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Rwanda genocide suspect wanted in France held in Cameroon

News24 | A former Rwandan policeman has been arrested in Cameroon on suspicion of involvement in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, a judicial source in France, where he is wanted over the killings, told AFP.

Philippe Hategekimana was arrested in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital, on March 30 under an international warrant issued by French magistrates specialising in crimes against humanity.

France is expected to request his extradition to face charges of organising and participating in multiple atrocities in southern Rwanda in April 1994, including the assassination of a mayor.

France, which had initially dragged its heels on prosecuting suspected perpetrators of the genocide of about 800 000 people, mostly minority Tutsis, has picked up the pace in recent years.

The first French trial over the genocide was in 2014 when former Rwandan spy chief Pascal Simbikangwa was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for genocide and complicity in crimes against humanity.

Two years later, a Paris court sentenced two former Rwandan mayors to life in prison for their participation in a massacre at a church, where some 2 000 people seeking refuge were bludgeoned and hacked to death.

All three men were arrested in France.

Hategekimana also fled to France after the genocide, settling in the western city of Rennes where he changed his name to Philippe Manier and obtained French citizenship.

But he recently left for Cameroon.

The investigation against him was opened in Paris in September 2015 after a complaint from the Collective of Civil Parties for Rwanda (CPCR), a group set up by a Rwandan-born relative of genocide victims and her husband.

The genocide has caused two decades of tension between France and Rwanda, with the latter accusing Paris of complicity in the killings through its support and military training for the ethnic Hutu forces who carried out most of the slaughter.

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  1. Dominique Weber

    So Cameroun is arresting people for Genocide? Paul Biya and your comrades, hold tight for your turn, you must pay for all you and your Francophone government have done to our land Ambazonia. After defeating you in our Land, you and all your collaborators will pay with your own life. Do not think you are untouchable, we will get back to you, we have all the evidences gathered.

  2. What goes around, comes around, lrc.

  3. i am afraid you are deceiving yourself.you will die and leave all the nonsense behind.please focus on the well being of your soul.ambazonia does not make u a god,u are still a human being …

    • Bastard like u
      Tutsis had no life u mean
      Tutsis deserved to die right
      What happened to the Tutsis is happening now to Ambazonians
      Who is fooling who here
      But remember this ” nothing will ever b thesame again in cameroon.” The line has been drawn already

      • @Unitypalace. You are a dreamer. HOW PEOPLE THAT YOU CALL ”FRANCOPHONES” ( CIVILIANS) HAVE KILLED THE ONES YOU CONSIDER ”ANGLOPHONES” (CIVILIANS)? WHEN YOU PEOPLE ARE WRITING HATE SPEECH OR PROPAGANDA, NOBODY IS COMPLAINING BUT BY THE TIME I ANSWER ACCORDINGLY, YOUR CONCOBINE AKA @ BIKUTSI WILL CALL ME WITH NAMES. FYI the armed forces you terrorists have killed so far is made up of people from all the ten regions. Tx nobody from my tribe had been killed so far.

  4. rubbish we are looking for the french officials that stole BICEC money instead of sending them to us..france goes and issue warrant for this guy just to see if cameroon will also respect the warrant….send us the two French criminals that stole our money here at the bank!

  5. there is sufficient evidence proving that the genocide in rwanda was planned and ochastrated by france for economic,and geo political reasons as usual.so the same france can not be criminal and doctor at the same time.it is not long that KEGAME actually said that france was responsible for organizing and executing the genocide in rwanda.it provoked national rage in france on tv and radio stations.but this only help us understand,without absolute power to subjugate and bring them under control.there is no chance for stability in the future,not to talk of peace.of course rwanda has been successful in rebuilding itself,but untill it becomes richer than france,supirior technically and scientifically.it will always be in denger.the last five hundred years has proved the ferocity of aryans.

  6. Why is Rwandan being Extradited to France Instead of to Rwanda where he Committed the Crimes? What has crimes in Rwanda got to do with French Citizens?

    • @Korak
      You probably did not read the complete story. He is currently a French citizen and therefore France has the right. Read the story again.

      • Eh! Eh eh!!! So this man committed Crimes in Rwanda and Applied for French Citizenship , Got it and Now they want to Prosecute him? Or He was a French Citizen working in Rwanda at the Time of The Genocide?

  7. ******, the only responsable is Kagame