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South West Chiefs tell Commonwealth Scribe: We are against Secession

Journal du Cameroun | Chiefs of the South West Region, on Friday, December 22, 2017, renounced secession and a Federal System of Government in Cameroon.

The Chiefs, through Chief Fritz Gerald Nyassako made their intentions known in Buea, during the visit of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland, to the South West Region.

Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs to the Commonwealth Scribe, Chief Nyassako stated: “we the Chiefs of the South West Region say no to violence, no to partition of Cameroon, no to secession, no to federation and no to the implementation of the 1961 Constitution…”

The custodians of customs and traditions said they acknowledge the existence of a problem but that they have advised their subjects to avoid a confrontational approach towards solving the problem. They chiefs further asserted that they are reiterating their stand for a one, united and indivisible Cameroon.

They lauded President Paul Biya for initiating the process of dialogue in a bid to look for a lasting solution to the Anglophone Crisis. They also thanked President Biya for creating the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. According to them, the Commission will help to bridge the language discrepancies in the country.

They urged the President of the Republic to hasten the implementation of the 1966 Constitution which provides for 10 autonomous decentralised Regions with the creation of Regional Council.

In response, the Commonwealth Secretary General thanked the Chiefs for prioritising peaceful and unity over violence. She said she had heard so many things about the North West and South West Regions.
Scotland urged the chiefs to listen to young people and incorporate them in the decision making process in Cameroon.

According to the Commonwealth Scribe, young people in the Commonwealth, which are below 30 years represent 60 percent of the population and must be listened to.

She exhorted the power that be to engage in genuine and exclusive dialogue to solve the Anglophone Problem.
During her tete a tete with the youth, which we mostly made up of people between the ages of 40, 50 and above posing as youth, Scotland urged them to work for peace in Cameroon.
The Commonwealth Secretary General’s meeting with the chiefs and the youth was more or less hijacked by a cabal of CPDM militants. Persons outside this political caucus were not given an opportunity to say a word. It was more or less transformed into a CPDM rally, where little or nothing was said about the plights of the Anglophones for the past one year since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis.

Church Leaders Make Startling Revelation

After the shambolic meeting between the chiefs and youth, the Commonwealth SG met with the clergy at the Mountain Hotel. Scotland’s meeting with the clerics was cathartic. Among the prominent clergy were: Bishop Immanuel Bushu of Buea, Bishop Agapitus Nfon of Kumba, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Rt. Rev. Samuel Fonki, the Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, Elhadji Ibrahim Aboubakar, Apostle John Chi of Ark of God’s Covenant and a host of others.
During their in-camera conclave with Scotland, the Men of God called issues by their names and painted a gory picture of the Anglophone plights for the past one year.

In response, Scotland advised the Men of God to organise novenas to seek the face of God for a lasting solution to be sought.

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  1. Our Africa in miniature has many colors. There are those who believe in addressing a problem by exposing it, just as there are those who believe in concealing it.

    • Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs to the Commonwealth Scribe, Chief Nyassako stated: “we the Chiefs of the South West Region say no to violence, no to partition of Cameroon, no to secession, no to federation and no to the implementation of the 1961 Constitution…… (BASTARDS)


      • @UnityPalace,
        But “Bastards” is not the solution. It is not a diagnosis either.

        From very diverse backgrounds, what do these traditional rulers have in common other than the chieftaincy allowances they risk losing if they fail to toe the line? And this throws the challenge back to their subjects. Can the subjects place their chiefs on a monthly salary to offset what they fear losing? That is the Crux of the matter.

  2. `Scotland urged the chiefs to listen to young people and incorporate them in decision making
    process in Cameroon`. This will hardly happen, because the chiefs are paid by Yaounde and
    like others, their hands are now tied {behind}. But they are not with the people they represent
    in times of need and note has been taken already. Time will tell.
    The fortunate thing, is that the clergy said something.
    As for the cpdm comrades, their time is now but it wouldn`t be that long.

    • @Josua @ unitypalace
      what do u expect from Gerald Nasako (SG in the ministry of state property & land tenure),a cpdm stalwart & illegal chief of lobe town in ndian division who used his cpdm position when he was SG in the ministry of Mines & energy in connivance with the former colonial sdo for ndian to seize the title from the beseka family after the demise of their father?lobe town like many other localities in cameroon, has had a chieftaincy dispute for over 20 years. that is the cameroon they want,a country in chaos & confusion!
      After being told who this Nasako man is, i no longer question his stance on the crisis in ambazonia, like many others, stomach politics is their problem.

