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Security: Consignment of weapons uncovered, 6 suspects under arrest

A consignment of war weapons, ranging from improvise explosive devices to semi automatic rifles have been uncovered in a cache by security officers in the North West Region.

The weapons were discovered by the North West Regional Delegation for National Security following a search carried out on the 2nd and 3rd August 2017 in Mbengwi in the Momo Division.

Six suspects were also arrested in connection with the weapons. They are presently helping the police in investigation.

The information was revealed by the Minister of Communication and Government’s spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma Bakary during a press briefing in Yaoundé this Wednesday 9th August 2017.

The Minister indicated that the suspects who have been remanded under custody are said to have planned strikes against security bases, Military and administrative officers.

He added the groups smuggled the weapons into Cameroon through a neighbouring country and they had attempted to carry out a foiled attack in Bamenda during 20th May celebrations.

The Minister identified the gang leader as Dasi Alfred Ngyah alias « Sniper » a leader of the armed wing of the South Cameroon’s liberation movement.

The other suspecters include; Mba-Abe Edwin Dasi, Tefeh Collins Teghe; Fuh Luther Che, Ngwa Louis Monyonga and Martha Formenyam.


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  1. Rain onto others

    Hahaha CRTV lies telling propaganda machine with the thief Tchiroma as the head

    • Yeah according to you and your cousins it’s a lie but those clowns arrested are now permanent high value residents of kondengui, at least u can’t dispute that.

      • You really need to be an angry man because for the first time there are people standing up against your master. Did you see the images and videos from the arrest in Mbengwi, there were no rifles nor explosive, the videos and pictures showed couple of metal stuffs that can be used to make explosives. Then CRTV calls it a consignment of war weapons. You can be happy when innocent people are in jail, your day is around the corner big man.

        • @ Da Scava
          They are not innocent. Some of us had this details and list of names from those on the ground a few hours after it happened. Pictures were in circulation. You are right to say the government has or may have amplified it. Know that it is true and no claims will change it. It was a good catch for the government and a betrayal of their struggle for secession. The government will get more from them either you like it on not. Mr. Dasi will know what it means to venture without a second thought. The ignorant ones are those back home probably because of cash became invove in a very very difficult Mission. We don’t need any arms struggle in Cameroon. Those idiots in the diaspora should be careful.

    • Mbengwi: New Controvesy on the arrest of “alleged” Ambazonian terrorists

      Canal 2 reports of New controversy which has sparked up concerning the discovery of explosives in Mbengwi. The TV Channel reports that one of its Correspondent is in Mbengwi is reporting that the home where the explosives were allegedly found is the home of a certain retired gendarme officer who is now blind and not the home of Dasi Alfred as reported by govt.

      Inhabitants in Mbengwi are categoric: The weapons exposed on TV doesn’t belong from their locality. Plus they are questioning why the officers of law and order didn’t invite the press or a neutral body to witness the raid. However Governor of the NW says the arms caché were found in Mbengwi and is calling for vigilance. Affaire a suivre!

  2. Why at this time? Because they want some lies to brandish to the UN and other countries seeing that SCnians are on a diplomatic offensive and are winning diplomatic victories. Mbengwi is Tassang’s home and want to tag him as a terrorist. Too late, LR!

    • If indeed they are winning I expect you and your friends to be happy n festive, how come you are instead bitter n angry and feuding amongst yourselves? I believe if you are winning you been controlling part of your country at least, are you sure u are not just lying to yourself to feel good?. no vex ooh bro am only curious.

      • You are not curious, you are just angry as you name says. Success my friend have key milestones, the fact that we are not in control of our country now does not mean that we are not making strides, To be a medical Dr you first need to get a first degree, that is a milestone of success towards becoming a Dr. Is too difficult to understand?

        Some people really have issues, internal issues will always exist, in your home there exist, they exist everywhere. So the internal feuding is normal.

        • Da scavi
          you responded in a diplomatic manner n kudos, first I’m am objective observer n not a servant of the gov. now, you still didn’t tell y you and your cousins still angry, hostile n belligerent n threatening lil school children even though you are ” clearly winning” with the UN, USA n the whole international community supporting you, could you duel on that a lil bit brother?

  3. Nothing good ever comes from Yaounde

    Crtv, Cameroon tribune, Issa Tshiroma, mbaraga ngeule, Rene Sadi and big mumu from beti tribe. U have failed. This is a cheap shot. West Cameroonians can and will not listen to the fake news

  4. wow these people who with America, France Russia support cannot defeat boko haram succeeded to see get weapons from Mbegwi and arrested people? and some idiots are here believing this propaganda? When France was butchering these people and calling them Makizars we took them as brothers, protected them, feed them etc etc today they plan fake weapons in Mbegwi a place that knows no voilence since creation and arrest 6 people who no one knows them.

