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Refus d’entrée aux États-Unis: une camerounaise accouche en plein vol entre Chicago et Bruxelles

Anwei Arrette, une femme originaire du Cameroun a donné naissance à un petit garçon en plein vol, dimanche soir, ont annoncé nos confrères du Nieuwsblad. Le bébé se porte bien, la maman ayant pu être aidée par un médecin et une infirmière qui se trouvaient également à bord de l’avion qui circulait entre Chicago et Bruxelles.

L’accouchement s’est bien déroulé, et a été rapidement mené à terme, écrit le quotidien néerlandophone. Le petit garçon est venu au monde sous un tonnerre d’applaudissements et quelques passagers lui ont également donné des vêtements après l’atterissage.

Mère et nouveau-né ont été emmenés à l’hôpital et se portent bien.

Âgée de 32 ans, Awei Arrette n’a pas pu entrer aux États-Unis, les autorités suspectant qu’elle voulait y faire naître son enfant afin qu’il obtienne la nationalité américaine. Elle a donc été renvoyée au Cameroun via Bruxelles. Elle y séjournera sans doute un mois avant de retourner dans son pays d’origine.

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  1. Congrats and gratitude to the Pilot the look on your face says it all. As for the mother and family through this young Prince, your blessed.

  2. Congratulation Ms Awei Arrette. Having a baby several feet above earth is an expereince shared only be handful. By the way I was woundering what will the place of birth of the boy, Chicago, International air space or Bruxelles?

    • @ Fon
      I enjoy your sense of humor.

      However let me add a sense of realism to it. For those enamored of the expression “son of the soil” which is often used to exclude other deserving citizens from sharing, this experience clearly shows how no one chooses where/when to be born. Perhaps our great chauvinists will consider this reality when they next castigate those they don’t want at table.

      • Vaiocomputers Sweden

        Old Boy Dinga,you are not writing to University dons.Calm down a bit.Try to listen to the way even the owners of the language speak or write.They rarely go rogue with unnecessary big words.

        • He’s writing to us who have eyes, not indomitable Lions of froggies, trained to talk louder than they think, dance and drink better than they should. Illeterare thug why not shut it ?

        • @ Vaiocomputers
          1.Between the choice of your bringing me down and my bringing you up, I prefer the latter over the former.

          2. If this does not still make sense to you, perhaps you ought to try leaving the person specifically targeted to worry about the message.

        • Vaiocomputers Sweden

          @De Pimento nevermind for independence is right on the way.Give it some time.Kikikiki

        • “Between the choice of your bringing me down and my bringing you up, I prefer the latter over the former”. Wisdom wisdom wisdom. Thank you JD.

    • Place of birth if it is into international space it will be born on board

    • most likely Canada since they were in canadian airspace at the time as per article.

  3. congrats.place of birth will be Cameroon.

  4. This international law does not include Africans and Moslems.

  5. The answer my friends, is blowing in the wind. The answer is really blowing in the wind.
    Some of our sisters, don`t even have prenatal education or is it this over bureaucracy and
    dillydallying at the embassies that can cause such an embarrassment?
    I don`t push aside this scramble for citizenship, but sometimes, we should do things way
    in advance.

  6. Donald Trump did not want them!
    God bless Trump and America and also Paulo.

    Bienvenu à bord Petit prince

  7. US vessel (United Airlines) in international airspace. check country over which plane was flying otherwise place of birth Bangor Maine, USA

  8. HouseKeeper! United States

    Probably “Jus Sangunis” would apply since the nationality of the mother cannot be disputed. Countries have various laws governing airspace and being born in an area does not automatically confer birthright citizenship, “Jus soli”.
    If however, that plane made a transit in the US, say in another state, that would be different and my guess is that the child becomes American.

  9. Place of birth: Turned away by the USA, delivered by Johnny’s father, spent a month in Belgium, mother and baby are doing fine. Qui dit mieux?

  10. The baby won’t be American and he will not be European. He is Cameroonian and his mother should be proud.
    Why take such a risk this late in the pregnancy?… Deplorable!

    • Place of birth is America. He was born on American airspace in an American registered flight

      • No guarantee that the child will be American, as the last country they flew over was Canada, not USA and she delivered in the Atlantic on the way to Brussels. At best the child will be Cameroonian and at worst Canadian.

    • I hear you karl.

  11. Guys you see? It is working. Ignore those agents of darkness and we can debate and share experiences without insults. Ba Dinga, please we do not even want them repentant because it is a subtle way to crawl in through the backdoor and start the nonesense. The word is IGNORE.

  12. Our women are not supposed to traveled, if they are not invited by their husbands or for educational purpose.
    1)Was She traveling to America under the invitation of her husband, or for educational purpose?.
    2)Was she bearing all this risks in the name of “bushing falling?”
    I reject the traveling of women under their own independence.When they traveled on their own responsibility,80% of them pass through prostitution before they succeed or end up ruining their own live.Welcome to the world little angel, the baby look righteous physically but the mother does not look righteous physically.God is in control.

    • Theres no ” our woemen” with different rules to ” our men” woemen have been there,(gender restrictions ) definately didnt want it ,so no one even needs to retrack in that direction especially in any religions name.
      suprised she was allowed on any plane ,in the first place , the insurence company of the airline would not accept it for legal reasons .

  13. Korup Forest Belgium

    And who will pay the medical bill? The Belgian taxpayer of coarse as usual.

    • “of course”!!!!!
      To jettison your Cameroonian identity and claim to be Belgian is one thing; to completely do the same with your lingo is another matter altogether, n’est-ce pas? Try and read Moliere’s “Tartuffe” to get a proper feel for imposition.