  3. I thought Biya was only the Fon of Fons in the North West, I didn’t know that he was also the chief of chiefs in the South West. These chiefs are all CPDM members who don’t give a damn about their people. This is why I say the secessionists are obstructing justice by fighting the wrong fight that cannot be won. We should unite together and form one strong opposition party (Francophones & Anglophones) and take out these idiots next year.

  4. Fritz Gerald Nyassako is a bootlicker of the Dictator of La Republique.
    He is no chief. Greedy fool. who do you represent?

    • Any dialogue between #Cameroon and #Ambazonia will be to discuss the terms of separation. Anything short of that,then the Guorila Warfare will continue #GuorilaWarfareContinues #Ambazonia

  5. Any dialogue between #Cameroon and #Ambazonia will be to discuss the terms of separation. Anything short of that,then the Guorila Warfare will continue #GuorilaWarfareContinues #Ambazonia

  6. Well, I can partly understand !

    These chiefs are surely reacting in defiance of people like Ayuk, who’re no longer prepared to listen even to chiefs in villages. All he wants is death, nothing more nothing less.

    And you think chiefs would continue to give him the green light to order killings in CMR while he enjoys the comfort of family life abroad?

    The earlier Anglos wake up and take back that power that was naively entrusted to a conman like Ayuk, the better…

    • This is why are countries inhabited by French slaves are eye sores! They talk more than they think. This Bami refugee calls Anglophones terrorists and cowards and he completely forgets this and starts calling on the same people to wake up and take back the power the handed to somebody he demeans every minute of the day. You are a slow learner, despite your loud mouth. Or how do you reconcile your claim that the people on the ground have rejected ghost towns, and resumed schools, and your call for the same people to wake up and take back the power they “ naively” handed to a conman? Do you have difficult snatching this power from the conman? Didn’t you rejoice that soldiers had arrived to face down the conman? Why the helplessness?

      • Your days of glory are numbered. Those same machetes you have ordered from China would be used to force some sense in your dimpled head.

        Keep on rejoicing when children of CMR are killed.


        • @ Zam-Zam,
          A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery;
          A revolution cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous.
          A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.
          Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun but the gun must never be allowed to command the Party (Mao Zedong, the Great Chairman!)

  7. The government of Paul Biya does not respect chiefs nor hears from them.Those so called chiefs are sellouts and are easily bought.A case in point is that just last week these same chiefs wanted to hold their chiefs meeting in Kunba and the SDO of Kumba refused to authorize the meeting.Chief Inoni Ephraim the chief of Bakingili has been languishing in Kondengui maximum prison for some years and despite calls from South West chiefs for his release the man is still behind bars.Chiefs are treated like common criminals in Cameroon so whatever chiefs say should be treated as a non issue or statement.

  8. Bobjazz!With you 100%I think and belief our main problem in this Country is this corrupt,lazy,vissionless and tribal goverment,This gangsters ruling us.Let us all Cameroonians unite and take out this criminals then we can sit down and rearrange this nation for the benefit of all.all Cameroonians.

    • L,enemi Dan's la Maison

      Sir, you are asking Cameroonians to unit and fight the old people ruling them, wonders shall never end.do you meant that Cameroonian for 56 years were never united?or you simply wish to destroy the vision of another generation by postponing the truth and win time? I think people like you and zam zam above v never saw anything wrong in Cameroon like the puppet chiefs, thanks to SCACUF opting for separation, we now see opportunist_like stand , emphasising a united Cameroon, youth must unit, and effective decentralisation. Shame that people should today make statements concerning decentralisation from a constitution dating since 24 years in the cupboard. What were you and the chiefs waiting for that length of time? If you are not scammers, bring the southern cameroons interim government on

      • L,enemi Dan's la Maison

        IG on the table of dialogue, use concrete facts and proves to justify and convince southern Cameroonians if your truthful one and indivisible cameroUn. And to you zam, relocate your people to Yaounde or baffussam if you are afraid they will die . As for us the citizens is southern cameroons, due to the pains we have felt for 56 years and counting , if only the last person will stand, he will stand to defend our fatherland.even the unborn child will fight this course.The Yaounde junta and it’s occupational forces will bleed in our land if they don’t withdraw.you and the chiefs can continue singing your choirs, we know who we are and our last destination. Long live southern Cameroon.long live the republic of Ambazonia God bless ambazonians.

