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About the slavery case in Libya – Samuel Eto’o: “Once again we lacked courage!”

StarAfrica | The video of African migrants sold in markets like objects in Libya continues to shock. And the African stars of the ball are obviously in the front of the stage to express all their indignation at this act of racism.

After Sadio Mané, Copa Barry, Labile Pogba, and Cheikh Doukouré cry for help, here is another cry from the heart of the former captain of the indomitable Lions of Cameroon Samuel Eto’o. Faced with this unacceptable injustice, the legendary Cameroonian gunner invited everyone to denounce this inhumanity through a poignant message posted on social networks:

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  1. Eto’o sir,
    can you start by denouncing all the injustice from the African dictators…most of whom you dine with? Ask yourself what Cameroonians for example should be doing in Libya in the first place. You can not fight the consequences without addressing the causes of the problems. Most of you have chosen to remain silence in the midst of injustice. Your country is on fire due to injustice but you haven’t said anything…maybe afraid to annoy one of the dictators.

    • Can you just please be thankful and support what he has done? That is if you want the best for us. He has done something at least. Please appreciate and stop being negative. Or you actually become the problem. It’s really disheartening to come to this site and see Eto’o do this and then see someone not thanking him and instead talking about the things he hasn’t done. Please… Gratitude.

  2. Eto’o,
    You are just an opportunist attempting to take the train rolling.
    Few months ago a Kamerunian named John Dahl Carter contacted you because you are a star and wanted your assistance to bring this same issue to the medias and you stayed mum.
    Please STFU.
    This is hypocrisy at its finest.

    • How different is Eto’o’s hypocrisy from yours when you rejoice at helicopter gun ships unleashed on unarmed civilians as you brand them terrorists? Hairy ugly primate! Your notice seeking cry would have made sense but unfortunately, Eto’o cannot read so maybe his writing agent does not finetune him with the details.

  3. amuraya amuraya

    Eto’o is a coward trying to show that he cares. Crises going on in his own country where hundreds of the English speaking minority have been killed yet he made no condemnation. we don’t need your sight comment about what’s happening in Libya. You can’t claim to please the world while ur home is in ruins. until the day we’ll see you denouncing the evil killings going on in ur country then we’ll take u serious period

  4. This is the problem of lack of education. In your own home country Mr Etoo, the dictator is massacring Ambazonians. You guys think evil is only the one committed far away, no the one being done at home is worse than the Libyan slave traders. Many of those young men and women confirmed that the situations back home caused them to flee and were ready to face any eventualities outside their own countries! If you kick your chicken out of the house, the neighbor will catch it and he will not just enjoy chicken, but eggs as well. Etoo, you carry the cpdm flag, send messages of courage and congratulations and wine and dine with the Biya family at will. You are blind to the fact that his hands drip with the blood of innocent young men and women. Which one is better to be a slave or be killed? fou

    • @ Senator,
      Nayo, nayo on Cameroon’s soccer maestro.
      Ideally it would be better to judge the man based on his contributions to football only, except that he occasionally ventures into social and humanitarian undertakings both at home and abroad.

      • Brother John!
        Yesterday we watched and laughed scornfully at a program on francophone cameroon tv. To cut a long story short, each one of the guests for this ‘debate’ was some kind of ‘professor’ ‘doctor’ ‘minister’ ‘director’ etc. Man in a country where even the dogs in the street have titles, one would expect a new paradise on earth, except of course if that country is Cameroon! And just to juice it up, when every one has a qualification only on the Humanities, we are doomed! For example, when the assembly burnt down, in a normal country, we would have engineers of cross-departmental appraisals feeding the people of what went wrong, what can be done, and how! In Cameroon, we had very old men with agbadas turning up! That’s the curse of Ham! The doctor of football, etoo, is not exempt

        • Perfect analysis senator…as for the assembly, don’t you worry. China will build one for us…proud shameless beggars

        • So that you don’t lose your sanity, let me say this. We are on the equivalent of the desert crossing and strange things are bound to happen so that a prophecy may be fulfilled.
          Yes, Cameroon has more churches per square meter of space and so its religiosity should be unmatched. Yet Transparency International put the country’s corruption perception index twice way above the rest of the black continent.

  5. Eto’o, is nothing short of an embarrassment. Dumb Dumb.the most despicable human being I have ever seen.is this what illiteracy briNGU out of illiterate.Almost every civilize person on earth felt the pain of those brutally killed by the same soldiers employ to protect them.yet this capital fool call eto’o with his platform will not alter a word. I curse his children one day they will face the same fate those armless young men and women went via.The white man will do taht to him one day and our collective out cry will be required. When act of racism was perpetrated on him in Barcelon, we all spoke out for him because injustice on one is injustice on all.I guess he has been brainwashed taht anglophones are anglofools.#DumbDumb.

  6. Leave Eto’o alone! He is not an anglophone nor an ambazonian. When this crisis started, Ondoua and many other players were insulted and chastised for merely claiming to love anglophones and feel for them by the scatterbrained ambazonians. It is same cohort that promised to kill Rigobert Song if he dared to show up in SW/NW. Now, it is same amnesic bunch that is lamenting that Eto’o hasn’t expressed any sympathy towards the so called “anglophones”. Wuna leave Eto’o alone. He is a son of Africa and he is not interested in fight spawned by colonial nostalgia. Why are you guys not attacking Mr. Leo for not fighting for Ambazonia? How about Reniss, JOVI, Clinton Njie, Fai Collins… Wuna tell NJie may e no play for Cameroon again if not wuna go burn e house. Wuna don really confuse.

