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Qui est François Meynent, le militant d’Emmanuel Macron qui veut faire élire Akere Muna ?

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Akere Muna a récemment reçu le soutien du Français François Meynent. Ancien socialiste, militant d’Emmanuel Macron lors de la dernière présidentielle en France, celui-ci entend aider le Camerounais à accéder au palais d’Etoudi en octobre prochain.

En 2017, François Meynent arpentait les environs de Chinon, au sud-est de Tours, en France, pour faire campagne pour Emmanuel Macron avec les militants du mouvement « En Marche ! ». Fera-t-il de même pour Akere Muna dans les collines de Yaoundé un an plus tard ? Sans doute pas. Le Français devrait simplement produire des notes et des conseils sur la stratégie économique du candidat de la « Plateforme pour la Nouvelle République ».

Akere Muna
Ancien attaché parlementaire du député socialiste Gérard Bapt, François Meynent a quitté le Parti socialiste voici vingt ans, après en avoir été militant à Toulouse, dans la Haute-Garonne. C’est d’ailleurs de la « Ville rose » que datent ses liens avec le Cameroun.

Il entend promouvoir auprès d’Akere Muna des idées d’innovations sociales, politiques et économiques

Il y a notamment rencontré Chrétien Tabetsing, « un ami de trente ans », économiste et informaticien de formation, alors militant du Social democratic front (SDF) installé en France.

« Culturellement de gauche »

Aujourd’hui aux côtés d’Akere Muna en tant que trésorier général de la « Plateforme pour la Nouvelle République », Chrétien Tabetsing a peu à peu fait découvrir à François Meynent son pays d’origine, où il espérait alors accéder à des fonctions politiques via le SDF.

C’est lui qui s’est proposé, à titre amical, et non Akere Muna qui l’a recruté

Plusieurs fois, les deux hommes se sont rendus ensemble à Yaoundé, où Meynent prodiguait, déjà, quelques conseils politiques à son ami, sans toutefois prendre part officiellement aux campagnes du parti de John Fru Ndi.

Ancien chargé de mission au Conseil économique et social de Midi-Pyrénées, le Français de 70 ans est spécialisé dans les questions économiques mais ne rechigne pas à discuter diplomatie et stratégie internationale. Il entend promouvoir auprès d’Akere Muna, dont il connaît la famille et notamment le frère Bernard, des idées d’innovations sociales, politiques et économiques.

« C’est lui qui s’est proposé, à titre amical, et non Akere Muna qui l’a recruté », explique Chrétien Tabetsing, avec qui François Meynent travaillera. Les deux anciens socialistes devraient notamment plancher sur des propositions concernant les politiques de création d’emploi à destination des jeunes et des populations rurales.

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  1. This is exactly why we need a younger generation to pick up the batton and define a future free from these colonial expliters.The youths are all aware what these foreign alliances have done to us,
    A continent that remains the laughing stock of the entire world because of rediculous treaties and alliance with some masters by heir leaders. Mr would be president go over the speach of the Ghanian president and rethink ur French alliance strategy for capaign. If you start your campaign with this type of an alliance , then the payback would be more reliance alliances. And we remain attached to that string of expoitation and that global idea that Africans can never manage their own backyard. More redicule., poverty , dependence …..

  2. France owns Cameroun by Treaty which Francophones like to forget about. The 1959 Cooperation Treaty ceded the Sovereignty of Cameroun to France.

    Ambazonia has no such entanglements with the United Kingdom of Gt. Britain. The current crisis stems from that unholy treaty by which means France has for a long time sought to impose herself on English-speaking Ambazonia through her proxy subservient Cameroun.

    The unholy and dependency alliance subverted the bilingual Cameroon federation and undermined the evolution of real democracy in Cameroun.