        • Take my which people to Y’dé and Ba’sam?

          These chiefs are getting tired of seeing innocent people being slain on a weekly basis in a war against oneself. Soldiers are both Anglos and Francos, those dying on the streets are either Anglos or Bami/Bassa Anglos. Whom are you guys killing?

          Man, keep on hiding in the WEST and sit tight on ur position. People back home aren’t fools—they’re understanding who you all are, day after day. Proof: ghost town is no longer being followed as compared to before.

          Thanks to CHINEKE that Francos who joined the fight have also understood that they have to differentiate b/w SCNC and real Anglos. That’s why the majority of Francos are still supporting the Anglo cause—and they respect Barrister Ba-lla more than any of you killers hiding in the WEST…

        • l,enemi dans la Maison

          sorry, its you who is sitting in the west and thinking that the population on the ground are thinking differently, of course the ghost town was not meant for ever, it was a step which is transited authomatically. The schools will dry and the street will go ghost without our call,. I am talking from the field experience where i took active participation 2weeks with the results you know. we have retreated for strategic reasons and now building material reinforcement with new partners and grouping. it will not more be the hit and run. we will sort out those sellouts one by one and will treat them the same way we are treating the occupational forces. either you are with us or you relocate to yaounde

      • Mr. Enemi, For your information not all Anglophones are secessionists. 80% of Anglophones are against secession and don’t think of your terrorist leader Ayuk as their leader. Most Anglophones will stone Ayuk to death if they can lay their hands on him. Every time a good and wise Anglophone like Enow Kumba comes up with a good idea, you guys quickly link them to the Biya regime which is not true and you know it. You can’t win any fight by lying to the people. Gorilla warfare has never succeeded except when backed by a western superpower. In your case all the western countries are against you secessionists and very soon will declare you a terrorist organization like they did to the Sunis now called Isis in Iraq and you know what that means. Don’t let hate distort your mind. Be wise.

        • What do you drink @Bobjazz these are the kind of statements i really like kudos bro !!!!

        • l,enemi dans la Maison

          80% of southern cameroonians are against secession, you are 100% right of course all anglophones are against secession. But 80% southern cameroonians are for restoration for the statehood of southern cameroon, in other words they are for separation because la republique du cameroun seceded from the Union in 1984. i am sorry to follow you in using figures without any election conducted. you should better call a referandum before calling figures , of course you know the results better than me. if you are not an adult illiterate, explain to us your 20% secessionists anglophone population can hijack 80% anglophone and all francophones majority in an anglophone crisis for 15 months and still counting. continue decieving yourself. for your information, i am not writing from the field in action

        • So since most anglophones will stone His excellency Sisiku Ayuk Tabe when they same him and will not stone Biya if given the chance why don’t we all request a referendum for Anglophonesto decide their fate?
          We will see who wil be stoned.

        • bobjazz keep on trying , maybe they are going to free themself from their mamipima fantasy.

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    • @ Musaka
      We cannot have a referandum as your Ambazonia nonsense and your Ejagham Biafra leader Ayuk Seseko are not recognized by any international organization. Why is your leader hiding in Ejagham Biafra. Let him come to Cameroon if he is not a coward. Agbor didn’t run to Nigerian because he is a real Anglophone Cameroonian with no Biafra blood and is no coward. He challenged the Biya regime and bravely faced the consequences without running to any foreign land while the coward Seseko is hiding in his village Ejagham Biafra and sending innocent children to go and die or destroy our infrastructures and schools.

    • Debates are for intellectuals dear Bobjazz,
      You may have realised that you admit that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is an Ejagham and therefore not a real Camerounese.
      You have come home finally, this is exactly what we have been saying, that you are occupying our land illegally.
      We request peacefully that you withdraw your forces to the Mungo river.
      You will withdraw, there is no doubt about this, the contention is whether this would be in peace time or under compulsion of the sword.

