unnecessary turmoil. It can even push to criminal activities. Yesterday it was reported that military men had deserted and joined the ranks of refugees fleeing to Nigeria. Today the story is that the deserters were in fact spies disguised as refugees and working with host authorities in Nigeria to arrest and deport Ambazonian officials or kill them on the spot. Whichever version is true, citizens have a duty to slow down the rate at which they propagate unverified information. The nation needs level-headed thinking to disentangle itself from contemporary challenges.

  3. Why can’t sisiku speak if all is ok.
    Until then, there is nothing today he is not under arrest.
    Nigeria could keep quite in this even if it is involve; that applies to Cameroon too.
    How can we explain none of the so-called consortium members has not come out to contradict all this “fake news”

    • Because they are being protected from your killing spy squad hiding within the Nigerian populace. Nigeria has already issued a response that they were not arrested so what the fcuk do you want? How the heck does that even concern you gorilla?

  4. I still can’t believe that those conmen were all caught like common sparrows by gov’t authorities.

    I smell the hands of some hired killers disguised as normal agents.

    Anyway, that is a non-event to me.

    All political bodies, home and abroad, must continue the non-violent pressure on Etoudi to resolve the Anglo problem, or at least set the pace for a long-lasting solution. The hoax of the 60s can no longer apply today, so there is no way we can know peace without resolving this issue. However, secession MUST be TAB*OO in any dialogue…

    • Zam-Zam,

      It is just a fraction of the tools that are at the disposal of the state. All about High politics, as it is referred to in the sciences of politics. Like i said many times before the Ambazombi termites are not equipped. Termite soldiers and workers are BLIND! They gamble with lives and take it for a kontri/njangi meeting. The stakes are extremely high but just like in the 60s, these folks will not learn.

      Now, let’s look at their so-called cabinet… Too many PhD impostors (THE GARRULOUS EGO TRIP GANG) with very little knowledge of geopolitics and statecraft. Adventurers struggling to repress and exclude others, just like they do in academia…and we watch them! I talked of the drunken conductor and his train of doom that is jammed with noisy drunkards… and there you have it.

      • Oh yes, Ras !

        Forget about those PhDs and all that sh**—mere parrots and copycats, at least parrots and cats can even sense a disaster like an earthquake and undertake the necessary move to vanish before disaster strikes. Not our boisterous and noxious tortoise(trokies). Too much hate has covered their eyes like cataract to the extent that what is obvious even to kindergarten kids is such a tedious task to them.

        I keep on wondering how too many trokies can even think that NGR gov’t can harbour them to the extent of ferrying them with tanks across the border to annex CMR. Do they even know their history as they so claim?

        Why did Baba prefer to go in for an iron fist with France rather than prop up the Biafra mov’t?

        Tsuippppppp—ah don sofa well-well for dis grong…

    • Zam-Zam
      In a Free world, nothing can be TABOO.
      Dialogue now will save innocents citizens unnecessary trauma. Being obstinate in what is a blatant abuse of an entire community will definitely cause reprisals, vengeance. Let’s learn from history for it teaches us very clearly what a people who feel marginalised for ages can, will do when given the opportunity.
      Let us see what the future holds.

    • In a Free world, nothing can be TA*BOO.
      Dialogue now will save innocents citizens unnecessary trauma. Being obstinate in what is a blatant abuse of an entire community will definitely cause reprisals, vengeance. Let’s learn from history for it teaches us very clearly what a people who feel marginalised for ages can, will do when given the opportunity.
      Let us see what the future holds.

      • Oh, a public display of affection for your very own naked sister is a fancy idea for the Free world psychic! Yes I, the earth is jammed with contradictions, controversy, and insanity.

        No man, in the real world taboos are innumerable…but I can understand that guilt-ridden virtualization is a process that is completely void of taboos.

