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Rigobert Song applies for Indomitable Lions job

Journal du Cameroun | The former Indomitable Lions captain is amongst a list of 70 candidates who have applied to take over the vacant position at the helm of the national team.

According to trusted sources at the Cameroon Football Federation Rigobert Song dropped his application at the Federation despite a poor show with the home-based lions at the African Nations Championship earlier this year.

A host of other Cameroonian coaches have applied for the job including Jean Paul Akono and Jules Fréderic Nyongha who have all held the position in the past.

Amongst the expatriates who have applied are French, German, Belgian, Portuguese and Suisse nationals.

Cameroon has been without a coach since 2017 Africa Cup of Nations-winning coach Hugo Broos was let go at the end of his contract with the team.

Applicants for Indomitable Lions Job

Jean Marie Ngoua Ngoua Njeutcha (Cameroon)

Daniel Bréard (France)

Patrice Neveu (France)

Jean Paul Akono (Cameroon)

Olde Riekerink (Holland)

Fossati Eluna Onana Bertrand (Cameroon)

Fabiano Jose Costa (Portugal)

Sasha Amato (Germany)

Jose Alberto (Portugal)

Nkoh Jean Félicien ( Cameroon)

Gweha Ikouam (Cameroon)

Rene Weiler (Switzerland)

Tom Saintfiet Julianus Maria (Belgium)

Rigobert Song (Cameroon)

Florent Didier Voundi (Cameroon)

Paulo Sérgio Bento Brito (Portugal)

Nke Dieudonné Jean (Cameroon)

Tomic Radoslav lothar Matthaus (Germany)

Abdoul-Rahman Bouba (Cameroon)

Nasser Sandjack (France)

Raymond Domenech (France)

Jules-Frederic Nyongha (Cameroon)

Atah Robert Bahazah (Cameroon)

Luigi De Canio (Italy)

Lemdjo Kenvo Jean Claude (Cameroon)

Omog Marius Joseph (Cameroon)

Ndtoungou Mpilé Martin Felix (Cameroon)

Bonaventure Djonkep (Cameroon)

Roberto A Rodrigo (Argentina)

Pierre Ndili Ndengue (Cameroon)

John Benjamin Toshack (Wales)

Mbimi Gerard Théophile (Cameroon)

Zlatko Krmpotic (Croatia)

Alain Perrin (France)

Willy Sagnol ( France)

Ayi-Bodo Claver Merryson (Cameroon)

Mbarga Foe Andre Anicet (Cameroon)

Bernard Simondi (France)

Jean-Michel Cavalli (France)

Tataw Eta Stephen (Cameroon)

Mbwaye Peter (Cameroon)

Cyprian Ashu Besong (Cameroon)

Assene Endougou (Cameroon)

Herve Happy (Cameroon)

Fono Ze Guy Octave (Cameroon)

Hichan Jadrane Chazouani (Spain)

Hubert Velud (France)

Jacky Dupuy (France)

Jonathan Mckinstry (UK)

Joel Epalle (Cameroon)

Jørn Andersen ( Norway)

Pierre-Andre Schürmann (Switzerland)

Hinschberger Philippe (France)

Philippe Troussier (France)

Pierre Lechantre (France)

Ross Wilson (Angleterre)

Samson Siasia (Nigéria)

Tom Frere (France)

Monkam Tchokonte Sylvain Alain (Cameroun)

Wedson Witson Nyirenda (Zambie)

Rogerio Goncalves (Portugal)

Marco Simone (Italy)

Lionel Pontes De Encarnacao

Lenoirjuan De La Cruz (Spain)

Vukuzic Josef (Slovakia)

Kouahawa Joseph (Cameroon)

Jose Peseiro (Portugal)

Alain Giresse (France)

Antoine Hey (Germany)

Benito Floro Sanz (Portugal)

Carlos Queiroz (Portugal)

Christian Gross (Switzerland)

Claudio Roberto Garcia Ribeiro ( Portugal)

Didier Six (France)

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  1. Rigobert Songs is Joking Right? He went to Morocco with U20 and came Back with 0 (Zero) points and Did FECAFOOT ask why he took those kids to Morocco yet?

