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Rugby helps youths in football-mad Cameroon [+video]

Centres founded by former French rugby union international Serge Betsen are teaching children in his native Cameroon how to play the sport, but also giving them a chance to advance towards a brighter future.

Students enrolled in the Serge Betsen Academy are learning the value of teamwork and cooperation as they acquire the skills of a game that remains largely unknown in a country where football is king.

They also enjoy help with schoolwork and free meals. “[Betsen] left Cameroon when he was young and then he came back for a while. He wanted to help all these children have good living conditions,” Genevieve Mgamy, the Academy’s coordinator, told FRANCE 24.

The Academy has set up five centres across Cameroon since 2004, with a new one set to open in April, with Betsen himself expected to attend the inauguration.


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  1. the current system of indoctrination called education has conditioned our minds,so much so that we do not know what is good for us.no country can truely prosper economically by elevating futilities like football,rugby,music,politics and dogmatic religions imposed from outside to make us docile to the highest level and held as a standard.infact our minds are programmed in school to prioritise futilities.in a country importing food,one expect all tv,radio and news pappers to concentrate on programmes that educate and oriented the masses towards agri tech.instead what we have is wereh ngang,music

  2. we must move from this childish approach where uncultivated footballers,musicians,idiotic pastors and imams selling illusions to our youths in the name of paradise heaven are held as models,and move to a model where wealth creators,captains of industry,scientist,engineers,agronomist are promoted as model to our youths.instead of listening to music,our children should be guided to read scientific publications,books on industrial production,technical innovation,etc.sports does not develop a country but creats false hope in youths.and when they dont succeed,they turn to criminality.

    • @Bah Acho (a.K.a. Do Nothing).
      Long time no see!
      When you denounce aspects of western education (science, engineering etc) one minute and then hail them the next, in your schizophrenic onslaught of non-academic ventures, you provide the ideal recipe for doing nothing, don’t you?

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