  5. Mbengwi has been a place of peace. Tshiroma should uncover suicide bomber in his boko haram infested country
    Fake news will not help Yde..”nothing good will ever comes from Yde”

  6. LRC lies and desperation!they have opened the airport to transport arms and blame it on the civilians, LRC deceits, lies and conniving tactics, if the people from the English regions were taking up arms, the government will never find it, they would have been using it against the BIR inhumane atrocities in November 2016,they are using these tactics to arrest more young persons, put them in asbestos bonkers thinking that it will stop the resistance and deter others, no chance, it will continue to show the world how cruel the regime, strengthen the struggle more for independence, all those who have been sitting on the fence will join in, 99% of true Cameroonian hate, fear and despise, Biya and the regime, 56 years of failures, dictatorship, regression, oppression, slum corruption country.

  7. A good credible story usually has a beginning, a middle and a logical end. Each time a story is narrated from the middle with no insight about beginning or end, it calls for plenty of skepticism!

    This is hardly the first time such an alarmist story reaches the Cameroonian people. Once before, Blaise Pascal Talla’s home in Bandjoun, western province was brandished as the depository of a cache of seized arms. The gentleman quietly went and surrendered himself to the authorities to await investigations. It did not take long to realize that the pictures placed in Cameroon Tribune and depicting the seizures from Talla’s home were really photo shopped from a Times Magazine publication about Madagacar.

    Kontchou Kouomegni learned a humbling lesson. Of course crime investigation is needed.

  8. Well cooked up story from LRC.And one of their citizens by name @Bikutsi says the francophones are not in support of us for our stance for seperation.Why would they be when we want to spoil their show?Were the white South Africans against apartheid? of course,they were in support of it becos they felt superior over the blacks.And the same @Bikutsi says CMR should remain one and indivisible,that the problem is Biya….ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.The problem is francophones who behaves the way white South Africans behave during the apartheid era.Even political parties owned by francophones don’t have federalism in their program.Which means,non of them is even thinking about the minority,anglophones.The problem is not Biya,the problem is francophones in general.

  9. This things are not knew from colonialists governments.Even Mandela was tagged a terrorist by the apartheid gov’t.ANC was banned just the way SCNC has been banned and their activists tagged as terrorists by the Yaounde colonialist. Francophones don’t believe they and the anglophones can have equal rights.Federalism that is the best system of government in a bicultural country is not in any of their politician’s program.Even one of their famous politicians by name Maurice Kamto, ventilated the deeply-held view of Cameroon when he rhetorically asked, “le fédéralisme pour quoi faire?” ha ha ha….Non of them is thinking about the minority anglophones.Which means they have chosen the option of seperation for us.

  10. Issa Tchiroma, we know your criminal mind and how it works. Continue to implant things and distract the minds of people from the issues at hand. What is clear is that there will be no schools come september. Go on with dirty tricks thinking that is the way to solve the problem. You have a prerequisite: free our leaders! Without this, you and your cult master Biya will send all of us to jail; we are not afraid of you! You can parade the names of 5 people and forget that there are 8 million others with the same intention! Do you think if I have a gun I will spare you? You are a thief and a murderer and deserve the same fate. How on earth can a criminal state the case of an oppressed people? Time for you to exit the platform! Parade our brothers, we have your names too, and the list is big!

  11. What about hot news like the ones Southern Cameroonian sacked the LRC Ottawa embassy and hosted the Ambazonian flag yesterday? What about news like Patrick Ndangoh and the 12 desciples beaten to an inch of their lives after BBC picked up their SED bunker n broadcasted it world wide. I guess the time they brutalized Randy Jo Saah last year they thought they will kill his journalism zeal. How mistaken were they. Soon Ahmed Abbah will be out and I will see how you thugs led be Peter Essoka will wage war on good journalism. Here is a man like Tchiroma, Ahmadou Ali, Marafa Yaya and Cavaye Ddjibril that deal first hand with Boko Haram yet nothing has been uncovered in their villages. Why Mbengwi? To punish Tassang Wilfred? The belly of the beast is quite revealing itself. I pity this regim.