      • @ Musaka, Intellectuals never call themselves intellectuals. It’s others who do comment about their intellect. However, illiterates are quick to challenge someone’s intellect. Never challenge people about their intellect when you find your back against the wall. What you just wrote up there doesn’t make any sense for somebody who claims to be an intellectual. For your information Cameroon has boundaries recognized by the international community. A bunch of Anglo Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood cannot determine our boundary. You have 2 choices. You can either join us 100% Anglophone Cameroonians in our fight against marginalization by the Biya regime or join your Biafra brothers who are fighting to separate from Nigeria and form your Ambazonia nonsense there. You have no chance here.

  10. The Chiefs in the good old days of West Cameroon were people of high repute. They were respected by their subjects because they were apolitical. The House of Chiefs was created therefore to advisory instance of the other branches of the state of West Cameroon. The House of Chiefs was constitutionally NOT a partisan institution.
    Then came LRC. The Chiefs and Fons have been transformed into “Nchindas” of Biya. They spend their time writing and shouting motions of support, thanks, immortality, wishes, congratulations and prayers to Biya.
    Like subjects in kingdoms like Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lesotho and many others, these so-called Fons and Chiefs always wish that their so-called FON of FONS lives and outlives the oldest person that ever lived.

    • They even send Biya motions of immortality. They wish that Biya should live forever. He should be like the Almighty God
      No wonder Colonial administrators from LRC do not have any respect for Southern Cameroonian CHIEFS and FONS. These so-called traditional rulers have themselves to blame for their predicaments. They have sold their consciences to LRC in exchange for a few marginal and ephemeral favours.
      These so-called Custodians of the traditions of their ancestors were not even ashamed to desecrate the same traditions in order to please the Dictator in Etoudi.
      The NW Fons shamelessly awarded the brutal Dictator, Paul Biya, the titel of FON OF FONS.

  11. The so-called Chief Fritz Gerald Nyassako is a CPDM sycophant. He was speaking for his paymaster in Etoudi and himself. He read the script handed to him by Etoudi. Southern Cameroonians have ZERO respect for their so-called Chiefs and Fons. Church leaders contradicted the so-called Chief Fritz Gerald Nyassako. He should be ashamed of himself. Chief Nyassakois so dull to realize that the CPDM slogan: “no to the implementation of the 1961 Constitution” is the ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Question. He was unwittingly calling for SEPARATION.
    The revolution now belongs to the people. No Chief, Fon or CPDM sycophant can derail it.
    The Anglophone Question will therefore be resolved this time around come rain come shine

  12. @Bobjazz,Enow I agree with you this is a responsible way of thinking in other to stop the ongoing bloodshed the fact that some wishing for the total KO fueled unity between strongest haters of the regime and the regime only because of lack of futurist vision. Traditional rulers as well as many people living in concerned areas are against the split of the country and any form of violence the so called secessionists are using physical violence to coerce population to follow them exactly like the ISIS in Syria and IRAQ but one thing is sure is the regime knows it has support of the majority and will use it to commit more atrocities.Only donkeys cannot understand that.Elections are on the way vote out all these corrupted MP, Mayors etc… replace them by fresh ones then you will see .

  13. This is the people’s revolts.This is not party politics where CPDM sycophant chiefs can come and sing unity and [email protected] Zam..Just as @ L,enemi Dan’s la Maison said,if u are afraid of your family dying,relocate them to the francophone areaw of the country.Becos,i bet u,what u see happening in Mmafe now is just preliminary.The real bloodshed is still to come.The Y’de regime says they want to protect lives of civilians and their properties in SC,meanwhile,they are the ones killing civilians and burning their houses in Kembong.HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe have made it clear,that the independence of Ambasonians is non-negotiable,so,if Biya likes,let him continue to violate UNGA resolution 1608 by killing civilians.He will have himself to blame in the end,when ICC will take him.

    • @ Kongosa what is happening in Mamfe will end in Mamfe. Some of those Mamfe people including their leader Ayuk are partly Biafra Nigerians from Ijagham in Nigeria unlike Anglophones from Buea, Limbe and Bamenda. If they are more comfortable with Nigerians than with Cameroonians, then they should leave our land and join their Biafra brothers in Ijagham Nigeria. Their plan is to separate the Anglophone Cameroonians from the Francophones, separate Biafra from Nigeria and form a Biafra Ambazonia republic. This will never ever happen Mr. Kongossa. Keep on dreaming. Very soon we 100% Anglophone Cameroonians will start hunting you down if you don’t stop this your madness. This protest was started by Agbor regarding the marginalization of Anglophones and has nothing to do with separation.

