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Situation In The North West: Nation Honours Fallen Police Superintendent

Cameroon Tribune | Aboubakarou was posthumously decorated on June 08, 2018 with the medal of valour with the merit of the security forces due to his bravery in defending the territorial integrity of the nation.

Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police, Aboubakarou, has been accorded last respects by the police and security forces. He was killed on May 16, 2018 in Oshe, Njikwa Sub Division, Momo Division of the North West region by alleged separationists. Before the unfortunate incident, he was serving as interim Chief of Security Post in the said locality.

The Delegate General of National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguelé, on behalf of the police and security forces on June 08, 2018 decorated Aboubakarou post-humously with the medal of valour with the merit of the security forces. Born on April 19, 1963 in Karna- Manga, he graduated from the National Advanced Police School in November 1991 as Inspector of Police.

Having served within the police force for close to three decades, he rose to the rank of Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police on December 30, 2015. He was dispatched to the North West Region to maintain peace and security following the unrest that the locality is experiencing. Aboubakarou was equally a third class traditional chief in his native village of Karna-Manga, Mbe Sub Division, Vina Division of the Adamawa Region.

He lives behind three wives, several children, colleagues and friends to mourn his departure. In an eulogy from his colleague and batch mate, Bonoho Jean Léon Pierre, the fallen police officer was described as a brave and courageous citizen. “He was a very jovial person and would always protect persons and property when need arises. This was an unexpected incident and we are greatly in grief,” he stated.

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  1. #watanawata#

  2. Ambazonia Amba


  3. He probably killed himself to put the blame on others.

    The best way to settle this matter would just be to take this fight to the West, and Chineke for all…

    • ZZ
      It is just a matter of time. Many of them are allready on an Interpol list . They are so dum and think people don’t know who they are .
      The majority of them is a bunch of loosers with nothing to show of after decades overseas.
      Carrefour ‘ j’ai raté ma vie ‘.
      Va à Yaoundé tu veras comment les ‘Anglophones ‘ sont dans tous les domaines. En commencant par la présidence meme, presque toute la garde de Biya est “Anglo ‘ , les chefs d’entreprises , les banquiers, ils ont des sociétés partout, sans compter ceux qui font les petits boulots coe le taxi, les commerces de tout genre qui font tourner Yaoundé.
      Les zéros de mbeng qui ont passé tout leur temps à courrir derriere les gos se reveillent à 40 ans et veullent détruire le pays parcequ’ils veulent etre ministre en ‘Ambazonie’…

      • Na true oh my sister. If it was not for Biya’s love these Anglofools who are intellectually inferior to Francophones would not hold such positions of influence but the ingrates are too dumb to appreciate. Kraze woman like you, we shall stay in the bush and fight a la hit & run until you leave our territory. #watanawata

        • @Alamimbu

          “hit and run” and you calls yourself a fighter kikikikikikikikikikik

        • @bamendaboy

          kikikikikikikikikikik. Yeah, I “calls” myself a fighter. Your president declared war on us but his elite forces are unwilling to come in and fight us on our turf (in the bush). Can you explain that?

      • @Bikutsi:- which Interpol my brother..You see this fake and failed state as a country capable of handling conflict?..Its high time you wake up from sleep and accept this is just a bounch of drunkards, thieves with no plan rulling that country called cameroon..Can you imagine they are now :
        – willing to discuss on federalism..?..remember they said cameroon is one and indivisible and there will be no discussion about the form of the state.?..
        Again its a cultural clash..I am very sure Biya and his gang of thieves thought brutality and repression will be applied and order brought in..It might work in East cameroon, but as you see southern cameroonians are different and more determined to clean the country from the dirty old bastards.Join before its too late..I support the liberation..

      • @BIKUTSI: with all love and respect..
        reading your note, I see a lot of ignorance..
        Believe me, when you go home , take a ride to southern cameroon and back..
        You will understand why these young men are fighting..
        Its not as you think that they are being fooled..
        You will never understand why because you belong to the majority, the previledge majority and dont even understand what Marginalization is..
        Southern Cameroonians have suffered in this union..The country have not been fair to them at all..remember it was union with atreaty..And if you dont respect tresties, dont cry when people wake up..
        You peoplke are not used to demonstration and protest, we southern cameroonians are used to..When people riot, you dont humilaite them, you listen and look for solution..

      • Truth and Facts


        when are you next in Limbe?
        We should go for a drink and discuss more how to resolve these issues.

        We need to start building very strong bridges.