  12. I would to congratulate the true Cameroonian patriots from the norwest and mbengwi to be acacr for tipping off the authorities , thanks to their bravery a carnage has been avoided . This really tells us that few are among the troublemakers, if one has to leave Belgium to launch terrorist attacks on his own people then it is crystal clear that they have lost their so called local support

  13. Truly, wonders shall never end in that goddam Cameroon. Weapons that disappeared from
    only lrc that knows where, were uncovered in Mbengwi.
    Is this the type of Cameroon, that Tchiroma wanted to rule as president, if fate had wished it?
    The day for shame to manifest its self, is just around the corner for lrc and her leaders.

  14. Tchiroma , only fools will believe any News that come from the cpdm ganster media. Looking for motives to Arrest and jail innocent SCians. You can plant evidence and collect anytime,,,,,,, These are old tricks we all know.

  15. Mbengwi: New Controvesy on the arrest of “alleged” Ambazonian terrorists

    Canal 2 reports of New controversy which has sparked up concerning the discovery of explosives in Mbengwi. The TV Channel reports that one of its Correspondent is in Mbengwi is reporting that the home where the explosives were allegedly found is the home of a certain retired gendarme officer who is now blind and not the home of Dasi Alfred as reported by govt.

    Inhabitants in Mbengwi are categoric: The weapons exposed on TV doesn’t belong from their locality. Plus they are questioning why the officers of law and order didn’t invite the press or a neutral body to witness the raid. However Governor of the NW says the arms caché were found in Mbengwi and is calling for vigilance. Affaire a suivre!

  16. Mr. Ambazonia

    Real arm carriers are in the extreme north. Boko Haram has more work for this lazy military. They lost long credibility.

  17. Traditional rulers did crown the president “Fon of Fons” and are supposed to be his local representatives in their various localities. This implies a close working relationship of give-and-take. What does the traditional ruler of Mbengwi say? Is it normal, in a decentralized administration, to come to someone’s village and sideline him to carry out a major operation? What exactly does decentralization involve?

    • Mr. Ambazonia

      It involves appointing a governor, an SDO and a DO plus gendarme officers to lord it over everyone. There’s no local governance in the whole thing.

  18. False Flag Alert !!!
    And they con’t even make something convincing, what a waste!
    This reminded of when Hitler started his madness, he sent some of NAZI soldiers to rough up one German radio station and announced in polish language that they are poles and have taken over a German radio station. Because of that most Germans throw their unconditional support behind Hitler to invade Poland.

    • We can only guess what next the regime is planning because this alone will not entice the people to change their mind, but rather it could backfire. Because those that are on the fringe may as well think that they can carry arms to fight. `
      Cameroun is doom. We are being governed by people who never for once consider the “what if” in any decision, before taking. They know only one solution to every problem (Brute Force).
      I cannot even think of any country in this world beside Cameroon where Ekema the fraud star, would be roaming the street, boasting of being above the law and even occupy a public office.

  19. StayStrong SC/Amba

    BANNANA REPUBLIC known as la republic du Cameroon criminals and liars are again formulating falsehood and implanting ammunitions to create an environment whereby they can eliminate Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians. These barbaric la republic rats who are doing all sorts of evil manipulations to provoke Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians will fail in their effort. La republic criminal rats placed the ammunitions where they claim they found them to create victims out of innocent citizens. These rats must immediately release all of our people they have presently locked up in their disease infested dungeons called jail.

    • @ Perika, StayStrongSCA
      One must be honest and humble enough to admit that there are “agents provocateurs” even in the ranks of the innocent victims of a struggle of this type. Never ever vouch for what you do not know!

      On the other hand, one must also celebrate the good, honest persons on the opposite side. According to the learned Barrister Akere Muna, two courageous high ranking uniformed officials stood up and told the court and affirmed that they did not see any of the accused persons carry out any act of violence. Even in a court where all the accused are Anglophones and the entire prosecution is made up of Francophones (in the one and indivisible nation), persons with clean hands will always stand out. We must celebrate the God-fearing persons in the mix.

  20. only foolish Cameroonians believe this story from lrc, for 57 years they have spend money to sow bad seeds of hatred, division, lies, deaths, killings,torture, fear,bullying, all the bad things that exist to stamp on their voiceless people, many people have no way out, they cannot speak for themselves as the system in place is design to strip their self worthiness and keep them in check at all times,90% of the people know that this is another fake attempt to create fear, false arrest, blame game to point a finger at certain region’s false actions, many people will never buy this accusation, the regime can keep digging a hole for themselves by arresting more innocent people and put under dark asbestos bonkers,Cameroon has never been ONE and INVISIBLE what goes around, comes around!

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