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To reduce unemployment, gov’t intensifies establishment of vocational centres

Journal du Cameroun | The Government of Cameroon through the National Employment Fund has intensified the creation of vocational traning cetres nationwide.

This in the bid to reduce the country’s rate of unemployment to 7% and Underemployment to 50 %, sources said on Thursday.

According to official reports, new advanced vocational training centres have already been set up in Douala, Limbe and Nsangmelima. The reports opine that the government already owns 9 vocational training centres, while the private has over a thousand with over 3000 youths being trained yearly.

With Cameroon’s high unemployment rate, the training centres, observers hold will need to produce the right information to meet up labor needs while preparing trainees to become competitive and excellent.

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  1. Cameroon should employ there own people instead of giving all the jobs to them slant eyed people from China.

  2. Hahahaha ,, how can unemployment rate be reduce when we train students at pulic works,polytech and instead of them becoming vibrant in IT and constructions sectors ,we hire chinese to do the job when our own citizens roaming the streets to get white colar job? We train doctors but fly to western world to treat diarrhea,Elections around the corner no be so

  3. The Vocational Centers have no added value to the Educational backbone of Cameroon. The existing Technical Colleges produce enough qualified candidates for the job market.