        Civil war will not serve any good to us but things have to certainly change. I like your broad views on things. Just let me when next in Limbe and if I happen to be in Limbe, I would love to meet you.

  4. Blame biya for declaring was on an innocent people,now families are loosing loved ones while he and his loved ones are safe.
    Ambazonians want freedom and we really don’t want blood on our hands as we defend our loved ones and territory,so why doesn’t lrc withdraw its troops from our territory.
    This guy was given a befitting burial but a lot of our loved ones have been buried in mass graves,while some thrown into rivers.

    Why can’t lrc just pull out and avoid the blood shed?are they too blind to see that those that are pulling the strings from behind are doing so for their own selfish reasons.
    Am afraid this is just another ploy to later militarize and mass murder the people of Njikwa.
    We don’t want to kill our type but we are ready for anything.
    We just want our freedom.

    • Cameroon territory is made of 10 regions. That territory will never be devided. There is nothing like ‘Ambazonia ‘ on Cameroon soil.
      You guys hyding in the West and sending other people children to hell, and make your villages a living hell for those who are there, should stop.
      You think you can hide, but trust me, you are soon be all exposed.
      Those misslead gangsters kill one soldier, and the next we know, a hole village is sett ablaze!
      Since when do you fight violence with violence? Is it worth it? Who is the ennemy anyway? Do you even know?
      If Biya is the ennemy, why don’t you go fight him at Etoudi?
      Most of those soldiers killed are the so called “Anglophones ” !
      Stupid people.

      • are they your children.what is your concern

      • Point of correction,what we thought was former Cameroon territory.Ambazonia is for real and our kids are ours with no relation to lrc.nothing can keep us together after all the blood shed.the hate is just too much between the two people.not to talk of the fact that you people have been pushing us to that direction all these years by calling us all sort of derogatory names.
        60% of the GDP of the former Cameroon came from our territory but the infrastructure we have is an eyesore.

        At first there was no Anglophone problem,but when you guys were proven wrong,you had to eat your words and resorted to only the minority vying for restoration.
        You will all have to painfully eat your words once more.

        • You guys hiding in the west,lrc is soon coming for you.is that supposed to make us very afraid?finally the peace loving Bikutsi has finally exposed her claws.how comes you always have internal infos,could you be one of them?
          You spat fire here when you heard of our president Sisiko Ayuk J Tabe,and you guys finally got him.should it surprise us that your lrc is coming for us too?we are all grown-ups.

          In every revolution there are bound to be matyrs,and just like those whose lives have been taken for this struggle,if tomorrow you people come for me and it is my last,so be it.

          Our great grand parents thought we will fix it but it is getting worse,so we have to fix it now at any price for the future of our kids.our children don’t have to suffer.while you kill them,we love them dearly.

        • @Palapala

          you behaves or thinks like “Palapala” kikikikikikik nonsense i thought amba was free too hahahahahhaha

      • its a shame to call freedom or liberation fighters GANGSTERS..
        This is a country that has not been able to function for a long period of time now..
        @Bikutsi:- you have to affect the fact that in cameroon today, it makes no difference for a young man to go to the bush and fight to die for a change..I have the feeling you have never had the chance to travel inside cameroon..Try to visit southern cameroon, just a look at the place will let you understand why there is this liberation and freedom struggle going on..People dont have a future,there is no innovation, no investment as the people have been enslaved for over 60 years..
        Its very easy to stay in your comfort zone and claim the people are being fooled..No my friend , its a liberation struggle.They want to clean that dirty country now.

        • I hear you @ Biko!
          But I still think violence is not the solution.
          Using violence against a brute regime like Biya’s will never get us anywhere. .

  5. Kill all LRP resting on our land and their backers. Ils ont deja vue quoi.


    • LRC terrorists recently massacred INNOCENT children in cold blood. There was jubilation in LRC and on this forum.
      However, a policeman is killed and they claim the whole nation is paying homage to that terrorists.

      The right of self-determination is recognized in the UN charter and in international law.
      The 8 (EIGHT) million Southern Cameroonians are determined to defend the land of their ancestors by any means possible. LRC terrorists will be sent back to their country alive or in body bags.