  3. Fake; reverse psychology working on you guys; Muna is an independent mind and has no relationship with France. This Frog’s statement has no bearing on Muna’s position. He is not backed by them. Way to go FranceAfrique. Trying to sabotage a genuine candidate by playing the backing card! fake. We see through the game.
    Like a lot of other people here; I agree we need a younger leadership, but we need someone with Muna’s pedigree and CV to take on the old rotten corrupt regime who will still want to influence many parts of society; We are 8 months to go and the Elecam is still not moving. They are waiting for Biya and Biya is waiting for France; France is evaluating her options and strategy on how to get out with a candidate they have their chains around
    France Afrique is collapsing

    • The jigsaw puzzle that is France-Cameroon relationship is hard to master by any one individual. But collectively Cameroonians can work out the magic formula.The problem is can they work together “collectively”?

      At this moment, a team of supposed experts of CAF is visiting and inspecting Cameroon’s infrastructure for the 2019 competitions. The 9-member team has names like Ismail Wally (Egypt), Mourad Sahny (Egypt), Hego Watara (Ivory Coast), Ian Craig )UK), and a string of French people – Nicolas Eisseyre, Kahnlng Lopes, Mme Paloma Pardiniele, Bastien Deniege, and Jean-Louis Romain.

      After visitin Garoua, Yaounde, and Bafoussam, one of the French members developed cold feet on the stretch to Victoira and Buea. Was it the death of a fellow Frenchman in Dschang or the Anglosaxon air ahead

  4. All this Colonial Packs have to be Broken. Alliances from hell and this is Exactly the problem with the current regime

  5. All that is happening now, is a well calculated strategy to continue to have old folks
    remain at the helm until thy kingdom come. They are killed in very brutal ways and
    many have been sent out of the country.
    Isn`t Muna old enough to retire and rest? We don`t need another old man.

  6. Hey FOLKS!!!!! i was beginning to trust this guy but his friendship and support from France make me confuse.
    he suppose to come openly and rejected his support and tell him “I ONLY BELEAVE ON CAMEROONIAN TO GET TO ETOUDI ” FULL STOP

    • France is manipulating this. this is reverse psychology. Don’t fall for it

    • Tell them by the company they keep, n’est-ce pas????????
      Nice rule of thumb!

  7. Akere Muna is a trojan horse of Biya and France.

    Southern Cameroonians should boycott those phoney election en masse.

  8. Why would a Cameroonian hire a French campaign strategist to run for election in Cameroon?
    Would he understand the electorate in Jakiri or Tole better than a Cameroonian.
    Could Macron have hired a Cameroonian as a campaign strategist?
    This candidacy is beginning to smell like the same fish we are dealing with right now, the only difference is to pretend he is an Anglophone.
    When Fru Ndi worn the election of 1992 who was his campaign strategist? A Cameroonian!
    We are running away from constant French interference why go looking for their approval

  9. Slave leader …look at someone looking to be president…going to get validation from french peoples…what a shame..slave forever…you went to slavery school that is how I call this self proclaimed “intellectual” peoples in Africa..repeating westerns theories that are out out of date and not helping to develop your own environment…you guys are creating more confusion in our society..i prefer the farmer in my village than this bullshitters!..JOH Dinga is one of them!

    • L,enemi Dan's la Maison

      Funny, that some of you still dream that Cameroonians have a say in who goes to etoudi. If Muna doesn’t agree with France over the 1959 accord,like any other pretending candidate, he can never enter etoudi. They badly need Muna to dismantle the weight of SC separatists. Ask yourself why many francophone parties are supporting Muna but never did that to Fri ndi? They have surely recieve instructions from France, of course Fri ndi would have dismantle the Fcfa and the french authority over cameroun if they have allowed him enter etoudi.muna, son like father who after filling his bank account and completing his political career, turned to the population to claim injustice after and only when he was sacked. Muna is a traitor and power munger.

  10. Smart move. Finally a Cameroonian with a strategy. Its not uncommon for politicians to use campaign strategist from other countries.