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Samuel Eto’o fils menacé de mort !

StarAfrica | L’ancien capitaine des Lions Indomptables, Samuel Eto’o, a été chargé de faire la paix dans les régions du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest du Cameroun, secouées depuis octobre 2016, par des revendications sociopolitiques.

L’attaquant de Konyaspor a été reçu ce mardi par Nalova Lyonga, la ministre des Enseignements secondaires et a reçu une mission à réaliser dans les établissements primaires et secondaires de ces deux régions : s’inviter dans les salles de classes et exprimer sa solidarité aux jeunes qui ont déserté l’école, en raison des exactions commises par les séparatistes armés, contre les civils.

« Le sport m’a tout donné, je vais partager avec les jeunes mon expérience », a déclaré l’ancien attaquant du FC Barcelone et de l’Inter de Milan.

Une mission qui peut coûter cher à Eto’o, qui risque même sa vie ! En effet, un message appelant à l’assassinat de Samuel Eto’o a circulé, partagé par des sécessionnistes armés. « La seule façon d’attirer plus d’attention internationale, est de tuer Eto’o une fois qu’il entre dans l’ambazonie » !

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  1. Eto’o Fils est Camerounais. Le vrai nr 1 Camerounais.
    Il fait son geste Patriotique en tant qu’un Camerounais influent. Au fait, toutes ces grandes stars devraient s’y impliquer et consolider ce message de paix.
    Bravo à toi notre grand 9 pour ce courage, par amour pour ton pays tu risques ta vie.
    Les apprentis sorciers là, au lac!

  2. This is where lack of basic education get peoples in troubles..just like Lapiro de Mbanga..eto’o I told Lapiro personally when he came to ekounou at the time he had a mulato girlfriend not far from our house..I told Lapiro not to get involved in politics…cameroonians politicians are not politician they are secterains peoples in all type of churches and drink blod they will finish you eyo’o…let speak back in 10 years because black man don’t see far they only plan for next day and think it is ok after!

  3. Samuel Eto’o Fils is a human being but if he chooses to behave like a robot, only he can bear responsibility for his choices. Minister Nalova Lyonga does not need to help him in this direction.

    A foreign tourist/newsman can form negative opinions about the NW/SW based on distorted official versions. But upon venturing on the field to verify why human beings in the 21st Century would choose to deny their children the value of an education, facts come calling. #1) In a climate of uncertainty, loving parents prefer to keep their children at home under their loving care rather than venture into schools where trained men in uniform rival erratic petty criminals in setting buildings on fire. #2) Going to school to be taught distorted facts in substandard language is not an option!

  4. « Le sport m’a tout donné, je vais partager avec les jeunes mon expérience », a déclaré l’ancien attaquant du FC Barcelone et de l’Inter de Milan.

    Does he want to talk football or education to the students? An illiterate!! Isn’t he aware that there are ambazonia refugees in nigeria that he can help, the same way he helped the frogs in libya?

    • Thank you, Tigana. Actually Samuel Eto’o Fils has a trump card which the Musonges, Yang Philemons, Atanga Nji Pauls, John Fru Ndis etc do not have – access to President Biya!
      If he could use such a golden opportunity to tell Biya the unvarnished truth,……..but will he?????

  5. Eto’o is living in a fool’s paradise and suffering from acute shortsightedness. It must be a thing for former captains of indomitable lions. Mbia deadly moved his family to Turkey, lying along the way of the imminent danger Boko Haram posed to his hometown down south. Eto’o doesn’t have the intellectual fortitude to know what this crisis is all about, yet he’s deafly pushing on to go tell children whose parents are either in Nigeria as refugees, in bushes hiding, in the battle front fighting, in graves, to go back to school. It did not take long for Mbia to get his comeuppance, Eto’o will one day too.

    • …Mbia deafly…

    • @Chinese donkey” Etoo doesn’t have … the crisis is about” the crisis is about foolishness and will be resolved foolishly the government has done everything to sort it out unfortunately some donkeys like you are still organising fundraising to destabilise our country that why we will deal with all terrorists.

      • The man states his facts item by item; what is yours other than a sweeping statement (done everything!!!!!) spiced with your usual dose of reprehensible gutter language?
        If you were worth anything helpful, you could suggest to the government additional ways of improving the situation rather than insulting others who volunteer from their store of knowledge.

        • Sac à bétisier @Dinga le gouvernement a tout fait pour répondre aux besoins des populations dites “anglophones”les entretiens ont été menées m?me avec certains diplomates en quelle langue voulez vous qu’on vous parle? la sagesse voudrait qu’on écoute d’abord tes fourberies sont légion même dans ce forum malheureusement pour toi.