      Sooner than later, the newly acquired Rocket Propelled Grenades ( RPGs ) will be used to tear down SONARA. SONARA is financing the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC terrorists in SC



      “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

  7. He died defending the territorial integrity of East Cameroon.ki ki ki ki ki…

    • @KONGOSA

      coward fighter , you killed one of us “law enforcement ” , we burned the town , send you to the bushes , kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik hahahahahahahahahah

      believe or not that town will soon disappear on the map kikikikikikikikikikikikikik

  8. @Zam-Zam ”The best way to settle this matter would just be to take this fight to the West, and Chineke for all”….How do u intend to take the fight to the west? loser…..
    ” I call that territory West Cameroon becos,this would be the last time u are going to take it out of our mouths again”……”The people of West Cameroon cannot be your slaves,the people of West Cameroon were not conquered in war.If u think u are going to take that territory by force,then u will have to kill the last person before u take it”…Hon Wirba November 2016….
    More elbow grease to u the bami maquizard.Take the fight to the West lets see what will come out of it…..

    • Kikiki, Kongosa….are your leaders not beginning to whine that the government is plotting to murder them in the West? Hahahaha, it is very easy to send others to be slaughtered and cry foul when death is coming your way. Not so? Fear would soon swap sides, don’t worry.

      Once you’ll start feeling the heat in the West, you would all have a taste of what war is all about. Make no mistake, if you don’t fall into the trap, you too have got kids and/or families.

      You would soon be having a taste of your own medicine, and this s### would all be over once you swallow your first pill.

      Government must take this war to you guys in the West, that is the only solution that can put some sense in your crazy heads…

      • Truth and Facts

        What’s actually your say in resolving the issues in Cameroon? Any constructive ideas?

        If we all could share constructive ideas, it will be a huge benefit.

        • Truth and Facts,

          do we need to wake up Einstein from his quiet sleep to balance the equation for us, so we may ALL at last understand that we only have one country?

          Every single CMR has got to SACRIFICE and forget about who did what to whom, 4get abt tchavems, come back to senses and face reality. We must sit down and talk like people who’ve got brains.

          There is time for war, likewise for peace. Once we notice that war is bringing us nowhere, are we not mad people to continue talking war?

          Let’s first of all start at our own small levels to forgive each other, Francos/Anglos, from there the solution would unveil itself without too much dust-raising.

          No Angel would solve our probs for us—the solution is to be found in our own hands—and war can never be the solution—never—ever…

        • Zam Zam
          You people are just too funny. We should forgive each other? Which crime have we committed that needs YOUR forgiveness?
          We were living peacefully in our homes, you came to teach us French. We tasted and spat you out, you came to force the french down our throat.
          You killed our children and burnt down our homes and you talk of forgiving one another? Ha hahahaha I no want laugh!

  9. You can honour him with all the medals on planet earth, dead People don,t speak. This man has killed lots of innocent People, he lived by the gun and died by it. Next will be Biya, his dead Body will be pulled on the streets sooner or later. Only members of his gov,t will kill him. Take a look at what happened to Samuel Doe, Mobumtu and the rest, The game is on, Biya,s days are numbered. Biya will be stripped naked and draggeg on the streets.

  10. He had the previllage to be chief, but decided to serve Biya. Let others, see
    how Biya will help him now with the battalion he has left behind to suffer.
    There is a way out of this. Resign, and save your head. No good, dying for
    Biya to enjoy. Your soul, will be weeping and cursing all the time until it is
    cast in hell fire for supporting a dictator, whose hands are covered with blood.
    Even Tchiroma has known this truth recently, by way of not talking too much
    like before.
    Some are into the game the other way. They are abroad seeking to kill all those
    opposed to Biya. We know it already, without doubting an inch. The plan is very
    rich with free state money. Inner circle report, say Biya and his think tankers, are
    not sleeping. Every crack noice, embarasses them.
    We too, are working hard.

  11. I once heard we have a solid force:
    I heard BIR is good, srong and disciplined..
    When BIR was sent to Southern Cameroon, many said they will bring law and Order in a short time..
    Today 2 years after the conflict, we are still looking for arguements to support BIR..
    I really laugh and have to laugh..
    BIR is back by the Police, gendarms and Army and till date they have not been able to defeat an untrain army, of young boys on Nchang shoes..What a disgrace..
    We can just conclude today that those drunlkards, rapers, uncultured forest Gorillas are not an army..All they are good at is to Burn houses, rape women, chase villagers, steal money from people and cant even attack the people they claim are terrorist..Next 5 years nothing will change. Keep dreaming people..

  12. BIR is backed in this operation by the GENDARMARIE; POLICE AND ARMY:..

  13. we don’t need to tell you how many terrorists we had been killed, and ambasonia will never win the war against his people. For the past 2 years, I thought ambasonia will win, such as who lives in the bushes right now kikikikikikikikiki

  14. My prayer continues to be that we all climb down from our high horses, put down our wonderful protective gear and pray to an Almighty God for forgiveness and ask for direction. Those fantastic guns do run out of ammunition, n’est-ce pas? What then?