        If you worship the virtues of dialogue as much as you suggest, and you are truly ready for dialogue, then you will be invited to dialogue within a specific frame since dialogue never occurs in a vacuum, as I have said many times before. Once you accept that frame as principle, then you prepare your demands/ideas/concessions; and aspire for the obtainment of a mutuality of benefits.

  5. I will always say this:
    – as long as african conflicts are solves in paris and London., nothing will change in this continent..
    Why have we not learnt from the Rwanda genocide?..
    Dont forget Rwanda distanced itself from France, changed their language from French to English..
    Dont want to deal with France..Look at the country today, look at the economy and the innovation in that country…
    A country where more than half a million people were killed took just 10-20 years to over take cameroon in every aspect..
    Please fellow cameroonians, chase these old people damaging this beautiful country of proud people and lets build a united, strong and rich country for all cameroonians….All these talking without a solution will only damage and separate us more..

    • Have you checked Rwanda GDP per capital compared to Cameroon’s ?
      Rwanda is still amount the poorest countries of Africa.

      • You are not even ashamed to write such. “Have you checked Rwanda gdp”? Are you serious? That country is leaps and bounce above the jungle called la republic du Cameroun. Don’t you come and expose your stupidity again in public.

  6. One thing, is certain: the gov`t in Abuja, should do whatever and do it very fast.
    We have the big fight and we are the victors. What does this mean?
    Simply send out a message first as a rumour and then as law. All Nigerians to
    start leaving and do so without taking along anything other than human beings.
    Whether it is a farm, store, money in a bank etc etc, that is presumed lost.
    A time limit is set in every place and no second chance.
    The good thing is, it doesnt need any much money, no one is responsible etc etc.
    In war times, anything goes.

    • You don’t want to go down that path… That would be very unwise, you may be sure. However, I am not surprised to read idiocies like what you’ve just written. Now, here’s the problem with you guys… You are clueless, your so-called leaders are opportunists with no sense of direction.

      • Weed farmer, how great is it to see the opportunist you are jump on the arrest of Amba leaders to come out of your stupor and shake off some of the shame that came with seeing your SW permanently transformed into a war zone. Remember you promised the riots would not reach the SW. since when did you start having problems PhD holders? Remember over the years you have been beating your chest here about your status of a real intellectual, not people like Titanji or John Dinga. Your constitution was written by PhD holders like Owona, some of them defended the Bakassi case against Nigeria and Biya’s cabinets have been full of them. Why having you been making a song about this? Political man, where are you with marshal law? Too much weed use does cruel things to the brains!

      • Ras Tuge the moron with a truncated brain. Beast of no nation.

  7. Some food for thought for our intellectual legitimizers of our one and indivisible dictatorship:-

    Upon taking the mantle of leadership and all the trappings of power, Liberia’s newly elected president, George Weah took his wife and some members of his new team and paid a courtesy call on the person he defeated at the polls.

  8. @Ras Tuge I thought it was an ”international warrant of arrest”? So u now accept that it was not an arrest,but an assasination attempt on HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe,president of Ambasonia.Do u guys have shame at all? HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe have made it clear,that he will not negotiate with genocidaires.That he can only talk on the terms of seperation between Ambasonia and LRC?infront of the UN,AU,France and Nigeria.So,no matter how many assasination attempts that Biya is ready to sponsor, he will not suceed in
    killing HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe.Do u know why? becos,this is a God ordained struggle and we must kick LRC out of our territory.

  9. Die na very bad thing. If we be be able for get questions and answer session with die people then Foncha and his group no go fit for answer Ambaland their questions.

  10. @Ras Tuge SC has gone back to her quasi autonomous regional status under Nigeria.Tell Biya to withdraw all his forces from Ambasonia,and wait if we legalise the union,before he can now bring his troops in Ambasonia.Biya should have trained his assasins very well,to execute job of that magnitude.He sent amateur assasins to go and assasinate HE Sisikou Ayuk Tabe?The department of state security in Nigeria is now searching for those Biya’s assasins all over Nigeria.If the DSS lay hands on them,then their name na die.