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SDF snubs Kamto’s coalition call

Journal du Cameroun | The Social Democratic Front has dismissed any possible coalition led by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement’s Maurice Kamto ahead of the 2018 Presidential elections.

Sitting at the National Executive meeting in Bamenda at the weekend, the SDF brushed aside the option, just one week after the CRM chairman Maurice Kamto declared he is in negotiations with the SDF flag bearer Joshua Osih for a possible coalition.

A spokesman of the Social Democratic Front told Journalducameroun.com that the party saw they call from Kamto as a non-event and will be fully backing Joshua Osih in a bid to unseat Paul Biya.

The spokesman however confirmed the party had held talks with the Cameroon Renaissance movement which unfortunately did not bear fruits.

“The SDF is the leading opposition figure and will not accept any coalition where a candidate from another party comes with the intention to lead,” the spokesman said as he dismissed Kamto’s approach of wanting to be the main leader of a possible opposition coalition.

He however said the party has secured several key allies and opinion leaders for the upcoming elections but for strategic reasons, they can not make it public at the moment.

One of such opinion leaders is political analyst Dieudonné Essomba who has publicly backed Joshua Osih’s bid for the 2018 Presidential election.

“From my discussions with Joshua Osih, he has a sound financial policy suitable to that of Switzerland which I think is the best for Cameroon and that is why I will be fully supporting him,” Essomba said on Vision 4 flagship program “Club d’Elites”.

The Social Democratic Front also took several decisions during the National Executive Committee meeting of the party on Saturday as they set up a commission of inquiry to investigate alleged frauds recorded during the Senatorial elections.

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  1. How much can the electorate rely/depend on an SDF party which has 7 (seven) Senatorial seats only because “nous avons donne le nord-ouest au SDF”?

  2. Put ALL opposition parties together to stand against K leg…..they will never win.Shame opartie calling itself main opposition part with 7 senators and wasting time and money to go for presidential election

  3. 15 political parties in a country of supposedly 24million.
    Only 1 political party SDF of the 15 managed 7 seats in a senate of 100 senators, 93 seats for CPDM.
    Why would anyone in West Cameroon believe that there is any political voting system in Cameroon that will change the rigged political system to bring about any change?
    All the mushroom opposition political parties can do nothing to bring about any change in Cameroon.
    Nothing works right in Cameroon because of the one party mafia hypercentralized Yaoundé Government.
    The election of 2018 is just an attempt to have a spending party at the expense of the masses, no one believes this is an election it is just a sham to continue with the corruption in Yaoundé.

    • @LUM

      what happened in 1992 in Cameroon, please you needs to stop feed us with your ballcap.

      • @lum

        ball crap

        • There is no Mafia please. The structure of the system (so called mafia) i the problem. Run the elections twice. First round can have every body or the entire adulthood stand as candidates. The best 2 move to the second round and the winner goes ahead. This will eliminate jockers, and concentrate distracted voters to single directions. Looser from round 1 will be forced into coalitions with the two left.
          Run 2 decides it all. Not saying Biya wouldn’t win.
          The mind set of most cameroonians has been “mestup” by the crockett structure in place to the point that several Cameroonians don’t even think well any longer. Lack of reasoning. Some of them have become a danger to themselves and society because of their thinking. Change the though process of the people and the leader will leave.

        • How can you explain the fact that a Cameroonian left his house without taking a shower in the Yaounde the nation capital because there is no water supply and the night before he slept in darkness and go to a TV station with odor, dress in coat and tell other cameroonians that the country is the best country and everything is fine. and will leave and go back home and continue to sleep in darkness. In the nation capital itself.
          The mind, the mind. Biya will always have water and electricity(You know how), generators. Anglophones are fighting for basic needs. Francophones leaving in anglophones that are benefiting from these same basic needs are killing the anglophones. If there is good schools, good roads, good water supply, good electricity supply, these same frogs with their guns

        • will be the first to benefit from them.
          Anglophone leadership it self has failed the people. flip flop all the time. No major standpoint. Always moving from right to left, snitching on each other. Paul Biya is well aware and knows that the anglophones and the majority of their leaderships are idiots. Paul Biya said there was an anglophone problem another anglophone goes on national tv and says there is no problem. Now Paul Biya appoints him minister to go fix the problems he has caused the country he is so excited and moving around not knowing it is a set up. WHAT TYPE OF PEOPLE ARE THESE. BIYA KNOWS YOU ALL SO WELL. AND KNOWS you are useless people

      • you seem to be lost, today the CRM of Maurice Kamto is way more popular than SDF. for one SDF militant the CRM counts militants and that all over the territory north/south, east/west. go and check, its all there for you to see.

    • And what are you offering as an alternative Mrs empty criticism ?

  4. @john dinga

    don’t worry I guess he is trying, about you overseas when are you going to be a governor, county executive or mayor ” USA”.
    I hope Donald trump people will get your back ” white people ” if you re American citizen yet.

  5. Any Elections in Cameroon without a United Opposition is going to be a Victory for the Old Guards. Joshua Osih has to Find a to Bring all the opposition Forces together Against Paul Biya even if it means himself not being the flag Bearer. Let the Coalition vote for United Coalition Candidate!

    • unfortunately thats not going to happen with the kind of greedy self centered thugs we have in that god forsaken place. The SDF itself is the worst thing that happen to Cameroon.

    • Thank you Korak. I hope everybody could reason like you.

  6. The SDF is an offshoot of the CPDM. They have not been able to do anything for 28 years. They are refusing to go into any coalitions for fear any coalition might unseat their mother party( CPDM). History will expose this criminal known as Fru Ndi someday.

    • @ Borat
      It is incorrect to call John Fru Ndi a criminal. The man illustrates a typical Cameroonian ailment – the refusal to accept that one is a spent force to step down or be put aside.

      The SDF now needs a period of soul searching to find out where and how things went so wrong. The present blame game – CPDM is destabilizing us, Maurice Kamto’s inviting the SDF is a non-event – misses the point.

      Yesterday the Takumbeng shielded JFN from the CPDM’s military machine; today it is the military shielding JFN from the ire of the people. That makes 180 degrees turn!!! Those with diplomas in rocket science know something about this volteface.

  7. This is a situation where there’s not a lesser of the two evils. Kamto is taking campaign finances from Biya and going over to pull a fast one on Biya’s njumba. Biya’s long time Njumba cannever soil the husband’s garri!

  8. Kamto, ia another hungry one.

    • i used to think Anglophones were by far smarter when it comes to analyzing a make some good political decisions.

      many are just brainless walking people.

  9. M Kamtos is a CPDM/France mercenary who knows very well that SDF cannot accept such a proposal because, base on political representation SDF is more Established than CRM but he rushes to call for a United front publicly so that 2morrow he will give an excused that, he extended a hand to SDF but they Refused. In addition Kamtos was secretary of State in Ministry Justice in 2008 BUT did not serve Justice for those who know what happen in 2008 in LRC,

    Even though SDF has lost the trust of the people M Kamtos is a WOLFE in Sheep Clothing, The fact that Kamto has got no problem with the present Form of Government makes him a very Bad candidate for LRC future