    • Bamenda Boy will then add “S” and use that for ammunition to continue killing Ambazonians.
      If we can’t win this struggle our grand children will continue it. What is clear is that I will not be ruled by dunces UN point c’est tout!

      • @Epée Dipanda

        sisiku is a Biafra man” after this stupid civil disobedience we will kick out all the biafra people in our land special the Igbo people “jushua” kikikikikikikikiki”

  15. Soyakutsi,
    It’s abundantly clear that you have learnt to munch weed from Ras Banga out there in Sweden slaving away. I have often remind d you that you are a weak knee sanctimonious hypocrite. Do you remember the person who has been blaming the military and went into an explosive back and forth with Pinguiss about it on several occasions? That person is you. The chameleon you are can change colors as many times as you wish everyday, but nobody takes you seriously. You have been beating your chest as being Bulu. Has your home in Bulu country been razed to the ground? Of course you can’t see that people leave your backyard all the way to another region to go and murder and raze houses. Direct your fake uproar at those who leave your Bulu areas to go burn houses!

    • Is that suppose to be jubilation, China man?

      I have told before, all this s### we are seeing can never be beneficial to Pinyin, Bulu, Bami, Bassa…no CMR can win this thing. The only winners are going to be original Anglo-Saxons and Gaulists—not their clones.

      It would soon be either we come back to our senses, or we continue down along the path of madness.

      Some of us had the privilege to have survived the 1984 coup in Y’dé, albeit being kids.

      We know what it is when kids start missing bread and some tea with peak milk for breakfast. We know what it is to sleep under the bed at night cos of fear of straying bullets. We know what it is to see bullets illuminating the desolate nite sky—even when we’re at bay.

      And when you know all that, you weep each time you hear that word WAR…

      • Why can’t you write without costing up to me? People are wondering whether you’ve lost some knots in your head. You rush under every article I write and when I answer you, you quarrel for an eternity? Why? Just contribute like any other person! Feel free, enjoy the free space, don’t cling to others!

  16. @Firefighter

    we will never dialogue with Biafra people in our land “sisiku” kikikikikikikik “

      Is that all you can say?.
      In cameroon, there are three types of People:
      – People who dont know what is happening..
      -People who will never know what is happening
      – And people like the young freedom/liberation fighters who make things happen…
      Where do you belong to?
      From your discussions and points, you seem to still be in a cave..
      You are just more than stupid man..You are not smart at all. Its not a punishment, but seems to be a crime….How can i define you?
      The word comes from a Latin adjective that means “amazed or stunned,” and stupid people are stunned by everything because their minds are numb..This is BAMENDAYBOY..
      Better reply in French or pidgin for I will never understand your English..You cant even write a sentence correctly..Again its not your fault, but LRC..

  17. Pendant qu’on honore certains à titre posthume,d’autres Les chacals,renards ect… sont entrain de se déchiqueter leurs restes c’est bizarre non ????

  18. @Zam-Zam ”are your leaders not beginning to whine that the government is plotting to murder them in the West?”ha ha ha ha…is that suppose to be a credit to the blood sucking regime that you support?
    I thought they have monopoly of kidnap.It was just recently that i noticed that our leaders can also kidnap like them.Plotting to murder our leaders is no news,as the plot have been there since two years ago.If our leaders in the West are still alive till now,it therefore means Biya’s killing squad in the west have collected his money but unable to deliver.And make,no mistake,our leaders have also sent a killing squad to Yaounde,to silence your leaders one after the other.So,u see,that makes the two of us.Your leaders don’t have monopoly of murder.

  19. I saw the security that your leaders put on 20th May this year in Yaounde.It therefore means they too are afraid that our leaders might murder them.

  20. @Zam-Zam ”are your leaders not beginning to whine that the government is plotting to murder them in the West?”ha ha ha ha…is that suppose to be a credit to the blood sucking regime that you support?
    I thought your leaders have monopoly of kidnap.It was just recently that i noticed that our leaders can also kidnap like them.Plotting to murder our leaders is no news,as the plot have been there since two years ago.If our leaders in the West are still alive till now,it therefore means Biya’s killing squad in the west have collected his money but unable to deliver.And make,no mistake,our leaders have also sent a killing squad to Yaounde,to silence your leaders one after the other.So,u see,that makes the two of us.Your leaders don’t have monopoly of murder.