    • ah schwear, amnesia for Ambaland na helele…..dem go even soon forget why dem want for burn CMR down sef.

      Me too ah dong turn-turn suffer for dis grong oh !…

    • @Theman Great point! They are confused for real.

    • @ Theman…It is painful what you have written but with fair honestly, you are very correct with your analysis. Truth is bitter but it must be said at times.

  7. HouseKeeper!

    More than half a century after the trans Saharan Slave Trade, Libya too can afford to trade black Africans, wow.
    L’emergence of Popol is yet to come in 2035 & we’re already 35 yrs into his dictatorship. That charade of 2035 won’t happen and Biya would be dead and gone.
    In 1997, the talk was to cut poverty in Cameroon by fifty percent by the year 2000 & that hope was quickly abandoned and a new sing-song took root.
    Some with narrow minds are blaming Eto’o as if he’s a policy maker. When Longe Longe was in jail, he was called to help. When FECAFOOT could not fly players he was asked to assist. He donated a hospital but Biya’s is in Germany, what is Mbivondo doing? We heard he works from home at Hotel Continental, Switzerland. Presidents who cling to power are a pathetic excuse for leaders.

  8. For a country so torn into tarters such as Libya, yet still attractive enough to Cameroonians as a destination to go look for work, that begins to tell the world how bad the situation in Cameroon is. Yet, those whom have had enough of this living hell on earth, and do wish to go their separate way are being called “separatists, or seccessionists.?”
    Compare Drogba and Eto’o in conflict resolution as superstars and you will come away shaking your head.

  9. Eto’o is playing the chicken and the dead. When Ondoua took the bull by the horns, I remember every single anglophone saluting him on this forum. The archives are there! On the other side of the coin, what support has Eto’o not had from Anglophones during his many brushes with dictatorship, bigotry and racism? When he was expelled from the national team, were all the Anglophones who man this forum not crowing here day and night? He has always accused authorities and even his teammates of ingratitude. Can he now look at himself in the mirror and see whether his silence doesn’t betray his own ingratitude to a cross section of the population; him who likes rushing to show off his humanitarian chops in similar circumstances? I prefer Bell , he did not hide his stupidity under hypocrisy!

    • The same people who say we are neither francophone nor Anglophones are now asking people to leave Eto’o alone because he is francophone! I never saw Eto’o reject both francophone and anglophone taxpayers’ hard earned income used for the upkeep of the national team. I never knew people would play the francophone card only when they are in a fix and crow national unity when their own interests are put at risk! When Njie spoke out against discrimination, those playing the francophone card shouted him down, now they would mysteriously want the same Njie to speak out against the same problem the second time, yeah because the anglophone problem stems from discrimination! What bird names wouldn’t you call Njie this time around if he did?

      • Hummmm,

        is this a monologue, or epilogue of a wearisome journey to the realm of dreams?…

        • Continue writing as Nyamfuka, because under impersonation cowardice can allow you to say more!

        • You were warned !

          You spent all ur energy here going especially after Bamis/francos rather than defending ur stance—you think it goes unnoticed?

          You now see devils all over—dem go tear you into small-small pieces.

          You better change ya screen name again…

      • @FF you are hallucinating….ZZ ya man dan paplé…hahahahaha

        • Kikikiki, Nyamfuka….Bikutsi bin dong tok’am finish—man pickin exercise witi correct darkie di jam the man wor-wor—chinko ndems dem di too hala for no nating, on top weh dem too short-short…

  10. Leave Eto’o alone Amba boys. It’s best he stays out of politics. Go kill yourselves with Uruguay flag. How many people died in Kenya recently? Fighters of Satan keep pushing people to their death and keep killing military people.

  11. AH ah ah…i have always denounce this fool called Eto,in this forum,but people insulted me.It is now that people are beginning to see his real colours.hipocrisy at its best.A CMR star like Eto should have said something concerning the anglophone crisis.We saw how he denounce Boko Haram,and even gave money to support the fight against BH.But the guy have sat quiet for over a year.And he is now coming out to denounce slavery in another country,whereas there is civilised slavery in his own country against the anglos.Anybody who stays quiet in a situation of injustice has taken side with the oppressor.Eto gave money during boko haram.He should have also given money to anglo refugie nor? Bell whom people where also hailing here for being a person who says it like it is, have shown his limits.

    • Passing judgment on others is a risky enterprise!!!! Samuel Eto’o Fils has done a good number of remarkable things among his people; so judging him based on what he has done for the people of “other races/tribes” becomes problematic, especially if he laid no claims to higher things beyond his limited circle.

  12. U

  13. U guys are all crazy nuts.leave the man eto’o alone speak up for urselves.he’s got the right to comment on whichever he chooses too.your elites who are in the gov’t are unable to pull a punch,why would u xpect samuel to do so??? The man has reason, and might not want to jeopardise his interests and investments.

  14. We too have the right to called him out as well.