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Security forces rescue three hostages from Ambazonia fighters

Journal du Cameroun | Three employees of the Tunisian company Soroubat, including a Tunisian engineer and two Cameroonian technicians, kidnapped on March 15, 2018 in the South-West region, were released on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.
This is the result of an assault of the Cameroonian army led around 4am in Meme Division.A security source reports that four terrorists were shot dead during the assault.

A statement signed by the Communication Minister of Cameroon, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, confirms the defense forces have recovered the mortal remains of the second Tunisian engineer, Khaled Tinsa, assassinated by his captors.

Journalducameroun.com was informed security officials continued combing the area after freeing the hostages.

It should be recalled that the two Tunisian nationals were abducted on the night of 14 to 15 March 2018 in Fiango, a town located a few kilometers from Kumba, Meme Division, Southwest Region.

They were engaged in a construction site of the road on the Kumba-Isangele axis. Moments after the abduction, the rebels had threatened to execute the Tunisian hostages if a ransom of 50 million CFA francs was not paid to them within 24 hours.

Most employees of the construction company consequently packed out of the construction site gripped by fear of what could befall them.

The release of the Tunisian engineer and the two Cameroonian technicians from the Soroubat company comes 24 hours after the release of Professor Ivo Leke Tambo, the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Pca) of the GCE Board.

He was kidnapped Saturday, March 17, 2018 by individuals claiming Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF), one of the armed groups of Ambazonia, while he was leading a delegation to Lebialem for a thanksgiving ceremony to the Head of State for appointing Paul Tasong as minister.

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  1. Do not mind that useless regime. They staged the arrest & release of the Tunisian worker in Ambazonia as a tactic to beg Tunisia to release the container of weapons illegally bought by La Republique and officially seized by Tunisia last month.

    Why will any Ambazonia want to hold a tourist hostage? And why a poor Tunisian and not a French? Why Tunisia by the way?

    The correlation between La Rep. weapons in Tunisia and the unlawful kidnap of the Tunisian in Ambazonia has a signature of La Rep. on it. Some of us studied and simulated these military games in school. We know the games too well.

    Small Delegate and DO for Batibo whey we use yi play hide and seek, no man no fit see am. Then na Tunisian them go see am so easy?

    Useless poor neighboring country.


    • @ Ivo
      Interesting perspective. You mean the rescue of a foreign employee trumps that of a citizen of Cameroon, even one appointed by decree?

      Two wrongs never ever make it right. Providing employment for foreign Nationals while locals wallow in despair is unacceptable. Kidnapping and ending the life of an innocent/ignorant foreigner fails to consider that a similar retaliatory act can befall a Cameroonian in foreign lands.

      Whatever the case, one of Africa’s proverbs comes alive: “when two elephants fight (abductor/abductees), it is the grass underneath (Ekondo- Titi/Kumba road) that suffers”.

    • You have dug yourselves in a deep hole. By the way, you know military games so well that you have gotten cornered.

  2. Oh, and before I forget man, you were invited to join the rest of Cameroon’s children to fight and chase out France and you categorically rejected the offer.

    Translation: you have NO problem with France, ma men.. and you will not dare to touch a French. But of course, you have been killing Cameroonian military men, who include ‘ANGLOPHONE SOLDIERS, AND A PREGNANT FEMALE soldier! You have claimed these atrocities which include arson, amputations, extortion, intimidation… and the recent kidnapping of government officials, all of which are well-documented. Moreover, you are ignorantly acknowledging the abduction of the DO of Batibo which has already been claimed by your delusional vandals as we all know!

    • Is this Rat Thug just crazy or delusional? @Ivo is very correct and didn’t mince words when he acknowledged the utterances of the government officials. Why haven’t them be rescued if all Cameroonian lives are the same. This crack smoker must be a joke of a human being. Repeating what Ivo said in condescending terms makes you look stunningly stupid

    • And what was a pregnant soldier doing in the war front? Does the opponent has “Ultrasound eyes”? Don’t you know what maternity protection means? Ohh i forgot its LRC! Nonsense.

    • Ras Banga,
      Weed has damaged your hollow mind and those unkempt dreadlocks you are still wearing at 42 years of age is all that is left of you. You boasted here that Biya was the one to bring an end to the French empire in Cameroon and Africa. I did not hear you invite other people to join him in doing so. You said the strike would not reach the SW and it did. You were falling over yourself here when the military arrived in the SW, now you are the same man announcing the killing of the same military personnel. Restrict yourself to smoking weed, because you are a Rastaman without clothes each time you open your weed-tainted fangs on this forum. It’s also time you dealt with those sweaty dreadlocks and look Kempt at your age!

  3. @Ras Tuge Do u really think we care? thank God we kill military men,be it Anglophone or Francophone,who is working for France.Are the lives of the civilians that your army have taken away less important than the military we killed? don’t u see how stupid and selfish u have been? If the gov’t that u serve acknowledges the kidnap of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co,do u really think we should be afraid to acknowledge the kidnap of the D.O of Batibo?May be u think this is a movie.Wake up man,we are in a war,declared by Biya.After the war,we will take down the casualties on both sides and see if we can still forge ahead as a country. So,stop this drama u are writing everyday on this forum.Its not funny.

  4. @Ras Tuge Just see how your dear Professor Leke Tambo was collected like a termite and his family had to pay before he was released.It is not difficult to collect them.All we need do is to put a well organise and coordinated guerilla fighters on the ground and the like of Prof.Leke Tambe will just come and fall into our dragnet.And we will collect them with minimal efforts.

    • Termites collecting termites… and rasclaaat is hiding in a firewood kitchen!

