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Mbengwi has witnessed fightings between seperatists and security forces | © Copyright Journal du Cameroun

Riots in Mbengwi after arrest of retired Commissioner

Journal du Cameroun | The town of Mbengwi, headquarters of the Momo divilsion in the North West region of Cameroon was in total lockdown after the arrest of a retired police officer and his family by security forces.

The retired police, Simon Akuro Awasom, his wife and one of his sons, Malkon Awasom were arrested alongside 150 others Friday, January 26, after security forces raided the town following to crack down on alleged separatists.

The arrests of the Simon Akuro Awasom angered the population who rose up and took the Gendarmerie brigade hostage for hours prompting the officers to release him.

Earlier on, the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) accompanied by Gendarmes, Police and the Army descended on the town, ransacking houses, arresting young people and looting property as they search for those who masterminded last week abortive attack on the BIR Camp.

As the troops made their search, television decoders and dishes suspected to be relaying signals of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Cooperation (SCBC) were carted away. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets were also seized, while the security officers fleeced huge sums of money from those arrested during the raid as they scrambled to obtain their freedom.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters after the January 26 incident, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Momo, Monono Absolom Woloa, beseeched the population to shun disorder and strive to live in peace and tranquillity.

According to him, the military will not tolerate such uncivil behaviour where some unidentified gunmen tried to attack the BIR Camp in Mbengwi.

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  1. **** QUOTE OF THE WEEK ****

    “As the troops made their search, television decoders and dishes suspected to be relaying signals of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Cooperation (SCBC) were carted away. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets were also seized, while the security officers fleeced huge sums of money from those arrested during the raid as they scrambled to obtain their freedom.”

  2. So abducting Ayuk and 11 others did not resolve the Anglophone problem immediately?
    The militarization, extortion, harassment, killings of West Cameroonians without cause is the new solution to the Anglophone problem in Cameroon
    Africa is always Ripe for guerilla warfare or civil war after a tribal Government for 4decades implementing only policies of suppression and repression of all and anyone who question their incompetence.
    The propaganda machine is trying very hard to blame Ayuk for all the incompetence of government in last 35yrs including their inability to carry out decentralization
    Anglophones no longer believe the lies!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Lum, stop being delusional!

      No one is blaming sick seku ayuk for the incompetence of the government.

      Sick seku ayuk is being blamed for the following:
      -Launching a war against the republic of Cameroon on 1 October 2017
      -Burning down of schools
      -Abolishing education in the NW and SW
      -Burning down of public property
      -Amputation of arms of young girls who want to go to school
      -Burning down the premises/property of business ppl who violate his ghost town orders
      – Disruption of the economy of the NW and SW

      The government of Cameroon is not afraid to defend its territory, so let the ambazombies bring on the guerilla warfare and civil war. They will definitely lose.
      Monono Mcshow the SDO of Momo is a a South Westerner (Buea pikin) who will not tolerate disorder in Momo!

      • MAke a case with some evidence. Inferior demagog. for the kind of nonsense you speak, your mouth must stink.

        • @ wisdom
          what wisdom have you if you can’t be honest and face Facts. If you start a fight be prepare to fight to the end. It’s easy to manipulate peopöe but note that it is for a very very short time. Go to Younde and burn Schools. You remain fools by burning your own Schools and businesses. Let the fight continue. You think it’s easy to separate Country? Dreamers

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          I bet it stinks to hear from me that sick seku ayuk tabe and 46 coward terrorist conmen are in the hands of The Republic of Cameroon!
          I bet it stinks for you to hear from me that sick seku will get one death sentence for each gendarme/police officer killed
          I bet it stinks to hear from me that Nigeria collaborated with Cameroon to pick up these coward terrorists from Abuja and ship to The Republic of Cameroon like nkuyams!

          Let the fight continue and the kidnapping/abduction/arrest will continue until you cowards realise that The Government of Cameroon is one trillion times smarter and stronger than you delusional buffoons.

          Please name your next cabinet. The government of Cameroon is eager to kidnap/abduct/arrest them and give them a taste of Kondengui!
          Nyamfukah! Shumbu!

      • Wow, it is amazing that in this day and age Africans can still see a despot as a leader to the extent of speaking his fake language of unity & defending his rulership. I met another who spoke of constructive dictatorship in Africa and it begged the question, “where has it worked in the continent”?
        Aren’t these the same people who spoke so eloquently against apartheid as being hostile, oppressive & dictatorial but the fact the South Africa remains and was still the most developed country in Africa, did it justify the sufferings? Just like Mugabe, Popol plans to be unseated only when the infirmities of age won’t let him out of bed. 90?
        Can any reasonable Cameroonian irregardless of your take on the issue, not see Biya as the central thesis of the various factions? Unbelievable, the African!