      • @Bobjazz,
        Ignorant fellows like you are beginning to learn about Anglophone Cameroon. Now at least you know about the name of one tribe. It is Ejagham and not Ijagham. Also note that Buea and Kumba are not tribes, they are city names. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is contributing more to nation building than your daft la Republique government in 56 years.
        You may wish to learn about the Bafaw and the Bakweri if you are bent on learning about tribes in Ambazonia.
        Civilized countries organize referendums or referenda as was recently organized by Spain in Catalonia, maybe your beasts at the helm of affairs can learn from that?
        Let we the people choose our own destiny.
        We shall return in droves and support our siblings at home to resoundingly script on the ballot the outcome of our struggle.

        • I don’t know what you were drinking before writing this none sense. All your terrorist leader does is destroy our schools and infrastructures and depriving our kids from going to school using his terrorist tactics. I don’t understand how that is contributing to nation building. We 100% Anglophones will never separate from our Francophone brothers and I don’t give a damn about the spelling of Ijagham or Ejagham.

  14. “Scotland urged the chiefs to listen to young people and incorporate them in the decision making process in Cameroon.”

    Baroness Scotland gave the so-called Chiefs the appropriate advice. She told them to listen to the youths. She knew that the opinion of Chief Nyassako was not shared by the youths. It was simply a carbon copy of what she heard in Etoudi.

    BTW, these were Fako Chiefs and not SW Chiefs. This is so because the President of the SW Chiefs Conference, Nfon Mukete was conspicuously absent. Okalia Bilai did not invite him because he stands for a TWO STATE FEDRATION . Okalia invited 3rd class and fourth class CPDM sycophants, gave the envelopes containing money from Ndian oil and told them what to say.

    • If history is any guide, the Chiefs of East Timor were also bribed by Indonesia to support a “one and indivisible” Indonesia However, the youths, “terrorists and secessionists” asked for a TOTAL, COMPLETE and UNCONDITIONAL separation from Indonesia. To resolve the divergent demands, the UN organised a REFERENDUM.

      Insult me or not, the endgame of the SC revolution will also be a REFERENDUM under the auspices of the UN( not ELECAM).

      The choices in this Referendum should be:
      1. A “one and indivisible” LRC
      2. A “two and divisible” Cameroon
      2.1 An AUTONOMOUS State in a federation with LRC
      2.2 An Independent state of West Cameroon
      2.3 A Confederation
      2.4 Any other proposals by the UN or LRC

      The people of Southern Cameroons should then be allowed to make their choice.

      • If the majority of Southern Cameroonians choose to remain in Biya’s “one and indivisible” LRC so be it.
        Southern Cameroons voted in a Referendum to join LRC. Only a Referendum can decide the future of this God-forsaken union.
        No decree, no constitutional amendments, no Commission on Biingualism, no BIR, no dirty tricks by LRC can resolve this problem.
        The “one and indivisible” bla bla bla in the constitution of LRC and Biya’s 1984 changing of the name of the country to LRC have no legal standing in international law.
        This is so because the “union” between West Cameroon and LRC is null and void. Article 102 of the UN Charter was NOT respected by both parties. The “union” agreement was not filed at the Secretariat of the United Nations as per the provisions of Article 102.

  15. There is one thing i know.This government doesn’t care about Cameroonians whether East or West Cameroonians.This corrupt government is never going to solve this Anglophone crisis but would rather destroy this Country especially the Anglophone regions than solve this crisis because they know a genuine and meaningful dialogue would be the beginning to the end of them in power which is thier main goal now to remain in power.I belief by coming together and planning a strategy to take out this criminals and gangsters would be the beginning of a solution to the crisis rocking this nation.All those who are hoping for this foreign neo colonial institutions for solutions to our present crisis should stop again an think well.Those guys don’t give a damn about us Africans,They don’t care abit if we kill and eat each others all they care about is thier personal interests.It is only we and only we alone can find a genuine solution to this crisis rocking this nation now.

    • Very very good [email protected] Enow this is the most important thing I have ever read on this platform for the past 7 months.Others are more likely to spread unnecessary hatred and delusional comments the truth is the more people will think they can challenge this government the more it will slaughter you may not want to understand they now have almost 85 percent of support since the usage of improvise explosive devices, for one soldier killed they will kill 70 that why they have decided not to communicate.Tabe and others weed smokers hiding in their holes will not suffer.If education is cost then try ignorance and draw conclusions.

