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Security forces kill two separatist fighters in Mundemba

Journal du Cameroun | The two fighters were part of a group of individuals who attempted to attack, the local gendarmerie brigade on Tuesday morning, according to military sources.

Cameroonian armed forces on Tuesday, February 20, killed two alleged secessionist armed fighters in the locality of Mundemba, Ndian division in the Southwest region of Cameroon, a military source revealed.

At about 8.30am on Tuesday morniong, twenty persons reportedly attempted to attack the Mundemba gendarmerie brigade, the source said.

In their move, they were spotted by the commander of the forestry brigade whose camp is located near the building targeted by the attackers.

He immediately opened fire before alerting the Mundemba naval base for intervention.

Two assailants were brought down while the others retreated to the bushes from the pressure of the military who had arrived the scene for reinforcement.

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  1. Only two????

    • You took it from my mouth, I’m not very happy about it.

    • seconded. so sad even if it was updated to 4. it’s not significant. Why not equip Bazooka & armored tanks. Either Biya knows nothing about war or he benefits a lot for the situation to last longer.

    • Do not worry brother,
      2 more were eliminated after BIR went after them.
      4 in total.
      The bigger point is:
      It will take time, but they will be defeated.
      Cameroon will remain one and this time all blood tainted from across the border will be expelled.
      We know who they are.
      Real Cameroonians are not for that nonsense

    • @Colby

      I don’t care if its only 2 , the fact is we re not negotiate with terrorist and traitor.

  2. I believe they must have killed more than 20 bastards…More will fall soon

  3. What do we gain from this massacre?

    Feel always so bad when reading about these useless killings.

    This battle can be won in the ballot box, let youths register and massively vote anti-Biya.

    Give all SW/NW MPs to SDF, coupled with WEST, many from Littoral, a few from North and Centre. Parliament would be full of vuvuzela until the Anglo prob is debated, and Foumban revisited. Very simple, no blood…

    • @zam-zam
      we all wish that but it can only happen when those who still believe they will one day have a Country Ambazonia know it is not the wish of many anglophones and that it’s high time to stop dreaming and seek for what can easily be realised. Do we actually expect the cameroon Military to be silent? Certainly not. Let the Military respond to any senseless act with full force. It’s a pity when People die but they should know what awaits them when they allow themselves to be manipulated. One should not wait to know the importance of peace only when he/she doesn’t have it for it is difficult to get it back.

    • Maybe you think we are in Germany where elections are carried out properly.

    • Sam-Zam
      Finally something you and I can agree on.
      When all of this is done it will be recalled that all these people asked for was a discussion on re-activating the federation for which we agreed to join them.

      • Épée,

        I have been saying this even b4 this crisis, there is no way CMR is going to know true peace with the Anglo issue under the carpet.

        Our system in Etoudi knows that too.

        No need killing each other, CMRs are too intelligent a folk to fall into that trap…

  4. Now that LRC has won the war in SC, the Commission on Bilingualism can go to SC and start teaching the people the french language. The Anglophone Question has finally be resolved militarily by Dictator Biya. LRC has finally become an “Island of Peace. hallelujah!

  5. Mvomeka,what are you saying? Are you ok? what Anglophone problem or question has been resolved. The have just killed two Ambaland fighters and you are saying it is over? How many of them have fallen since the seperatists started the HIT AND RUN TACTICS. we shall see who is who in this struggle,the Victor and the Vanquish

  6. Out of twenty and 4 are killed and that is victory. This is the commonsense, that these
    frogs have lived with since 57 years and the country could feature in the hippic and
    corruption indexes. None of them can agree, that their man biya is incompetent and has
    brought shame unto them. For that reason, he should resign, especially with the state
    of things at etoudi as we write. Shameless idiots.

  7. What i still can believe is the fact that some of us believe that anglophones are Saints or too honest.
    Absolutely not true. We are just like other black Africans. Cameroon has be ruined by both anglophones & francophones. Infrastructural Problems in Cameroon are faced by francophones and anglophones.
    There could be some differences but the solution is not seccession or war. Among the 10 provinces in Cameroon, NW and SW are among the first 6 developed. Problems faced by a common anglophone and the same Problems faced by a common francoohone. It’s correct to advocate for equal rights but will like to say that there is no Nation in this world in which all have equal rights. If you can’t exchange your life for freedom, don’t encourrage or manipulate another person to do so. LL one Cameroon

    • James,

      ‘The NW and SW are among the six most developed’. This is the appropriate way to put it.

      Now, that may be true in relative terms, but in absolute terms, none of the provinces (regions) can be described as developed.

      • I’m not reviled by the fact that scums like you are a part of the human race, as much I’m disgusted in knowing that although your birth could have been avoided with just the simple use of a condom, someone was careless enough to accidentally inflict on mankind the calamity of your existence.

        • @ Manyaka76
          Perfidy is part and parcel of the game. Human beings have been known to take palm fronds and force into the wheels of the front runner in one of our marathons, just to enable a favorite son to go on and win.

          It is the very same devilish minds that made it possible to hold back SW and NW so that other areas of the country catch up with the lead they commanded at independence! If you doubt it, make an inventory of all the infrastructures of West Cameroon prior to unification, starting with Mbiwan’s PowerCam, passing through Tiko International Airport on which UN Secretary-General, Dag Hammerskjold landed on his way to and back from meeting with President Ahidjo before Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha and his government.

    • you are wrong my friend our problem is not about development,if that was the case i wont support any complain because everywhere in cameroon is almost same,but the problem is about opportunities like jobs,state, education ,judiciary, and equality, this are the problems just to name a few.

  8. La folie des hommes, finalement le monstre Biya a gagne. Les secessionistes armées doivent etre combattus, mais comment savoir si les infos sont credibles? Si on ne s’acharne pas sur les innocents.
    Mon village est deserté par la population, une population qui se fout de Biya et ses secessionistes.
    Biya try ohhhhhhhh?!!!!

  9. @ Mbappe, if you knew the history of SOUTHERN CAMEROON and the history of French Cameroon, you will know the difference. Since you are very ignorant about the two differences, I will gladly refer you to Professor Charles Anyangwe let him school you. Your history is in the mud. The people of a SOVEREIGN Country Of Amba Republic, will fight to their last blood to defend their land. For your information, rainy season is the begining of the real war. We shall see then who are the owners of Amba republic. Stay tuned.