        • @HouseKeeper
          you are actually getting most of us wrong. We are neihter supporters of Mr. Biya nor the Cameroon government. We are against those who burn Schools and shops, force People to obey fruitless ghost towns, stop innocent Kids from going to School etc. Do where their own children are and what they do daily? Open your eyes and think again.

      • How much have u received to be this so energetic?

  3. Boko Haram claims to want to form a caliphate and rule over it. To do so, its forces destroy human life and property through the areas of their operation.

    Why would the Cameroon army copy Boko Haram tactics?Wiping out villages – Kembong yesterday, Kwakwa today – does not make much sense. Over whom will the emerging winner foist his rule?

    • John say anything of your choice. It remains here and only fools like us who have no means to create an impact anywhere have time to read carbage.

  4. It’s sll about extortion when these forces of lawlessness and disorder show up. Your end is near you all. Thieves, murderers and rapist in uniforms.

    All roads lead to Switzerland for now. That dictator must not be allowed to sleep. Kick him back to his junta. The struggle continues

    • Look at this disillusioned fool.
      Go hide.
      Where your balls?
      Nigeria is ruled by laws bla-bla-bla.
      Your attempts to hide are childish

      • Smelling mouth. Shut it

      • Ah ah my brother Mbappe let’s celebrate by opening a bottle of champagne in the name of that coward called AG, the man is an illiterate with no principles,no pride and no dignity,they are so much gone that he keeps roaming our Cameroonian forum , isn’t he the same deluded person who boasted that a town council recognized them in Massachusetts, talk about being a slave I’m still waiting for the city of Lowell army since the amba cowards are only good at making threats on the internet

        • I have taken a bottle already. The fight continues. More will still find their way to Cameroon. They think there is a safe heaven anywhere in this world?
          It’s not easy to be a head of state.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          I had 5 bottles of guinness, 3 bitter kolas and some hot chucking to celebrate!

        • Ha ha ha.
          Took a day off today ti enjoy this moment. Brother I have been taking care of the sidekick from ambazombia since morning.
          I am opening another one right now on that nyamfuka’s name.what a fool
          Thanks brother.

  5. Africa for Donald Trump,
    Get your facts strait. Who is fighting who ? Do you have any Ambazonia troops in Yaoundé, Douala or Garoua? You called us anglofools. now you just a new word Ambazombies. Quite impressive for brainwashed French larky. You never believed we could fight back. Now , your vaunted army whose basic and advanced training begins and ends with urban looting is looking for hiding space.
    Tell your Monono friend his days are numbered. If I were him, I will start my escape to Nigeria right away.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      You are delusional.. Try Mcshow then you will realise that Ekema is a much nicer guy.

      Amonst the 47 terrorist that were kidnapped/abducted/arrested in Nigeria and shiopped to Cameroon like nkunyams are at least 31 ambazombie troops.

      You can asnk the manyu tigers, the ambazombie defense forces, ayaba cho and sick seku ayuk tabe who is fighting who?
      You can ask the children who are being deprived of their right to education who is fighting who.

      I am from Bamenda and no matter what you think or say you can not change my heritage! Shumbu! Nyamfukah!

      Our TRC army is skilled enough to collaborate with Nigeria and pick up 12 of the top leaders of the delusional republic of ambazombie and 31 of their troops in one swoop from Nigeria and ship them to Yaounde like chicken thieves.

  6. Shoot at sight only savages riot , enough with nonsense,yet these are the same people who wanted Agbor balla & co to be jailed over there, for th to try to release them and when the police retaliate or return fire they can scream genocide . I don laugh tire ah ah anyone attacking a police office is good as a practice target . Shoot instead of galvanizing them by being gentle with them .

  7. After a foreign leader calls your heritage “shit hole” , one wouldn’t expect that an African would use a pseudonym in his honor but the naivety of some Africans can be vicariously embarrassing in deceitful glory. What would be the joy in it? Some Africans even assumed for a moment that the reference was intended for the bad governance in Africa but just poorly articulated by an inarticulate leader. That can be soothingly speculative but the whole idea of what was expressed can not be missed given the tons of racially charged messages & racial animus that has been directed towards people of African heritage.
    While most of the governments are “shitty”, the insult can not be taken lightly. Only a certified fool would take glory in being insulted and take on a campaigning title of the troll.

  8. Africans For Donald Trump


    Anyone who spends a second of their time commenting on my screen name must be very stupid!

  9. The government will not fold it’s arms and watch public and private infrastructures being dessimated. It is foolish, reckless, and stupid. Anyone who wants to promote his/her name and ideas that favor him/her has no place in the Anglophone regions and the country. If you think the SW &NW people are having fun with the killings and burnings, you must be a fool. Anyone who sits abroad and ask those back home to fight is a disservice to those people. Because you send money to your families to help them financially from the poor economic situation back home doesn’t mean everyone back home has someone to expect money from. People are suffering from poverty because of you dump ideas of Ghost town ( originating from Ayuk Tabe).