      • l,enemi dans la Maison

        you who believe in one and indivisible cameroUn, and asserts here everyday that there is a problem in cameroon, we all know that your numbers is in a majority. Our number (southern cameroonians or separatist) is a minority(20%)……If you are not scammers benifiting from the marginalisation of the southern cameroonian since 56years, why do you concerntrate yourself fighting the separatist rather than unit yourself(majority) and fight the causes of the general problem as you claim, so that the separtatist will have no reason for their course? Or you want the separatist to come and fight biya or the yaounde junta, where the problem lies according to you and the chiefs?? anyway, that is your cup of tea, Biya can rule you people for the next 30 years, our destination is ordained

        • You separatist don’t make up 20% of Cameroon. You are just .01%. The majority of Anglophones are against separation. Stop lying to yourself. Some of you Bayangi people should go and join your Biafra brothers and leave us Anglophone Cameroonians in peace to fight our battle with the Biya regime sensibly with wisdom and prudence.

        • I know @l’enemi… You are a very slow learner or you just want to make yourself a fool if you claim to be in the field you will quickly understand that what you called secessionists have lost the support of many in Anglo Cameroon what i predicted. you talk about tactical retreat cause you don’t and will never understand that the regime is now hungry with the back up of population they will kill over and over till everybody say yes!

        • l,enemi dans la Maison

          conduct a referandom before mentioning figures here, if you and your yaounde junta are not scammers why are you afraid of dialogue? Any person who uses expensive force in the place of cheap dialogue knows that he is an illegal occupier and got not facts and evidence to convince and legalise his action on a dialogue table. That is exactly the position of your bloodsuckers in yaounde. people like you are free to relocate to yaounde, we will fight till the last man standing to defend out fatherland

        • LRC is still thinking that Southern Cameroonians are joking. They bring a fourth class Chief to thank Biya for creating the Commission on Bilingualism and “for initiating the process of dialogue”. Dialogue is not dialogue. Sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants is not the type of dialogue that can resolve the Anglophone Palaver. That was the reason the SG after listening to the CPDM Chiefs she reminded the powers that be that only a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue can resolve the impasse. The CPDM farce is not considered as dialogue.
          The window of opportunity to resolve this problem by dialogue is closing fast, very very fast. The so-called “terrorists and secessionists” are winning followers everyday because of the havoc caused by the BIR.

    • @ Enow et al

      That which touches all must be approved by all. If Cameroonians face the same problems, what have Francophones done physically to show disapproval of a bad regime plaguing everybody? How many times have they descended to the streets to protest against a bad government? If they knew Cameroon was one and indivisible and desired to sweep out the junta, they would have used their majority to do something practical and physical, and the story would have long ended like the Tunisian and Burkina examples.

      • @vonjesco asking what Francophones have done to protests against the bad regime for you the best way to show your anger over the regime is to bomb schools, burn markets, vandalize symbols of the state right? Its shameful to read such primitive statements in a public website like this.i don’t know from where you posted this garbage but I will tell you if its from abroad like many here, that people are traveling to change their minds and enlighten those who couldn’t have this opportunity. You can’t be calling yourself a diasporan and behaving or thinking like a rat hole digger it doesn’t make sense.If from where you posted this *** that’s the way people are protesting against the government then Ask yourself if you have a normal brain or mud.

        • @Colby:
          Foolish pickin, in which world does:

          ” How many times have they descended to the streets to protest against a bad government? If they knew…they would have used their majority to do something practical and physical, and the story would have long ended like the Tunisian and Burkina examples” as stated by @vonjesco equate to:

          “for you the best way to show your anger over the regime is to bomb schools, burn markets, vandalize symbols of the state right? Its shameful to read such primitive statements in a public website like this” as stated by you? .

          Yes it is indeed shameful to read the “primitive statements” and lack of rational you are exhibiting on this website. Tchai this boy, you dumb pass moron. Whoa li li li li li li!