    • Hahaha … he better be for his own sanity

    • Korak, that was not a U20 team. Remember, the CHAN is like the AFCON but for home base players only. Also, I can’t really fault Song for his performances here. Remember, Elite 1 and 2 Championships had been shut down for almost two to three months before that competition. Meaning, the players had not been in action all that while, whereas, other countries had their players fit as their leagues were running. You can’t be idle for two to three months to a competition and then expect to win that competition. Lastly, CMR did draw the last match, exiting with a point. I feel this dilemma is as a result of us having limited sponsors for either the league or club teams. Hopefully, the agreement of exchange of ideas FECAFOOT signed with LFP may help better our knowledge on handling football.

      • So you Believe Song can Coach Cameroon? Check his Failed Experiment with Chadian National Team!

        • Korak, no but I will prefer Song over any foreigner. If it’s all up to me, my choice will be Ndtoungou Mpilé Martin Felix. I have followed him closely with CMR’s U20 for many years and he has been exceptional. Ever since he left our U20 team, either we don’t qualify for the U20 Nations cup, and if we qualify, the groupstage is our limit. With him, we reached two finals and made it to the round of 16th at the FIFA 2011 U20 World Cup (still out best performance in this tournament).

        • a say bro? Where is Alexandre Belinga and Patrick Magic Mboma on this List? Both of them are better Candidates than this Clowns

        • Belinga refused to apply and for very good reasons which I agree and applaud him. He said every FA needs a vision/project, then they find who fits it. Very true, and a reason why no top footballing club team or country will launch job application for coaching job online lmao. Rather, u search for who fits ur goal, approach them and make a deal. As for Mboma, maybe too is not interested which I understand, considering the fact that fecafoot’s shady ways never ceases. I will also like to see Mboma coach this team, rather than those old Europeans who have lost it.

  2. They should give a chance to a cameroonian

  3. who is: Tomic Radoslav lothar Matthaus (Germany)??
    Cameroon and fake things..
    Lothar Matthaus made it clear today in SKY sports during Bundesliga conference that he never applied for a job in Cameroon..
    Who want to come and coach a team with no football play ground….Yaounde or Paris…
    The team is in Cameroon but all preparatory matches are in France..
    Song who cant even win against no name teams with the Baby lions wants now to coach the lions..
    Make e go smoke Mbanga sleep i beg…

    • Lothar Mathaus can’t even keep a job. I don’t want to see him anywhere near CMR football.

      • I dont know if u can compare that long list of unqualified folks with the achievements of Lothar Mattheus as a coach…..
        His presence alone can be a big plus for Cameroon and Africa in terms of sponsors and marketing not to talk of success for the team..he captained the 1990 team that won the world cup, is a VIP in Bayern Munich,Inter milan where he won many trophies…He will serve as a role model for many young ambitious footballers..Thats what its all about..
        Cameroon needs such people to motivate the team..
        He is even not interested..I cant see mAttheus willing to coach a team like cameroon..may be South africa….But not such a backward country..
        Song will smoke Mbanga and may be start dancing RAGGAE with the team instead of tactics
        The French men are ofcourse no names …

        • Biko, I know who Mathaus is, he does not keep a coaching job. Look at his coaching CV if u doubt me.

          There are many ways to motivate young talents without looking at a white man for help. The presence of Milla, Biyik brothers, Eto’o, Mboma, Maniang, plus the victorious Olympic team and the die-hard 2003 Confederations Cup team is more than enough. A Cameroonian is best for this job cuz they understand CMR football better. Foreigners don’t even know our players. Before they will get to know our players, AFCON will be around. We need someone who is passionate, understands, and follows CMR football.

          In terms of marketing and sponsorship, it only gets better if we perform better on the pitch and go deeper in tournaments like the world cup, instead of fighting and head budding.

  4. HMMMMMMM I see so many jobless “coaches” around the world.


  6. Where is Alexandre Belinga and Patrick Magic Mboma?