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Renown Cameroonian preacher accused of “defrauding” followers

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon’s Judiciary police say they are searching for renown Yaounde preacher Dieunedort Kamdem.

Dieunedort Kamdem
Kamdem widely known as the General of God is accused of “aggravated fraud” to the detriment of his followers.

On March 1 2018, the Judicial Police Division in the Central Cameroon Region launched a search warrant for the pastor who leads big church dubbed Faith Cathedral.

The search warrant states that, he is wanted throughout the country and anyone who finds him is asked to take him to the nearest police or gendarmerie station.

Dieunedort Kamdem has reportedly coerced almost 250 to 300 faithful to invest funds in the foreign exchange market operated by the company Gesem Forex trading, owned by his friend. ”

“If you invest a million, for example, and you give us the name of your bank. You will be given F CFA 250,000 every month” he assured his Christians, during an education conference, partially broadcast in the magazine” Africa investigation “on Canal + in 2017 .

In the show, the pastor confessed to his faithful that he himself had already placed 4 million CFA francs for which he had already earned 1 million CFA francs in interest.

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  1. This is a good lesson for miracle searchers. Main stream churches give their tithes and offerings to the church but Pentecostal churches give their tithes and offerings to the pastor and his family. Shine your eyes my people.

  2. Wuna chooz pipi, yi use na jazz for convince dem?

    Wuna get for catch the whole congregation, then lock dem up forsika sey dem be dishonest pipi.

    How man fit be d’accord sey yi go gee daso 1million then get 250000back ground every moun liké interest?

    Kamdem, next time tell dem sey dem go get na 1million interest every moun.

    Tuberculosis Joshua dong die?…

  3. this man is just the tip of the iceberg,Cameroon lrc cancer of bribery,corruption, embezzlement, uncaring greedy people have set up preaching churches as a job,a means of earning free money,making a nice living by use of fear tactics,false promises,brainwashing their many illiterates,vulnerable, desperate people to give them their little hard earned money for fake nonsense miracles, many of these preachers are abusers, rapists, bullies, who doesn’t practice what they preach, they curse and insult smart people who critisize them & their comfortable lifestyle while their followers congregation live & die of poverty, sickness,oppressive,diseases and dictatorship regimes, too many Africa preachers have become greedy Satan robbers depriving the poor,another slavery curse mentality not Godly!

  4. LRC, the number one corrupt country in the world. The signs are still there
    to confirm. In october ie. election, we should expect the `grand ambition`.