      • @Colby there you go again dimwit cpdm troll. Go to bamenda and say that crap and let’s see where it takes you. Deuche bag.No wonder cameroon is a fail state when we have free loaders like you hiding behind your mighty biya and stealing.Get a life piece of sh*t

  6. Journalisme sure Les Fauteuil . Quand Samuel Eto’o a-t-il annoncé une visite à Ambazonia et quelles sont les personnes d’Amba qui parlent pour tous les Amazoniens? Tous les Camerounais NW au SW ne sont pas anglophones et tous les anglophones ne sont pas des ambazoniens.

  7. @Colby it’s because of Deuche bags like you that cameroon have become the new Somalia of our times .what a shame thousands are dying and you after having intercourse with some chimpanzee and high on odontol is here promoting hate as usual. Why don’t you go to bamenda and say that crap and let’s see where it takes you

  8. Professor Messanga Nyamdi, the quintessential hate machine has just crossed the line to call Cameroon’s Anglophones illiterates at the mercy of Paul Biya. While the head of state is searching for brains to help solve the country’s thorny problems, here comes one with brains reflected by a “Doctorat” (most likely the pull him down variety). Would this guy be trying to outdo “Politologue” Banda Kani in spewing vituperations into the national space? How can such utterances calm the tense toxic atmosphere in our country? Does the president need this type of toxic praise-singing?

    Well, as “Nemo dat quod non habet”(One can give only what one has) puts it and clearly Messanga Nyamdi has only vitriolic remarks to offer for a society struggling to find a better climate for “vivre ensemble” !

    • Sac à bétisier @Dinga Messanga nyamding a dit ce qu’il pense parce qu’après tant de consultations sur un sujet d’ordre général il ne comprend pas comment les positions peuvent rester aussi tranchées et ce sont les mêmes qui chialent à longueur de journée qu’ils veulent le dialogue inclusif pire c’est qu’on apprend qu’il y a des docteurs, professeurs, ingénieurs ect..leurs frères ne leur font pas confiance ce qui s’apparente à de l’illettrisme.Une chose est sûre c’est que c’est de la manipulation extérieure et ça le gouvernement en est conscient il défendra son territoire par tous les moyens pour le moment c’est encore un jeu de cache-cache on ne peut pas discuter avec un homme qui tient une arme si vous voulez la paix les terroristes se doivent de déposer leurs armes si non feu à volonté!!

      • Gros villageois, quand on ne comprend pas pourquoi les positions sont restees tranchees, on accuse les autres d’etre moins faineant, intelligent, que nous? La gouvernace vous depasse,pouquoi ne pas passer le temps a denigrer les autres!

      • Epée Dipanda

        Entre temps, nous les enfants d’Ambasonie continuons a dire nôtre patrie ou la mort

        • Mrd! Donc vous parlez meme bien francais coe ca? Hihihi
          Où est donc le probleme?

        • Old hag,
          You always knew our problem was never language.
          Your lifestyle and your values as larepublicans is what we abhor.
          Learn to love yourselves and live by yourselves.
          Deal with your accords de coopération by yourselves.
          We have left.
          Ambazonia must be free…
          As for the French or any other language, remember : There is Google!

      • ” sac à bétiser”…
        ” gros villageois “?
        Tous Cmrnais! Typique…

  9. This crisis has presented a golden opportunity for real patriots to rise up and be counted, to give voice to the voiceless. What else could a people ask for? People struggle all their lives to do something and leave their marks, yet others take just a few moments at crucial events and achieve such a feat.

    Hon Joseph Wirba (NWP) will for ever be remembered for holding the tribulations of Anglophones to the face of an indolent National Assembly just as Hon. Simon Forbi (NWP) did in the Senate. Hon. Jua(NWP) brought it to the attention of the Chairman of NCBM the ills that hurt English-speaking Cameroonians over the years. Thanks to the intervention of Hon Henry Kemende (NWP) those holding multiple posts were forced to relinquish some,thereby creating opportunities for the unemployed.

    • If the fear to speak up is the underlying reason for silence, those who failed to do so should be searching their souls and asking themselves why they remained mute at such a moment of crisis. Is it to get a good name from a president who enjoys being worshipped like a deity? Is it disdain for the population that they represent? Where is this ugly complicity coming from?

  10. I feel sorry for what the anglophones have been going through in our great nation. Being marginalized for all these years is terrible. But turning to terrorism is not the way to go. There will be no Ambazonia (what a foolish name), there is only one Cameroon. Find a good leader and negotiation, or die.