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Sonara starts a 3-month scheduled stoppage

Agence Ecofin | On April 19, 2018, the managing director of SONARA, Ibrahim Talba Malla, officially announced that from April 15 to July 2018, the production units of this oil refinery will go through a scheduled stoppage in order to realize the connection of the units built during the phase I of its project in Limbé.

The managing director also assured authorities, the public and its investors that necessary measures have been taken to supply sufficient and quality oil products to the market during the 3 months of this scheduled stoppage.

For the record, since 2010, SONARA has initiated a vast programme to modernize and extend its equipment. During the first phase (completed in 2017), the company increased its annual storage and production capacity from 2.1 million to 3.5 million tons.

During the second phase for which the country is looking for funds (CFA400 billion), SONARA will build a hydrocracker that should help refine the crude oil produced locally.

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  1. With the oil price nearing going up for the export market ,a low interest loan/bond could be viable .Is a ‘hydro cracker’ the best form of refining . Which other goverments use them.Who came up with this procurement estimate?