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South Africa: Ramaphosa to be sworn-in as President Thursday

APAnews | South Africa’ acting President Cyril Ramaphosa will be sworn-in at Parliament late on Thursday as the country’s new president, succeeding former President Jacob Zuma who on Wednesday night announced his resignation.

The country’s constitution confers the power to appoint and remove the President of the Republic of South Africa on the National Assembly.

Ramaphosa became acting state president after Wednesday night’s vacancy in the presidency, in accordance with the supreme law of the country.

At a meeting of Parliament’s Joint Programming Committee on Thursday morning, ANC’s Parliamentary Caucus Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu said following the resignation of the former President, the swearing in of the new President would be brought forward from Friday morning to Thursday afternoon.

“We received communication from the Speaker [Baleka Mbete] that she has communicated with the Office of the Chief Justice, and the Office of the Chief Justice has made itself available to officiate in the business of electing a new president,” Mthembu said.

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  1. And an election was carried out in that goddam blackman country overnight.
    Is this how it had been, during the reigns of white people? Was it necessary, for
    Madiba, to risk his life afterall?

    • I think this is an interim measure to complete the rest of Jacob Zuma’s term of office, he having become very toxic in many ways.

    • Before insulting people be humble enough to check how their system. Theirs is the Westminster system in which the head of the majority party in Parliament is President.
      Normally Zuma himself should have stepped down when the party recalled him. The party had to threaten a vote of no confidence in parliament before he agreed to step down.
      You will recall Zuma engineered the same unsavory termination of mandate against Thabo.
      This is democracy at work but of course many of our blind friends of la Republique cannot fathom that there are countries in which the parliament IS NOT a rubber stamp of a sen!le president.

  2. True Mr [email protected] BBC they dont put interium or acting president ,a unanimous desicion for this guy ,which was in Dicember ,i hope the party at least actually took a vote on it .The party and its interim president have many things to righten of the 9 years past .with only barely 18 months left (?) before the next election.

  3. Since 1994 how many presidents have ruled South Africa?
    MADIBA,TABO MBEKI and now the new One makes up 4..
    How many have ruled Cameroon since 1982?..
    The Oldman with a half death brain is still there rigging elections..

    • It is not a matter of how many presidents have been in office.
      It is a matter of how the averge JOE’s life has improved.
      There has been presidents that have been in office for long time and who have done a great job.
      If a president does a good job, nothing wrong with him staying for life.
      People’s choice

      • In your myopic brain, is the president of Cameroon doing a good job ? Sometimes if u no get better thing for talk, cover your smelling mop! Swine ! Always looking for disagreement or difference even when the reality is too clear ! Ya mami Pima say people’s choice ..! Hypocrite .

        • Admin,why will you allow this type of vulgarity to post here? Yet you do your very best to ensure that every single comment posted here by me undergoes thorough moderation. This is part of the reason why Cameroon can never be risk in the hands of biased and unfair Anglos.

      • Nappe, Your father!

      • No president does a good job when diminishing returns start setting in, as a result of apathy, fatigue with doing the job. The reason there’s death is that it makes renewal possible. Any other thing in life should follow this natural disposition.

  4. Learn from Nigeria. The most democratic country in Africa. Where even cattles are discussed at the national assembly. God help my country.