  16. probably a bassa or anglo bami refugee lmao . well said chief

  17. @bobjazz To show how desperate u are,now that the resistance is being heavilly felt in Mamfe,U are not talking of SW,but Bayangi.If it was in Kumbo ,u would have generalised it and call it a NW issue.I would have love u to say that SW should form their own state and leave NW alone.But no,u are now saying that Bayangi and Ejagham should go and join the Ejagham in Nigeria and leave Cameroon alone.Ha ha ha ha…U this French slaves,u think u are smart in this your scheme,don’t u? Just to remind u,SC is a state,and does not need the Biafra to join them to fight LRC.Biafrans are a seccessionist movement in another country,and we don’t need them to form a state.We are a restorationists government,and an insependent state,and we will use our own army to defend our territory from aggression.

    • I really like how versatile you are @ kongossa today you will say something tomorrow you will deny it .

    • @ Kongossa, I am not a French slave. I am a free born Anglophone Cameroonian who is against the terrorists called secessionists. I have nothing to do with a Biafra Ejagham man called Ayuk Seseko. We will never allow you terrorists to hijack our fight against Biya with your terrorism.

    • @Kongosa… Bro you have made a good point. This idiot of bobjazz who claim to be of NW decent is more than the word stupid. We the bayangi and Ejagham people have never been dorminated by any humans. If you go back to history you will see that Manyu people have been great men and have always fought great battles and won them. The battle of Nsanakang was the most bloodiest on the German side during WWI. This crisis, orchestrated by a Manyu man and now headed by his Manyu brother HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe will lead to the assassination of biya and the restoration of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia . Mark my words

    • @ Kongossa, So why are you people hiding in Biafra and not in other parts of Anglophone Cameroon if you are not from Ejagham Biafra. Please leave our land in peace and go back and join your brothers in Ejagham Biafra fight Nigeria. Maybe they will succeed in their fight to separate from Nigeria and you can form your Biafra Ambazonia nonsense there. It will never happen here in Cameroon. You can continue with your sweet dreams though.

  18. The chief of my village in West Cameroon has to ask the DO or whatever government official for permission to have traditional dances at the palace in his village during Christmas and New Year celebrations.
    The villagers have to listen to the chief explan to them that he has no power to allow them dance without government permission inside their palace. The government official is a native of the south province, part of the tribal government or militia in Cameroon.
    Black on black colonization in West Cameroon with military support from France is worse than German or British colonization.
    This system of tribal clan government hypercentralized in Yaoundé will not bring justice peace and prosperity to Cameroon but it will for sure take Cameroon into an arm conflict by 2035. The lie is over!

  19. Those who didn’t see the writing. Come preach again. Soon all these so called leaders who understand the meaning of violence when it visits them. We glorify killing and want to retaliate with more blood. God has already removed his hands amba boys. Do not kill no matter what, pray.

  20. Douala is not Bamenda, nor Buea, nor Kembong, nor Akwaya. Yet Douala has taken center stage as an armed gendarme goes beserk, unleashing death on colleagues and innocent by-standers over his bruised ego. Douala is in mourning!

    It is sad that people see evil but refuse to call it by its real name, because the victims are Anglophones, well out “there”. Now the evil has come right home and struck. Will the pains of death be any different? Do innocent Douala citizens deserve to die from weapons bought using taxpayer’s money?

    • Dinga What do you mean by” Dla is not Bamenda” ? Its not the first case don’t bring diversion here the shooting of Dla has nothing to do with terrorists in Bamenda and Buea Investigation is ongoing for sure the shooter will pay .

      • Colby why you Di over hala Di follow follow Pa Dinga for back?
        We have said a referendum or self defense your choice.
        We asked for s constitution to be respected, you martialed illiterates and uncultured agents to mock us,
        We demanded a return to a federation of the willing and you challenged our mastery of history.
        Now we have returned home….follow us into our bedrooms and you will be buried among our ancestors who will vomit you.
        I have said here before that every drop of blood shall be counted against all of you baying the one and indivisible nonsense.

        • @Musaka you the “litterate ” when you were schooling if really so they didn’t tell you that when one school is closed, the doors of prisons are opened ? that The Southern Cameroons you people want to resurrect were buried when the UK transferred its authority to the Republic of Cameroon ? That we are moving forward not backwards? i would like to know who were your teachers .

        • I pity your teacher. You seem to be a very dull boy,
          UK transferred what? And why are you all crying about FranceAfrique? If UK transferred why didn’t France also transfer? Why do you think this thing is flaring up after Brexit?
          Common History, you no know.
          Common Geography, you no know.
          Common Economics, you no know,
          How will you understand international politics?