      • Oh, your man Atanga Nji was right inside your bedroom but you never left your firewood kitchen… What a shame!

    • @ Kongosa. “see how your dear Professor Leke Tambo was collected like a termite and his family had to pay before he was released.”Biya is the one who abducted your beloved leader Sesecoco Ayuk and not the professor. If you and your terrorist organization have any balls why don’t you go and collect Biya like a termite as you did with the anglophone professor? Mbut cowards.

  5. Much wonder, why the admin, would not hold back the nonsense that the likes
    of Ras, Penguiss etc. compared to what is done to genuine comments.

  6. Any foreigner that come to steal will not be spared. The message has been sent to LRC s capital. I think the woeld was silent about the havoc the terrorist beti militia meted on the Ambazonians. La republic citizen who defy orders will pay

  7. The white color, is really just so superior. Tchiroma no fit rest wey i nova well fine?

  8. Look at the photo above,all of them trying to romance the Tunisian,and their own compatriot nowhere to be seen.talk of showing so much love for the foreigner.

    What have we not seen from lrc these past few months?from commissions of bilingualism,to the faking of biyas death and now kidnapping Tunisians.i don’t think the weapons container seized by Tunisia will find its way to lrc anytime soon.
    Maybe you guys should seek help from those idiots at the DSS to help move that container to lrc.

    As for Ambazonia,let there be no mistake,our country has come to stay.those on ground zero are equally or even more determined that us to gain their liberty from the occupiers.
    The diasporians are just a little part of this struggle,the real players are those on ground zero.
    Ambazonians will live free.

    • Of course, those delusional ones over there in the forests are the ones that are dying mercilessly like flies while you are comfortably hiding in cyberspace and running your mouth.

      • Ma men de Ras,those of us out here we don’t attack,we just give advice,you take it or leave it.but one thing is for sure,our boys are very determined and we may soon join them to either live free or die free.

        A lot of our compatriots have paid the ultimate price in this struggle,and if the next person has to be me,so be it.to tell the truth,i am ashamed to be where i am right now while others are on the battle field fighting for our liberation.

        I had said this before and i will still say it again”lrc is no threat to us”.
        Short live the struggle,long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

        • You don’t have to ashamed, man… no time for self-pity. All you have to do is get yourself on a flight and join your comrades. That’s what I-Man would do if a war sparks against France. So you see, your fight is totally meaningless for Africa.

  9. Truth and Facts

    “It should be recalled that the two Tunisian nationals were abducted on the night of 14 to 15 March 2018 in Fiango, a town located a few kilometers from Kumba, Meme Division, Southwest Region.”

    Rubbish !!

    • Truth and Facts

      Fiango is not a town and it is definitely not located a few kilometers from Kumba.

      Journal du Cameroun Paris is not a Country and it is also not located a few Kilometers from France.
      Journal du Cameroun do you understand?

  10. No one ought to die untimely death but this is a good puplicity For Ambazonia course and bad puplicity for LRC who wants to host AFCON & by the way this Tunisian was killed by LRC thinking he was an ADF consultant. Historical injustice is being corrected and Ambazonians are free.. Why did Biya cancel the Businessmen’s meeting in China? Ans Ambazonian crisis.

    • You think backward, hence the designation BAMENDA. How is this good publicity for Ambazozos? You just confirmed to the whole world that you are nothing but a terrorist organization, kidnapping everyone and asking for ransom.
      This is rather a good thing for LRC as it legitimize the use of force. You ambazozos are more than ever isolated on this struggle.

      • @James
        They will never understand this. The end is not far. Now Kidnapping for ransom and helping the govenment, the international communittee and peace loving anglophones to stand against them.

  11. Staged kidnapping and staged release Why
    Because they are dying to make a case about terrorism in West Cameroon!
    They are very happy to parade Tunisians because the have white color so they can use this act to beg for money from white people or some Arabs!
    Where is Sisiku Ayuk and co?
    Every time you internationally kill a grasshopper you make a Televised parade to say West Cameroonians are terrorist, but you say you killed a lion since January but you can not make a parade to celebrate on TV
    Who is fooling who?
    The propaganda about ADF has started but ADF has never asked for ransom. they never kidnapped foreigners and they are not interested in attacking anyone East of the Mungo.
    This is how you lied about Balla and Fontem arrested them and callled the terrorist

    • @ Lum. Point of correction. They didn’t say anglophones or West Cameroonians were terrorists. They said the so called Ambazonians or secessionists are terrorists. Stop using us to justify your madness. The majority of anglophone Cameroonians hate your terrorist organization just as they hate the Biya regime. You have allowed hate to becloud your sense of reasoning and Biya is winning the war tactically as propaganda is a very important part of war. You have messed up yourselves with the death of this Tunisian even if you didn’t kill him. Your Ambazonia leaders are now dead men walking as the Arabs will get them one by one. You don’t mess with the Arabs. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the most powerful country in the world (U.S.A) about the Arabs.

    • @lum you have serious problems.

  12. @bobjazz Ambasonians spoke on the 22nd of Sept 2017.We all saw it on video.The people that manifested on that faithful day were carrying blue and white flag.Which signifies Ambasonia.Not federalism with East Cameroon.Is it difficult to understand?From that 22nd of sept manifestation,the seperatist knew that they have the support of not only the diasporans,but also the people on ground,thats why they can arrest the criminal,Professor Leke Tambo and get away with it.
    The ADF now have a well coordinated guerilla fighters on ground.The likes of Prof Leke Tambo will be collected one after the other,if they defy the Ambasonian law.